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Pooing troops, empty bars, sinking frigate and other takeaways from NATO largest drills

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RT reports (source):

From traffic accidents to troops relieving themselves in public places and bars left without beer, this year’s edition of NATO-led Trident Juncture drills has every chance to leave lasting memories in Norway and beyond.

Trident Juncture 2018 was by far the largest exercise hosted by Norway since the end of the Cold War and the largest NATO has held in decades. Involving some 50,000 troops from 31 countries, about 10,000 combat vehicles and 250, the Trident Juncture was to hone the troops’ combat skills in harsh Nordic climate – the one that probably led to some embarrassing setbacks.

‘Sh**ty job’

Residents of Norway have filed hundreds of complaints with their country’s military, drawing attention to human waste left by foreigners in public places. NATO troops – mostly Swedes and Americans – were reportedly caught relieving themselves near kindergartens, schools, and sports facilities, according to Norway’s broadcaster NRK.
Other complaints came from local farmers who were angry about their property being damaged by armored vehicles. Norwegian Major Marianne Bo, responsible for damages and environmental protection during the NATO exercise, said the army usually has “a system for treating this” but something apparently went wrong.

“This is terrible, it’s about having common decency,” the officer lamented. “We have to clean up after soldiers who have relieved themselves. It’s literally a s****y job.” The news was met will little praise from Trident Juncture HQ either, which promised to take all the complaints seriously.

Full ammo, low beer

Norway wasn’t the only country to be adversely affected by the drills. It emerged that some 7,000 US troops heading for the Trident Juncture drank bars in Iceland – where they made a pit stop – dry in a single weekend. The complaints said thirsty American soldiers were especially keen to try local beverages.

At some point, Brewery Olgerdin Egils Skallagrimsson in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, which makes the popular Icelandic Gull, had to send emergency supplies to various pubs and bars.

Collisions: On land & at sea

Slippery Norwegian highways saw several NATO vehicles collide or veer off the road. The crashes occurred in different parts of the country, involving American, Swedish and Italian troops. Those incidents left no fatalities but disrupted traffic and required ambulances to transport the injured to local hospitals.

Dangerous collisions happened not only on land but also in Norway’s uneasy waters. The Trident Juncture came to a spectacular end on November 7, but the next day a Norwegian Navy frigate Helge Ingstad collided with a Maltese tanker Sola TS, near an island chain off Norway’s western coast.

The vessel, which had received a long tear in the hull started to take on water, prompting the crew of 137 to abandon ship. Helge Ingstad deliberately ran aground to prevent capsizing, and a race is now underway to save the frigate from sinking.

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Norway invited NATO to give Russia sh*t. NATO decided while there, to give Norway tokens of their esteem appreciation in significant quantities located in public places hoping that Norway would appreciate what NATO can do for them and invite them back for a repeat.

You can call me Al

A Nato dog of war, marking his boundary ?.

Jens Holm

We are no dogs but united in Nato. True we are marking our boundries.

A little irrelevant in this. Its 1500 kilometers away from the Russian borders and inside a Norweigian fjord.

AM Hants

NATO got confused, believing the sh*t was to go to Norway, not Russia. Just like the Norwegians got it wrong, believing they were meant to hit the cargo ship, not avoid. That is the problem with so many Forces, failing to speak the same language.

What type of people defecate in public?


“What type of people defecate in public?”

The ones whose military planners failed to take care of their basic needs. It is a shame on the NATO planners for failing to take care of these simple matters. Did they actually expect that the soldiers bodily functions would be halted for the duration of the exercise? It does not give one confidence in their abilities to plan larger things.

Basically they publicly humiliated the soldiers and tarnished their own reputation worse than it already is…if that is even possible.

This entire episode is a disgrace.


Good point.
Remember the Dutch had to buy their own cold weather clothes.
Because their military did not plan on Norway being cold. LOL


“Because their military did not plan on Norway being cold.”

Exactly! :-)

Jens Holm

They should know better. Easy to change.

Jens Holm

Shit happens. If You read South front a couple of days ago, You will see many russian helicopters right away are in very bad conditions, because they are not build for heat and sand in Syria.

We see the same for Kurznesof. many 100s has to share a few toilets as well as eating is an small groups.

Jens Holm

Not where I live. I have seen nothing negative on my European TV channels as well.

Spo You write about, what Your censurship tells You, we are – Even its easy to see our newssites having no headlines as You write at all.


“What type of people defecate in public?”
Our exceptional yankee heroes and idols! Our liberators, defenders of freedom, protectors of liberal democracy and transgender rights, bringers of light and mtv-kfc-cnn-civilization to us poor, primitive european vassals. Who’s going to defend us against eeeevil ruskie commie tsarist invasion if not them? Or Mordor invasion? Or martian invasion? 500mil europeans are total weaklings, we need Hollywood superheroes to defend us! Captain America fuck yeah! In your face Ivan!

70 years of their glorious occupation and americanization yet euroslaves still dare to complain about american turds?? How ungrateful! Maybe they are infiltrated russian agents, these norwegian complainers? Europeans should/must pay more money/tribute for american protection, for american tanks in their fields, american ships in their harbours, american missiles in their cities, american turds in their houses…


“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
That’s Europe today.

Jens Holm

As long as we see Russia that low, we only need to upgrade and renew.

We can change much faster, the Russia ever can apart from atomic bombs.


I have no idea wtf you’re talking about, and neither do you…. as usual. Who cares anyway. But you know, you’re one of those utterly indoctrinated euroslaves who obsessively hate Russia for imaginary reasons, while you lick american boots… and butts. And everything else.

This is not about Russia. It’s about you being american slave: your army is their army, your media are their media, your money is their money, your language is their language, your culture is their culture, your music is their music, your idols are their idols, your food is their food, your values are their values… your very souls belongs to them. yet you brainless zombies babbling about Russia?! You hate Russia because they told you to hate them. Russia, or someone else, they’ll just make another enemy. To have a reason to “protect” you, like mafia protects. To continue their endless occupation of Europe. Mental slaves that’s what you are… with stockholm syndrome. You love your captors. Indeed, you don’t deserve liberty.

Jens Holm

True I mainly dont like russians at all. Those divided Europe from 1945 to 1991.

That had nothing to do with USA. Russians didnt learn about expension even as they as the only one lost WW1 3 times.

USA hardly was there too. Looking at maps they conqered a lot by fightings since 1820. That inckuded million of muslims in Crimera, Kasakstan, Kazan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan and Kirgisistan.

And we dont feel, We are slaves. We are productive in the Western economy and help each others in trade and economies. We are doing better then ever even very bad things are here too.

And we do try to unites as many small countries in EU. EU i same seize as USA.And even having problems we are collapsed and wont reach the low Russian level. Military things are same thing.

Denmark as a small state has a lot of symphasy for smaller states should have thir own life. So we welcome Finlland as more independent, Estonia, Latvia and Lituania and Polen as well and try to make them be woth us and more like us BY THEIR OWN CHOISE.

You as Russian try to regain what You have stolen. By our politics we also try to keep Gerrmans(mainly Preussen) in a peacefull level. You might forget how much they took from the rest of us in the preussian expansian.

And even Hungary, Bulgaria, Roumania and Ukraine are not very close, We do support, they have to CHOOSE their own way.

There was no choise in COMECON as Well as the Warzaw Pact. NONE. One thing is to build walls to keep enemies out, but I was in Berlin first time in 1968(doors and whiskey bar). Here we saw how people were kept in as well as how people lived in a total mad economy. Only light beer was better there. Russian tourist was much worse then American, where we met them as “owners” showing no respect.

And we liked to get Marshall help to recover from the 5 bad years of ours.

Thats the reasons for We prefare being protected by USA compared to being a part of Your mismanegement looking like Marx and Engell again shot themselves and others in their feed.

And we do come from having made our kind of Demokrasy, which Russian know nothing about. Some very bad upperclass and Churches didnt make a productive country having a big middleclass. And when Bolsjevics took over, they just replaced it with centralized stupid centralisme of the same kind apart from.

Denmark never has had those understandable uprises, where jews were the only ones before and after WW1 and 2 to replace our middle class, which they couldnt. And added we have seen them being blamed for Russian keep the rest in illiterate, ineffective stupidity – as now.

We certainly liked USA compared to that. Anytime. I see USA has replaced mainly GB and France as Suoerpowers. They collapsed too. Fine with me.

And Ukraine I would any time try to help some. Thats probatly the worst landgrapping in the history of Russia and Sovjet. My problem is, they look too much like You. Now Putin join religion again. We dont like that too.

Jens Holm

Fine with me we pay a little more. USA pay too much.

Jens Holm

You know nothing of that at all. The little oiltanker had a pilot on board and the language in Nato is english for all.

there has been no statements about it.

There has been about Kutznesoff, which almost sunk with its dry dock in Murmansk by elementary fatal mistakes. If You need more nice pictures, You should try rusty Murmansk.


Don’t know if you’re interested in analysis of US mid-terms and general goings-on between the ruling elite, Trump and Putin, but here’s an interesting interview I ran into. Thought you might appreciate it….-> https://thedailycoin.org/2018/11/09/tom-luongo-hillary-will-indict-herself/

Don’t be fooled, it’s not majorilly about Clinton, it goes deeper than that.

AM Hants

Thanks for the link.

Jens Holm

Norway are NATO …


Not like the members of the EU, though I get your statement


Seriously, what did anyone expect from Americunt filthy savages, than shitting in the streets. They should have conducted these clownish exercises in India where this behavior would be right at home. You have to give credit to the oil tanker though, NATO=0 OILTANKER =1


If NATO wanted to train their troops to be operational in northern conditions they could have trained them in Canada.

Barges full of beer, toilet paper, poutine and timbits could have been sent to sustain the soldiers. All exercises could have been held in the Great White North without being on any non-NATO countries border.

Canada would not have run out of beer. ;-)

Concrete Mike

We are running out of weed though


Good point. ;-)

Jens Holm

His wife is heroin.

Jens Holm

Far out. I am sure Canadians and USA trains now and then in Canada.

Norway is northern conditions.


One German soldier connected to the Trident Juncture confirmed dead today after being hit by a vehicle in Haltdalen, Norway, on friday.

Jens Holm

You should go there as tourist. In the summetime You might need a moskitonet.


I fail to see the point of this article, as the exact same things happen on every military exercise. The locals will complain, there will be accidents, troops need to relieve themselves while out in the open and bars in the training area will have very good sales. Tell me this doesn’t happen in Russia and I won’t believe it. Soldiers will be soldiers, no matter which nationality. Seems like either fake news at worst and some well deserved fun at NATO’s expense at best. Lets assume it was the latter.


I wouldn’t be surprised if those hundreds of complaints were filed by those Antifa in the vid.

AM Hants

anti-fa, Ukraine Nazis. White Helmets/Al-Qaeda/Al Nasra/ISIS all dress the same, act the same, use the same banners. symbology. Funnily enough, funded by Soros and friends, including the Atlantic Council or Natos think tank. Anti-fa, the better paid members of the Nato Forces.


It’s an unnecessary military exercise, poorly organised as confirmed by a Norwegian Major, and full of unprofessional accidents. But you already knew that from reading the article, right?

Rob G

Seems like you did not even read his reply… You did not even comment on his allegations.. why reply to him if you neglect to challenge his allegations? an all you do is try an belittle him restating what the article JUST STATED!


Nice lot of nonsense you wrote there Rob. It’s good to know most of us just roll our eyes to people like you.

Jens Holm

I agree with Rob G.

A comment like Yours as a minimum should be Your own at the top. It could be relevant by a link or two about the many unprofessional accidents.


Not needed, it’s all in the article Jens.


The article comes across as a hit piece, putting together things that happen on every military exercise to make NATO troops look like unprofessional monkeys. And to be frank I see those kinds of articles about Russia in the MSM to not recognize it. I find it beneath SF to publish it.


Oh don’t be so sensitive! This is the kind of article that should be published regardless of where it comes from. Unfortunately, the Western MSM is highly unreliable when it comes to telling what matters. Don’t like it? Then go back to sticking your head in the sand!


It’s not about sticking your head in the sand, its about recognizing when an article is priming you for a certain conclusion. Just because it appeals to your POV doesn’t make it any less of a propaganda hit piece. We bitch and moan when the MSM does it all the time, but when we like the target its suddenly okay? Now who is sticking his head in the sand?


The article was was well articulate and factual. Try spotting that in MSM.


It strung together a series of out of context facts and presented it in such a way to make NATO look like incompetent baboons. That’s a hit piece. Just like the Western MSM did when the Russian navy sailed forth to Syria and it was all about look at that hunk of junk Russian carrier, which has to be towed and whose aircraft kept falling out of the sky. Which were also factual. Because every carrier deployment of any nation sees accidents happen. The USN probably loses an aircraft or two on every carrier deployment, because carrier aviation is bloody dangerous even for the best. Shit happens. And for the MSM to represent that as proof that the Russians were shit was also a hit piece. And being well articulate is still one of the few prerequisites to becoming a MSM reporter.


I don’t think it’s a hit piece at all. It was an inside look at what the MSM avoid writing about, don’t like to hear of those incidents then don’t read it.

Jens Holm

I agree in ” It strung together a series of out of context facts and presented it in such a way to make NATO look like incompetent baboons”.

A minimum should be to learn the weak and strong sides of Your enemy. Most enemies are not baboon s at all. They just have other reasons and some are good from their point of view as well bad.

AM Hants

Compare it to the Russian exercise, with 300,000 Forces, 36,000 land vehicles (including tanks), 1,000 aircrafts, plus 80 ships and submarines. Then compare the professionalism of the Russian Forces, with those of Nato. Seriously, not a good look, now is it?

Jens Holm

I dont do that.

Handling Kursk experimetal submarine are the real russians facts, which say much is hidden by them.

AM Hants

Darling, you do remember Kursk sadly went down, when President Putin, first came to power, in 2000? Remember, when Russia was bankrupt, plus, parts of the nuclear, submarine industry had been privatised? Then there are the allegations of it being yet another ‘false flag’, courtesy the usual suspects?

The Kursk Tragedy, 12 August 2000, where 118 submariners perished. President Putin, took over bankrupt Russia as acting President following the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, on the 31 December 1999. 26 March 2000, President Putin was elected President of Russia, less then 5 months before the Kursk went down.

Owing to it being seriously personal, for the new President, who had recently lost his father (before coming to power). Remember, his father served in the Soviet Submarine Squadron, during the Great Patriotic War? Russian submarines, designed, developed and built are now not only the safest on the planet, concerning the crew, but, also have more living space, dedicated to the crews off-duty needs, then any other nation, with submarine forces. Not forgetting generations ahead, with the quality of their weapons.

Unlike most nations, following a national tragedy/disaster, Russia took on board the lessons that needed learning.

RIP the submariners of the Kursk. Remember, President Putin insisted in bringing the bodies, of the fallen submariners home to Russia. To be laid to rest on Russian soil, despite being told it was impossible.

Four minutes around 45 seconds into this video, the privatisation of the submarine industry is explained.

The Unknown Putin Part 2… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRSVNPQKDkM

The Kursk Tragedy – Putin Recounts How He Salvaged the Submarine…and then the Nation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HxheQOCky4


So Russians don’t relieve themselves in the field because they have bladders and bowels of Russian steel? They don’t go to bars and locals never complain? I’m having a hard time that they are not human.

AM Hants

The Nato Forces were not relieving themselves in the field, though, were they? The professional forces of Russia, do not trash the hospitality of their hosts, showing Zero respect. Plus, merchant shipping, does not suffer from any collisions, when Russian exercises take place.

‘…From traffic accidents to troops relieving themselves in public places and bars left without beer, this year’s edition of NATO-led Trident Juncture drills has every chance to leave lasting memories in Norway and beyond…’


>>The professional forces of Russia, do not trash the hospitality of their
hosts, showing Zero respect.<>Plus, merchant shipping, does not suffer
from any collisions, when Russian exercises take place.<<

Their submarines (Kursk) sink, the carriers need towing and their floating drydocks also sink. Anyone can twist some unconnected facts and represent them to make a propaganda hitpiece.

Again, I see those on the Western MSM all the time. I recognize one when I see one.

AM Hants

Yabba, dabba, doo-dah.

How many bodies are still waiting to be collected from the cauldrons of Ukraine and Donetsk airport? How many kiddies and loved ones are waiting for those left behind, to come home? Having no idea that their Government have ignorantly deserted them?

Jens Holm

Thats right. Russians as well as others make big mistakes and accidents as well.

None are proud of mistakes and accidents and some are trying to show their dirty laundry as well. Training is making mistakes, so they can reduce them, when the threats or attacks are for real.

Jens Holm

I think it is a little extra because of that vessel “landing”.

AM Hants

Russia holds an exercise, involving 300,000 Forces, 36,000 land vehicles, including tanks, 1,000 aircrafts and 80 ships/submarines. No problems, just pure professionalism.

Nato, brags about their mega exercise, involving 50,000 Forces. Holy Sh*t, that is just part of the clean up. How many were hospitalised, before the exercises started? How much, besides the Norwegian ship, ended up written up? Why would you find animals with better manners, than the current Nato ‘riff raff’.


URGENT to share, if true.

POPOV: UKRAINE IS PLANNING TO ATTACK DONETSK TOMORROW, ELECTION DAY. (Chemical weapons, plus, full scale invasion, in order to cancel Nord Stream II.

Would the US seriously go this far, to stop Nord Stream II. Remember, Nato use chemical weapons, have no problems taking down civilian jets, to blame others, plus, just how far did Bush and friends go, with regards 9/11? Not forgetting the Odessa Trade Union Massacre? No doubt Nato is still playing exercises, close to Russia.

The following article, if true, so needs sharing.

POPOV: UKRAINE IS PLANNING TO ATTACK DONETSK TOMORROW, ELECTION DAY… https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/11/popov-ukraine-is-planning-to-attack-donetsk-tomorrow-election-day/


Excellent response by the Norwegian public.


Its war Gamez giris!! N your the jackass if you take any of this shit seriously haha

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