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Pompeo: US Ready For “Military Action” In Venezuela If It’s Needed To Restore “Democracy”

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Pompeo: US Ready For "Military Action" In Venezuela If It's Needed To Restore "Democracy"

Mike Pompeo

Washington is open for “military action” in dealing with Venezuela’s crisis, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced. Softening his war-mongering rhetoric, he said that a peaceful option is still more preferable.

“If the question is, is the United States prepared to consider military action if that’s what it takes to restore the democracy there in Venezuela, the [US] president’s been consistent and unambiguous about that, that the option to use military force is available if that’s what is ultimately called for,” Pompeo told Fox News on May 1.

The statement by the Secretary of State followed the April 30 armed coup attempt carried out by US-proclaimd Venezuelan ‘Interim President’ Juan Guaido. The failed coup attempt, despite a public support from the US and its regional allies, failed.

However, exploting this situation, Washington once again returned to its war-like rhetorics towards the Venezuelan government.

On May 1, the US-backed opposition is helding another rally against the government. In the event of escalation and notable civilian casualties, the US may use this pre-shaped situation to justify further actions against Venezuela.


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I didn’t realize that dinner jackets were made in such a large size.


His tailor also makes circus tents.


Praises martyrdom.


Lol, if the claimed support really was there then this coup wouldn’t have failed so miserable.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Make that failed again, and again.


MakeAmericaFailAgain :)


This middle-aged man wearing elegant dinner-jacket, stiff white collar and black bow-tie proclaiming continental war suggests an ill-governed Nero-like empire wallowing in self-congratulatory decadence.


“Of What Freedom Are You Speaking?”
Nikita Khrushchev to Kennedy after The Bay of Pigs Invasion

AM Hants

Riddle me this, how many voted for Pompeo?
How many voted for Madura?

Thank God Russia and China are assisting Venezuela, from the same old, natural resource pillagers.


I am also glad that Venezuela is receiving aid from the only 2 countries with the courage to face the Mongol American horde.
But they are really looking out for their own interests. They know that the whole world will end up like Haiti if America is not stopped.

AM Hants

Haiti, you just reminded me of Clinton mistaking Haiti Aid for Clinton Aid, plus, what happened to the kiddies, her friend took care of? Seriously hope the same does not happen to the children of Venezuela, when the Satanists try and force themselves on them.


It’s the same in Kosovo, and it was the same in the Philippines for a long time.
The Americans like to pretend they are the good guys, but in reality they are bestial, their depravity has no limits.

AM Hants

Ukraine, and no doubt wherever they have been causing problems, regime change, constant fighting since 4 July 1776 (excluding 19 years, peace, in total).

Astrid Watanabe

Interesting book on Haiti: “Hideous Dream” by former Special Forces guy Stan Goff.

AM Hants

Thanks for the recommendation. You have just reminded me of Scott Bennett, and accidently coming across one of his videos. Interesting, what he had to say about Obama and Clinton.

Obama, Hillary, and their game’s effect on Syria.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU8-bgfR83Q


The ‘kiddies’ are all being well cared for by Trans Gender couples , AM.

AM Hants

With Common Purpose conncections.


In the UK as well, I am sure.


okay cut ……… key in the mechanical laugh machine ………..


Wouldn’t it be great if the fat fk had a stroke live on TV?


Ooooh Yessssssss.


Ha ha, as has been increasingly evident for years, when the anglozionists speak they say the opposite of the truth, and this was no exception. The US is far from ready for a meaningful military intervention – the neighbouring puppet states are in no position to act as proxy forces and readily available US forces (i.e. not engaged elsewhere) are woefully insufficient for such a task. He can huff & puff all he likes but he just adds to the growing global realisation that the muscle of the US empire has withered away …. to quote an old friend of mine, “I’ve seen more meat on a butchers apron”.

Lena Jones

Talking thru his hairy ass. In other words: bluffing.


Recently Pompeo proudly stated that we cheat, lie and steal…


Lena Jones

He shoulda added ‘mass murder’ to “cheat, lie and steal”.


I would imagine he keeps his arse hairless, so as to gain more ‘pleasure. :)

Carol Davidek-Waller

Pompeo’s military experience consisted of going to West Point and patrolling the Berlin Wall. Knock yourself out Mike. Jungle warfare and a well equipped modern army with air cover. Venezuela is twice the size of Iran.
In the meantime, we’ll just keep the laddies home to keep the lassies warm.


“They [the opposition] want to lead us to a civil war.

I am asking —
what would happen if we sent tanks, armored vehicles and special forces
that we have? There would be a slaughter among Venezuelans and
Washington would celebrate and order beginning of a military
intervention in order to occupy the land of Bolivar”(Nicolas Maduro)


fatso would be better off addressing the issue of democracy back in washington dc, where it’s sorely missing. particularly since the mic/deep state has high jacked what ever is left of the so called democracy in moronistan (aka usa – home of morons akin to hitler’s merry band of war criminals) and the american people need to take back what brazenly was stolen by mic/ds some 50 years ago – the half way best and acceptable president in washington dc was carter and after that just crooks and criminals.

to recoup what was stolen, a humongous demonstration of some 1 to 3 million battle trained veterans right in the center of washington dc, could do the trick, since any attempt by the crooks and criminals to set the regular army of undereducated rednecks or hillbilly types from the fly over states on the demonstrating vets would just be too much for a society in the dark – but that sure as a clucking bell would be an eye opener.

The world needs to stand up to the USA sadly, they have turned into a TERRORIST country invading at will anyone they don’t agree with.
Russia,Cuba,China and over 160 more countries around the world thankfully are leadind the way to prevent the US COUP of Venezuela and we need to thank them for that and encourage them to stand strongly with Maduro and the Venezuelan people.


The USA – United Slaves of aipac —-loves to spread de-MOCK-racy!!! TO the stupid Venezuelans who willingly sip American zio supplied cool-aid, they need to see what happens after this type of De-mock-racy!! Look at Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan….to mention a few. See how lovely their de-mock-racy works. Coming to a city near Guanno – the zio jewish selected “president”.

Xoli Xoli

Pompeo is just fat fuck homo who dreams about things which are not there.

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