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Pompeo Claims U.S. Destroyed 99% Of ISIS Caliphate. Maps Show Something Different

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On January 7th, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US has destroyed 99% of ISIS’ caliphate, reinforcing Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, according to the Washington Exaimner.

We’ve taken down 99 percent of the caliphate. Ninety-nine percent of the caliphate. That should be the first sentence in every story. Right? Everybody agree?” Pompeo told reporters as he was leaving for his Middle East round. “Anybody dispute the facts? This has been an enormously successful campaign.”

Mike Pompeo also dismissed comparisons to the US withdrawal from Iraq under the Obama administration in 2011, which ultimately led to the rise of ISIS.

“I am confident we will continue to ensure that the kind of rise ISIS had under the Obama administration doesn’t occur again,” Pompeo said. “The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is going to be with us for a while, and we’re determined to stay at it and continue to make sure that the resurgence of large land-based caliphates like ISIS don’t happen on our watch.”

While there are little doubts that ISIS was largely defeated in both Syria and Iraq, Popmeo’s “99%” is probably based on some false data or he just forgot to take a look at some maps, which could be easily found online.

This map shows the military situation in Syria on June 15, 2015:

Pompeo Claims U.S. Destroyed 99% Of ISIS Caliphate. Maps Show Something Different

Click to see the full-size image

This map shows the military situation in Syria on January 8, 2019:

Pompeo Claims U.S. Destroyed 99% Of ISIS Caliphate. Maps Show Something Different

Click to see the full-size image

If some person compares the aforementioned maps, he will find that the US operations took place in the northeastern part of Syria only. The rest of the country was cleared from ISIS as a result of operations by the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and, in the event of the al-Bab area, Turkey.

US President Donald Trump in December announced that ISIS had been defeated and US troops would be withdrawn. Since then, on January 7th he tweeted that the US will “leave at a proper pace while at the same time continuing to fight ISIS.”

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton also said that a US withdrawal can only happen after Turkey agrees to not attack the US-backed Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.

On January 7th, Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Sean Robertson said that the US-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has “approved framework for the withdrawal of forces from Syria and is now engaged in executing that withdrawal.”

“That framework is conditions-based and will not subject troop withdrawal to an arbitrary timeline.”

It is yet unclear whether the US withdrawal will happen, right now it appears that it would be slowed down, possibly to a standstill.

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Promitheas Apollonious

Maybe the idiot, (pompeoclit) is kind of confused.

Syria insider

Maybe the fucker was in Amsterdam for the weekend at the coffeeshop. To bad he didn’t do the white heroin.comment image

You can call me Al

Ah, I thought I recognised him !!.

Syria insider

Sure m8. ;D

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think in Amsterdam, they get the qualities, this people get with their prescription designer drugs.

Syria insider

Amsterdam=Jew city so I am sure. M8

Jens Holm

Yeerrrh. Americans has their own drugs and alcohol. They dont need to go to Amsterdam. They can go to several United States and Canada as well.

Nice selfportrait. Have You shawed Your eyebrowes ?

I dont like Pompeo. Some stimulances might even help.

Syria insider

That was supposed to be be Mr pompeo.
I look more like this:comment image


They can go to several United States
and Canada as well. -Jens Holm

OH Nooooooo!

There are more than one United States!? And people go to all of them to fool around?
One was more than enough to f* up the world and fill it with imbeciles, now we have at least three, not to mention several Canadas!

Oh man… we ARE screwed!


Yes, the other Jens was far better at writing English :)

Jens Holm

Each of the 52 states over there has its own constitution and parlamentary system.

Brother Ma

The powerbrokers in America no longer care if they lie . As far as they are concerned most people are stupid and wont know. Those that do know are powerless to do anything. Free ride for these Yankeestani bitches.

You can call me Al

““We’ve taken down 99 percent of the caliphate. Ninety-nine percent of the caliphate. That should be the first sentence in every story. Right? Everybody agree?”

I find it very strange that they are now using the term “caliphate”.

Jens Holm

Its ironi in the western terms as well. Its a virtuel caliphat.

You are not better Yourself, when You make laughs about Kurds and Israelians for more independensy or land.

Several again and again tell, those want it all and even genoside all arabs.

None of that is true. Smaller minorities would like to have a prom ised land included Damaskus and the grave of Johannes Baptizer. Some Kurds do want one big Kurdistan, but the great majority just want to decide more themselves.


He forgot to say ‘we, the Syrians, the Russians and the Iranians… because we can accept, more or less, the even now not correct expression “99%” to designate all the syrian territories that were recover from ISIS. And we also could accept that an yankee had put the “we”, that in reality must be in the end of the sentence, on its beginning.

Tudor Miron

He meant that US took 99% off the effort needed to create and support ISIS.

Promitheas Apollonious

or he confused his with the russians and SAA and allies?

Tudor Miron

Could be. But no matter what (and I’m sure journalists in attendance got it right), every single story should start with “America is leading the free world!”.

AM Hants

Followed by ‘to hell’

Promitheas Apollonious

how can a world full of tax slaves could be called free?

Tudor Miron

It is free – free of conscience, free of fairness, free of actual common sense. Free for perversions, free for corruption and free for degradation.
“tax slaves” (c) – I would add debt slaves – remember all this world system is based on usury.

Jens Holm



Jens Holm

As usual most Hill Billyes here only include dusty parts of their own walk about.

Billions are spend by reducing everything ISIS in most parts of the world. They hardly recruit any as well as getting money.

99% in Western terms are not meant as hektars and squaremiles. Its meant as definitive taken(back). Its no matter of nice maps of 75, 85, 99% but about strength.

The Russians has said so. Its also mainly meant as ISIS now cant regain and we sooner or later will have destroyed the leftovers.

Chris Chuba

Nice try but the ‘dark brown’ designates the more populated areas of Syria as you can see by the fact they include cities. If you just look at that it isn’t close to 99%.

The SDF basically went a few miles across sparsely populated areas to capture Raqqa which was defended by 3,000 fighters but even then 500 were allowed to leave by bus. The SAA did more damage by defending Deir Ezzor for 3yrs and that was one engagement.

Jens Holm

In western terms 99% is not 99%. It says total defeated only. Its not about territory as well as towns.

Its about military and political strenght. Here You as local spectator only dont see the hard job done to stop ISIS outside Syrian, where billions are spend too.

AND 2: Dont mention that about sparcely populated areas. A lot of the rest i deserts, mountains and grasland too.

AND 3: SDFs almost started from 0 and are much smaller the Assads. By that You should not count in numbers like that. Maybee in % killing rate.

AND 4: Assads has done exact the same trading with enemies too.

Master Oroko

Pompeo is a pompous ass.

Chris Chuba

He is a liar to the core. I actually have some respect for Bolton. While he is evil he doesn’t couch his intentions in a morality play. With him it is all about power and he doesn’t hide it.

Master Oroko

You’re right, though I think I dislike Bolton even more.

Chris Chuba

I’ll grant you that it is a tough call.
The way I see it, Pompeo has every bad quality of Bolton but he adds in insufferable moral superiority.

Master Oroko

That’s one way to put it.

Tommy Jensen

We cleaned out ISIS, made democracy in 1/3 of Syria, prevented Hezbollah military bases along Israel´s natural borders, contained Iran´s aggression, while Putin poured gasoline all over ME and Assad bombed Syrian civilians who refused dictatorship and wanted freedom.
Not an easy task, but America did it and we can be proud of ourselves.




And Pride always goes before a fall.
I hope the US is even prouder than Trump or Hillary. :)


“We’ve taken down 99 percent of the caliphate. Ninety-nine percent of the caliphate. That should be the first sentence in every story. Right? Everybody agree?”

Mr Porompopo kind of directly dictating the press on how they should report the Syria story. Excessive fat can deteriorate a person’s ability to study the military charts. He should be advised to start a specific diet accompanied with fast walking around the White House. He should also wear a Chinese watch to read distance covered, calorie burnt, heart bits and blood pressure.


Well, do you remember when USA declared has defeated Germany during the WWII when Russia took Berling ? Indeed, USA declared to have defeated Japan when Russia wiped out Japan in Manchuria.

The same here, USA needs heroes all the time and to show its people that they are the best of the bests, although we know that they are the beast of the beasts.

Jens Holm

Kind of funny version strange version. Russia did win a few battle in Manchuria, but then tghre was peacge between Japan and Russia until USA and Britts took Japan alone and the chinese did a good jobs.

Russia came back in 1945 to get some lad from Japan only.

Its written in a declaration for Churchill, Stalin and Rosewelt as well as the spy drama about it as well as Moscow might have been taken by germans, if the Russian “Manchurian” troops did go to the Moscow front.


see above reference description


You are not well informed. After Russia defeated Germany, Russia went to Manchuria and defeated Japan ( just at the time USA lunched their atomic bombs to Japan). Manchuria was the most important colony of Japan where most of the planes, and weapons factories were. That was the main reason why Japan had to surrender, it has lost everything in Manchuria (in just one week).


Maybe 65%

Xoli Xoli

This fat fuck kitchen boy is shameless. He knows USA and puppet France and Britain used to airlift ISIS around Syria.His coalition has killed 99 percent of Syrian arabs

Jens Holm

No estimates say so. Not a single one.

Jim Bim

you can`t argue or reason a full fletched warhawk and Neocon….and who has no diplomatic skills.

Empire's Frontiers

It’s a quibble, but the Americans see their decision to quit funding their IS mercenaries as the cause of their destruction.

‘We saved Syria by taking our boot of its throat’


Pompous lying Prick,,trying to make defeat look like a victory.

Jim Bim

Whenever/wherever US interferes, chaos, repression and resentment follow.

al quaida

“Mike Pompeo also dismissed comparisons to the US withdrawal from Iraq under the Obama administration in 2011, which ultimately led to the rise of ISIS.”

Nope. It was the US invasion of Iraq that ultimately led to the rise of ISIS, not the “withdrawal”.

Jens Holm

Actually it was the Bagdads, which asked USA to move out faster as well as they and we are called back.

The rise of ISIL was not an american thing. It was about Bagdad shiit stealing all they could, Sunnis in the middle got nothing and Kurds got no money too but had severel oil well and also could sell to Tyrkey as compensation.

Impressing You can have a big memorylack like that. Shiit arabs in Bagdad were the reasons. Those and some westerns took all they could by corruption and simple theft.

And what happend next: Well, Maliki is not even in jail.


deluded fool/retard/moron/id..iot/twit/tw..at und zu weiter

Chris Chuba

You are blaming the small gust of wind but not GWB for creating the house of cards in the first place.
1. ISIS = AQI + Iraq’s ex-miiitary. The Republicans crowed about how Al Qaeda was swarming into Iraq to fight us. GWB disbanded the military adding to their ranks.
2. GWB’s invasion of Iraq caused over 1M Iraqi refugees to flood Syria giving ISIS and Al Qaeda a safe place to hide.

Saddam kept the Sunni whackos in line, we unleashed them and then proceeded to blame everyone else.

Django de Reynaerde

Believe me, those Anglo-Zionist Free Masons did a hell of a job. But believe me too: “Heaven looks different” !!! Go Home, you Satanists !!!

John Wallace

It is true .. He is talking about the US / YPG / SDF / Iraq area they have taken back from ISIS is 99% leaving the 1% they have yet to take back from ISIS in southern Deir Azzor . The rest of Syria they don’t control does not count for anything so can’t be counted in their figures.


fatso pompous has a tendency to open his mouth and say anything that comes to mind, all wrong and all lies but if you’re corner stone in the deep shit establishment, that is what is expected or you wouldn’t be there at all – being the liaison man offering up the lies, the deception and preparing the next atrocities is richly rewarded within a reasonable time frame, since the usefulness of these feckers are short and requires new feces on a regular basis.


They wish they had.

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