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Pompeo Finally Tells The Truth: ‘We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal’

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton have vowed to strangle Iran and cut off all oil exports. They claim it’s because of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles and its support for terrorism. In a recent speech at Texas University he finally told the truth about the CIA and the neocons – they lie and cheat and steal. So should we believe him now?

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The game of West has been started about Sri Lanka to take it for military bases within one month. UK plan to send military forces and advisers. Russia and China should wakeup. Israel, ISIS and Alqaeda are babies of West – John McCain.

You can call me Al

You doubt Russia and China know this ?. Wake up this is why they are both bolstering their military + attacking using their economies.


How Washington takes countries, like this that you see..

You can call me Al

Wrong tab, delete this as you have it on the Sri Lanka article.


You r right.

You can call me Al

Pompeo said it, something I believe in, but can not find background…. listen to the first minute again and he says it quite unreasonably – those two words “American Experiment”….that could, if my belief / conspiracy is correct, be the whole crux of this shit show…. similar for me as saying the “British Child “America” has gone rogue”…….

An experiment to try Globalism, to try multiculturalism and all the other sick ‘isms that are required for a single entity NWO order.


I do not speak for the Americans, but my understanding of what is meant by the “American Experiment” is different from that of the pork chop Pompeo. It also may line up with your saying “British Child ‘America” has gone rogue”. My understanding of the term “America” going rogue was them breaking away from their masters in a sort of social experiment in freedom.

“Human rights can only be assured among a virtuous people. The general government . . . can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy, an oligarchy, an aristocracy, or any despotic or oppressive form so long as there is any virtue in the body of the people.” – George Washington

By this definition, the American experiment has failed, or is at least on it’s death bed.

You can call me Al

Absolutely agree. What strikes me is how quickly the UK and parts of the EU have turned against the US. You will not here it shouted from the roof tops, but from joining the Chinese Asian bank “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)” to resisting them on going to war…….. little occurrence on a weekly basis now, but getting more and more frequent.

God, I just wish they would just get on with it.


“God, I just wish they would just get on with it.”

Indeed! Watching this slow moving train wreck has stolen too much of our lives.

A little comment about the UK and EU turning against the US. I am going to resort to my same silly example because it works for me as a tool for explaining my understanding.

The US faction that has been laying traps have not only caught member’s from the other US faction… but they have also caught a bunch of their buddies and kissing cousins in the UK in the very wide net that they set… (and other countries as well.) They do not turn against the US, they are turning against the faction that has set traps for them.

What are the additional entrapped faction members doing? Well, they are flailing about like rabid zombies. (some/all/most are also involved in the false flag attacks).

They had colluded, manipulated, plotted and schemed to turn the world into their play grounds and planned their lavish lives and retirements in wanton abandon….and now they are suspended in the net that they have fallen into (that they had woven for others) ….and they are unsure what to do.

Some recent moves have been panicked scrambles to do damage control. Shuffling money and resources around and the like.

Tic Toc… There is a lot of panic, and some are considering suicide. The only thing that we can do is to watch it play out…and I certainly hope that in the end it is going to involve a lot of fancy people being sent to jail and/or hanged for Treason.

You can call me Al

OK I have a come back…..


and by the way; it is the UK that has the best spies in the World + if they want to, they can switch a button at GCHQ and cut the US off from Europe and the East…… never underestimate the Brits.



I do hope that things work out for the UK people. From here is looks like the they have been treated unfairly. I have heard that Nigel Farage has stepped back into the ring. What are your thoughts on him?

Soooooo….the UK has the best spies in the world do they? Judging by the silly shape of the building they might be as befuddled as the C_A. ;-)

I need to go on record with one thing though. No matter which spy network or security apparatus we discuss, the lower levels are usually filled with hard working people that the upper crust makes look like complete fools. What is beginning to be exposed is the keystone cop levels in the upper echelon who have been taking their stupid pills on a regular basis.

The shared intelligence that is being exposed right now is the 5 eyes network. I will post a link. Like all things it is promoted as a wonderful thing that is meant for the good of the people. What it actually is, is a system that has been used to bypass the laws of all of the participating countries. If the US wants to illegally spy on it’s citizens, it gets Canada to do it. If Canada wants to illegally spy on it’s citizens, it gets Australia or New Zealand to do it.

In the US, many that are operational deep state have finally had their security clearances taken away because of their ability to access the system from other countries and worked against their own government. (Treason)

Some from the UK have been caught up in this web. Little by little this is going to be exposed.

Here is an article from 2017. It gives a reasonable explanation of the system.


You can call me Al

I am total agreement with you.

Is that the British Commonwealth (white people) + USA ?, surely not….

As I believe, our Empire never died.


Yup, it is 4 (of 53) commonwealth countries and the US.

As far as I can tell the empire lives on. Canada is still submissive to the crown with the Queen on the money supply.

I hope to see it all blown up! :-)

You can call me Al

Ohhh a bit harsh.


Harsh? I was in “play nice mode”. ;-)

Well, the newest up to the moment rumor is that things are going to speed up this month. May flowers I suppose.

It has been painfully slow up to now. Here is hoping. Cheers!

You can call me Al

Cheers.The PM is dead, long live the PM (if I like him).


Yes, good point. The “American Experiment” isn’t of course a defined term so Pompeo can mean whatever he wants with it. It could mean the zionist experiment to take over American media and banks etc. to rule the world.


!!! Spot on!

You can call me Al

Exactly. Nice one.



Pompeo finally admitted In a recent speech at Texas University about the CIA and the neocons that they lie, cheat and steal. And this is the glory of experiment of America. Another CIA director also admitted that we interfere in overseas elections and in their politics.


2019 Oil Prices In US$ https://www.ccn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/oil-price-2019.jpg


Brent crude now at 74.50 US$ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1c3fa5552cb847abf64417d3a4284aa116b67e4bde8c8dfd9a074cde61c55f4.png


In the Ron Paul video posted on the Pompeo article today on this site, which I listed to. He says that the laws of economics are stronger than statutory laws, or something to that effect. There’s truth to that. And Russia and China are in a lot better economic shape than the US and Europe debt and growth wise.

Unlike the post WWll era. Where the US had 50% of global gdp and the only undamaged large industrial base. Today there’s no world war to stop fighting, and the US has enormous economic competition. –


Pave Way IV

Degenerate psychopaths…


The US government is unfortunately run by Zionist anti American Israel firster swamp traitors. Trump was a phenomenon. He won the primaries on the Republican ticket in the face of mass institutional opposition over status quo candidates. Running on what none of them except Rand Paul supported. And then won the presidency the same way.

It what was what most Americans wanted. Which is America first, rather than Israel first. The US government needs to be run by people who unlike Trump, can deliver on America first.

Xoli Xoli

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

God please remove or change sick men of this kind from the earth thank you

Lazy Gamer

All is fair in war. Problem is, does everyone know we are all in a war?


Most people aren’t phased their rights have been taken away and their working for cents on the dollar.


Should we believe any western voting tax paying cucks, no, dont trust any westerner even if they say they are Muslim, because they literally live with jews.

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