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Popular Mobilization Units Advance To Tal Safouk Border Crossing With Syria

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Popular Mobilization Units Advance To Tal Safouk Border Crossing With Syria

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated the villages of Marzouka, Tal Ghazal, Bouthat al-Madfa’, Joughaifi, west of the Al-Baaj area near the Syrian-Iraqi border. The PMU is now close from capturing the Tal Safouk border crossing, located at one of the most important ISIS supply lines between Syria and Iraq. During its advance, PMU managed to kill several ISIS fighters and capture VBIED.

8 civilians, including children, lost their life in Hit city near Ramadi as a result of an ISIS terrorist sattack.

In western Mosul, Iraqi forces continue a slow advance in Zinjili district. Iraqi forces have announced that their current objective is to connect the districts of Zanjili and Shifaa north of the Old Mosul area. Iraqi forces are also evacuating civilians from Zinjili district.

Popular Mobilization Units Advance To Tal Safouk Border Crossing With Syria

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In western Mosul, three ISIS suicide attackers targeted a gathering of Iraqi forces in Al-Thawra district. ISIS claimed that the attack killed 20 Iraqi soldiers and destroyed two Humvee vehicles and two BMP-1 vehicles. ISIS also claimed that 15 Iraqi intelligence agents were killed by a suicide attack in Al-Moalemeen district of Baquba city in Diyala.

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Wish there was a map showing the PMU’s location , as in Tal Safouk , in relation to the whole Iraqi – Syrian border . Thanks SF , you guys are doing a great job .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yes Ronald is right. Thank you SouthFront. You all do a very good job. South Front is probably the best informed news site in relation to the war in Syria that exist for regular people to access.
This is no small feat. Thank you on behalf of all people, and on the history that will be corrected over time from the BBC and CNN’s lies.
You all have done a good deed to all people groups around the world be reporting the raw truth combined with detailed analysis and maps and informational videos that educate the masses, instead of dumbing them down as CNN and Jpost does.

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