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Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

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Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

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Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

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Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border
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Polish serviceman Emil Chechko, who escaped to Belarus and asked for political asylum, claimed that he participated in the murders of illegal migrants on the Polish border. Chechko also revealed that he witnessed the murders of at least two Polish volunteers on the border.

In an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel, Emil Chechko said that he took part in the shootings for the first time back in May.

“They exposed the first group, killed them, then the second group, they were also killed. I did that too – I shot.”- Chechko said in his interview.

“I was in such a situation when some volunteer drove up and asked: “Where are you taking them [migrants]?“ And the border guard simply shot him in the forehead,” Chechko continued. When the correspondent clarifies whether she correctly understood that he was talking about the murder of Polish volunteers, the soldier states: “I’ve witnessed at least two such cases.”

The official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus Dmitry Brylev said that Minsk will send documents to international structures to launch a criminal case against Poland due to the murders and mistreatment of migrants. According to the Belorussian official, the Prosecutor General’s Office has collected evidences in five volumes confirming crimes committed by Poland. All the necessary materials will be transferred to international and European institutions, including the European Parliament, for a legal assessment.

The ill-treatment of the refugees by the Polish military has been repeatedly reported in recent months.

According to open sources, since the beginning of 2021, at least nine bodies of refugees have been found on Polish territory.

Shocking videos were also leaked online confirming the shooting of groups of refugees by the Ukrainian military on the northern border with Belarus.

Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

Illustrative Image

Nevertheless, the statements of the defector Chechko caused a wide resonance in Poland, and are obviously ignored by the MSM.

A 25-year-old Polish soldier crossed the border with Belarus in the Grodno region and applied for political asylum because of his disagreement with the policy pursued by the Warsaw authorities regarding the migration crisis and the inhumane treatment of refugees.

The State Border Committee of Belarus stated that a serviceman of the Polish Armed Forces, Chechko, born in 1996, who deserted from the 11th Masurian Artillery Regiment, was stopped by a military patrol at the Tushemlya border outpost.

The press service of the Polish Armed Forces confirmed that on December 16, one of the servicemen left the post and that a search operation was launched at the border. The commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Tomasz Piotrowski, also confirmed that one of the Polish soldiers had deserted.

Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

Tomasz Piotrowski, the commander of the Polish Armed Forces

However, Polish military officials have not yet decided on the reasons that pushed Chechko to leave Poland.

At first, Chechko was declared dead, then missing. When the deserter appeared on Belarusian television, he was declared a brawler and a drug addict. Polish media claimed that Chechko was detained for drunk driving and marijuana consumption, as well as beating his mother. Thus, he left the country to avoid punishment.

As the accusations were insufficient to convince the public of the defector’s insanity, Tomasz Piotrowski, the commander of the Polish Armed Forces, went all in and claimed that Pan Chechko might have been a double agent or just a spy for Lukashenko.

“Perhaps he took this step, seeing that his officers began to notice his “double game”, – the Polish general claimed, -Here, in Poland, he cannot escape punishment.”

In turn, the former commander of the Polish ground forces, Waldemar Skshipchak, said that Chechko should be shot dead.

“A criminal, a deserter. A bullet in the head and disranking. I’m sorry, but it can’t be otherwise.”

He noted that the soldier defected to the side of a conditional enemy “in times of war.” If Poland is in “war” with Belarus, then it is obvious that the Polish Army is not able to lead it.

To date, it cannot be reliably known whether Emil Chechko deliberately fled to Belarus or whether he assisted with the Belarusian special services.

The only thing that is indisputable is that the Polish military once again showed their own inconsistency.

Taking into account the statement about the suspicions of Chechko’s links to the enemy Belarusian special services, why were Polish counterintelligence services not informed and the necessary measures were not taken?

Why the command did not take measures towards Chechko if he was drug and alcohol addicted and had problems with the law? This case revealed that the Polish Army command are completely unprofessional.

Polish Defector Emil Chechko Revealed Mass Murders Of Migrants On Polish Border

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak

Former Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski expressed his opinion, saying that the responsibility for the escaped serviceman should be assigned to the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak.

“The person who commands everything is responsible for such situations. In this case, the Minister of National Defense must assume moral and political responsibility,” Komorowski said. — He sent these soldiers to the border, although they were not trained to replace border guards or policemen.”

In his turn, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak blamed Polish officers for the incident.

“The soldier who went missing yesterday had serious problems with the law and filed for dismissal from the army. He should not have been sent to serve at the border”

The Chechko case, which turned into a large scandal, will probably prompt many Polish soldiers to answer the question to what extent is the current Polish statehood something worth defending and dying for.


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jens holm

fx On December 12, Emil Chechko was arrested for drunk driving

And that’s not all. #Polish journalists found out that today’s hero of #Belarusian propaganda was judged in September for cruel abuse of his mother.

jens holm

well look up.


Whatever. You mindless NPC phaggot.

John Wooh

#Jens the paid NATO-Bot-Propagandist…

Merciless EU-SA-SS-Stormtrooper Police which are beating Grandparents and other civilians more they i ever saw in Belarus or Russia.

Jens i thought u were all jabbed why are ur numbers rising?
When will u leave Greenland ?
When will u stop murdering baby seals ?

Ur so primitive and perverted, Belarussian journalist found out that 95% of EU parliament are Pedos, drug addicted homos and corrupt!!!

Last edited 28 days ago by John Wooh

Keep talking, Commie. You get your information from the same people who made up the most ridiculous holohoax stories.

There’s nothing quite as preposterous as the ridiculous testimonies involving peddle-powered brain-bashing machines, “nazis” killing swej by riding bicycles over their necks, or forcing them to impersonate roosters and make paintings with their own shit.

And yet it still doesn’t make sheeple bat an eyelash over any of the nonsense they hear, or the fact there were over 4 million hsiwej survivors at the end of the war, in spite of there only being a little over 4 million swej in all of German-occupied Europe throughout the war (1939-1945).


Last edited 26 days ago by Friesian
Arch Bungle

Funny, in 2 years of watching jens spew his garbage on this site, I have never seen once atrocity that jens did not approve of, or one hero that jens painted as a villain.

What a complete shitbag you are, jens.


Spot on. Jens is a typical, indoctrinated, trained NATO thrall, utterly brainwashed by mass media. He’s so “liberal” and full of.. “democracy”, but actually he’s just one sick little nazi scum who unquestionably supports ever crime, every murder, every genocide, every devilry his masters commit. Not just he supports and worship their crimes, he actually enjoys them. Absolute inhuman pile of feces he is… and there are too many like him in the West, unfortunately. Perhaps not low intelligent like him, but rotten to the core. Not just they lack brain, they have no soul either.

John Wooh

“but rotten to the core. Not just they lack brain, they have no soul either.”

Sadly very true, they think they are superior to others, but they are not.

Lone Ranger

How is this in relation of what he told?
Truth hurts, try to handle it LSD boy.

CNN Comedy News Network

Yeah, I’m sure he raped you and your mother and polish PM’s cat…

Damage control and filthy lies. Only you autistic little NATO-NAZI buttcliking slaves believe in every lie USANATO media serve you. They cannot kill him so they try to kill his reputation, If he defected from Belarus you’d worship him as a hero instead of parroting garbage lies. You support murders and criminals you dumb pile of sh.t.


– a soldier defected from Belarus to Poland, accuses regime of crimes.

Nato Jens: “he iz a hero, we muzt sanction and bomb them!”

– actually, a soldier defected from Poland TO Belarus, accuses regime of crimes…

Nato Jens: “whut? uh… oh… uh…. he drunk! he very drunk!!! “


Buahahha Jens, is polish military enlisting drug addicts? If so, then ruskies can roll over tanks to german borders without single shot. When will u come to sense? We did have nice chat over Greenland didn’t we? But now you cross the line of sanity.

mike l hutchings

I don’t know the entire back story, but the Poles are known for killings of this sort, half of their country was German settled land

Florian Geyer

The Polish army was heavily implicated with the Bromberg massacre of ethnic Germans.
Babies,children, the young and the old were brutally tortured to death, raped to death and hacked to death in 1939.
This was the spark that the UK was praying for, and the beginning of WW2 when the German forces attacked to save any survivors.

The current situation in Ukraine has a similar build up to war, this time with Russia coming to the rescue of ethnic Russians who remained loyal to the illegal US funded coup that seized power from the Elected president of Ukraine.

John Wooh

Dunkerque or Dünkirchen is the proof that Hitler was a english tool, or why did he gave the 350.000 british and 150.000 french 2days time to leave. He spent 3years in Britain.
The NSDAP made putsch and killed police officers, Hitler was the leader and went 9month in prison very suspicious…
Hitlers family(sister/brother) moved to Britain after WW2 .
He tried multiple times to make a peace deal with the UK.

And about Bromberg, you reap what you sow, after 1000 years of germanic massacre of ethnic slavs from eastern Germany till the Baltics how about that ???
Where are the 500.000 Sorbs of Saxonia, Brandenburg???

Raptar Driver

Hitler was a Zionist.


Around 100,000 jews emigrated to Palestine from Germany, that was the extent of the Haavara Agreement. Keep in mind there over 15 million jews worldwide before and after the war. Compare that to over 2 million jews immigrating from Soviet Russia to Israel, who’s the bigger Zionist?


“I’ve witnessed at least two such cases.”

You would think he would remember exactly the number of cases he witnessed.

Lone Ranger

Maybe he meant he wasn’t present at the third but knew about it.


I would kill that polish scumbag for not defending Poland from migrants!

Lone Ranger

Defending your country and committing genocide are two different things.
Ask the Germans they keep repeating that mistake.


“Defending” Poland from unarmed civilians? They don’t give a fck about shitty Poland they are trying to go to Germany. Go kill yourself sick idiot.

John Wooh

Then let them fly in u invited them, but Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Poland dont want them.
But behind doors u tell them to play the bouncer of the EU.
We had our experience with the Ottomans…Germany has to learn its lesson yet, its just the beginning.


Belarus doesn’t want them either. U.S. and its vassals (including Poland) destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc etc. So why would Belarus keep them on its own territory? Germany and the US plan to keep them in the Balkans and Belarus. Our ‘friend’ here Jens Holm loves Kurds and all other ‘refugees’ and ‘moderate opposition freedom fighters’, but not in Denmark. Biden loves them as well. But not in America.

Last edited 28 days ago by NLM

Because you chartered the planes full of migrants to Bealrus NLM? If you wouldn’t, they would not be on your territory.


Poland defending German borders in fact. I’m thankful for that.


Aim your head first, because this is NOT THE WAY a real man would defend his country!!!


Then why didn’t you surrender before the Wehrmacht? Oh wait, you fought for your hsiwej oppressors instead who were planning to spread Communism globally.


Last edited 26 days ago by Friesian
Lone Ranger

Polish nazis and Ukropnazis are compiting who is better at genocide.
Oh the advanced west and its values did wonders…

Last edited 28 days ago by Lone Ranger

Then why do they arrest “nazis” and “holocaust deniers”?


Poles – always crying and bitching how Soviets killed bunch of their soldiers.

Also Poles, laughing while killing civilians again and again….


far cough


„Polish serviceman Emil Chechko” sure yes, lol. And I’m the emperor of China lmao


Actually, you are nothing but an idiot. Probably not yuri, he’s not that dumb so you’re also a cowardly troll. And yes, Emil Checko is/was a polish servicemen, you pathetic, incredibly stupid twat; no one even deny that, not even Poles – only you butthurt and braindead imbecile. Also a blind imbecile:

“The press service of the Polish Armed Forces confirmed that on December 16, one of the servicemen left the post and that a search operation was launched at the border. The commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Tomasz Piotrowski, also confirmed that one of the Polish soldiers had deserted.”

Last edited 28 days ago by Facts

So it’s one person’s testimony and case closed?

Last edited 26 days ago by Friesian

More stupid fallacies ^. The case is not “closed”, it’s just opened. But hey let’s pretend the case does not exist! Polish government, entire EU, all western media, all these ‘human rights activists’ always eager to protest about something in Belarus – they all are silent now. Or just attacking this guy with dirty smear campaign. Imagine hysterical reaction if he was from Belarus…
Navalny is “just one person”, yet western governments and media unquestionably believe his every story, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Raptar Driver

Don’t bother with him, he is a mentally deficient troll.


Yet another one of innumerable ad hominem attacks from you and others who cannot debate me on anything, whilst childishly insisting I’m wrong and never thinking outside the box.

CIA bot

Chris Gr?

hans raus

sounds like cheap belorusian propaganda, what next? polish or german godzilla and aliens attacks belorusian border? seems like Lukashenko is desperated as hell.


Yeah, aliens from Uranus, along with Superman, Wonder Woman and Mighty Joe Biden, only they exist in your empty monkey head… this guy does not exist! Polska stronk and can into space! On Yankee dildo. Now slave, take the knee and keep repeating CNN mantras, morons like you can’t accept the truth nor you deserve it…


That’s what invaderes deserve.
No invited them.
No one wants them.
They need to stay in their own countries.


you mean Polish, Danish and other NATO invaders and occupiers in Iraq, cheap auxiliaries for Murican empire?
No invited them.
No one wants them.
They need to stay in their own countries.

Last edited 27 days ago by blahblah

You have no qualms with Soviets occupying eastern Europe for over 40 years, or invading Afghanistan. Or Saddam invading Iran, then Kuwait. Or China invading India, Vietnam and helping Khmer Rouge.

Last edited 26 days ago by Friesian

You have no brain. Britain invaded 90% of world’s countries and Europe is still under American occupation. Your loving Adolf and his vassals invaded USSR and slaughtered millions. Pol Pot and Saddam were supported by the U.S. but that has nothing to do with this migrant crisis created by NATO illegal wars all over Middle East. Nonsensical fallacies.


Demographic structure in most German citites already has been shifted dramatically. In Mannheim or Frankfurt downtown I feel like a foreigner. No more!!!


if you need Polacks to save Germany then Germany is already lost


it’s funny because i think it will be shock news to word. but after some days I see only Belarus and Rusian media use this ;). i happy because Rusia and Belarus lost media war. i wonder how manny money pay to him to did that think ? 1 one man for 1 year go from Poland to Belarus and 30 to 40 people every day run from Belarus to Poland. it’ s funny that only evidences from Rusia and Belarus Intleigenc agency is that. Really top Rusian and Belarus spy make only this.

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