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Polish Defector Emil Czeczko Revealed Details Of Mass Murders On The Polish-Belarusian Border

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Polish Defector Emil Czeczko Revealed Details Of Mass Murders On The Polish-Belarusian Border

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On February 10, a fugitive Polish soldier, Emil Czeczko, held a press conference. He claimed that said that about 200 to 700 migrants could have been killed on the Belarusian-Polish border from June 9 to June 18, 2021.

Polish soldier Emil Czeczko, according to the Belarusian authorities and the media, fled to Belarus on December 16 last year. He asked for political asylum. In Poland, a criminal case was launched against him. Following the incident, his Polish commanders were dismissed.

Polish Defector Emil Czeczko Revealed Details Of Mass Murders On The Polish-Belarusian Border

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On February 10, he revealed details of the murders committed by Polish soldiers at the border.

On June 6, 2021, by order of Lieutenant Colonel Mateusz Kujawski, at two o’clock in the morning, Emil Czeczko was sent to patrol the Polish-Belarusian border with his colleagues. At the border, he met his captain Mark Adamyak and another corporal.

Together with his colleague Roek and border guards Tomek Roek and Bartek, Czeczko was ordered to patrol the border.

The first two days, the group drove an SUV along the border. Czeczko clarified that the situation was calm. They talked about different topics and drank beer.

On the morning of June 8, Tomek, a border guard, allegedly showed Czeczko the identity card of a counterintelligence officer.

On the same day, an incident occurred. While on patrol, they saw a man running from the border. The border guard ordered Emil to stop him and bring him to the SUV.

Then Tomek shot the man. Employees of the Polish border service took money from the dead man’s pocket.

“Bartek told us to bury the dead man, pointing to natural pits along the road. We dug a pit of 40 centimeters, but the border guards told us to dig another one – further from the road,” – Czeczko said.

Czeczko claimed that the next morning he wanted to tell his commanders about the incident, but the corporal ignored him.

On June 9, during a patrol, their driver turned into the forest, and Czeczko saw dozens of migrants, next to whom a pit was dug, and a military truck was parked.

Soldiers Czeczko and Tomek Roek were ordered to shoot people. At the same time, the soldiers themselves were also under the gun.

“It looked like the shootings took place according to the same scenario. The border guards stood behind us with weapons and aimed at us. And I can talk about it because I noticed when I turned around that we were under the gun. In the following days, I didn’t even turn around,” Czeczko said.

Until June 18, according to Czeczko, he shot about 20 people per day. Among the migrants, he allegedly saw a woman once and a child.

“We shot together. It’s hard to say how many people we killed. On the first day we shot about 20 people and groups of people were almost the same in the next 10 days. It is easy to calculate that about 200 people were killed by me and my colleague,” Emil clarified when answering questions.

One day he went to the pit and saw that there were more bodies than the number of people he and Roek had shot. So, other soldiers were also forced to kill.

“Within 10 days of my participation, from 200 to 700 people could have been killed,” said Emil Czeczko.

He also noted that there were different places of execution. In his opinion, other soldiers could have participated in similar murders.

The military was forbidden to talk about executions on the border with Belarus.

“We were told that we would not sign any documents, but they constantly made it clear that it was not worth telling about what was happening at the border,” said Emil.

On June 19, the soldier was ordered to return to their unit.

“Of course, I consider myself a murderer, because I had to shoot people. President Duda and Prime Minister Moravetsky, I think, could not have been unaware of this situation, so if they knew and did not react, who are they but murderers?” Czeczko said.

In his first interview with the Belarusian media, Emil also claimed about that volunteers were killed at the border. On February 10, he clarified that he had not witnessed the incident but heard about it from the conversation of other soldiers.

“When we returned to the military unit, I heard the commanders talking that volunteers had been killed, but I do not know who it was,” – Czeczko said at a press conference.

The interests of Emil Czeczko are officially represented by the Belorussian center “Systemic Legal Protection”.

On January 21, the center sent an official letter to the Prosecutor’s office of the International Tribunal in The Hague with a request to launch a case on genocide and crimes against refugees.

According to the director of the center, the application was accepted.

“We want a fair investigation to be conducted, – said Belyakov. The “Systemic Legal Protection” knows that if a criminal case is initiated, various examinations will be conducted, including an interrogation with a polygraph. Czeczko has already written a statement that he is ready to pass such interrogation.

It is difficult to imagine that such statements by Emil Czeczko turn out to be completely fake. There is a possibility of exaggerations, but assessing the behavior of this Polish serviceman and the facts that he presented, even the question of exaggeration is disputable.

We live in the information age. Today, specific information was announced about the personalities of the commanders, the places where these crimes took place, and a lot of related details. It will be extremely difficult to hide all this in the case of a proper in-depth investigation.


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Bigg Chungus

Also notice the stories of Kurdish, Syrian, Iraqi, African, etc. refugees that have recently “died from cold on the Polish-Belarussian border”. I’ve seen several.

The thing I don’t understand, though, is why the EU doesn’t just put these migrants to work, either in factories or in menial low-wage positions. I mean by sneaking into a country illegally they essentially put themselves at mercy of the State. Europeans should profit from this, and house them in separate camps. Nobody forced them to come (allegedly). But it is absolutely evil to just shoot them.

Chris Gr

Are you kidding?

Cuckmander Hebrew

Indeed. Why send them to cold, White Europe when humid brown gayreece is so much closer to home for them?

Chris Gr

Greece is Europe, incel!

Cuckmander Hebrew

If that was ever true, it ceased to be after the ottomans overran it, Pasha Chris Nurozlem.

Also, “iNcEl”. Speak for yourself, shitskin. I stretched out enough hellenic pussy (and for dirt cheap too!) that even zeus’s bisexual dick would fall limp (same as gayreek eunuchs).

P.S: When are you retaking “mUh Kris-Chan cIty” CUCKstantinople?

Last edited 11 months ago by Cuckmander Hebrew
Chris Gr

You are talking online but in real life you are nothing.

Cuckmander Hebrew

But I am! I am former Australian Navy and then a sailor who worked for a shipping firm, now in the corporate world.

I am also the destroyer of gayreek pussy (among many others) but that’s a different story.

Chris Gr

Sailor hahaha you are gay

Cuckmander Hebrew

I’d give the championship for faggotry to gayreeks. They are pioneers in that regard.


Why? Ain´t what you have been doing for decades? Importing low waged work force to keep your living standard of exploitation?

Sirius Bauner

Belarus uses these Afghan colonists as border pawns (flies them over even), and SF knows it.

Michel LeBlanc

Oh please the euros have been doing this for decades.

Also your choice of words raises red flag with me.

Afghan colonist? What do you mean?

Israel does shitnlike that everyday and no one bats an eye.

EU needs to be taught a lesson, it does feels bad that migrants are used for this purpose.

EU has weaponized refugees before, so fuck em .


Yep, there are even images of them in the boats watching drowning people extendidng hands calling for help without them doing none.


But ypu are the one´s that see himself´s as the roll models, show us how human above other´s you are!


far cough



Lazy Gamer



This sounds like bogus plopaganda, lol

Michel LeBlanc

Id beleive this guy before ANY euro trash maidan media.

In time we shall see.


All western mainstream media is garbage and a global threat on multiple levels.

But I dont find this guy’s story credible at all.

hans raus

sounds like cheap bealorusian propaganda

Last edited 11 months ago by hans raus

So let the ICC investigate,thats if they have the balls.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Shame on Pooland. Murderers.

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