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“Police State War Zone” In Portland

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"Police State War Zone" In Portland

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On June 25th, the Black Lives Matter protests continued for the 28th straight day.

There was violence, as police in Portland teargassed the streets and even apparently pulled people out of their vehicles into the gas.

At least four arrests were made, and police shot with impact rounds at violent protesters.


The police continued to push protesters, but they couldn’t disperse them for a long while.


There are fires on the streets in Portland.

In contrast, protests in Washington were quite peaceful.

Meanwhile any violence against individuals who express any counter-opinion is greatly celebrated.

Meanwhile, attempts at changing the system are on-going.

The US House of Representatives passed a sweeping police reform bill.

The legislation seeks to ban neck holds of the kind that killed George Floyd and would lift legal obstacles that shield police from lawsuits.

It would authorise $2.5bn for independent investigations of police abuse and open avenues for replacing some police in communities with social workers.

“In America today, a Black American is three times more likely to be killed by police compared to a white person,” said Representative Jim McGovern, a leading House Democrat.

“Police shoot, arrest and imprison more people in our country than in similar advanced nations. It’s the exception when an officer who broke the law when committing a fatal shooting is convicted of a crime. It’s not the norm,” McGovern said.

The White House warned on June 24th that President Trump would veto the measure.

In a policy statement, the Office of Management and Budget called the Democratic bill “over-broad” and “excessive” and said it would “fail to bring law enforcement and the communities they serve closer together”.

The Senate on June 24th failed to gather votes to block a Republican-backed policing bill that would authorize nearly $7bn in new grants for police.

Speaking at the White House, US President Donald Trump said Democrats “want to weaken our police”.

“They want to take away a lot of the strength from our police and from law enforcement generally, and we can’t live with it. We can’t live with it,” Trump said at a news conference.

Meanwhile, in a bid to increase their influence the Democratic Party is to vote on a historic bill that would turn Washington, D.C. in the US’ 51st state.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined with other Democrat leaders to push for the bill to pass on June 26th.

“Tomorrow we will right this grave injustice which is an affront to our democracy,” Pelosi said at a news conference.

The Speaker noted that D.C. residents pay taxes, serve in the military and contribute to the “economic vitality” of the U.S., but do not have representation. “How could it be? Whose idea was that?” Pelosi continued.

Concerned that the vote could be vetoed by Republicans, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said:

“Let’s fight back against the cries that we’re too liberal, we’re too black, or there are too many Democrats,” she said. “The business of America is to make sure that each person is represented fully.”

President Trump in a recent interview with the New York Post claimed that Democrats support D.C. statehood because the district is largely Democratic, meaning the party would automatically gain seats in both the House and Senate.

“They want to do that so they pick up two automatic Democrat — you know it’s 100 percent Democrat, basically — so why would the Republicans ever do that?” Trump said.

“That’ll never happen unless we have some very, very stupid Republicans around that I don’t think you do. No thank you,” the president said. “That’ll never happen.”


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Zionism = EVIL

The real issue is the new Americunt demographics and non-white young people are now the majority and they will not put up with an aging white racist police state run by Zionist cunts. Most of these demonstrations now have Palestinian flags and other progressive causes. Young white women are in the forefront of the Seattle and Portland riots. Also alternate media like Southfront is exposing the racist Zionist cunts agenda of militarizing the western racist police and that is now backfiring and may result in a civil war as the majority of non-“whites” will not put up with redneck and Jew brutality against their children. Americunts are facing a Palestinization.

comment image


Ironically im starting to think you’re a closet zionist yourself. The BLM LGBTQ left wing shits definitely are the nation unbuilding zionists, not the police.

Raptar Driver

They both are. Do you think the police build up the nation by protecting only the wealthy elite?


Police protect anyone, and yes even black people. Only dumbasses can claim that police disregards the safety of black people or the poor. They literally put their life on the line for civilians. Just the fact that they also protect people`s property doesnt necessarily mean that they give zero shits about poorer folks.

Raptar Driver

I was a cop and also a victim of police brutality because I was in a poor part of the city. They didn’t care about color.
I know first hand, you are giving me talking points straight from the common serve and protect propaganda.

Black Waters

Well, BLM started as a good cause and quickly became an extremist organization, instead of asking for rights for black people they want supremacy other other skin colors, a lot of money is involved in this shady organization.
LGBT is a propaganda tool, that’s not even questionable at this point.
And the police is the U.S it’s like the gestapo, police brutality it’s indeed a serious issue in the U.S, also most of the police is trained by Israel… so makes perfect sense.


Good, more BLM baboons will bite the dust thanks to our trainings. Are you one of them too?

Black Waters

Did you read what i wrote, dumbass?


I did, you blame us that the U.S police is using alot of force against the protestors. From what I’ve seen in the videos, the police doesn’t really do anything but tear gas and calling the protestors to leave. So where is the brutality you talk about?

Black Waters

Dude are you serious?, just go on whatever social media or some massive places like 9gag, there’s a los of videos of police officers brutally hitting unarmed peaceful protesters (real peaceful, old people too) but they didn’t stop rioters or BLM, instead of stopping those extremists they let them create chaos. Of course there’s also black people robbing even other black people, pure vandalism.

It’s a class war, not a racial war, the media it’s trying everything to portray it as a racial war.


Well I hope the police breaks than hands and the legs of anyone that is rioting, you only bring back order by force.

Black Waters

Also, if i didn’t was clear before BLM (at least the new version of BLM) to me it’s a U.S creation to justify MARTIAL LAW.

Black Waters

Police in some areas isn’t targeting those extremists of BLM, they are targeting common people and letting those criminals robbing and burn shit.


Okay so that’s a mistake by the police, but who told them to stand down? I’m sure they can use force against the BLM if they are allowed to, but I guess politicians don’t want it.


Police brutality is a myth. I mean anyone can look up the body cam of US police and judge for themselves. 99% of the time people draw guns at the police and get justly wasted by the cops. I dont see where the racism is here. Its really simple. Dont f*7king shoot at the cop and everyone will be fine lol


Exactly Neurasth, don’t attack police officer and you will be just fine, but the BLM are there only to attack the police and make riots so they need to be shot.


I agree 100% with the first part of your post, but about so called police brutality, you should binge watch the most recent bodycam footages of shootings. Or not and I can spoil it for you: 99% of the time, people get the super smart idea of drawing their guns on the cops and expecting to get away with it. Then they die, and people call that racism.

Black Waters

C’mon, dude wtf?! Old people with no weapon in hand and people unarmed?? WTF is wrong with you? I could understand someone armed, but that’s not the case in the U.S, most of the police fucks up UNARMED people, check the huge amount of footage, police it’s insane in the U.S, that’s why i call them GESTAPO.


Check PoliceActivity on youtube, its a huge depot of bodycam footage. Sure some shootings arent justified but the overwhelming majority is. The thing is, when you live in a shithole like the USA where everyone has access to guns, you better keep your hand on your firearm as a police officer. I sure wouldnt fuck around with weird fucks. Its your life they`re messing with.
Still a POS country dont get me wrong.


Yes, yes, yes, Agamemnon ( US) was murdered by his own wife, inside his house (country) …but don’t forget Orestes’ revenge. Homer was the first to teach about geopolitics and war.


Congress passing police reform is long overdue. Trump is right that it will weaken policing. But abusive policing needs to be weakened. It’s excessive, counter productive and unjust.

Black Waters

Finally you’re commenting like a normal person and not fantasy crap.


You’re making false accusations. I deal in evidence, not fantasy.

Lone Ranger

And its not even elections yet…
Oh boy…


Haha can’t wait either, if i’d have to stay at home because of wave 2 or 3 at least I’d have entertainment.

Lone Ranger

People saying for years about UN troops in the U.S. and civil war were looked at as looney toons, not anymore I guess…

Ivan Freely

Ah…the US is the UN. No one in the UNSC would deploy their own troops on US soil, even under a UN banner.

Romeo Pesiao

On the video : Why a black woman physically attacked the white woman. Is the black woman action justified for her sentiments?


Well that black women proved the white woman was right, she’s a baboon and she belongs in the jungle. Someone lock her up please, and give her a banana.


Ali I couldn’t give a fuck about you or anything you write, we will deal with you when the time comes don’t worry.


““In America today, a Black American is three times more likely to be killed by police compared to a white person,” said Representative Jim McGovern, a leading House Demorat.”

He knows better,,, far more Whites killed than Blacks but media keeps printing these peoples lies.

Blacks comprise 13pct of the population and commit 47pct of the felonies. What this proves is the cops are actually cutting the Blacks a lot of slack.

And the police has killed far less Blacks in the last ten years than the Blacks in Chicago and Baltimore have killed in one summer. Black Lies Matter….

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