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Poland’s plans to take over Ukraine’s energy sector

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Poland's plans to take over Ukraine's energy sector

Published by kresy.pl; translated from Polish by J.Hawk

A TV station ran the recordings of conversations of the recently deceased businessman Jan Kulczyk with several prominent individuals, including the then-foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski. They concerned, among other things, the businessman’s massive planned investments in Ukraine.

The conversation was recorded at the Sowa and Friends restaurant.

Jan Kulczyk (JK): I’ll tell you this, we need to change one thing. Because I’m being f***** over. That battle over coal is being poorly received.

Radoslaw Sikorski (RS): Aha

JK: Listen, that’s how it is in our history, when we fight over coal, and the Russians…And that’s a fact that whatever we are fighting over, someone else will take away so what are we fighting for? Secondly…

RS: We are masters when it comes to fighting for someone else’s interests.

JK: Yes. That’s another matter, listen. The cost of energy us high because our coal is very expensive…But we have to look after Poland’s economy. With all respect–I don’t know, how many miners do we have? 100 thousand?

RS: Yes.

JK: Though right now there might be fewer. I understand we are right before an election. But afterward it will all have to change. That which today wwas our curse–our location–really, let’s take over Ukraine’s energy sector. I’ll do this for you, Radek, I’ll do this for you.


JK: And then suddenly we’ll become big. We’ll mix it all up. I’d like, as you said, to buy Koehler. Then EON.

According to journalist Cezary Gmyz, the recording indicates that Kulczyk wanted to dominate three markets in Central Europe: gas, chemical, and energy, where he wanted to implement one gigantic project.

The theme of Kulczyk’s investments in Ukraine also appears in the investigation of the surveillance scandal which were published by the well known businessman Zbigniew Stonoga. Moreover, Sikorski also wanted to become the EU Energy Commissioner, in order to be able to oversee Kulczyk’s investment in Ukraine.

J.Hawk’s Note: This is a part of a larger, Watergate-style scandal that has been unfolding in Polish politics in the last few months in the context of the presidential and now parliamentary elections, in which several senior Polish officials have been secretly recorded at an exclusive restaurant. The content of the Kulczyk-Sikorski conversation definitely adds one major piece of the puzzle of the Polish involvement in Ukraine, as it becomes obvious Sikorski was not merely Washington’s mouthpiece in the events of 2014. Rather, he was pursuing the project of Polish imperial restoration. Not for nothing are even Ukrainians wary of Poland’s interest in the Ukrainian civil war.

Other parts of the surveillance tapes (which were apparently made by one of the waiters working at the restaurant) suggest Kulczyk’s and Sikorski’s interest in Qatari and Nigerian natural gas and oil, to be shipped to Polish terminals on the Baltic Sea for distribution all over Central Europe, including Ukraine.

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