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Policy Of Terror: Assassinations Of Nuclear Scientists In Iran

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Policy Of Terror: Assassinations Of Nuclear Scientists In Iran

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The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is not a one-time event, but it is a part of a string of such attacks on Iran’s nuclear scientific program.

This is a result of frequent accusations by Israel, and more recently, by the Trump Administration in the US that Tehran plans to develop a nuclear weapon, rather than what it claims is simply a civilian endeavor to provide cheaper, cleaner energy.

On November 27th, Iran’s chief nuclear scientist – Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot, and killed east of Tehran.

Iranian officials blame Israel, and it is little doubt who’s responsible for the killing.

Iranian Supreme Leader Khameini said the following:

“Mr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed by the oppressive enemies. This rare scientific mind lost his life for his everlasting great scientific work. He lost his life for God and the supreme leader.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called on the international community “to end their shameful double standards” and “condemn this act of state terror.” He added that the attack showed “serious indications of Israeli role.”

Maj. Gen. Hossein Dehghan, Khamenei’s military adviser, tweeted Saturday that “Zionists” are seeking to create “all-out war” and vowed to “descend like lightning” on Fakhrizadeh’s killers.

President Hassan Rouhani, also among the many Iranian leaders blaming Israel, promised retaliation as well, saying during a cabinet meeting on November 28th:

“The think tanks and the enemies of Iran must know that the Iranian nation and the officials in charge in the country are brave and determined to respond to the murder in time.”

The official version is that Fakhrizadeh was traveling with his wife on November 27th in a bulletproof car, alongside three security personnel vehicles, when he heard what sounded like bullets hitting a vehicle, and he exited the car to determine what had happened.

When he exited the vehicle, a remote-controlled machine gun opened fire from a Nissan stopped about 150 meters from Fakhrizadeh’s car, Fars News said.

Fakhrizadeh was hit at least three times, according to Fars News. His bodyguard was also shot. Following the gunfire, the Nissan exploded, Fars News reported, adding the attack lasted three minutes.

Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami also said that Fakhrizadeh’s car was hit by gunfire, followed by an explosion and more gunfire.

“Based on reports received from members of his security detail, Mr. Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle was initially targeted by gunfire, after which a Nissan vehicle laden with explosives was set off in close proximity to them as gunfire, targeting their vehicle, was continuing,” Hatami said, according to ISNA.

Seyed Kamal Kharrazi, the head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, compared the assassination to the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

“Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic of Iran will give a calculated and decisive answer to the criminals who took Martyr Fakhrizadeh,” Kharrazi was quoted as saying.

The wider international community and Western media is largely keeping silent and not condemning the killing at all, despite Israel having a lengthy list of assassinating Iranian officials, experts and scientists inside Iran itself.

The death of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, as such, is not an isolated incident.

Compared to the outcry when, for example, Alexei Navalny fell ill and was alleged poisoned. Nobody, actually, died and there was no evidence, and the outcry in the West was massive.

It should be mentioned that newly-elected US President Joe Biden vowed to revive the Iran Nuclear deal which US President Donald Trump unilaterally left in 2018.

As such, this assassination may be an attempt to throw a wrench in the works and stop that from transpiring.

Below are other Iranian scientists who were allegedly killed by Israel throughout the years, they are also listed in the infographic:

  1. Masoud Alimohammadi – he was an Iranian quantum field theorist and elementary-particle physicist and a distinguished professor of elementary particle physics at the University of Tehran’s Department of Physics. He was assassinated on January 12th, 2010 in front of his home in Tehran, while leaving for university. Majid Jamali Fashi was convicted of his killing and executed on May 15th, 2012.

Iran’s Press TV quoted the ministry spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast, “Primary investigations into the assassination revealed signs of the involvement of the Zionist regime of Israel, the US and their allies in Iran.” In the same article a professor at Tehran University is quoted as having said, “It is widely believed among colleagues that he was assassinated by terrorist organizations probably supported by the United States and with connections with the Americans and the Israelis under different names.”

  1. Majid Shahriari – was an Iranian nuclear scientist and engineer who worked with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. On November 29th, 2010, assassins riding motorcycles planted and detonated a C-4 bomb on his car door whilst he was driving. He was instantly killed. His fellow nuclear Scientist Fereydoon Abbasi, a professor at Shahid Beheshti University was severely wounded. Dr. Abbasi’s wife was also hurt. Iranian officials have variously blamed Israel and the United States for assassinating Shahriari. Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, was quoted as saying Western nations “exercise terrorism to liquidate Iran’s nuclear scientists”.
  2. Dariush Rezaei-Nejad – he was an Iranian Nuclear scientist who was assassinated in east Tehran by gunmen in July 2011. He was shot five times and killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen in front of his home while he was with his wife after they picked up their daughter from kindergarten. His wife was also wounded in the attack.

The attack was described by an Israeli intelligence interviewed by Der Spiegel as “the first public operation by new Mossad chief Tamir Pardo”. After the assassination, the speaker of Iran’s parliament Ali Larijani stated that the United States and Israel had killed Rezaeinejad. The U.S. government, through State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, rejected the accusation.

  1. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan – he was an Iranian nuclear scientist; he was also commerce deputy of “Natanz nuclear power plant”. He was assassinated back in 2012. It was via a motorbike bomb attack at half pass eight (in the morning) in the vicinity of Seyyed Khandan locality in Tehran. According to Western intelligence sources, Ahmadi Roshan was “a victim of Israel’s Mossad.”
  2. Reza Qashqai Fard – he was an employee of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and he was killed in the same incident as Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, he was a lower ranked employee, but still a nuclear scientist,

“The bomb was a magnetic one and the same as the ones previously used for the assassination of the scientists, and the work of the Zionists [Israelis],” deputy Tehran governor Safarali Baratloo said.

Witnesses said they had seen two people on the motorbike fix the bomb to the car, reported to be a Peugeot 405. The driver died of his wounds after the attack though the car itself remained virtually intact.

Such assassinations are not exactly uncommon, and Iran has also said that it has stopped such plans by Mossad, but it appears that not entirely.

Notably, in the weeks leading up to the assassination, there were numerous reports that US President Donald Trump was mulling over a strike on Iran, in order to forward an Israeli agenda forward, however, none of the sort has taken place, so far. It is likely, however, that in the last few weeks of the Trump Administration remaining in office, some more similar events might take place.


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Rhodium 10

Iran will have to respond…otherwise terrorist linked to Mossad will continue killing and destroying Irani personal and industrial sites….Just sending ballistic missile until some of them hit high tech Industrial centers in Israel is the best thing to deter them!….an Israeli retaliation is unlikely knowing that the enemy have capabilities to attack with accurate strikes Israeli military-industrial sites.


Zionist weakness is casualties, Iran will bait them into a long term asymmetrical war and bleed them.

Rhodium 10

Not needed a short asymetrical war…just a pack of ballistic missile and Zionist will keep cool!…remember what happened in 2 US bases….they tried to hide 109 injure soldiers and didnt post photos of Erbil base…Iran showed that their missile are accurate which lead a huge risk to Military assets and troops of his enemies…


That’s why the USA just purchased 2 Iron Dome mobile units for use around their bases … hello?

Iran will be devastated …


Rhodium 10

Sorry but Israel dont have enough military resources to devastate Iran..unless they use Nuclear weapons…but even so Israel know that Iran have nuclear weapons too!…because his Nuclear program is more advance than North korea beside both have close military ties…


Again with BS …

Needing to ‘borrow’ Nukes from NK?

Israel would target NK with NUKES … eh? KJU means nothing to Israel … full stop

pathetic Iranian troll ….


You talk big hiding behind the US, but not for long as US is going down too.


NYT … this morning says the economy will be back ‘humming along better than ever’ by summer … hello?

The vaccine is HERE … well maybe NOT for you … eh?


Vox Populi

Zionist cowardly IDF is not geared for sustained combat as it is a brutal occupation criminal thug regime used to beating up unarmed Arabs, it has no manpower reserves to stay mobilized for months in a broader war. Their professionalism is non existent as the number of daily clumsy accidents like tanks flipping and trainers falling out of the sky denote. The myth was shattered by Hezbollah in 2006.


The Zionists are desperate to bait Iran into a destructive war with US while the idiot Trump is playing golf. As a Democrats have openly stated their intent that Biden is expected to seek better relations with Muslim countries like Turkey and Iran, the regional heavyweights. Iranians are cool customers and need to ignore provocations as many more are sure to come until Jan 21, 2021.


Don’t you wish you bloodthirsty Zionist cowards. How long will be hide behind the west?


Iran is a mess … the grave has been dug … Khamenei’s Regime is next … hello?

BTW … whose hiding?

Israel has an address … hello?

Your bs doesn’t cut it … hello?

Israel is in the Middle East NOT the Midwest … hello?

If Iran could attack directly they would have … eh?

Iran is a paper tiger …



YOU mean like the one being fought today in Syria?

I’m keeping score … eh?

Whose winning so far?


Vox Populi

Iran’s ace cards are in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. It should be building forces there and also supporting the Palestinians. The biggest weakness of the Zionists is that they are soft and luxury oriented and can not stand pain. They should be engaged in a asymmetrical war spanning multiple fronts and casualties. 99% of the Zionists have dual passports and have not interest in dying. There are already 3-4 million Arabs in Occupied Palestine and another 1.5 million in Gaza, so the so-called Jews are barely 6 million or so and they simply do not have the manpower to stay mobilized for an indefinite sapping war, which chews up manpower. That is why is imperative that Iran respond in a calculated manner and not lash out now. Persian strategic patience is renowned.

Hind Abyad

‘The US plan for weakening Hezbollah: a Civil War and the Exodus of the Christians’ https://ejmagnier.com/2020/11/11/the-us-plan-for-weakening-hezbollah-a-civil-war-and-the-exodus-of-the-christians/

”this is what French President Nicholas Sarkozy proposed to the Christian Patriarch when asking for support for the community in Lebanon back in 2011.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/acafc36fc8c39264e320d1c21099adacfa8f31083c2421abe9df573028ee3b8e.png

Vox Populi

France is engaged in neo-colonial wars and support of Zionism from West Africa to Chad and Djibouti. France is the prime instigator of the current destabilization of the Middle East with Sykes-Picot unraveling. It intervened in Lebanon on the late 50’s overtly with the Americans and then again in 80’s when Hezbollah pushed them out. It is too late as the demographics have changed and the imperial concord simply can not work. France, like its US overlord is economically and socially imploding with Macron trying to put a lid on its collapse by creating a Zionist blueprint police state, albeit too late. The French are the most devious of the whole imperialist rotten core.





ISRAELI RETALIATING will be devastating … the Plan is already in place …. lol

The Iranians will regret the day they crossed the Jews/Zionists/Israelis


Rhodium 10

Israel cannot retaliate…even USA restraint of retaliation after 2 US bases were destroyed and 109 soldiers injured….beside Global Hawk was shot down…beside RQ-170 was hacked ..beside Marines were captured….I wrote here..one thing is to have small unaccurate rockets…another thing is to have accurate long range Ballistic, Cruise missile and Drones….some sources in Teheran told that it is very easy to destroy all Military-Industrial factories of Israel….


And of course YOU believed the slug … pmsl

An attack on Israel will bring the Iranian regime to an end … hello?

They’ll get the Nukes they were looking to acquire …. b-b-boom


Vox Populi

Zionist cancer will not survive the next war and that is their greatest fear. The Jews are historic evil for humanity and they have been hiding behind gullible goyim who do their bidding, but that is changing as well. This is their last hurray as after Trump, they will be floundering as US patsies will have bigger problems like China to contend with. Iranian mistake is that they have a theocratic inept leadership that has toyed with the nuclear program and not allowed the development of weapons. That policy is bordering on insanity and has brought nothing but hardship for its people. They need to test a nuke.


As a goy with hatred for Jews sucked from his mother’s milk … I loathe YOU and YOUR ilk … may you suffer ALL the days of your life … seeing the Jews grow in strength daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly

Ver geharget goy

Rhodium 10

Israel know that Iran has Nukes and missile…or you think that NK have been able to develop Nukes by himself?..dont be naive!


Pakistan and NK were exchanging Nuclear information … Khan, was a nuclear secrets PROLIFERATOR

Iran has the bomb?

YOU cannot make that claim … there’s no evidence … if there was Israel would have disclosed it to the World!


Vox Populi

Jews are historical evil and will do nothing but push the goyim to die for them. Israel is a global cancer now.


Push the goyim … like YOU? lol

What goyim get pushed to die for Israel?

Seems to me that the Jews/Zionists/Israelis do their own fighting … hello?

They seem quite capable of handling the fighting against their much larger and more numerous enemies …


Vox Populi

Not really, out tax dollars saved the Zionist cancer in 1873, when Nixon and the evil demented Jew Kissinger authorized the biggest arms airlift in human history to save the Zionist cancer from collapse. Your hasbara lies may work on Arabs, but goyim are waking up.


The US and Israel are allies and by 1973 the US was the main arms supplier as well …

The Yom Kippur War was carried out without warning … that’s war !!!

BUT … both the Israeli and the Arabs were restocked with arms during the war … Hello? The Soviets needed to restock both Egypt and Syria DURING the war … a war that Israel won defeating the enemy … full stop

Near the end of the war … as the Egyptian Army was surrounded with supply lines cut by Gen Ariel Sharon’s crossing of the Suez Canal and with Cairo open to attack … Russia threatNuclear War in Israel if they did not STOP HOSTILITIES … Arab or goy should know the Truth … eh?

Goyim should STFU … there is one Jewish State and it’s a miracle of technology and science … creating a sovereign Homeland for Jewish People … goyim called Evangelicals are thrilled … eh?

Vox Populi

There is no Jew homeland, but parasitic land thieves and child killers. Get real.


Well … those in charge of the lands between the River and the Sea are the Jews/Zionists/Israelis … hello?

The WB Arabs are under Military Occupation and they can have semi-autonomy when they sign the terms of surrender … eh?


Icarus Tanović

Getting banged here, eh? This is exactly what you deserved you Zionistic pathogen. You are shame for all Jews.


Can you do 15 minutes of standup? Loser

Icarus Tanović

Wtf, lmaoooo.


Can you do 15 minutes of standup?


Hind Abyad

To blocked tzotz https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/370244c4c6eacaa341f31b4033aa0a3a68dfc13f3df8342ac11a1f1e96fbae5f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df71fc2c6a6e47b15ee850c7a91a0df126dd0a0f984f1e08224b9f8276da2a26.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65fa68e2fb5c57621e2a8ecba3920a4709c717cc1c60ad383c5050ba76d7910e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81b4f2fd37a1181c64dc296a5ca154052f5bdb81c03fc5d568b9b58a514ba96c.jpg

Hind Abyad

..hasbara lies may work on the biggest traitors; Desert Arabs..

Ashok Varma

You disgusting Jews are causing problems all over the world. What repulsive animals.



Hind Abyad

Who’s the terrorists? Unarmed children


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c008f332ad67bc8ac26d23239f1c7ae48a9eadf257276f3d71e2bf5ef213a70e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3968a68911575366c510fd9c753ecf656f4350ca839a8ec90c1105caa946a721.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/88575e5a1d4f4fe5af58cf8d67138757e98ab3a6fb949eb5580f4c0659eae618.jpg

Jimmy Jim



Iran needs to keep its power dry for a few more months. The Zionist criminals are baying for more American blood on their sacrificial alter. Iran should be on guard but accelerate its nuclear program.


I dont think Iran will be baited so easily as thats what Israel, US neo cons want. I can see them waiting on the outcome of the election first, see how things go with Biden (assuming in office) on the JCPOA, they can retaliate when its best for them.

Fog of War

Keep dreaming Biden is a self professed Zionist.

Vox Populi

Biden is a tool of the Bilderberg Jews and the military industrial complex, but the problem now for the US is that it is too weak and internally imploding and waging a swan song war with Iran will just expedite its demise, and that is why the Jews are pushing for an abyss before it is too late. The US military has been defeated by much weaker and smaller enemies, let alone Iran. However, the mullahs need to get their act together and put the entire country on mobilization. Armenia is a classic example, it failed to see the dangers and did not go on war footing and lost.

Fog of War

You fail to realize the true power of the Khazarian mafia and the fate they have in store for the US. China has already been chosen as the next ” host ” and the US has only one more mission to fulfill before its tossed into the dustbin of history.

Vox Populi

US is in a mess internally with socio-economic implosion. It is in debt and millions in poverty and these lost wars have accelerated the rise of China, which is asserting itself as there is an inevitable conflict when one power is replaced by another. Chinese economy is already the world’s leading and its military might is also on the rise. The US is in eternal decline and nothing can stop that, let’s hope China does not prove as destructive and bloodthirsty as the US and its Zionist cancer.

Fog of War

China’s a done deal, your hope is misplaced.

– President Xi calls on world leaders to imitate China’s COVID-19 digital health certificates –

China has been operating a QR code system for several months now, with three colours used to denote the level of freedom an individual might have.


Vox Populi

China may run a internal police state, but it is not attacking anyone or propping up the Zionist cancer in Palestine. The Chinese simply don’t have an aggressive streak, they historically built the great wall to keep the barbarians out, not go on global conquest. It was the west that hooked them on opium and supported the Japanese savagery and the mass pillage, rape and starvation. Chinese memory is very long too and they are not about to let the US and Zionists destroy them again.


Frankly, this latest attack was organised from Azerbaijan. Iran is being goaded into a war before Trump bites the dust. However, Iran will wait it out and then deliver an unexpected surprise.

Jens Holm

The surprice is not what Youwrite here. Its crap. A link wil be fine…

I can only see Iran guarded their own border well, so there was no spreading in that stupid NK war. And if anything, the Iran anytime had supported Azarbaidian.

Whih part of Mars are You from:)


Kurdistan was used to enter and exit … eh?

Does that smell right?

Jens Holm

I dont know why You jump around an flash like that. USA and for that matter Nato and EU has never supported any indepnedent state named Kurdistan.

USA, UK an France also never has supported any Kurdistan state in Syria as well.

USA has suppported Syria as one state and dome weak part controlled by FSA and SDF to close the vakuum, where we see the ISIS ledt overs today – aqnd Assads not there apart from notderdefence against Turkey, Iraq + Jordan.

And Yes. First Assads became enemy number one, but ISIS got out og hand. So ISIS became enemy number one until now, where they are in a low level.

By that Assads are enemy number one again but ptotected by Russia, Iran and Hesbollah.

By that USA cant get “removing” Assads come through. milding Assads by more moderate Syrians is no go as well(the first FSA was nothing).

Thats makes option 3 the only one, which is reducing Assads, which toiday us a succes. They have less terrain then ever and parts are dominated by SDFs. They also dont have the easy oil even they do have some oil (and gas).

Russia is happy too. Its less comlicated for them to have a smaller Syria with less etnic groups and they now have much better base facilities.

Rojava was forced to be announced by Turkish pressure and also as a unification against ISIS and not Assads.


Sorry … the google translation came out very disjointed … eh?

ALL I said was … maybe the assassins got into Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan …. surely that’s NOT controversial?


Jens Holm

Very strange reflexion. The borders into Iran are3 open all around it and then it should go by Barzinis ??????

And why not some local ones. Not all the Mujahedins are dead.


I agree … the MEK could be responsible

Hind Abyad

Kurd participated in Armenian-Assyrian Genocide, are post WW1 immigrants in Syria, establishing themselves on Christian Assyrians land who had fled during Genocide.

Jens Holm

Im so tired about reading shithead things like Yours even they even blaming people of today for what their grand-grad-fathers did fx from 1880 to 1925.

It should make NO SENSE. What about tomorrow.

We all know that about 1,5 mio armenians was killed as well as 400.000 “others” mainly chtistians but also kurds were kiled.

…And did all Kurds or Turks participate in this??? I dont think so. We also know not all Turks and Kurds not killed them and many even was killed too.

We know they still fight against each other about that land and its property.

And if You see many Kurds in that Regions is because they could go nowhere else. The not so many Turks left in fear to other parts of Turkey.

Ottomans fx deported Kurds to Afrin and other changes are described as wel. Telling that Kurds arrived there after WW1 is totally wrong.

What happend in 1923 was that that 3-4 provinces was devided in two by the Lausanne treaty. It was Aleppo, Raqqa and Diabykir. By that THE NOT EVEN EXISTING SYRIA by France got in a lot of Kurds and Turkmen. Its only true refugees wnet to syria of today and armenians did that too.

It all was a French protectorate, where Lebanon was taken out as own state in 1926 and Syria became an independent state in 1946. I also can add Ottomans leaving enclaves in Syria fx a castle and its land west of Tabqa and dont forget Hatay.

So Your history book is full of crap. What happend was the area named Syria was expanded north and by that got where Turks and Turkmen already lived. Most Turkmen also was import by the Ottomans mainlyfrom Kasakstan and Kaukasus.

You have learned totally wrong by highly infected history books by nationalisme of the worst kind added the leaders running things by bajonets and fear are nice despotes.

Upi cant chnage that. Ot makes more sense to change the future then this. And You can read about it by many sober history books and articles for free by the internet.

Hind Abyad

I’m so tired..No not all Kurd I was specific;

Armenian Genocide happened in parallel with Assyrian Genocide!

”In 1853, Frederick Engels used these facts as an example in his letter to Karl Marx: “What is this status quo? For the Christian subjects of the Porte, it means simply the maintenance for ever’ and a day, of Turkish oppression over them. As long as they are oppressed by Turkish rule, the head of the Greek Church, the ruler of sixty millions of Greek Christians, be he in other respects what he may, is their natural liberator and protector. Thus it is, that ten millions of Greek Christians in European Turkey, are forced to appeal to Russian aid, by that very diplomatic scheme, invented in order to prevent Russian encroachment. ”

Engels’ statement was affirmed 15 years later in a letter, dated May 14th, 1868, from the Assyrian Patriarch Mar Rouil Shimon to the Russian king Michael. In this letter the Patriarch states:”… We are a poor nation, my people have not enough grain to provide themselves with bread … The Kurds have forcibly taken many of our Churches and convents, they constantly abduct our virgins, brides , and women, forcing them to turn Moslems … The Turks are worse, they do not protect us, demand military taxes, poll tax, also the Kurds take our money for they consider us as “Zirr Kurr” (slaves – being Christians .. .)… Now, such being our condition, we beseech your mightiness, for the sake of Jesus, His Baptism, and cross. Either to free us from such a state or to procure us a remedy… May God preserve you, Amen.”

”The Treaty of Lausanne (July 24, 1923) was a peace treaty signed in Lausanne, over the Syrian-Turkish border, in which Atatürk achieved a series of victories.”?

Don’t you give me WW1 Churchill Zionist invasion Sykes–Picot discussing 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France, sitting around a table having tea and French pastries, bleez.


Fog of War

Why would it matter when the attack occurs ? The result will be the same.

Vox Populi

There is another strategic issue involved in Iranian or Hezbollah retaliation, that is the large number of Arabs and Muslims in Occupied Palestine, it can not target regions with high Muslim population and has to pick its targets carefully. The ideal ones should be airports, Haifa and Ashdod ports, Golan Heights and Dimona. The ideal should be to provoke the Zionists into an land war in Lebanon and Syria and get them into a wider occupation war which will eat up manpower like a all you can eat buffet. The US has lost all its wars as it got bogged down and lost its will to fight due to casualties. Modern wars are very expensive, both in terms of manpower and money, especially when dealing with an opponent with unlimited young manpower.

Free man

It is amazing how impotent these religious fanatics are. Judging by past experience, there will be no Iranian response and the next slap will come soon.


Do you mean the religious fanatic in Israel?

Free man

If the Jewish religious fanatics had ruled Israel, it would have been in the state of Iran, or worse.


why is it that I never hear about or read about jews in palestine being assassinated -something missing in that picture. time to change tack and go for tit for tat – one dead Iranian means 10 dead jews (in palestine) or something like that. meanwhile, North Korea should offer up some missile ready nukes to Iran so if they chose not to go for the tit for tat, they can reduce tel aviv (and the jews therein) to rubble. best option for a judenfrei palestine and a peaceful middle east.



400 MILLION+ Arab/Muslims surround the Jewish State … eh?

7 Million Jews in Israel … hello?

For every Jew killed by an Arab/Muslims … HOW MANY ARAB/MUSLIMS need to be killed?

Math not your thing?

The coming war will answer the question … eh?

BUT … I humbly submit that 1000 Arabs will meet Allah for any Jew killed? Too much you say? I say too little …



Another one bites the dust..

Vox Populi

The number of Jew trolls here denotes their fright. The Jews are the most vile cowards historically and are in desperation mode and will push more and more provocations in the dying days of Trump, their buffoon patsy. Iran should keep its power dry and strike at the right time. To keep things in perceptive, 5 scientists assassinated over two decades is nit going to put a dent in Iran’s nuclear program. However, it just creates an aura of weakness, the Iranian head mullah Khamenei has made some bizarre fatwa against not having nuclear weapons that needs to be reversed. All of Iran’s unstable neighborhood has nuclear weapons, from bankrupt Pakistan to Zionist criminal parasites and even Arab puppet states are signing up for nuclear power plants and technology. In all fairness, Iran has mismanaged both its nuclear stance as well as retaliatory capacity. The Zionists should have hit hard when the first nuclear scientists were assassinated during the loudmouth Ahmedinejad era in 2007. However, at this time it is prudent for Iran to examine its nuclear stance and speed up its weapons program and test a nuclear device as the Zionists will not stop until there is a cost.

Ashok Varma

Iran should test a nuke and get it over with.

Cheryl Brandon

Iran will have to attack an Israhelli asset like Saudi Arabia/UAE/or the Green Zone.

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