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Political Crisis In Armenia And Pashinyan’s Resistance To Resignation Demands

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A deep political crisis has been developing in Armenia amid the loss of the war with Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and the following Russia-sponsored ceasefire agreement that rescued from the total defeat, including the retreat from the city of Stepanakert and the recent of the region.

On November 9, hundreds of protesters stormed the government building the Armenian capital of Yerevan briefly capturing the cabinet of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the Parliament. Despite attempts of the Armenian government, first of all Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, to lay blame for the painful setbacks in Nagorno-Karabakh on somebody else, people and the opposition demand the resignation of Pashinyan.

Arayik Harutyunyan, the President of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, addressed the nation on November 10 acknowledging the military defeat. In the statement Harutyunyan said that the ceasefire deal prevented a total loss of Nagorno-Karabakh, which would have happened in a matter of days if the war continues. He said that Armenian forces were exhausted by a Covid-19 outbreak and more than 40 days of fighting as well as they were fighting an overwhelming force. Turkish drones, and mercenaries from the Middle East fighting for Azerbaijan, allegedly turned the tide of the war.

At the same time, the current political crisis and the demand of Pashinyan resignation are a logical development in the current conditions. Since the very start of the war, the immediate resignation of Pashinyan and reversal of his anti-Russian policies were the key condition for the survival of Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh. However, this did not happen. Even after the Russian move to rescue the remaining Armenians by forcing the sides to accept the ceasefire did not led to this. Instead, juridical Pashinyan remains the prime minister of the country.

Even more questions to the posture of the Armenian leadership raise from the battle of Shusha. The key Armenian stronghold was left almost without fighting. The video released by Azerbaijan from the town shows that buildings suffered very little damage and there were no indications of street clashes. The speed with which light Azerbaijani infantry seized the town is surprising.

These could be explained by two factors: A) The total demoralization of Armenian forces. B) The treason because even it is hard to expect that such a strong and important fortified point could be left without a fighting even in the conditions close to the panic. It is possible that Pashinyan intentionally ordered to surrender the town. The prospects of the Armenian state under such a wise leadership can hardly be bright.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Looser…Sing Joanna now..:)))

Well Jo’anna she runs a country
She runs in Durban and the Transvaal
She makes a few of her people happy, oh
She don’t care about the rest at all
She’s got a system they call apartheid
It keeps a brother in a subjection
But maybe pressure can make Jo’anna see
How everybody could a live as one….


thanks to RichardD he is sometimes useful lol…he provided me a link to disprove my points about the agreement but conversely he proved them…kremlin official website and documents…
article 2 says ”The Agdam District shall be returned to the Republic of Azerbaijan by November 20, 2020..”…and article 6 says ”The Republic of Armenia shall return the Kalbajar District to the Republic of Azerbaijan by November 15, 2020, and the Lachin District by December 1, 2020.”

Harry Smith

Come on Servet. Real man must be a man in both winning and loosing. Mock the losers is not for the strong ones.

Servet Köseoğlu

Thats true bro..but as a Turk ı may be the most silent account during the war…but ok ı will give my best to not mock again…


and always think that you can find yourself in this position.

Servet Köseoğlu

owwww… how touchy..ı will almost cry…


Is that why we flooded here ??? xa xa

Servet Köseoğlu

note that ı am mocking with president of Armenia who betrayed to his own people..ı dont like to mock with Armenian people and soldiers etc..though agree in this case mocking is unnecessary considering armenian accounts here..Take my post exceptional…Ps:ıf we find ourselves in same-position ı am sure that Greeks will launch Rocket to moon..:)))


In any case, there are Greek temples on the Moon. When the ancient writer Lucian wrote about the great war that took place on the Moon … the Turks did not exist as a people. Then they were genetically created. On the Moon no one goes to the DARK SIDE.

Harry Smith

These could be explained by two factors: A) The total demoralization of Armenian forces. B) The treason

Does SF understand that such kind of ceasefire can’t be negotiated in couple of hour? At my point the ceasefire agreement was negotiating weeks before. At the moment Azeris closed the supply route it was clear that Shusha will fall in next couple of days. So Shusha could be part of the agreement conditions as well.

Антон С

Run, Lola Pashinyan, run! Putin removed Soros’ nest in Yerevan by Aliev’s hands.

Jihadi Colin

Let me repeat what I said on Moon Of Alabama:

“…Russia and Iran finally decided that enough was enough and that

1. Azerbaijan had achieved the minimum that it could project as a total victory (Aliev had announced that without Shusha Azeri war goals would not be met) and

2. Any further Armenian routs would mean an unacceptable level of Ottoman influence over the area.

Overall the result was total defeat for Armenia; it loses not only all the territory captured by Azerbaijan but also all the territory not captured by Azerbaijan but which it has occupied outside Nagorno Karabakh since 1994. Overall its occupation shrinks to a quarter or less of what it held a month and a half ago. And it also has to surrender a corridor through its own internationally recognised territory to Nakhichevan, which it would not have had to if it had negotiated a compromise solution when it still could…

…What happens in Yerevan now will be interesting to watch. If the Pashinyan regime survives, it will only do so by shifting the blame for the defeat to Russia. One assumes therefore that Russia won’t be that invested in Pashinyan remaining in power, and won’t do anything to protect him. So it comes down to whether the security forces in Armenia remain loyal. Armenians from the start of this war were fed delusional propaganda about victories, and until the final surrender were still under the impression that they not only held Shusha but even Hadrut and Fuzuli, which were taken by Azerbaijan weeks ago. The utter (and predictable) collapse of the lies is what provoked the reaction. Pashinyan obviously does not regret lying or else he would have resigned. Whether the security forces forgive his lies, and how long the protests last, will determine his survival in office.”

Mark M. Nobelman

What are you talking about with Turkish influence. They have defense treaty with Azerbaijan and part of the peacekeeping process. Turkey has already had presence in Azerbaijan. Any attack on proper Azerbaijan is an attack on Turkey.

They have routed already enough and surrendered

Jihadi Colin

Who’s attacking proper Azerbaijan now? The Armenians were so badly crushed that they couldn’t even stave off defeat in Nagorno Karabakh any longer, let alone attack Azerbaijan.


Overall the result is total defeat for Russia, as far as any love for it goes, of Armenia, and also Georgia, Ukraine, and Belarus, none of whom will be looking to Russia as any sort of friend or protector henceforth, ever, other than Lukashenko whose days are numbered anyway.

Jihadi Colin

Lukashenko’s days are anything but numbered. He defeated the colour revolution before Russia make any belated moves to help. He’s a far tougher character than the KGB veteran Putin, as well as having genuine popular support.

The rest of the lot you mentioned were long since lost to Russia anyway, including the Armenians. Though at this point what Armenia wants is less than immaterial. That have to jump when Russia whistles whether they like it or not, otherwise Azeri tanks will be through Stepanakert and at Lachin within the week.


His days are certainly numbered ffs, every ruler’s are, and he is under more pressure than many. The youth especially are tired of him and his politics.

As for the rest being lost, there is a difference in being partly lost, and fully lost. Now it’s the latter. Armenia does not ‘have to jump when Russia whistles’, Artsakh is as good as gone, and not worth the price Russia demands for preservation of the remnant of. Sovereign Armenia can now look elsewhere for real, freed of the anchor of what Russia tried to use as a trap in true bandit fashion.

Jihadi Colin

It’s not going to look anywhere. It has nothing to offer anybody. Given the choice between it and Azerbaijan, even though the latter’s a family owned kleptocracy in many ways, Baku is the one everyone wants to court.

By the way my Iranian (ex Baseej veteran of the Iran Iraq War) friend tells me Iran sent military advisors to Armenia now. So it’s either Russia or Iran or both.

cechas vodobenikov

total defeat armenia—fixed
Georgia—LOL; lost Abkhazia, s Ossetia…incompetent, corrupt like armenia, Ukraine


Laugh now fool, the last laugh will be on you, when all those I mentioned fully align with the West, and cut their losses with bandit RuSSia, which itself crumbles in the end.

Антон С

It’s hohol, don’t waste your time. Better to discuss with a robot or a wall instead hohols.

John Brown

Here is what is happening in the brilliant Russia, Chinese, Iran move.

You will soon see Turkey pull out of Idlib as part of
this deal as they can now save face with the defeat of Zio Soros Armenia.

The Soros Armenian leaders will now be purged and sent
back to the JSSA.

Turkey Syria Russia Iran, Iraq and China will now all
jointly attack the kurds and kick the USSA out of Syria and Iraq.
China is to invest massively in Turkey like Iran to save
their economy and country as well as Syria and Iraq. a Middle East martial plan. Another huge defeat for the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship.

Azer got all they wanted. They will rule over all of NK
with a bit of autonomy for a small part of the NK region.

Now Azer and Armenia will be bound to the EEU, Russia,
China, Iran etc.,

through the silk road trade routes and economy. These
economies will soon be many times larger the those of the collapsing racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship combined the JSSA and the JU.

All Armenians should be thankful for Russia stepping in
to save Yerevan and all those fleeing Armenian civilians and panicked
soldiers retreating from NK!!

Pashinyan and the rest of the anti-Russian Soros coup leaders would not send 1 Armenian regular soldier to try to help them escape from NK to Yerevan.

Since the start of November, the Turksih military has
started reducing the number of its military positions and observation posts in Syria’s Greater Idlib:

As of November 10, Turkey stared evacuating its Sheikh
Aqil observation post;

As of November 9, Turkey stared evacuating its Qabtan
al-Jabal military post;

As of November 7, Turkey stared evacuating its Maar
Hattat military post;

As of November 4, Turkey stared evacuating its Sher
Mughar observation post;

As of November 3, Turkey evacuated its Morek
observation post.

Israel is an expendable ally to Azer like the Nazis were
an expendable ally of Israel. Any ally of Israel is expendable by Israel. Now Israel is the one dropped like a used piece of chewing gum.

Azer will make a lot of money with China, Russia, Iran and Turkey as allies, many times the amount of money they can make with Israel,
so good bye Israel.

In this century slaves of racist Jews and any one who wants to do business with Israel will lose massive amounts of money go bankrupt
etc., so they won’t do business with Israel as everyone is in business to make money not to lose it.

Its all about the Chines Yuan and making lots of them as
the Zio dollar collapses.

No Zio dollar means no Israel and the end of the racist
supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship.

Jihadi Colin

Everyone has had enough of the Kurds but they’re going to stay under the Amerikastani Empire’s protection under either Trump or Biden, both to steal Syrian oil and to stop Syria and Russia from liberating all of Syria.

Антон С

“Azerbaijan had achieved the minimum that it could project as a total victory”
I said before that AZ will take 1/3 of Karabah, but they will take another third after completing peaceful agreement. It’s all 7 regions lost in 1990’s. So not total, but decisive victory.

“If the Pashinyan regime survives”
It won’t. Pashinyan named as traitor, the head of the parliament (from Pashinyan’s party) is beaten. Bodyguards were not able to stop beating. People and political parties want new elections. This situation could turn in more radical side, if combatants (militia) from Karabah will come to Yerevan. No one would dare to stop them.


Putin’s color revolution. After all, it is a game that can be played by two. I see that Radio Soros Europe is melting.

The hasbarahs cry and rage.


Антон С

“I see that Radio Soros Europe is melting.”

I don’t watch this trash. There was a time 15 years ago when it was interesting to read translations of russophobe western MSM. Since then I know many names of journal-whores and almost all their techniques of brainwashing. I stopped reading this trash after 5 years, because was desperate to read something new. One and the same all the time.


Yeah, but reading that the HQ of Radio Liberty in Yerevan has been devastated ….without price! :D

Jihadi Colin

I’ll note that Armeniganda online is already busy blaming Russia for this debacle.

Doom Sternz

Russia is not blame, The Armenian people voted to open the door to the rules based order. Pashinyan has sold Armenia out, that is what neo liberals do.

Jihadi Colin

The Armeniganda is the last thing to admit that.

Concrete Mike

Finally this madness ends.

Let this be a lesson, globalists wont defend you, they are the ennemy within, and they wont stop until we all comply!

People of Turkey, you are next. You have been warned


Next to what? New coup?


What is the point of getting Pashinyan resign? People understand that the decision will not be reversed, they understand that this agreement was made by Russian pressure. By getting rid of Pashinyan, Armenia will not change anything on this agreement, but also will go back to the same exact situation that made them bring Pashinyan to power.


Ataturk-Hitler-Stalin – Who remembers the Armenians?

Erdogan-NAZIO-RuSSia – Who remembers Artsakh?

God-Justice-Truth – We do, and we won’t forget those who betrayed, crucified, and genocided the Armenians, ever, the First Christian Nation.


Also, why the he’ll didn’t he get the Armenian military more heavily involved instead of largely leaving it to poorly trained NK militia? Not once did they use their Iskander ballistic missiles or Su-30s, it’s like he was trying to lose.

Doom Sternz

The Armenia people voted to open the door to the rules based order. Pashinyan will sell Armenia out, that is what neo liberals do. Armenians let their country be taken over by the rules based order, they voted for the devil and now have lost the soul of the country.

Bye Bye Armenia, you didn’t even fire a shot. Dumbarse doesn’t even begin to describe you.

Remember the war in South Ossetia…….same modus operandi, Saakashvili sold Georgia out, that is what neo liberals do. Georgia and the breakaway republics needed to be subjugated first. The rules based order signed off on that attack too so that NATO could occupy Georgia.

Remember the war in the Donbass……same modus operandi, Yatsenyuk/Poroshenko sold Ukraine out, that is what neo liberals do. Ukraine and the breakaway republics needed to be subjugated first. The rules based order signed off on that attack too so that NATO could occupy Ukraine.


You may be right. But hopefully Armenia overthrows this Soros-backed twit.


The Azeri threat of nuclear terror against Metsamor, or full Turkish intervention? Russian unwillingness to back any Armenian state involvement, the pro-Turk ‘fix’ being in?

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