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Political West Using Ukraine To Probe, Discredit Russian Military

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Political West Using Ukraine To Probe, Discredit Russian Military

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The political West wants to discredit the Russian military and secure long-term financing for the Kiev regime.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

After Moscow was forced to intervene in Ukraine and launch its counteroffensive against NATO aggression, the political West got an unprecedented opportunity to probe the Russian military, test and observe its capabilities. All of this provides invaluable insight into the doctrine of the Eurasian giant’s armed forces, which would help NATO optimize its military power to match Russian capabilities. Naturally, this is nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to any other conflict in known history. However, both sides are working on misleading the other by either concealing their actual military strategy and doctrine or providing false information which could give them both tactical and strategic advantages in the future.

For its part, NATO is providing the Kiev regime with unprecedented ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) capabilities, which has been of prime importance for its forces. Without them, the Neo-Nazi junta troops would’ve had a much harder time against the Russian military. What’s more, NATO expected Russia to play all its cards (short of direct confrontation with the belligerent alliance) in tackling this issue, particularly by using its extensive experience and capabilities in electronic warfare. In doing so, Moscow would’ve gotten several months of key advantages over the Kiev regime forces, but it would also provide NATO with crucial data on how this spectrum of its battlefield capabilities worked. This would then be used by the belligerent alliance to gain an important insight and create counters, possibly tipping the strategic balance of power to its advantage.

It’s precisely this scenario that Russia is trying to avoid, which is why it decided to show only a fraction of its capabilities. This is certainly affecting the performance of the Russian military, but since the High Command sees the intervention against the Kiev regime forces as a local operation, this is considered a fair trade-off. Simply, letting NATO gain too much knowledge of the Russian military strategy and doctrine would be a much bigger problem in the long-term. What’s more, NATO’s overreliance on its ISR advantage might as well create a false sense of security and push its military planners into thinking that Russia doesn’t have counters to these capabilities. However, in a possible confrontation, Russia would certainly destroy much of NATO’s ISR assets, leaving the belligerent alliance with much less battlefield information to work with than it currently has access to.

Still, the present situation is providing NATO with a better opportunity to hurt Russia than engaging in a direct clash ever could. Apart from using the Kiev regime forces as cannon fodder, the political West is also conducting a full-spectrum war against Moscow, involving economic and financial sanctions, incessant information warfare, cyber operations, etc. The aim is to make Russia’s life as hard as it could possibly be, with hopes of eventually turning it into a giant North Korea. The end goal is clear – a coup which would bring a more “cooperative” government to power in Moscow. And this prospect isn’t even in the realm of conspiracy theories anymore as several high-ranking US officials said so themselves, including the US President Joe Biden.

At present, the Ukraine crisis is slowly entering a new phase. While the mainstream propaganda machine is portraying the Kiev regime forces as “making spectacular advances, liberating many towns and villages, and forcing Russian forces to retreat,” the political West is trying to bring the Kiev regime to the negotiating table and buy some more time before the winter season gets worse, giving Russia a significant strategic advantage as the European Union struggles with energy prices and supplies. By maintaining the image of Neo-Nazi junta troops supposedly “winning” against the Russian military, the political West is trying to convince its populace that financing the Kiev regime is justified, despite the economic and financial fallout. For its part, Brussels is doing everything it can to reduce gas consumption as it can neither afford additional US LNG shipments, nor does it have the necessary storage capacity. The alternative – buying more Russian natural gas – is considered “geopolitically sensitive”.

In addition to conducting the economic siege of Russia, the political West also needs to find ways to continue supporting the ever-cash-hungry Kiev regime. The fallout of these policies has been affecting Western and other global economies for months, resulting in ever-growing unrest and frustration among hundreds of millions around the world, particularly in the EU, whose member states are now bearing the brunt of the suicidal anti-Russian policies. The detached policymakers in the political West think that this strategy is working, while ignoring the consequences for their own citizens. Dissent is being suppressed by accusing anyone who questions these policies of being “pro-Russian”. Worse yet, refusing to openly support the Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev is now a mortal sin, regardless if the person in question is a public figure or a regular citizen.


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The Russian military should be discredited, it is a pile of crap that can’t complete basic tasks. The Kremlin is even worse.


Relax. Don’t go with a such firm standing, both Ukraine and NATO will be defeated and humiliated. Get yourself a beer and enjoy as you still can. You will not be able to so soon.


Is this guy who answered you real, or is it a bot? If he’s a real guy he has a serious personality disorder, and needs to find a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Though something tells me it’s already too late.


Notice how the massive repetitive spamming started simultaneously by joe9211 and kozlan, and how it visually is of the same style. This mental case has plenty of sock puppets. Yes, childish, because he can’t emotionally mature past the point when, as a small child, the family dog raped him anally, and his mother just stood by and laughed, then patted the dog and gave it a treat.


“All of this provides invaluable insight into the doctrine of the Eurasian giant’s armed forces, which would help NATO optimize its military power to match Russian capabilities.”

Whoever wrote this piece of shit I want to know what does he smoke. I would like some.

NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

Jesus Christ majority of Ukrainian supporters are fking idiots. This is all part of the big boys plan you sheep wouldnt never understand it. They are behind door negotiating. The West to Putin: Hey Putin you are making us look bad here, we can start negotiating when you move your troops out and pretends Ukrainian is winning the war so we can save face to the world. It’s a win for you and win for us, in return you guys keep Donbas, Luhansk and Crimea, and we can all go back to business. Did you really think Ukrainian army could stand up against Russia 300,000 troops, if they wanted to, they would have reduced Kyiv to rubble within a day with missiles. Kyiv shit their pants when Russian finally started sending drones into the capital without water and electricity and that was just a warning attack if Zelensky won’t back down on attacking Russia’s territory.

Last edited 2 months ago by NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

I believe that clearly there is a direct confrontation coming between Nato and Russia. It has been in the works for over two decades, all the wars since Iraq have been leading there, for the USA hegemon to eliminate their only real competitor, that is Russia.

So what is Russia really doing right now? why drag on the SMO, why show weakness, why whithdraw? many people seem to think that Putin is weak, or the Russian army incompetent, but this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, since a large war is coming, the best way to weaken NATO is by goading them to send all of their weapon stocks to the incompetent Ukrainian army…. 70% gets lost on the way, probably a lot of it captured or purchased for pennies on the dollar by Russian proxies. And what gets on the battlefield is used by people who have relatively poor training with these devices, thus wasting valuable high-tech weapons that will take years to rebuild.

If Russia had gone for a rapid win, the NATO would have entered escalation already to go and confront Russia directly and these same weapons and munitions would be used much more efficiently.

In addition, the longer the SMO lasts, the longer the self-hurting sanctions continue, meaning a rapid destruction of European economic power, creating political divisions all through the western world, and starting an inner fracturing of the EU and NATO.

EU and NATO would be all too happy to find a moral justification to put boots on the ground, a massive war would allow the dying west to clean house through a “temporary” totalitarian approach and reboot their industry while reducing aging populations and hoping for an ensuing baby boom. But how could they justify this when the MSM is claiming that Russia is loosing? By appearing to loose and be weak, Russia is putting NATO in a difficult situation where it has to continue self defeating practices of depleting weapons stocks and destroying EU’s economy in order to avoid loosing face. Had they properly assessed Russia’s strategy, they would have avoided helping Ukraine and focus on another way to start a war with Russia with whatever false flag they could find :)

The window for the USA to maintain its world domination is closing. With China taking over the world economy and surpassing the USA, its only a matter of time before they loose their footing, a few years at most. So now is the time for them to capitalise on their military superiority and use their military might to send back a portion of the now rising world to the stone age. THey want to find a way to engage in WW3 while appearing to be moral heroes, otherwise the population will not follow. If it was not for this need, they would already have started the war. Indeed WW3 has already started with the SMO but Putin and his military are so very bright that they found a way to significantly weaken NATO prior to the final showdown. This might help avoid partial or total nuclear war, as the Russia-China alliance do not aim to conquer the world, when the NATO is defeated they will negociate peace before the NATO feels the need to preserve their existence with the use of Nukes. After these troubling times we can look forward to a time of peace where the USA and EU will still be alive and well, but back in their places as regional powers!!

God has a plan, lets keep faith, things will work out, we have excellent world leaders leading Russia and China and even as a citizen of a NATO country I just cannot wait for the unilateral hegemony of the USA supported by NATO is ancient history. We can have a world at peace but not with a single nation at the helm forcing everyone into their ways.


It is not necessary to beat the Anglo Saxon empire. The rest of the world need only survive until the rotted out empire has imploded on itself, just like Rome did.



Nazi Jews/Ukrainians/Indians

Kiev/Israel/India must be squashed like maggots

Edgar Zetar

The truth is Russian disappointed everyone on the Military field, even USA wanted to skirmish sometimes against a big tough guy to test their capabilities. Russia are fighting the Masters of the Universe, they are not some filthy hobo guy without strength, they are the Best of the Best and even defeated the Russian Father, the URSS… So Russia in not concealing, maybe hiding some secondary weapon systems, but you only win territory in the Battle with true Power and the Army controlling Land (Satellites and Space Intelligence, IA are here so you cannot fake tanks, ships, or fighter years like Cold War, or misleading the enemy with HUMINT and double agents in Europe)… Putin spoke loud before Ukraine Special Ops but the true they Russian Army lack Strategy even on how you start a Campaign in February, and you cannot play against the Masters of the Universe. Russia should stop playing deadly games, correct their system of Government now and improved fast the corrupt bureaucracy in Moscow, it seems Russia is very corrupt and wanted to change the course of Humanity being like they are now, they only will manage to yield again and lay down one more time the head against USA / UK… according to Russia Army success rate that cannot take out a country like Ukraine and wanted to fight the Masters of the Universe USA… Even Japan would give a shot if see Russian Army is so weak (and Russia is not a Naval Power so those islands in the far east could easily be taken by Japan).

Last edited 2 months ago by Edgar Zetar

Funny way to win a war- retreat after retreat after retreat. Perhaps the goal is to have the Ukrainians exhaust themselves from laughing at how such a mighty Russian army so easily retreats. When will Russia actually allow its forces to fight ( or is this really the best it can do?)

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