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Popular Mobilization Units Blocked US Patrol In Iraq’s Mosul (Video)

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Members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have reportedly stopped a US military patrol in the city of Mosul, according to reports appearing online.

According to PMU deputy commander Rezvan al-Anzi, the PMU sees US actions as “provocations”. So, its troops were forced to react.

“We consider this act by the US forces deliberate provocations, hence we acted directly, closed roads and warned them,” al-Anzi said in a statement, according to Iraqi al-Sumaria television network.

The PMU official further claimed that US troops were scared and requested an air cover. However, this cannot be seen on the video.

He also accused US forces of conducting futile operations in order to cover up their defeats and create insecurity in areas liberated from terrorists.

This was not the first incident between the PMU and US troops in Iraq.

In December, PMU commander in western Anbar Qassim Mosleh told al-Sumaria that PMU forces had blocked a US patrol in the province. Mosleh claimed that PMU fighters had forced US troops trying to appraoch PMU positions to return to their base.

The PMU describes US attempts to carry out patrols close to its positions as a security threat because US actions are allegedly aimed at collecting data about PMU positions, equipment and warehouses.

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The PMU has every right not to trust the US coalition.
I recall some “errant” bombing of their positions in the past.

Jens Holm

The ususal twiting things, We certainly was invited back to keeep morons like You down to Your corrects seize too.

You deby to make Iraq into 1 country.


Who am I Jens?
Please reply in proper English as much as possible.
Or put it in Danish and I will try the translator. Bork :D

Jens Holm

Not even english and americans fill in the many wasting time words 4You.

Ypu can ignore me. That will save You a lot of time.

I have no lack in communications with UKs and USAs.


Would Aliens even understand this sentence?

Jens Holm

Yes, they are experts in encryption. Maybee they use Bing translate.


If only.


Well, you started this discussion.
How is the weather, any snow on your pig farm?
It is raining here also. :0


He is lunatic. Don’t waste your time on him.

Tom Tom

“You deby to make Iraq into 1 country.”


If you’re really drunk then that’s not bad.

Jens Holm

I seee Iraq, Syria and Turkey as great mistakes in that region. I find it very strange those 3 countries themselves insist in being Neo-colonisttic. countries.

A lot of bad and only few good things has happend since then too. Many are killed among them genosides by Turks, Kurds and Saddam. Hatay is one of them too. Barzanis – Öchelan.

A way would be to make a line of total independent smaller states – maybee named as Emirates. We have other Emirates in the Regions, which seemes to work much better.

When Turks insist in safezones, they as the others make great parts of the unsafety having all kurds in Turkey of today. And as written there was a lot of different Christians, Yazedis and also jews there.

Its a double strange thing that those 3 countries(and Iran) not even liberated themselves.

Thats what I would see as a possible way. In Iraq You would get a Diabykir, a Mosul and a Kurdish “emirate”. The many problems there is about changing minds.

As I see it Bagdad can posses northern Iraq. But thats a military rule not a place to live.

Telling those emirates cant exist, because they have no harbours is far out too as well as “americans” steal the oil. May countries exist with no harbours as well as most of the money made on oil isnt by selling crude but after that making it to anything.

Here we are back to Bagdads not even will share oil will Sunnis and Kurds in north. This is not an external but and internal problem. It should be very simple to divide benefits after % of the population. That by rthe way goes for Syria.

Assads as the Baathparty dont share. They owe the oil and sell as well as a lot is into internal corruption only.

We partly can proove it by oppinions, where both corruptions are among the most corrupt in the whole world by Governess Corruption. Of course other has their direty little finger in it in Iraq. But as in Syria we only see incompetent locals and even russians has no techn. to take most oil up.

So the difficult of course has to be paid for to outiders as well. None would like to work for free doing it.

In the structures of today no new leaders and leadership is allowed to be created. It fx does in the SDF Counsils electing locals by local votes deciding a lot of local solutions. But even so Turks, Assads and Bagdads allow that.


They should have been executed.

Jens Holm

They all are invited by Bagdads.


No they weren’t.

Jens Holm

Yes they and we were. We was asked to go and then was asked back.

Best regards to born yesterday or memorylack .

The chaoran say You can lie, not You have all the time.


So sorry….me no understand your spandglish!

Jens Holm

I wrote this for other readers, so they see, that not all are as stupid as You.
This too often is like internal ME agandas filled with garbage filled with garbage.

Very good computers can sens smells yet.


I still don’t understand Jens. Maybe try translating using google from your Moon language?

Jens Holm

Thats how we read and write english here. We dont think in Arabic or Turkish and after that simplified light covering of our language speak and translate and speak as lawyers and doctors do, as I once learned in school.

Its the other way around, You not even try to learn anything from us, because of that.

You could start having equal rights for gender. Then You would have no mixted rooms, for there isnt any here.


Well if that’s the case, maybe you should go back to school?


I’m having the same problem. He must be drunk. LOL


I assumed that as well at first! But he seems to be drunk an awful lot of the time, I’m surprised he is alive.


He is lunatic. Don’t waste your time on him


Yes I can remember Saddam Hussein begging the USA to come and bomb Iraq back to the stone age. And it’s not just Iraq, lots of countries ask america to come and murder them.

You can call me Al

It was either the Shiites or more likely the Kurds that suffered from a chemical attack by Saddam (allegedly). They had been promised full support from the Yankers and yet again, they got shafted by them.

Brother Ma

Saddam was fully supported by the US in gassing those Kurds then. They were considered agents of Iran back then by the US so Uncle Sam didn’t give two hoots.

Uncle Sam then turned around and used the exact incident to make Saddam look bad when they were not pals anymore.

Germans did the same thing with Soviets in Katyn Forest massacre.

Nothing really changes.


And those the US does not murder, they rape and pillage. :)


Which Bagdads?


I think meant to say ‘Bagdadi ‘ , So.
Otherwise known as Simon Elliot :)

Brother Ma

Simon Elliot the Israeli? More info please . You have whet my appetite now.


After gathering most of the fanatics of the world in one place, a real army of the devil has formed, filled with bloodthirsty murderers without any mercy for their victims whom they assassinate with every turn and cold blood, hesitating not to film their atrocities and relay them on social networks . ”

Enjoy, Brother Ma.




Jens Holm

Its very complicated like a puzzle trying to cover all corners.


I wonder how the US soldiers on the front line justify their orders to themselves?

Jens Holm

You really dont get it. Bagdads dont control Syria and try to put people where so there is as less confrontatisions as possible.

Here somebody seemes to have missed something.

You shiithole wonders. I dont. Hard facts are not only americans do things like that by purpose or by accident.


Calm down and write an understandable explanation Jens.

Jens Holm

Join them. Yopu might learn they in this are not the agresssors as well even its witten as they are.

To me thats not even a frontline as well. All armed groups try to cover all Syria the best they can and do have some succes according to ISIS.

Americans and we are called in to do the things Bagdads could not handle after their non existing army collapsed. And we do have improved a lo since,

Iraq itself has some very good troops and infrastructure for it. They now can handle almost all airsupport as well.

And today special forces of americans as well as probatly ours are giving SDFs support at Eufrat in Syria as well with Syrian – non moron trooops – which are the belowed of Yours.

Very primitive attitude You think Americans out dont say Iran will dominate You being their tuddler.


Hmm…..well I can understand the bit about the US being the aggressors which I completely agree with! The rest of your statement, to be honest, it reads like dribble.


feck off and ask for new instruction from tel aviv and while waiting clean your basement dwelling in haifa and ask your om to get some cookies and something to drink

You can call me Al

hahahaha, there is not a cat in hell’s chance of that.


feck off ijeet


The US military zombies don’t think and many of those that do have some morality, leave the US military.


In my opinion, the money and shelter is a good reason for many to join the army, and they will ignore the morals they were brought up with just to keep that.


I agree and it is ironic that many of the US and UK ex soldiers and presumably other nations as well that are involved in exporting the Democratic Values of a Snake to nations that have an abundance of natural resources and/or are a geopolitical move to plunder one that is close by, are othen living on the streets or are in prison.

This suggests a great disconnect between what they were taught by their families and the reality of becoming aware that they have been akin to paid thugs in uniform.


Indeed they are aware they are paid thugs. What I also can’t stand is the fact so many of them wear their Veteran status so proudly, when they know damn well it was a all scam for them to do the dirty work. But nooooo…..’we’ can’t say stuff like that!


breaking News

us airforce attacked SAA in abukamal , thats border City to iraq…us pricks targeted artillery of SAA>(23.00 tonight)


BEIRUT,LEBANON – Minutes ago, the U.S. Air Force bombed a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery field position west of the Iraq border, the high commander reported shortly after the attack.
According to the claim, the U.S. bombed the Syrian Arab Army’s artillery field position inside the town of Al-Sukkariyeh, which is located just west of the strategic border-city of Albkamal.

The attack by the U.S. Air Force resulted in the destruction of the artillery field gun and it wounded at least two soldiers.


Errand boys working for their War Criminal masters. Come on Donnie, lye some more.
Your just like Obama now.


And is by magic an ISIS gang attacked the SAA immediately after the US attack.

The ISIS gang were still repulsed though by the SAA. The ISIS flight to safety in Al Tanf was thwarted.

Hisham Saber

Many units of the PMU’s (and Iraqi Hezbollah) are stationed along the Iraqi-Syrian border. In effect they are the second leg of the double envelopment, or pincer that the U.S., French and British, with their Kurdish lackeys find themselves in. On the western side of the Euphrates, are the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , 25-30 Afghan volunteers and perhaps thousands of Chechen Russian volunteers and Chechen Russian working directly for the Russian MoD.

Iraqi PMU’s, who are essentially the Iraqi armed forces, are also positioned very close to Al-Tanf in Syria, on the Iraqi side. This has, and continues to be a big irritant to U.S. coalition forces. They are part of the forces of the axis of resistance, and if/when a regional war breaks out, they will be in the fight head on. Israel has a lot to fear.

On April 14 when the U.S., France and Britain launched cruise missiles at Syria for the alleged chemical attack in Douma, the Iraqi PMU’s surrounded the two U.S. bases in Iraq, on near Tikrit, the other just north of Baghdad, and threatened the base commanders that if they were to participate in attacks on Syria, they would be destroyed. The U.S. State Dept was furious, and blamed Iran.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly You many words make no sense to the real world there and are highly biased .
All this i about cutting ISIS in the middle and regain control. Your socalled many troops is far out. You also ignore that a great deal of the Iraqian troops are not as You describe at all.

And some very few 100 tropps from the outside can tilt anything there as troops there is far out. Most of them are at Abu Kamal supporting Iraqian and the SDF troops of the normal kind not infected as You describe. yhose are no army at all.

Reading Yours its tempting to think, You are sadomachocistiscs which deserve to be runned over now and then and thats a good life, becuse that what it always has been and should be forever from Aysia, Ali. I may be incorrect You think Your world in stead should stay as perfect for pskycopats and victims. And of course You all are victims.

Why dont all Your Semittes climb back into the Ark with Noah, where You came from – If it wasnt from the peacefull parts of Yemen. Hou-Hou-Houtis feeded by UNHCR and Iran is and option too.

You not even see how the soldiers fighting in Iraq is and Bagdad has much more problems with the Uranian and Iraqian milisias, because they too often do the opposite of, what they are meant for.

Brother Ma

Hisham,how do you know about the PMU doing this to the us re douma bombings?

Also i still can not believe the PMU operates against the USA. To me they are still puppet forces of a puppet gov in Iraq. Wouldn’t they be reliant on the US for evereything? Pay ,arms ,safety against Sunnis in Iraq?
Or is Iran funding them secretly so that they are not reliant on US goodwill anymore?

Tom Tom

It looks like they just kept going so, not blocked.


Perhaps they should stick their thumbs out so they can hitch hike a ride to the other side of the desert?


It would be good that somebody has guts and resources to form INTERNATIONAL army against U.S. imperialism evil all over the planet !
To fight them EVERYWHERE!

And that army should not be based on politics or religion or any political objectives.
It should be based only on hate against U.S. “empire” of who they are and what they do.
So nothing else except universal platform of pure and simple hate towards US empire and desire to destroy that evil !

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