Police Shoot Attacker Armed With Bladed Weapon Who Tried To Break Into Iran’s Presidential Palace – Media


On February 5, an attacker was shot and arrested in Iran after he had to break into the office of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Teheran, the Iranian pro-government news agency Fars reported citing Deputy Governor of Tehran Mohsen Hamedani.

“We are trying to identify the person and find out his motivation,” Fars quoted Hamedani.

Another Iranian news agency Tasnim News provided more details:

“The person who had a weapon in hand tried to pass through the gates of the presidential palace; he was given a warning by the guards of the presidential palace,” Hamadani said according to Tasnim News. “The suspect was then wounded when the security guards shot him in the leg … We are trying to determine his identity and investigate the motives behind it.”

According to media reports, the man was armed with a bladed weapon. He attempted to break into the building, but was wounded and detained by the security forces.



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