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Pop-Ecofascism From U.N. Tribune

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Pop-Ecofascism From U.N. Tribune

Hypocrisy of ideas promoted by Greta Thunberg already turned her into the source of multiple grim humor memes

Stupidity costs little, but yields much. It is the art of giving and accepting simple and incorrect explanations of complex things. The phenomenon of Greta Thunberg is not in the fact of her speech in the UN, but rather in the new propaganda trend, it marks. Children and fools are ready to tell anything as well as their adult and clever patrons. However, it becomes more and more apparent the propaganda of values of the New World Order has become totalitarian. Instead of soft power, its agents are now focusing on the promotion of their ideas with the hard power.

On September 23, the 16-year-old ‘climate activist’ from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit blamed world leaders for ‘failing to address climate change’. The mentally ill girl has been for a long time one of the leading PR projects run by agents of the disdainful, unelected and defiant global bureaucracy in the field of environment-related questions.

The entire speech of Greta Thunberg in the UN consisted of stupidity, affectation and a poor acting. The girl is just the most recent of childs used by the global elites to pursue own goals. Her image is similar to those of infamous Bana al-Abed (the girl used by mainstream media and al-Qaeda terrorists for their propaganda campaigns during the battle for the Syrian city of Aleppo).

Besides this Greta Thunberg declared an idea (provided by some ghostwritter) that the past generations of “stealing her dreams and childhood”. This hypocritical statement made by the girl born in the state with one of the best social security in the World is a demonstration of disrespect and disdain towards billion of people living the Asia, Africa and other complicated parts of the world.

The distorted face and psychopathic manners of Greta Thunberg caused a negative response even from those who still treated the young eco-activist relatively positively. The term “pop-ecofascism” looks to be very useful to describe the ideas promoted by masterminds behind the ill girl. These ideas declare the readiness to sacrifice lives of people and use terrorism-like methods to achieve own ‘environment-related’ goals.

Even people that support the need to ‘do something’ with ‘ecology problems’ have a pretty sceptic view towards the new mainstream icon because her image of uneducated fanatic discredits the work needed to be done to solve the existing environment issues. Some even speculate that the girl is used to discredit ‘green movements’. However, most likely, the Greta Thunberg project is just a sign of the brave new world, which the globalists seek to create.

At the same time, the unelected global bureaucracy pursuses some practical goals with their new tool. They seek:

  • To expand the number of linked entities and persons and integrate them even further into existing government and non-government organizations;
  • To gain additional funding from government and international organizations that are ‘concerned’ by the current state of environment and challenges existing in the field. The hysteria over the topic will also give additional opportunities to make money for the already existing organizations.
  • To consolidate and strengthen a new tool to pressure national states and their national industry.

It would be wrong to deny some existing problems in the field of environment. However, the existing situation is being mystified and overestimated for political purposes. The media hysteria ignores that, for example, in the field of discharge into the air the situation in 2019 is better than it was 20-30 years ago. The stagnation of the industrial production around the world cannot contribute to the increase of issues in this field. The motor vehicle emissions issue is also much easier than it was previously because of the increased safety standards and the mass introduction of electric cars to the market. Probably, the only environment issue, which has become more complex over the past years, is the garbage question: daily waste (mostly plastic) and waste from the utilization of household appliances and similar equipment. However, national states contribute active efforts to deal with these problems.


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Joan of Narc


I don’t approve the methods of some of the “environmentally concerned”. I am leaning towards the opinion which says this show was to discredit all voices that genuinely are worried AND have solutions.

I wrote a long rant, but decided against posting it. So basically now I’m your hero for saving you from that headache!

Let’s hear and watch a more interesting version from where else, Sweden:


Tommy Jensen

You will die because you drove a 4WD and stole all childrens right to a green vegan life.


yeah but hopefully he’s the mind to think for himself whereas you just voice what your master’s voice, the cia, tells you to say – donkey!!

Harry Smith

Verner, dude, why you leftists always try to personally insult those, who has opinions deferent from your’s?


Oh my god!! How did you possibly know that I stole all childrens right? And to think I worked so hard to remain unknown and anonymous!


you are pedophile


I was so convinced that you crept into a ditch and died alone. in cold… And darkness… And alone….

Hey everyone. Our late friend has returned from the dead, give it up for Zombie Solomon!!


King Solomon is dead. For looong, looong time.

John Wallace

That sounds like Tonto Tonto . A new name perhaps but the same old bullshit


This is that guy, who I blocked?

John Wallace

Fair enough.What does blocking achieve , Nothing , just you don;t see his crap but he is still able too write his crap. I don’t agree with blocking for the reason that everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless . It is better too allow them too write their crap and everyone can see it for what it is. You don’t agree with him so block him then someone else doesn’t agree with you so you are blocked. In the end who is left . I don’t agree with you calling someone a pedophile as that is totally uncalled for by anyone.. I have seen people killed just because someone falsely accused them of being pedophiles..


Or was he Thutmose the Third?


He is my favorite. :)

Tudor Miron

Nah… That one was stupd as a rock but funny. This one is just stupid. I doubt that it’s him.


Yes you’re right. I judged too soon, saw 2 just comments and got excited. Shame on me.

Tudor Miron

Using old zio trick of accusing others of own crimes would not help you here. Work harder to earn your 30 sheckels. On the other hand I suggest you to recall how first 30 sheckels aficionado ended.


Ouch, you are also antisemitic shit? Nazi from communistic Russia? :-O

Monte George

Sorry to inform you, but “antisemite” is no longer a slur. It used to describe someone who hates Jews because they are Jews. No longer. It now means anyone who is hated by the Zionist crowd; particularly anyone who advocates for justice for Palestinians, or demands honest reasoning and adherence to known facts wrt the “holocaust”, or who objects to the massive stream of propaganda and lies put forth by the Zionist faithful and their fellow travelers.

Today, “antisemite” is a term applied to the advocates of justice and truth; a badge of honor to be worn with pride.


Want to see who stole whose children’s right to a future?



Nuke Iran!

Icarus Tanović

You nuke your self you punk.


Nuke US the new Nazi Germany.


According to Neville Chamberlain:

https: //history[]sfsu[]edu/sites/default/files/EPF/1998_Matthew DeFraga-ilovepdf-compressed[]pdf

“America and the world Jews [had] forced England into the war. [WWII]”

He knew about Winston Churchill’s escapades with world jewry.

Germans discovered these papers after Fall Weiss:


And the avoided had Britain addressed Polish obstinacy and Germany’s legitimate grievances over German populated territory conceded at Versailles.

Informative books to consider: bitchute[]com/video/VaGQCqTb2dej/

Demolishing Hallow Co$T Incorporated:




“Origins & Doctrines of Fascism” by Giovanni Gentile:


What Is Corporatism? archive[]org/details/youtube-4iT3x1qNlgg

P.S. “Fascism” was never a merger of State and Corporate oligarchy. The Fascist economics known as “Corporatism” is critical of excessive capitalism in nature, despite the misleading name. Fascism and National Socialism are different ideologies with many similarities between them, it’s more accurate to refer to them as 3rd Position ideologies as contrary to popular belief, they are neither Left nor Right-wing, but more so the proverbial middle.

Zionism = EVIL

Nuke your mamma, Jew fuck!

Icarus Tanović

Linda Blair!

Zionism = EVIL

LOL, I thinking the same.


She conveniently ignores the fact that 90% of all plastic waste comesfrom Asia and Africa, some rivers in Central and South American countries are literally flowing with trash. She also ignores the fact that North America and Europe don’t lead in air pollution, nor in the accumulation of garbage.

Her last name is a dead giveaway.



Blame it on the poor countries? Laughable!


Blaming all of the world’s problems on “Whitey”? Laughable!


Do you have a source to counter it?

“Ridicule is the first and last argument of a fool.” – Charles Simmons

“Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.” – Oscar Wilde

Jens Holm

I dont see he does. He show they are in it too and even they dont pollute much pr person, they are many.


Sewage Overflow in India: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ch8K4NiLsjOj/

I would assume that the people shown in the footage bathing in the sewage filled water are from lower classes.






Well, that’s not true. Most of the plastic and other dangerous waste in Africa, SE Asia and poorer countries comes from wealthier countries, shipped there to be “recycled”. It was very recently that some countries decided to no longer be the dump sites for wealthier nations because no amount of money worth it.

The problem is, now that China, Indonesia, the Philippines stopped accepting waste for money, wealthier countries won’t unite in a national program to reduce waste or recycle it correctly at home. They simply find another poor country to send their trash to.


Aside from outsourcing the bulk of western manufacturing to the aforementioned countries and some other places that also have a higher tendency to litter and publicly urinate/defecate, including Latin American and Sub-Saharan African countries, China, and India (the latter having more public defecation than any country on the planet). The wealthier nations reduce and recycle waste more often relative to their population and more efficiently as well.






Thank you so very much for the public shitting map and IQ map and rapeyness map and killing each other map and all their relation to the skin colour map!

Now that it’s successfully and scientifically proven that poor countries are truly shitholes filled with rapey stupid blackheads that shit all over the place and we have no doubt that blue-eyed fair skin people with gold locks are better in every imaginable way, we can part our ways. So long!


These are highly verified statistics, I’m only tired of the hypocrisy and endlessly blaming white devils for everything under the sun; the typical liberal (aka Marxist) response is to appeal to emotion over all else (even to their own detriment) because they can’t win the argument.

Too many people are at the point where they would rather risk the death and desecration of their own people and country than tell the truth in order to save their own civilization and mankind itself.

I never said I hate the aforementioned people, just that there are uncomfortable truths that people are coerced into believing, similar to how ranchers and shepherd herd their sheep and cattle.

antizionistleague[]com/scrapbook/jewish-media/jewish-constructs/racism/ So many useful tips that are useful, yet one cannot influence people by being honest all of the time:



Those statistics are verifiable, I’m tired of the hypocrisy on all sides (that includes endlessly blaming white “devils” for everything under the sun). I cannot force my country’s government to change other than getting involved in activism to hopefully rouse enough people to change the system into something better that doesn’t start wars or go about regime change in other people’s countries, etc.

The typical faux “liberal” neo-marxist response is appeal to emotion (even to their own detriment) because they can’t win constructive debate, which usually isn’t very effective most of the time when trying to influence people.

Too many people are at the point where they would rather risk the death and desecration of their own people and country than tell the truth in order to save their own civilization and mankind itself.

I don’t hate the aforementioned people, just that there happen to unfortunately be uncomfortable facts that people are coerced into believing, similar to how ranchers and shepherd herd their sheep and cattle.





Poor westerners. Always have problem with some Russians. White or red :)


I have no problems with Russians and didn’t say I did, I wasn’t even referring to Russians in the first place.

As for who those Red “Russians” were, most of their leaders were NOT Russian and were financed by jewish bankers in Germany, western Europe and Wall Street (Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb. & Co).

Jewish Threat by Joseph W. Bendersky: bit[]ly/2Mf8u3S

[The “Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky is a well-researched and documented book that states that many people in American military intelligence believed in an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

File 245 and other MID records on Jews were stored with other military intelligence material and kept classified until the mid-1970s.]


Putin on the subject: youtube[]com/watch?v=j6p1zxKnDeM

George Rockwell on the subject: bitchute[]com/video/yPPrP6HIjdkG/

Secrets of Communism: archive[]org/details/InTheShadowOfHermesTheSecretsOfCommunism2009

Secret Facts About Jews & Communism: bitchute[]com/embed/ZDO5FahQFI8F/

Historical Documents Prove The Connection Between Jews & Bolshevism: bitchute[]com/embed/tUmNWnzNQsDs/


French are traditionally Russophile,

but since Sarkozy their Medias and Government is under Ashkenazi/US total control … They are permanently Russian bashing !

Jens Holm

I am sure its not meant as that. The consumption is much lower in those countries, but they count, because they are so many inhabitants as well as we send them outr waste products for semi-recycle.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Danes use a lot of energy and a lot of different materials and polute by that, but we also clean up a lot ourselves.

Our systems for that are exported in billions every year in many sectors.

And the connections are easy to see. When the danish Goverment and we saw fish dies, there were no more eagles and we got polluted drinking water from the ground below incl. lead and cadmiu in the fuel it went into a


We demanded the industrial zone as well as the farmer to lower the pollation. And the same which polluyed then made tools for it, which today makes a lot of money.

The same goes for making heat houses using all the fire making it for heat or electricity as well as insolating the pipelines for tranport of it.

So You can upgrade most of the world like that and many countries more or less do it …

But that of course is only electric power and heating(and cooling).

We from 40 yars ago hasnt wasted as much plastic in the nature as others. We until now has burned all garbage and made it into heat and electricity, so we dont have garbage mountains.

Thats relative unik in the world. Pastic is oil and we dont use as much oil as expected. No we have to out phase that and seperate that system, but I think its better then its in the nature almost forever.

Jens Holm

I mainly agree. We shóuld clean more ourselves and burn less mixted garbage and recycle more.

Another symbol has more importance. Danes started windmills and it has spread all over the world. Thats a practical solution. We some days a year produce more electric power, then we use ourselves.

Danes dont have so many solar cell for electricity, but that also make sense instead of arguing all the time.

Its very difficult to change bad habits. I know that from being a smoker myself.

Zionism = EVIL

Even though the bratty Swede girl is a bit retarded, her message is quite sobering, the Jew Bilderberg corporations and their unsustainable paradigm of permanent “economic growth” is suicidal for the planet. What she should be also ranting about is population control, especially in Africa and Asia. The biggest threat is coming from overpopulation and zombie brainwashed dumbasses walking the streets with smart phones soaking up Jew propaganda and fake news.

Monte George

You’ve just put your finger on the central premise of Agenda 21. Proceed with caution lest you get what you wish for.

Jens Holm

Well You have to add growth in consumpton in develloped areas today are growing and they already often use 10 or 20 times more then the poor ones.

So please compare. Statistics about it are easy to find.

Jens Holm

The reason for Europe and North America is not leading are, that the dirty part of many of our productions are moved to Asia and do it there.

So You are wrong.

You can call me Al

Environmentally concerned, my arse.

This is a huge corporate, money making machine. Have a read of this – https://journal-neo.org/2019/09/27/greta-thunberg-and-big-biz-climate-charade/

PS More and more article coming out to prove it is a set-up.

cristi cristikosk

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4de3b8e6d93a13523b64ef57a4f944ab317832d573329bc376d4b3b1a096646e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72f58cb9ad929a111510d82340fb2cb95cf8e92bca083f6af6f84e10827731b9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e2088cd794679c02d572e6ae08613749fb1757719f8ae741857519b8cf14df87.jpg


I feel sorry for you and your kind!

Lysergic D

It’s a surprise to me to see South front involved in posting this kind of shit. This articles poorly make an argument and denounces climatic hysteria with hysteria against a little girl. Surely in this matter, there are interests from lots of loobysts and other parties, but those three pinned points in the article are laughable. I’m proud to see behind all flags, understand her message in the same time that realize obscure forces behind ALL world affairs.

Grow up little boys. I’m expecting more of you.

Tudor Miron

“I’m proud to see behind all flags, understand her message”(c) Greta has no message of her own. Do you agree with the message that is trasmitted through this girl? Do you know the actual objectives of those who use her? Do you remember one historical event called chidlren’s crusade? Nothing changed from that time.


“Little girl”?! What little girl, she is 16 ffs!

Zionism = EVIL

16 year old midget perhaps.

R PLobo

There is only one flag – the rainbow coloured flag of the zionazis vassals. Bow down to the occultists that you serve.


she’s alright and she’s doing something for all of you floating turds. so be happy at least one person can put it in words what you ought to feel and say – asses as in donkeys.

Harry Smith

Deja Vu https://youtu.be/oJJGuIZVfLM


She’s a wannabe rabble rouser.

Toronto Tonto

So does that mean I am bad for having 4 cars a truck and a dirt bike a seadoo and a 30 foot boat , hell no alls good .

Harry Smith

No! You are good! And your imagination too.

Zionism = EVIL

Good fantasy for living in your moms basement eh :)

Toronto Tonto

Back in the eighties it was a cooling planet then in the nineties it was depleted ozone and the latest craze is global warming .

Harry Smith

He is Ukrop.

Muh Dik

Global warming is long gone bro, the new mantra is climate change.


Yup, and now, anyone not agreeing to this, is an male dipshit, juhu, and thats because we ignore Her, I have contantly underlined one fact, belivers, she have nothing to do with this rants, an child indoctrinated with utter bollocks, period. IPCC isnt an scientific organ, its the same comunety whom have given Saudi-barbarian the Human Rigts consil head possition, the same UN whom have cutted out Yemens and Palestinians chilren killed, since UN is an rotten to their bone marrow organ, dont even try to insult our intellegence with sniveling drivel. The same UN organ, claimed that the Sun have nothing to do with our eh…. clima, urgh.

For 30 years, 30 f….. years of AGW propaganda, nothing have changed, they claimed the sea level have rissen, and I ask you Belivers, where the bloody f…. have it risen, huh, Maldiven, whom high montain range just barly reaches 2 m, above sea level, huh, and then the Netherlands, in Norway nothing have happened and yet they use that in their eh…. report. Glasiers, yeah, funny thing when I remeber reading something just a couple of years ago about finding dead soldiers in the high Alpine regions, since the glasiers have retreated, yeah, what eh…. cause that, morons, natural cycles or what. The thing is, when you debate idiots, whom cant or want differentiate between AGW scare porn, and Eviriomental issues, two majore narratives thrown into the same bucket, and yet you are unable to distigvish between this two whom have little or nothing to do with eatch others, nada.

The same people, whom whines about biodiversity have no problems with cutting down the Amazon forest to make eh….. biofuel to save our planet, the irony is sky rocketing. This is nothing else than an scam, period, driven by the same MSM whom have lied to us for every, and now, they pimp this child as an Missias, I am sorry that people are trully idiots, that is another glearingly obvious fact. And again, I could go on for hours, but dont wanna waist more time on idiots.


Lazy Gamer

There is definitely a mastermind not only behind the girl but also behind the recent burning of the two forests. Some people can easily manufacture crises and get away with it. lol What im afraid is the discussed solution. Usually, the people in the UN are the incompetent kind. Willing to accept bs like marketing of the environment. For example more carbon trading, more privatization, more environmental pricing, etc. Nobody is willing to lessen the pressure for the need of a growing population when entire market systems are built on that fact. Everybody now hopes that the future population is the one to care for them when they retire. Everybody hopes that some future tech will be invented stretching capacity. Everybody likes to spend resources NOW, instead of saving it since it is necessitated by development and the demands for existing policy needs and loan repayments. Some of the climate science is still debatable as both sides are heavily influenced by economic considerations. But, saving the environment by going back to the basics of what actually helps it, is always a positive thing. Not some market distribution scheme.


So, yeah, in stead of me, whom have eh… an anoying tendency to talk to much, I will give you two links, one is to an retracted atricle in the shithole Nature, about the Ocean uh…. boiling scare, witch, of course, was based upon idiotc that dont know math, and above all, statistics, witch is an science in it self and the implications can be sever if you dont know what you are doing. https://retractionwatch.com/2019/09/25/nature-paper-on-ocean-warming-retracted/

This is equally idiotic as the newest religion, apart from AGW namely MMT, Modern Monetary theory, where the expect an linear upward going growth to kingdom comes, the same base philosophy as cancer cells, the two systems have the same “instigts” witch have an built in, systematic math error, witch again leads to idiotic memes. But I will link to an site AGW Belivers hate, they really, really hate this site. Whatsupwiththat, hehe. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/09/26/study-finds-global-sea-levels-rose-up-to-5-meters-per-century-at-the-end-of-the-last-5-ice-ages/

This sites gives you some of the points some of us have tried to tell you, “deniers and belivers”, AGW is just an scam, based upon ignorance, since its become an religion, where the prodjections of their faith, desides what they want to see, and even when their math sucks, and the poblems are ignored becase it colude their faith, they stil denie the ugly truth, they screwed it up. You simply cant take One perimeter out of an wastly complex dynamic system and use that one for an explanation for an entire system, its bogus as best, and I have even seen so called top physichians drool something about Science is indeed setled, right along with Flat earthers, anti-vaccsers etc, etc. etc. Yeah, like AI, when they dont even have the slightest clue about what is Consciousness, but an bucket of transistores can be intellegent, beat that.

No wounder I stopped reading science decades ago, even back then I knew they where feeding us bullshit and that bullshit is now the mainstreem science, god help us all.



Bolsonaro continues to burn Amazonia and doesn’t care about Greta. She talks to us poor people that use the bus and the car. I think so much that it’s another big fake like September 11th, then there was the war on terror with great profits for those who made weapons, today the profits will make them with renewable energy.


Maybe she should criticize NATO and every other armed forces, international corporate conglomerates, and rich people like Soros who pay obscene amounts of ill-gotten money to make pawns like her to do their bidding?


There are many places on Earth where we experience big fires: Indonesia, Siberia, Alaska, Bolivia, Brazil to name a few.




It’s straight forward. Stop killing people with weaponized everything. Dirty; Tricks, bombs, food, meds, banks, corporations, politicians, cops, religious people. Who is clean enough to lecture anyone about anything? Hell this proves beyond shadow of a doubt, especially our kids are compromised.

This kid reminds me of Hillary. All the answers to the wrong questions. We need to take in more refugees! No, we need to quit making their home countries uninhabitable.

Burn less fossil fuel. Ok let’s start by shutting off every engine in all the militaries around the world. Protect us, fuck who will protect us from them?


See it that way – over population causes poverty, hunger and often time also wars. I miss the war component and its wasteful schema in Greta’s message. Some people real thing that Earth has enough resources to feed over 5 billion people – guess what Earth does not and we see it in Africa, Asia, South America in the daily miserable life of millions.


Thunberg is a terrible, hammy, over-acting performer. This is obvious to most – yet the MSM has gone into overdrive pushing her media performances as significant events. When an alleged ‘green activist’ has the list of first world corporate based organizations, and their linked trusts, behind them as she does – Gates/Soros etc – you know it’s really about fear based control, and long term access to first world public money – via tax based programs.


So I liked this quote from Tom Kirby. Very succinct. Stopping actual genocidal projects around the world are much more important than further funding a green movement that actually puts money in the hands of those entities causing, intentionally, real problems.

Her other claim that politicians’ lack of climate action has “stolen” her childhood could at best be viewed as dark humor as to this day children every day lose their childhood to artillery shells in the Donbass. It also goes without saying that during our lifetimes children all over the planet have lost their innocence in places like Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia etc. and I am sure the survivors would be thrilled to have “Climate Change” as the only problem in their lives.

for the rest of his article fascinating details of Russian nuclear initiatives:


Jens Holm

Too many behave as if Iran will nuke us all next week. Optimists sell them sun glasses and live in icecreeme factories. Cool down, they say.

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