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Pompeo Calls S-300 Delivery To Syria “Serious Escalation”

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Pompeo Calls S-300 Delivery To Syria “Serious Escalation”

Illustrative image, By RT TV

On October 3, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters during a press conference that the delivery of S-300 long-range air defense systems to Syria is a “serious escalation,” according to the Jerusalem Post. Pompeo’s statement is the first official response from the U.S. on the matter.

A day earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that several S-300 systems were delivered to Syria along with other military equipment in order to insure the safety of Russian service members in the country. The decision to supply Syria with this advanced system was taken after the downing of the Russian Il-20 intelligence plane off Syrian coast last month.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel is not happy with the delivery of the S-300 systems to Syria. Lieberman even vowed that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will continue its operations in the war torn country while claiming that Israel has no other options.

In the worst-case scenario for Israel, the S-300 will not only limit the IAF’s operations in Syria, but will also pose a serious threat to the U.S. and its allies, if they attempt to strike Syrian government forces again.

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The story about the IL-20 stinks quite a bit… The Russians were not going to send the S-300 because of Israel. When the IL-20 was downed that gave them green light so I could not be sure how genuine that was. But anyway they want to send the S-300 for a long time now so the US should not be so surprised.


This is not escalation Pompeo, the S300 was supposed to be delivered in 2013, I would call escalation if Russia provided Syria Mig31, MiG 35, Suk 30 and 35, along with S400 and Buk M3 missiles along with mobile Tor and Pantsir missile launchers, and a few hundred modernized T72 B3 tanks.

Also if Russia deployed for itself the S500 system in Syria along with the Khinzhal hypersonic missiles and Iskander cruise missiles.


The escalation were from the Israeli sides if there’s one to speak that which resulting in 15 Russian service members killed. Israel should live with it. You’re really not considered trying to be neutral if you’re firing from someone back counting that your target don’t fire back because you have a hostages.


IAF always try to push the envelop and see what it can get away with, it is always provocation and escalation taken a notch higher, I think Russia is ready to take take IAF a few notches down and bring some humility to the IAF.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The US, its slave states and Israel better keep put of Syria in order to avoid escalation, or their butts will be kicked by the S-300s.
These gangsters do not have a God-given right to invade Syria.


US and Co that attacking Syria and illegally living there in Syria is not an ascalation. LOL

Peter Moy

Disregard what this hypocrite, obese, overfed, two-legged land whale has to say. The situation on the ground is clear: the US/Zionist/Saudi/UAE/NATO lapdogs supported murder groups are losing and the Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah alliance is winning. Next stop for this 200 kilogram beast is North Korea for some more atmosphere damaging toxic oral emissions.


The war is at a critical juncture and efforts are being made to solidify the partition of Syria. Putin is reported to have called off any military action in Idlib today for the foreseeable future. The first phase of the DMZ agreement is scheduled for implementation by October 15th. Which is the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the worst terrorists from the DMZ. If the entire DMZ is in occupied Idlib, and not partly in government held territory. Then 1/3rd of occupied Idlib will be cleared of the biggest part of the problem and partially occupied by the Syrian government coalition. If it isn’t implemented, then that’s a problem.

I wrote back during the Dier Ezzor offensive a year ago that upgrading Syria’s air defense capability and extending it over all of Syria was key to facilitating a US withdrawal from Syria and preventing partition and Kurdish Israelistan from forming. It doesn’t look like the Turks are going to allow an autonomous Kurdish state on their border. But there is a risk that they’l support partition under joint Turkish US occupation. And even that would be a big win for the evil Jews who would love to see Syria chopped up into pieces. Followed by Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Russia, and China. To advance their Jew world order hegemony and global enslavement project.

If the air defense upgrades are sufficient to stop Israeli attacks. Then they’l be sufficient to prevent US attacks on Syrian government coalition forces advancing in the NE and on the Jordan border. So it will be interesting to see if the baby rapers back off or not.


“Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the idea to establish a demilitarized zone in Syria’s Idlib arose during his recent talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Russian leader confirmed that both Russia and Turkey are fulfilling their commitments.

“We are working together with our Turkish partners. We see that they are treating these agreements very seriously, fulfilling their commitments, freeing or at least facilitating the process when militants from different radical groups are leaving this zone and when heavy weaponry is withdrawn,” Putin said at a press conference after Russian-Austrian talks. “We are doing our part of the job. We will continue our joint efforts,” he added.”

– Russia and Turkey fulfilling their agreement on Idlib – Putin –


AM Hants

The good thing is Turkey is a Nato member. So by having Turkey, dealing with Idlib, plus, getting the blame, if it goes against Syria, they keep the US out of trying to control the area. Interesting, how complex it gets.


The objective is to move the front lines forward and avoid damaging Syrian government coalition military capabilities which can be used elsewhere. If the DMZ agreement does that, then degrading partition is accomplished. If the Turks are unwilling or unable to deliver on their end of the deal. Then the Syrian government coalition is justified in neutralizing the Idlib regime change terrorist threat themselves in the eyes of the world. And all of the NATO bluster about civilians will be largely neutralized by the Turks inability to solve the problem of the Frankenstein monster that they were instrumental in creating in the first place.


This article is another confirmation that the entirety of the DMZ is in terrorist occupied Idlib. And that the Turks are having some success in implementing it:

“the Turkey-backed Failaq al-Sham militant outfit was the first to abide by the terms of the accord. …

the US-backed Jaysh al-Izza faction rejected the deal, saying that the zone would only encompass territory currently controlled by anti-Damascus militants. …

members of Takfiri Jabhat Fateh al-Sham militant group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, have reportedly agreed to withdraw from the zone under pressure from the Turkish intelligence service.

Syria’s pro-government al-Watan daily newspaper reported that Turkish intelligence agents have held several meetings with the leaders of the terror outfit,”

– Russian president: No large-scale military action needed in Syria’s Idlib –



I want to wait a while, to reflect with proper perspective on the issue. I think the deployment is changing, what I would consider upper level dynamics. The IAF and US coalition air assets will not be able to just do what they want anymore. The Iranians launching what is looking like a successful missile attacks on IS in Syria and Kurds in Iraq, is also throwing a serious curve into the equation that nobody expected.

I view the threat to hit Syria over Idlib as a BS show by the US and Co.. President Trump is on shakey ground and having a disaster in Idlib or Syria proper is not something he can sustain now. He has run his mouth so much, that his support is being eroded. Besides, all the talk about staying in Syria ‘forever’ has made him just another liar. Everybody gets the ‘Donald’ now.

For me, let’s see how this pans out in 3 to 6 months. I wish well to all.


Utmost reality what u said. Equation been changed from now on.

Tommy Jensen

These S-300 will be pointing at USA on its own soil in E-Syria, jeopardising innocent American families and US interests and security.
A clear escalation of International tensions, a self-hating Jew action and an anti-semitic aggression.


US interests are getting out of Syria so that no Americans are jeopardized there. Palestinians are Semites, as are Syrians. AshkeNAZIs are European Jew pedophile mass rape cultists who need to go extinct along with the rest of the Jews.

Luke Hemmming

Aww where is my handkerchief I feel a tear welling in my eye…OH WAIT! nah the feeling has past. Really who gives a rat’s arse about the US’s interests. The US DOESN’T give a dam about anyone else’s so why should we? Besides the US wasn’t even invited to fight in Syria, they just gate crashed the party. Karma is a bitch hey? Lol go suck a lemon.


“These S-300 will be pointing at USA on its own soil in E-Syria”, your innocent Americans are on Syrian Soil, are there illegally, so not innocent, but rather there with criminal intent..

Semper Saratoga

mmmmh..i think he was being sarcastic….

Luke Hemmming

Mr Jensen is a known Hasbara troll on these forums. Go read some of his other comments then you will know him a bit better. Cheers.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

nobody gives a SHIT what u say pompeo!!!! LOL!!!!


Indeed, finally, Russia takes is seriously… and it is an escalation by a few metres in order to load them on a means of transportation.


Pompeo the pompous, a man who leads with his stomach.



Lena Jones

The existence of israel itself is the mother of all “escalations”!

Lena Jones

Israel pays him in kosher meatballs.


Pompeo just joking


Its always a serious escalation for a nation to defend itself from Israeil aggression!!


The tone is something like, “We’re the Indispensible Nation! How dare you install air defences to stop us from launching airstrikes against you!”

A no-fly zone in Western Syria is a welcome move. Maybe now Israel will think twice before launching missiles against Syria even if it is from within Israeli airspace.


Fat dullard Pompeo must have no read the memo. The S300 is a defensive system.


Yet the USA has a no fly zone of their own in northern syria! this is just the usual anti-russian rhetoric!


Actually, the US military invading and occupying north-east and south-east Syria, who present no military threat to the US, was the serious escalation.

chris chuba

Why because it interferes with Israel’s de-escalation schedule of bombing Syria on a weekly basis?

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