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Pop-Ecofascism From U.N. Tribune


Pop-Ecofascism From U.N. Tribune

Hypocrisy of ideas promoted by Greta Thunberg already turned her into the source of multiple grim humor memes

Stupidity costs little, but yields much. It is the art of giving and accepting simple and incorrect explanations of complex things. The phenomenon of Greta Thunberg is not in the fact of her speech in the UN, but rather in the new propaganda trend, it marks. Children and fools are ready to tell anything as well as their adult and clever patrons. However, it becomes more and more apparent the propaganda of values of the New World Order has become totalitarian. Instead of soft power, its agents are now focusing on the promotion of their ideas with the hard power.

On September 23, the 16-year-old ‘climate activist’ from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit blamed world leaders for ‘failing to address climate change’. The mentally ill girl has been for a long time one of the leading PR projects run by agents of the disdainful, unelected and defiant global bureaucracy in the field of environment-related questions.

The entire speech of Greta Thunberg in the UN consisted of stupidity, affectation and a poor acting. The girl is just the most recent of childs used by the global elites to pursue own goals. Her image is similar to those of infamous Bana al-Abed (the girl used by mainstream media and al-Qaeda terrorists for their propaganda campaigns during the battle for the Syrian city of Aleppo).

Besides this Greta Thunberg declared an idea (provided by some ghostwritter) that the past generations of “stealing her dreams and childhood”. This hypocritical statement made by the girl born in the state with one of the best social security in the World is a demonstration of disrespect and disdain towards billion of people living the Asia, Africa and other complicated parts of the world.

The distorted face and psychopathic manners of Greta Thunberg caused a negative response even from those who still treated the young eco-activist relatively positively. The term “pop-ecofascism” looks to be very useful to describe the ideas promoted by masterminds behind the ill girl. These ideas declare the readiness to sacrifice lives of people and use terrorism-like methods to achieve own ‘environment-related’ goals.

Even people that support the need to ‘do something’ with ‘ecology problems’ have a pretty sceptic view towards the new mainstream icon because her image of uneducated fanatic discredits the work needed to be done to solve the existing environment issues. Some even speculate that the girl is used to discredit ‘green movements’. However, most likely, the Greta Thunberg project is just a sign of the brave new world, which the globalists seek to create.

At the same time, the unelected global bureaucracy pursuses some practical goals with their new tool. They seek:

  • To expand the number of linked entities and persons and integrate them even further into existing government and non-government organizations;
  • To gain additional funding from government and international organizations that are ‘concerned’ by the current state of environment and challenges existing in the field. The hysteria over the topic will also give additional opportunities to make money for the already existing organizations.
  • To consolidate and strengthen a new tool to pressure national states and their national industry.

It would be wrong to deny some existing problems in the field of environment. However, the existing situation is being mystified and overestimated for political purposes. The media hysteria ignores that, for example, in the field of discharge into the air the situation in 2019 is better than it was 20-30 years ago. The stagnation of the industrial production around the world cannot contribute to the increase of issues in this field. The motor vehicle emissions issue is also much easier than it was previously because of the increased safety standards and the mass introduction of electric cars to the market. Probably, the only environment issue, which has become more complex over the past years, is the garbage question: daily waste (mostly plastic) and waste from the utilization of household appliances and similar equipment. However, national states contribute active efforts to deal with these problems.




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