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JUNE 2020

Pompeo Claims Hezbollah “Active In Venezuela” To Justify Possible US Intervention


Pompeo Claims Hezbollah "Active In Venezuela" To Justify Possible US Intervention


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Two weeks ago, when remarking sarcastically about the upcoming “requirement” for a US military presence in or around Venezuela where the situation is increasingly looking like a replay of events in Syria pitting the US and “western powers” on one said and Russia and China (and Turkey) on the other, we said that it’s only a matter of time before ISIS made a dramatic appearance in Latin America.

We thought we were joking.

It turns out the joke was on us, because – in an apparent failure to come up with an even remotely original narrative for another imminent American intervention – US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday night that, drumroll, “Hezbollah has active cells in Venezuela.” Well, we were wrong about ISIS at least.

As the Trump administration has continued to ratchet up pressure on the Latin American nation amid a crippling political and economic crisis, and hinted on several occasions that US troops would be deployed, Mike Pompeo told Fox Business that “people don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells” in the country, adding that “the Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America. We have an obligation to take down that risk for America” he said, quoted by the Independent.


Ironically or not, when it comes to Hezbollah, which the US has long considered a terrorist organisation, sanctions on people in Venezuela linked to the Iranian-backed Lebanese group have been imposed as far back as the George W Bush administration, seemingly in anticipation for just such an event.

Washington also believes Latin America has served as a base of fund-gathering for the group for some years, including through drugs and money-laundering schemes, according to past reports and to justify said close link, the media notes that Venezuela’s former president Hugo Chavez formed tight links with Iran under Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s leadership. Supposedly that is a sufficient and necessary condition to conclude that Maduro is now harboring terrorists, which in turn would require a US “peacekeeping” mission.

And just so the US population does not lose plot, later in his Fox interview, the former CIA director described Maduro as “evil” and insisted the US was intervening on behalf of ordinary Venezuelans who have suffered under his rule.

In other words, yet another “humantiarian” coup under US auspices.

“We should not permit a country in our hemisphere to treat its own people this way,” he said, despite Washington’s – and the CIA’s – dismal track record of fomenting government overhauls in the region. “American values – America’s, not only our interests but our values – are at stake here.”

It wasn’t clear just which values he was referring to.



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  • Ivanus59

    “anti-semitism” accusation incoming. xD
    A fucking travesty is what this imbecilic pile of dung called “USA” is…

  • Sinbad2

    He could say Hitler was in Venezuela and Americans would believe him.
    Americans are a flawed branch on the tree of evolution, and are destined to become extinct.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Yeah, Hitler is running a pizza parlor in Venezuela and Mengele is providing free health services :)

  • BlueInGreen

    Nobody, whatsoever, should be surprised about what he said. This is classic US pretext building up to possible intervention, this time in Venezuela. As much as a hate Maduro’s corrupt government, US has no right to intervene.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Pompeo… an arrogant, self-deluded psychopath who can’t even comprehend just how STUPID he sounds to the rest of the planet, including among the minority of Americans still capable of using their brains to ferret out stupidity of the type pompous spouts. I still dream of one day having intelligent humans inhabit the halls of power in the US. The question is, is it really a possibility before imbeciles like Pompeo and Bolton end all life on the planet.

    • BMWA1

      Pompeo=Mussolini after visiting a fattening station.

      • AM Hants

        Loaded with helium, in with the lard.

        Pompeo and Bolton – why do Laurel and Hardy so come to mind?

        • Snowglobe

          Calling bulls*** on Hezbollah in Venezuela


          • AM Hants

            The propaganda videos from the West, so reminds me of the Larry Diamond videos of Ukraine ‘The Maidan’, together with the fake ‘White Helmet’ videos. How much do they spend on regime change propaganda?

          • Snowglobe

            The source of the propaganda videos is the same. The globalists. It is the “foment, rinse, and repeat cycle” that they have used to kill millions. As long as we keep falling for it, they will keep using this propaganda tool.

            The cost of the videos is exorbitant, and is shared between the organized plantations. I looked for some of the videos from a few years ago that broke down some of the costs. It is no surprise that they have gone down the memory hole.

          • Tommy Jensen

            “Russia stirring the pot”. As I said, Putin has poured gasoline all over Venezuela.

          • Snowglobe

            “Russia stirring the pot”. As I said, Putin has poured gasoline all over Venezuela!”

            Silly me! The view from here in the Great White North looks like Putin is sprinkling absorbent sweeping compound around the edges of Venezuela. ;-)

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunts are pathetic, yeah sure Hezbollah has mastered Spanish and now habla habla all over South America. These Americunts and Zionist idiots have no shame.

    • vlom2441

      Pompous Pompeo is a lying SOB.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      There we go with the “stupid” again. Pompeo isn’t trying to win anybody over with soaring rhetoric and sound argumentation; he’s got the Marines backing him up. For now, that’s apparently enough to keep the poodles in line, while the hapless Maduro crew is visibly scared to death.

      It may not be subtle, but Pompeo’s side is doing pretty much what they should be doing if you want to steal Venezuela’s oil. We’ll have to see whether it’ll be enough, but if nobody rises to the occasion to oppose them they’ll win by default.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        You’re partially correct, but Pompeo IS indeed trying to convince and justify to the flocks of sheep that take in their daily dose of propaganda from the mainstream media of their respective countries, any action the US may take.

        For those humans who have at least 2 brain cells that communicate with each other on occasion, Pompeo still SOUNDS stupid and I might add, ignorant as well as arrogant and a confirmed, dyed in the wool psychopath.

        • Ma_Laoshi

          That’s more like it. :-) But psychopathy is not a low-IQ condition. Psychopaths will stop at nothing to get what they want; you underestimate them at your peril.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Agree with you on psychopaths with the exception that I would not call them intelligent, for if they were intelligent, they wouldn’t be psychopaths. I also would not consider psychopathy a high-IQ condition. Perhaps their condition is more related to mental disorders such as chemical imbalance in the brain rather than IQ….

    • Rob

      Washington have failed on creation Syrian and Iraqi type chaos and coup in Turkey. Washington will again failed in Venezuela now.

  • KhazarHunter

    Unfortunately Russia is too cowardly to properly stand behind it’s allies. If someone attacks a U.S. ally, the U.S. will immediately intervene militarily. If someone attacks a Russian ally, Russia does nothing until it’s too late and just writes negative RT articles in the meantime.

    • BlueInGreen

      lol, I love the cynicism but I personally like to believe there’s more to it than that. Sentimentally I’m with you on Russian parasitism when it comes to standing up for other nations and what’s “right” but Putin’s mission statement and goal is to make RUSSIA stronger, to put Russia in an advantageous geopolitically as well as militarily. Putin doesn’t want to over extend Russia and expose the country. Hate or like it, this is what he cares about the most.

      So Russia going all the way with their outdated aircraft carrier to Venezuela in order to support Maduro is just not logical to Russian war planers or Putin. They don’t have the number of surface vessels needed to engage US ships at sea affectively. After-all, Russia would be literally going into Americas backyard.

      But, I think the Russians and Iranians (I have a sneaking suspicion that Iran might have supplied anti-ship cruise missiles to Venezuela) could smuggle advanced long ranged weapons to hit US warships if America decides to haphazardly intervene.

      • Uwe

        Iran threat is like the bear from the forest, everebody are afraid of it but nowbody actually ever see it.

      • AM Hants

        Russias outdated aircraft, actually works. Does the F35?

        • BlueInGreen

          You missed what I said entirely. I said outdated aircraft carrier, not outdated aircraft.

          • AM Hants

            Oh so sorry. Still applies, the Russian warship which carries aircrafts, but, does so much more than an aircraft carrier, was in full working order, till she went for her refit. The newest aircraft carrier of the US comes with exploding generators, together with the fact they forgot to equip it with elevators for the missiles.

          • BlueInGreen

            Idk where you’re getting the exploding generators from but the newest US super carrier will be fielded soon. Not saying that Russia can’t counteract it effectively just saying in traditional power projection terms, Russia is numerical lacking in surface ships compared to the US and has only one traditional aircraft carrier if I’m not mistaken.

            Russia does employ effective subs that can sink entire battle groups no one doubts this but the US has a sizable and powerful submarine force of their own consisting of fast hunter-killer subs designed specifically to find the subs that one go after the carriers or surface ships. That also coupled with unparralled naval aviation that will help the US navy spot enemy subs.

            I know how the schtick goes here on South Front, we all hate the US and there gallivanting but not recognizing the strengths the US has is a fools gambit.

            But I digress. I personally think that a smart approach to combating the US navy is what is needed to deliver a strong blown.

          • AM Hants

            MOST EXPENSIVE US SHIP COMES WITH EXPLODING GENERATORS… https://southfront.org/most-expensive-us-ship-comes-with-exploding-generators/

            USS Ford Problems Even Worse Than Those of Littoral Combat Ships… https://sputniknews.com/military/201610131046311328-uss-ford-lcs-mabus/

            U.S. Navy’s Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs… https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-02/costliest-carrier-was-delivered-without-elevators-to-lift-bombs

            Repairs on the USS Gerald R. Ford engines and elevators to cost another $120 million… https://thenewsrep.com/103256/repairs-on-the-uss-gerald-r-ford-engines-and-elevators-to-cost-another-120-million/


            US Carrier Disabled By Russian Submarines… https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7c6_1427525241


            US Defence Budget $717 billion
            Russia Defence Budget $47 billion

            Both nuclear triad nations, but, Russia also has hypersonic weapons, in active service.


            11 Time Zone Russia, is ‘land force dominant’, so why would the nation which geographically, spreads over 2 continents, need to be reliant on her navy? Especially, when one little grey corvette, can strike 1,000 miles away and still hit target? Can the US say the same, when they sent 60 tomahawks to Syria, with 33 going AWOL, 1 getting stuck in the tube, with 26 arriving impotent, and causing minimal damage,as proven by the Syrian jets using the airport within hours.

            Russia ‘hits Islamic State in Syria from Caspian Sea’ – BBC News… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs_6ZuDkMbs&t=4s

            Don’t the Corvettes use Kalibr Missiles?

            Why Russia’s Enemies Fear the Kalibr Cruise Missile…

            ‘… On October 7, the Russian Gepard-class frigate Dagestan and three small Buyan-class corvettes sailing in the Caspian Sea unleashed a volley of twenty-six Kalibr cruise missiles from their Vertical Launch Systems. The nine-meter long missiles soared nine hundred miles over Iranian and Iraqi territory before slamming into targets into eleven targets in Syria, hitting a mix of ISIS fighters and Free Syrian Army rebels…’


          • BlueInGreen

            As of 2019 the Gerald R. Ford CVN-78 does seem to in active service according to wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Gerald_R._Ford

            However the implementations of the new technologies in the carrier are bound to bring issues, growing pains if you will. Don’t really see the issue here. New things come with problems that will eventually (maybe) get ironed out as the crew and engineers get acclimated with the ship and how it runs. It’s a shame the MIC/Pentagon commissioned yet another mega project with budget over runs but that is the nature of the beast here in the States.

          • AM Hants

            Wiki??????? Riddle me this, why can’t you cite Wiki in academic papers? Owing to being unreliable and easy to edit.

            Growing pains? Reminds me of the UK, back in 1859, when we were planning to invade the US, together with France. Only Russia, sent a fleet of their ships to anchor off the coast of the US, just in case Lincolne required assistance.

            The Government of the day ordered the HMS Warrior to be built, and she would be our ‘Flag Ship Deterrent’ of the time. She was launched in 1863 and decommissioned, just 20 years later, without seeing any action.

            In 1863 Russia sent a fleet to be anchored off the coast of the US, just in case Lincolne, required assistance. Warrior was no longer needed. Wonder if the USS Gerald Ford will be in full working order, before she finds herself decommissioned?

          • BlueInGreen

            I don’t think this ship will be decommissioned before it in “full working order”. That’s just a weird point in all honesty, it is a big project that is a cornerstone of Americas power projection strategy. We can sit here and bash on it all day but I doubt it will be decommissioned

            Your point on Wiki is true though, I try not to use it but it is what is most readily available. Yet the US Navy does seem keen to build more as per this article citing a contract to build more of the Ford class carriers.


            I guess one would logically assume that the US Navy has found the Gerald R. Ford to be viable and wants more of them in their fleet.

          • AM Hants

            Would not surprise me, they eventually fix all her problems, to find out they cannot afford her. Scrap or decommission.

          • Tommy Jensen

            US cars the most profitable this year.
            General Motors +15%
            Japanese cars +7%
            German cars +1 to +7%

          • AM Hants

            Whoopie do.

        • BlueInGreen

          Although the F-35 has been plagued with technical problems and large over inflated costs, the plane is indeed being phased into service slowly but surely.

          Now the real world efficacy of the F-35 is something that I can’t comment on since I sincerely don’t know whether or not the plane preforms up to the hype that surrounds it.

      • Tommy Jensen

        We are only asking for a couple of nukes, which Russia has plenty of. Thats all. The Kim solution………………………….LOL.

        • Harry Smith

          Tommy Jensen, are you ready to pay with your life and lives of your family for a possibility just to poke the insane American parrot? Do you understand it can start the ww3? American elites are in the very bad situation. The cost of their next move is much higher that the precedent one. But the price of staying still is the same price as the next move. They must find some cheap resources for their economy or it fails. And if it fails the chaos will cover all the world. It’s like stalemate in chess.

          • Tommy Jensen

            Sure. Because whatever you do the cost is the same. You are just dragging time.
            Iran, N. Korea, Vietnam and Cuba, showed the only defense is defense.

          • Harry Smith

            The cost is not the same. N. Korea has only dozen of missiles and it is not capable to destroy the all USA. In plus there is THAAD in the region that is capable to intercept Kim’s missiles. Let’s imagine Kim fired all his missiles and some of them hit the USA. There will be some huge casualties in USA, but it remains vital. And if USA will nuke back N. Korea there won’t be any serious consequences for the rest of the world.
            If the war starts between Russia and USA, that means the end of the world. Russia is capable to destroy all NATO countries several times, and USA has enough missiles to destroy Russia with China several times. It will be the big last END. So the price of try is too high.
            It’s like you are engaging the robber if you are alone or you engage him if you’re together with your wife and 3 little kids.

          • Tommy Jensen

            I have been in the situation with kids so I know what you mean. Its extremely frustrating. But you still have to hit back and show the weakness is on their side.
            Look at all the situations in nature with mother animals going berserk when some danger comes close.
            You must defend yourself and your house no matter what.
            Look at the situations where US were kicked out; Lebanon, Iran, Vietnam, N. Korea, Cuba, Crimea, Afghan. All because they showed quick firm constant defense.
            They try to exploit that time and force are on their side, but you can actually time them out if you are bad arse enough to be a pain in their arse 24/7 long enough.

      • Harry Smith

        To sink a brand new US aircraft carrier, 3 Kalibr missile are enough, so it is counted that to allow 3 Kalibr to hit the carrier with the 100% probability you need about 12 missiles to oversaturate the anti-air deference of a carrier strike group including 3 Kalibrs for big baby. The new Russian Varshavyanka sub has 24 Kalibrs. As you can see, the Russian paradigm of sea battles differ too much from US “force projection”. The one of the main task of the Russian navy is to destroy US carrier groups, while US navy main task is to show the mightiness of the Empire all over the world.
        The other question: does Russia really needs to engage the US carrier group to start ww3? We just have to wait a decade or maybe less for US state debt to sink the USA. We have other directions to spend our resources.

        • BlueInGreen

          I don’t think 3 kalibr missiles would be enough to sink a carrier. Russia has missiles designed specifically for killing carriers like the supersonic pj-10 Brahmos or Bastion coastal defense systems. The kalibr is for smaller form factor targets that aren’t made of high quality reinforced steel and are static, aircraft carriers have long range sensors when they’re linked with a battlegroup so they’ll know if missiles are incoming and will take evasive action. The modern carriers US fields can take quite a beating if WW2 is anything to go by. It takes a little bit of force for really damage or sink a aircraft carrier.

          Also, one doesn’t need to sink an aircraft carrier, destroying its ability to launch fighter aircraft would be sufficient enough to render it operationally useless.

          • Harry Smith

            Bastion is coastal missile. You mean Onyx (Yakhont). Those are supersonic heavy missiles and it’s enough only 1 missile to sink the carrier. There is also Zircon hypersonic missile and as it has very high speed it couldn’t be intercepted by any modern US anti air defense. And it is also enough only one missile even without explosives, because of it’s huge kinetic energy. But, the Kalibr missiles are flying in the group at low altitudes with 1 missile as target selector at high attitude so if this missile is destroyed, there is other missile elected for the targeting. I am saying about the most inexpensive way to sink the carrier group.

          • BlueInGreen

            P-800 Oniks which the Brahmos is based on doesn’t really make all that much of a difference. The Brahmos is based off the P-800. Zircon is deadly but the Bastion (K-300p) is also deadly and can take on carrier battle groups as well.

            I guess one could launch a ton of Kalibr CMs at a carrier and hope to sink it but that’s a job more tailored to specific weapons like the P-800, k-300P, P-270 Moskit, Zircon (this hypersonic missile is truly impressive) etc, etc…

            Ah, I stand corrected. The Kalibr can also be used in anti-ship missile operations.

          • Harry Smith

            Well, at the moment, only one Russian sub has Onyx, 2 more will be in service this year. While a lot of Russian subs have Kalibr. In fact, if we are talking about full destruction of CSG, it is a high possibility that a combination of this missiles will be used by a group of different classes of subs.

          • BlueInGreen

            That’s what I was thinking as far as a viable tactic goes for taking down a US carrier strike group. Using a diverse assortment of offensive weapons to overwhelm the strike group will cause some level damage.

            Personally, I never bought into the over hype surrounding the militaries of Israel and the US. There is always a way to destroy something, you just gotta figure it out. Currently it seems to be a numbers game between missiles and AD systems. How many interceptors you have and how many missiles are coming after you sort of things. But the latest Russian advancements in Hypersonic missile tech changes this status-quo entirely since, I believe, since there isn’t any weapon the US posses that can adequately counter-act a hypersonic missile.

          • Harry Smith

            All this tactics are described in open sources in Russian. A hypersonic missile can not be destroyed just because of little time AD has at the moment it detects the missile. It’s like “I saw it – I’m hit”. So the strike could be the simultaneous launch of different types of missiles when the more powerful and sophisticated missiles strike the key points of CSG’s AD and other missiles just sink the rest of defenseless warships.
            BTW, it should be funny for you, if you didn’t knew that. Kalibr is caliber in Russian. And it got the name because the missile has the caliber of standard Russian torpedo and every soviet or Russian torpedo launcher can fire it. Even old style subs and torpedo boats.

          • AM Hants

            Modern US Carrier can take quite a beating????? ROFL, as memories of USS Theodore Roosevelt, without electrical systems working, over in the Baltic Sea, so come to mind. That was just with Russia using non-tactile weapons.

            Then Bastion, again you provide the comedy factor, as I remember the USS Donald Cook, coming into range of Bastion, whilst least expecting it, just a couple of days before the Russian military jets flew down to say hello. How many sailors tried to resign, back in 2014, from the USS Donald Cook?

            Here is what happened, around 1 hour and 24 minutes.

            EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mw4Y9jRwCQ

            Then you have the USS John McCain and USS Fitzgerald and how they failed to acknowledge the merchant vessels, which took them out. What did the investigation find? What did they find, with regards not being able to use a pencil and compass and what did they find, with regards having no understanding of the control panel? How many lost their lives, in both of those accidents?

            Navy Releases Collision Report for USS Fitzgerald and USS John S McCain Collisions… https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=103130

            Didn’t they have some US sailors on board the Norwegian frigate, that was involved in the ‘antagonise Russia’ exercises, which ended up in the Norwegian Frigate getting written off?

            Russian military exercise: 300,000 Forces, 36,000 land force weapons and systems, including missile defence systems. 1,000 military jets, 84 ships and submarines. No loss of lives, systems, weapons or frigates, following exercise.

            NATO massive military, 30,000 Forces with far fewer weapons, systems etc, etc, etc, , then what Russia can assemble. 1 Frigate written off, plus, many casualties, owing to RTAs, before the exercise started.

            NATO’s massive Trident Juncture exercise is all about the SLOCs… https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/natos-massive-trident-juncture-exercise-is-all-about-the-slocs

            NATO: A Twenty-First Century Failure
            byRenee Parsons…

            ‘…NATO’s first ‘crisis management’ operation did not occur until 1995 in support of a UN Resolution with 5,000 peacekeeper troops from fifteen nations on the ground in Bosnia as NATO conducted air strikes against Serb artillery to protect civilians from further massacre and attacks on designated ‘safe areas’ in Sarajevo and elsewhere…’


            The start of the NATO addiction o regime change. What did SOS James Baker promise Gorbechev, back in 1989? Wasn’t it ‘we will not move an inch in Eastern Europe, if only you will dismantle the Warsaw Pact’. How many Eastern European nations are now members of NATO and how many more are in the pipleine to join, including Macedonia?

          • BlueInGreen

            To be fair my own research on the Donald Cook Black sea incident does bring articles saying that the it’s all a hoax by Russia, it could be real or fake, I don’t know personally. Conflicting reports will obviously differ from pro-Russia sources that say the ship was indeed “disabled”. I don’t take a side on this since I just don’t have enough information and quite frankly wasn’t there enlisted in the US navy assigned to the USS Donald Cook to verify whether or not this was what actually transpired. So in my view your point on the Donald Cook is mute. The ship could have engaged but didn’t, this is what the Navy is saying more or less. Or the ship really was completely disabled, which is kinda out there, how does one completely disable a ship electronically? Aren’t most surface ships still analogue?





            A US super carrier can still take a beating whether we or like it or not (It is in a group of ships with Naval aviation backing and submarines, it isn’t an easy task to take these down, even if you’re Russia, but note I’m saying it isn’t impossible). I argue that it’s a waste of resources to sink a carrier, better destroy its main function which is to launch fighter jets.




          • AM Hants

            However, Victoria Nuland complained, via the State Department, with regards Russia’s actions and the USS Donald Cook. Which does not fit in with the Soros funded SNOPES site narrative.

            Plus. the video on Crimea and how the USS Donald Cook was heading for Crimea (to try and kick the Russians out), explains a lot. Together with the fact it was classified information, just prior to being released, in time for the Documentary.

            The ship could not engage, owing to the non-tactile weapons taking her systems out.

            Russian Fighter Buzzes U.S. Destroyer in Black Sea… https://news.usni.org/2014/04/14/russian-fighter-buzzes-u-s-destroyer-black-sea

            ‘…The Fencer fly-by follows accusations from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov the U.S. had violated the so-called 1936 Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits…’


            Nuland meets Surkov to warn about imminent NATO attack… http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/01/nuland-meets-surkov-to-warn-about-imminent-nato-attack/

        • Tommy Jensen

          A traitor inside the aircraft carrier is the cheapest, smartest and most intelligent solution. Why? Because nobody would believe it!!
          The guy pull the plug while everybody are asleep. After a few hours the aircraft carrier is 1/3 filled with water and its too late. Bye bye baby, and you give the guy a medal. Its that easy!

          • Harry Smith

            The cheapest way is not to fight at all! Every man in this world wants very ordinary things. Day to day comfy and peaceful life shared with his family and friends. The troubles comes out when politicians open their mouths.

    • Uwe

      You are completely wrong. The US will immediately intervene only if jews are attacked or if there is a financial gain in military operation. I wonder what NATO really is if things get hot. I am almost sure is a paper alliance.

    • AM Hants

      LOL mirror transposition.. The US demands its allies or hostages to back them up when they wish to pillage another nations resources.

    • Tudor Miron

      How’s US doing in Crimea? Ukraine is their official ally. How’s it going for them in Syria? Don’t overestimate US and don’t forget that just 15 years ago Russia was in ruins and barely alive.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    I really hate this fat ugly bumbling slimy zionist piece of shit

    • Valerianus Maximus

      And to think he was the #1 graduate of West Point in 1986. Says a lot about the US Army, doesn’t it?

    • Tommy Jensen

      Bugs is part of mother earth.

  • Uwe

    Even Genghis Khan with a mongol army is now operating in Venezuela and help evil Maduro against democracy.

    • Valerianus Maximus

      No, nitwit, Ghengis Bolton is riding into Venezuela to impose “democracy” until the jews collectively have an orgasm and to steal Venezuela’s oil. Ghengis Bolton is an expert in all of those tasks, and his army is structured to deliver.

  • BMWA1

    More heartbreaking scenes of VZ refugees who the Great Altruist Pompeo strives to help (viewer discretion is advised in relation to these fearful scenes from the borders of the Maduro-Hezbolla dictatorship :


    • Tommy Jensen

      Love Russian media!!

  • Kilgore Trout

    Pompeo = chump change and is a POS

  • AM Hants

    Who is behind the ‘regime change’ programme in Venezuela?
    Who was behind the ‘regime change’ programme in Ukraine?
    Who was behind the ‘regime change’ programme in Syria?
    The list goes on.
    Who was behind the Skripals?
    Who are ‘spewing the spin’ on these programmes, whilst trying to blame Russia for everything?

    I do like this article, from Sputnik, with a few links as to who is who, where ‘Integrity Initiative, Skripal’s mentor and the ‘Belingcat stooge’ are concerned, including Wee Dan’s invoice, to Statecraft.

    How Integrity Initiative’s ‘Counterfeit Expert’ Perpetuated Novichok Narrative… https://sputniknews.com/world/201902071072221113-kaszeta-integrity-initiative-novichok/


    Invoice submitted to Integrity Initiative by Dan Kaszeta


    …”In addition to offering technical information on novichok to journalists — including then-Times Defence Editor Deborah Haynes, part of the Initiative’s UK Cluster — Kaszeta sought to rebut alternative explanations for the attack, and answer key questions such as why the Skripals didn’t die on the spot, and how novichok could poison two further people four months after the incident, writing a dedicated article on the former for politics.co.uk on 6 April. Conspicuously, much of this analysis relied on conjecture rather than science — for instance, when asked by NPR on 12 March 2018 why anyone would use “such an unusual agent”, Kaszeta responded “it was possible, given the historic secrecy around the programme, the culprit may have thought it would go undetected”…

    …Moreover, he doesn’t appear to have written a single word about novichok prior to his 8 March 2018 Bellingcat article — and his oft-touted chemical weapons and/or warfare prowess doesn’t appear justified by his professional or academic history either. Kaszeta’s work experience in that regard seems strictly limited to crisis response planning, and he holds a BA in political science and an MA in international affairs — but his LinkedIn profile nonetheless makes for fascinating reading…

    …’Counterfeit Expert’
    Kaszeta’s rise to media prominence is also somewhat curious. Prior to 2013, he was entirely unheard of in the mainstream — that would change when he began writing articles for Elliot Higgins’ ‘Brown Moses’ blog (the forerunner of Bellingcat) on 20 August that year, a day prior to the notorious chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, Syria. With Western leaders claiming Syrian government forces were behind the strike, but unable to provide supporting evidence, Kaszeta eagerly filled the void, being a frequent fixture of media reporting on the incident for months afterward…

    …Over the course of their discussion, Postol writes that Kaszeta made “numerous false science-based claims” which he’d “not researched before [he] made the statements”, referenced quotes “not made by the individuals [he] cited” and claimed scientific expertise he “amply demonstrated” he didn’t have…


    Pablo Miller

    …That Urban neglected to mention securing such a seismic, serendipitous scoop until four months after that fateful March day — a period in which discussion of the attack, and Skripal, utterly dominated media reporting the world over — is somewhat staggering, but not quite as astounding as him having once served in the same tank regiment as Pablo Miller, Skripal’s MI6 recruiter and handler, and neighbour in Salisbury.

    Serious questions hang over Miller’s involvement in the incident, not least because immediately afterward he deleted his LinkedIn, which revealed him to be a Senior Analyst at Orbis Intelligence, the private “investigative consultancy” run by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, author of the highly controversial ‘Trump-Russia’ dossier — which Integrity Initiative operatives worked to circulate among US politicians.

    Yulia Skripal during an interview in London, Wednesday May 23, 2018
    D-Notice, Parallels to Syrian War Raise Questions in Skripal Case
    Furthermore, on 7 March the UK government issued a D-notice related to the Salisbury incident, effectively blocking mention of Miller in the mainstream media since…

    Who Is Involved in Integrity Initiative


    Clusters Integrity Initiative

    Contact List, featuring Pablo Miller



  • Valerianus Maximus

    The lies that gush forth like a river of maggots from DC are tediously insulting.

  • Joe Kerr

    More proof that there’s no god, as the U.S. hasn’t been flushed down history’s sewer yet.

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲
  • John Whitehot

    when’s the last time hezbollah attacked the us mainland?

    • Tommy Jensen

      Classified, but they did it. And that was not the only thing they did.

  • Barba_Papa

    Sigh. Really, Mike? Really? How stupid do you think we are?

    Don’t answer that question, because the answer is blindingly obvious.

  • goingbrokes

    If Hezbollah can be in Venezuela (imagine that) then so can Daesh. Reading between the lines this appears to mean that the proxies to be used here are going to be the Daesh fighters relocated from Syria and Iraq with plenty of fresh recruits.
    We know that NATO allowed groups of AQ fighters to roam Bosnia to train them in killing Europeans during the Yugoslav war, so why not South Americans?
    If you take Pompeo’s word at face value, you’d have to think he is crazy. But this is more likely to be yet another public hint at what is being planned and what is going to happen…

    • Joe Kerr

      Well, the CIA has had extensive experience in running torture chambers in Iraq and now Yemen, so similar filth dredged up by the U.S. and its “values”can be expected to be dumped on Venezuela.

  • Tommy Jensen

    New poster seen: “GIVE MADURO A COUPLE OF ICBM NUKES”.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Pompeo and Bolton are outdated most stupid 1960 Pearl harbor rusty tools.Their want to infect new generation with arrogant old mentality. Just as their expired President there biblical goliath Donors Troop.

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA history is devide and rule.Make puppets and pretend as of their love them and destroy both puppets and Isolated peoples country.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Russia and all the other countries must put sanctions against all Trump administration plus Pentagon generals, Bolton and Pompeo.Do not let them in your country.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    The irony is, had Hezbollah been on the ground in Caracas, they could’ve probably thought up something more useful than this deer-in-the-headlights show the Maduro crew is currently putting on. Had Hezbollah been in Venezuela in force, Uncle Sam would think twice before messing with the place.

    And what does it say of the US if now they’re supposed to be scared of the long arm of–Lebanon?!

  • verner

    ask hezbollah if they have anything going in venezuela and the answer will be no no no way – fatso on the other hand lies through his teeth and being a habitual liar he just finds lies useful for the purpose. he probably has lied all his life, from cradle to todays secretary of state. what a creep but a creeep on his way to yet another snafu (see moronistan’s adventures in the middle east) so the larf will be on him. at least he gives american obesity a face.

  • Drogba

    Where are the men in white coats .?These lunatics need to be locked up ASAP.

  • rudy

    US Governmentals are living in a constant Military Disney adventure,for the benefit of theft from other country’s prefarebly the entyre country with oil, gold, minerals ! The use of Proxy’s is considered as helpfull retard a.holes is usefull wenn they started with it in 1949/50 south Korea against North Korea, wenn South Korea murdered at least 100.000 of own citizens while blamed to be communists !

  • Gregory Casey

    Pompous Pimpeo Rides Again : This man (apparently) attended Harvard but in what capacity? As some sort of vile Psycho-Social experiment? How is it possible for any one man to Lie so much? He’s far far worse than Trump who makes no pretence at telling the truth.