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Polish Government Censors Free Media

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Polish Government Censors Free Media

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They want to silence the independent media? Then let’s shout it out to the whole world! Polish government censors free media.

Independent freedom portal WolneMedia.net from Poland was censored preventively contrary to Article 54 of the Polish Constitution. The pro-Ukrainian government does not allow criticism of the Ukrainian propaganda and the government’s policy. After 15 years of activity for freedom of speech, the owner of the portal encountered brutal censorship by the state security police. He has not received a decision on censorship or information on how to appeal. The Polish law does not allow for an appeal. The secret list of censored sites is growing. Sites in the .pl domain are disabled, and portals with international domains are blocked by Polish telecoms in DNS. They can be read from abroad, via VPN, Tor, proxy gateways or by changing the Polish DNS to a foreign one. Ordinary people do not know about this. The blocked sites criticised the one-sided information of the mainstream media. The Polish Government wants to have a monopoly on information and blocks anyone who does not spread its propaganda under the pretext of endangering the state. Here is a statement from the portal’s owner. Read, copy and distribute! Let the whole world know!


I feel like a tiny fruit fly that the totalitarian state wants to shoot with an anti-aircraft gun!

Preventive censorship of the WolneMedia.net portal by the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) followed the publication of a 2019 video by the Sejm Investigative Team for State Security, in which Central Anticorruption Bureau agent Wojciech Janik testified: “This is information from several sources that these tapes do indeed exist, that people were recorded and that they were used for blackmail. However, further findings connected with the case said that backups, i.e. additional copies of the tapes were taken to a safe place in Ukrainian territory”. LINK

What was on those tapes that politicians are so scared of? Sex with a hippopotamus? If they got blackmailed – ABW should take them to court instead of defending them from the jug! Is the promotion of a Polish-Ukrainian union in the media to mask a secret capitulation? Has Poland become a colony of Ukraine? The Polish parliament displays the flag of Ukraine in the place of the host country and the Polish flag in the place of a guest. Some offices have swapped the flags of Poland for those of Ukraine. This confirms the suspicions.

Officially, there is no war in Poland, so my portal does not threaten state security. What is it supposed to do? Because it publicises Ukraine’s fakery? It publicises Russia’s as well! The portal publishes news from all over the world. Why should it make an exception for Russian ones? Uncomfortable content for Ukraine is preceded by warnings – “Attention, Russian propaganda”.

My portal is on the side of Poland and Poles (but not of the government), ordinary people and not corporations, banksters and “elites”. It is not a propaganda tube for Russia, Ukraine or any other. I take my readers seriously – I want them to think and draw their own conclusions. There is some content on my website with which I do not agree. Why? Because its mission entails the freedom of speech and to create a place where the leftist can convince the rightist and the rightist can convince the leftist.

My portal is on the side of Poland and Poles (but not the government), ordinary people and not corporations, banksters and “elites”. It is not a propaganda tube for Russia, Ukraine or any other. I take my readers seriously – I want them to think and draw their own conclusions. There is some content on my website with which I do not agree. Why? Because its mission is freedom of speech and creating a place where people with different views can meet and discuss.

I want there to be peace in Ukraine because war is bad. I don’t support Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, just as I didn’t support US aggression against various countries in the world. I support helping the victims of war (but without discriminating Poles) and judging war crimes (not only Russian ones). I want Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation, which must not be based on whitewashing the Volhynian massacre of 1943 and sucking up to the Ukrainians, but on their apologies to the Polish people, condemnation of genocide and renunciation of territorial claims. Let us be guided by empathy, but also by common sense and the interests of Poland.

I know that there is Article 180 of the “Telecommunications Law”, which allows, without a court order and control, to block sites allegedly threatening the state (in practice, the well-being of the government), but above it, Article 54 of the “Constitution of the Republic of Poland” prohibits preventive censorship and guarantees the right to obtain and disseminate information. Are we living in totalitarian China, where only the views of the Communist Party (and controlled opposition) are allowed to be voiced, or in a democratic state that respects pluralism?

Is casting doubt on the veracity of the mainstream media’s coverage today a crime that threatens the state? The Polish state must be very weak if it censors tiny websites whose influence on public opinion is close to zero. The Polish Government has become paranoid under the influence of war emotions and sees Putin’s agents everywhere. It is obsessively afraid of the media, which it does not control, and which do not fool Poles with indoctrination.

Political criticism is good because politicians can understand their mistakes (in order to correct them), instead of asserting themselves in a puffed-up pride that they are brilliant leaders. With this approach, they do not tread on the ground like mighty giants but float above it like inflated balloons. Apparently the same height above the ground, but…

I ask the Polish Government to lift the censorship that ridicules Poland. I ask the international community to publicise and condemn the totalitarianism of the Polish government.
Maurycy Hawranek
Administrator of WolneMedia.net

English, Deutsch, Français, Język polski:

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Chris Gr

The government of Poland hates Germany and Russia with passion so they ally with the US in everything they are doing.


Is Russia any better in this aspect though?


Dealing with degenerate soros bio/lab small pox case,you missed the point once again,DUMBASS!


POLAK GOVERNMENT ARE DELUSIONAL PHAEDOS WHOM CANNOT DEAL WITH RUSSIA LIKE MEN! Freedom,what fekn freedom dumb 4eyed creepy libby goy of soros est,no wonder POLANDS FUKED!


The Volhynian massacre of Poles in 1943 should be plunged into the hearts of ALL Polish politicians who seek to ignore the 150,000 deaths of Poles at the bloody hands of Stepan Bandera and Ukranian OUN followers in WW2.

The history of that period is too important to be hidden by the propaganda of a US controlled Polish Khazar President of Poland.

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