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MAY 2021

Poland’s Defence Minister Announces Additional 1000 US Troops To Permanently Deploy There

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Poland’s Defence Minister Announces Additional 1000 US Troops To Permanently Deploy There

Major US military installations in Germany

The United States will establish a permanent military presence in Poland as it deploys around 1,000 additional U.S. troops there, Poland’s Defence Ministry said on Friday. Whether or not they will be transferred directly from Germany or re-routed remains unclear.

Poland’s political leadership has been eager to host additional US troops in the country for some time. On June 12 last year during a meeting at the White House, US President Donald Trump reached an informal agreement with Polish President Andrzej Duda to send 1,000 more troops to his NATO ally.

But negotiations on the details of where the troops would be stationed and how much Poland would pay have dragged on for years.

“We did it. We have finished the negotiations on military cooperation,” Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in a statement.

Poland currently hosts a rotating contingent of over 4,000 US troops. A permanent presence, which the statement says will now number at least 5,500 troops, is likely to cost Poland substantially more.

The deal also involves the development of expertise for Polish forces in the areas of reconnaissance and command, with the possibility of more US forces being deployed to Poland in case of an increased threat environment, the statement said.

The financial details of the new deal were not revealed in the ministry’s statement.

Last week the US military provided some more details on its plans to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany and had already indicated that some of them could be moved to Poland or the Baltic states.

While Friday’s statement did not specify where the additional 1,000 troops would come from, and whether some would be reassigned from Germany, this is the most likely scenario. Neither Poland’s Defence Ministry nor the US embassy in Poland were prepared to provide additional details..

On other occasions, US officials have insisted that the agreement with Poland and the decision to pull some US troops out of Germany are separate matters. LINK

Military.com reported of the announcement:

“American defense leaders said Wednesday that the U.S. will bring about 6,400 troops home and shift about 5,600 to other countries in Europe. The decision fulfills President Donald Trump’s announced desire to withdraw troops from Germany, largely because of what he considers its failure to spend enough on defense.” LINK

In a related development, Defense.one reports that, as part of the reduction of troops in Germany, U.S. Africa Command, which is based in Stuttgart, Germany, will be transferred to another location.

US Africa Command “has been told to plan to move,” its commander said Friday morning, two days after Defense Secretary Esper announced the US military’s Germany drawdown. Said AFRICOM Commander US Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, “While it will likely take several months to develop options, consider locations, and come to a decision, the command has started the process.”

The report comments that from its beginning, there have always been grumblings that AFRICOM should be located in…well…Africa. Or somewhere in the US, similar to how US Central Command, which oversees almost all troops from Turkey to Afghanistan, is based in Tampa, Florida. At the time, there were concerns that locating a major US military command base would break the seal on the unwritten rule against the “militarization of Africa.”

That sentiment may seem quaint now, given the United States’ extensive military operations across the enormous continent, but it doesn’t mean AFRICOM’s headquarters will be relocated somewhere on the other side of the Mediterranean. (Moreover, it is quite possible that US military commanders and defence department bureaucrats also much prefer to pass their overseas deployment time in Europe than in Africa.)

In their words: “In response to the President’s direction, efforts are now underway to develop plans and options to relocate U.S. Africa Command headquarters and forces from Germany,” AFRICOM said in its statement. “The command will look first at options elsewhere in Europe, but also will consider options in the United States.”

Defense.one further notes that “Trump’s Germany Troop Withdrawal Could Take Years to Execute,” Foreign Policy reported Thursday in a story that sounds much more like the US military we have come to know. According to FP, “Some units that are moving back to the United States, including the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, based in Vilseck, Germany, have been told that the move will ‘likely take months to plan and years to execute.’”

“Nobody really has any idea how this will play out,” one US official said. LINK


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Dumb Pollack shitheads should expect more crimes, rapes and savagery from the cowardly occupation Americunt animals. Poland is non-entity anyway and now it be real shithole like US.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Lets face it Poles were never too smart to begin with.
      They are going from one vassal colony status into the next one…

      1. HiaNd says:

        They are not smart like you JEWS flip flopping from UK to US parasite status

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          You hasbarat should know right…

          1. HiaNd says:

            Lone Ranger <> • 5 minutes ago It will be a better world dont worry.
            Aside from that…
            Who said Im an American.
            Im not.
            Im Hungarian.
            Im also part jewish.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Contrary to you I never denied it.
            But contrary to you Im no zionazi hasbarat…

          3. occupybacon says:

            Tell us more, Ranger. How did your parents met, was your father a young Soviet commissaire on top of a T-34 sent to Budapest in ’56 and your mother, an entusiastic throwing flowers to liberators?

          4. HiaNd says:

            you sick pervert
            Jews pay to copulate and get married!

          5. occupybacon says:

            Suck my foreskinned dick

          6. HiaNd says:

            Ha ha ha so another Jewish pig (obsessed with pigs and bacon of course)

            How nice!
            Lone Jew Ranger is your cousin when you copulate in the corners like animals everybody is your cousin

          7. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, I’m obsessed by your dirty goy mom

          8. HiaNd says:

            what else could idiot like you be but another Jewish peace of shit…what was I thinking…

          9. Harry Smith says:

            Jewish peace of shit. What a highly philosophical expression! ROFL!

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats worse than a Mexican standoff…

          11. occupybacon says:

            Agree, quality entertainment

          12. Lone Ranger says:


          13. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You lot don’t have 4skins.

            Depending on the eyesight of the Rabbi, it could be 3skins or 2skins.

          14. Lone Ranger says:

            Im much younger than that :)
            Also no Russian relatives to my knowledge.
            Whats your story…
            Canadian ukropnazi came home and met his future wife at a book burning rally?
            Later they both joined the local Azov batallion run by jewish oligarchs…?
            Pretending to be nazi, same has hasbarat Hi-and…?

          15. occupybacon says:

            Tell us how it was better for your family in communism, it was because they were communists, right? The commissaries planted on top of liberating T-34’s were mainly Soviet Jews not Soviet Russians. You were the priviledged class of communism. That’s why you regret it.

          16. Lone Ranger says:

            No, it was because we werent living in a shithole called Ukropisstan.
            But Hungary.

          17. HiaNd says:

            Lone (Jew) Ranger talking to his Zionist friend Iron-Zion

            Lone Ranger <Iron_Zion>
            It will be a better world dont worry.
            Aside from that…
            Who said Im an American.
            Im not.
            Im Hungarian.
            Im also part jewish.

          18. Lone Ranger says:

            You are a one trick pony, arent you hasbarat…?

          19. HiaNd says:

            Lone (Jew) Ranger talking to his Zionist friend Iron-Zion

            It will be a better world dont worry.

            Who said Im an American.
            Im not.
            Im Hungarian.
            Im also part jewish.</b

          20. Lone Ranger says:

            Thanks for confirmation Shlomo…

          21. HiaNd says:

            Lone (Jew) Ranger talking to his Zionist friend Iron-Zion

            Lone Ranger <Iron_Zion>
            It will be a better world dont worry.
            Aside from that…
            Who said Im an American.
            Im not.
            Im Hungarian.
            Im also part jewish.

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            Didnt know hasbarat cyberwarfare unit employs autistic people…:)

          23. occupybacon says:

            People from the internet are not what they pretend to be. For example in rl I’m a cat.

          24. guest says:

            I have other patients who pretend to be Zionist warriors and packed their bags for an imaginary war as well. I am glad you are peaceful pussy.

          25. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            True, who would have thought you were a pussy!

          26. HiaNd says:

            good one! ;)

          27. occupybacon says:

            I have the one you got our from.

          28. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Post in English please Bacon, legible English!

          29. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You don’t know enough grammar to post a legible post.

            Posting bollox as you do regularly, makes you a pussy we can all laugh at.

          30. occupybacon says:

            Yes, better laugh than cry. Are you done?

          31. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You can’t even read properly.

            I’m rightiswrong, not done, you muppet.

          32. occupybacon says:

            Very interesting, do you want to tell more about yourself?

          33. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            No, I don’t converse with Nazi cunts.

          34. Harry Smith says:

            Is the right form: “have you finished”?

          35. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            BlueinGreen never finishes, apart from the 10 hour sleep intervals, lol.

          36. Harry Smith says:

            Fluffy cookies! WronglyRight, dude, I am Russian and just wanted to understand the right form. ROFL.
            PS a really relaxing melody before the sleep. 10x a lot, pal.

          37. HiaNd says:

            cat excrement you mean?
            how do you menage to speak?
            does Putin influence your vote?

          38. occupybacon says:

            Ahh the church choir biy molested by the priest. How sweet. How dares you use Putin in the same comment with the word excrement?

          39. HiaNd says:

            you got me there you b*tch! :-)
            It is sacrilege to profanate my beloved leader …
            I must repent now….no Russian film for me this evening ..that is my punishment !

          40. occupybacon says:

            Sorry why you didn’t say you’re retarded from the start. I wouldn’t mess with you.

          41. HiaNd says:

            I don’t tell you things cause when I do tell about anything you understand jack shit or understand it completely wrong
            see:I was talking about Russian movie and you are talking now

            about you being retarded
            how those things fit together?!

          42. occupybacon says:

            They are so bad, are good only for retards. Joking mate, go enjoy your Sunday.

          43. Lone Ranger says:

            You mean Hasbarats?
            Indeed. ;)

          44. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats a valid question…

      2. HiaNd says:

        Lone Ranger <>
        It will be a better world dont worry.
        Aside from that…
        Who said Im an American.
        Im not.
        Im Hungarian.
        Im also part jewish.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          You are only proving my point hasbarat…:)
          I think I got you guys triggered st Tel Aviv lol…

  2. johnny rotten says:

    When the fucking Yankees seriously take up arms and start slaughtering each other, what will remain in these states like Poland ruled by morons who will understand that they have bet on the wrong horse and without having a plan B? for them the future will prove to be a drama while the countries that have focused on themselves first of all will have good laughs.

    1. guest says:

      These small worthless eastern European failed states like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine are now being turned into staging pads against Russia. It is Russia adopt a more proactive defence and foreign policy and start building military alliances.

  3. lovethemapples says:

    Exciting. Permanent US troops next to Russian borders. Something is cooking, in a long run.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Yeah Im sure those few thousend trolls would last long against Russia.
      5-10mins, maybe…lolz.

      1. occupybacon says:

        That’s how long your grandmom last with every Soviet soldier in 56 until she found your grandpa.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          You are mixing up my family with yours, Im afraid…

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          Is that why you hate Russia so much?
          Was one of your ukropnazi grandmommies raped by them?
          Let it go…

          1. occupybacon says:

            I don’t hate Russia, I save her :)

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Nazis said the same in WWII before killing 35million Russians…

          3. occupybacon says:

            Jewmmunists make up lots of numbers.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Is every western and Russian historian a jewmunist as you say?
            Because they all agree on the numbers.
            Was the Holodomor also made up?
            Oh wait that wasnt because they were Ukrainians, right?
            You ukrops arent very complicated…

          5. occupybacon says:

            Jewmmunists are the jews that made the priviledged class in communism, you had it a lot better then, not like the rest of the population. It’s natural that you regret it.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            I only regret that Stalin didn’t finish off you trolls.

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Would have to deal with mossad and ukropnazi trolls pretending to be nazis…

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            The thing is you low iq soros neo-liberal hypes are far worse slaves nowadays,then communists ever were,and theres never been any communist system or factual governance in usa this century or last (period) they are reights!
            Slave of the socialist facist pigs/uniteds with ye deplorable eu-epp/lgbtq saviour!
            Your a slave of the slave of the black/white man now,congratufknations heirs:

          9. JIMI JAMES says:

            khazar/incest spawned facist/soviet traitors,see communism was in cccp for hundreds of years,i don’t but the british/cia/media cockhed bad commy theme,
            if anything Stalin were communist,not covert far reight incest sect,royalty murderous lowlife socialist neo-liberal (aka usa-demospastic/lgbtq/pharisees:
            Problem is soros trolls frame commys to let soros to rape capitalist taxes,fkn drr!

          10. JIMI JAMES says:

            7million officially declared by cccp governance/official usa ww2 archives,recently released,it’s there:https://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/043.html

            See no one got to count all the dead,far more were displaced obviously,just like they paid MI6/CIA cheapskates to lie about the cccps toll in ww2 yet history proved victors lost far fewer peoples during wars,no brainer really =1 million less!

            No different to how they pay and bribe doctors/hospitals,health ministers to lie about corona deaths,well I don’t fall for their bullsht$,rather rely on logical stats!

          11. Harry Smith says:

            “Save her”? 90% Ukrop detected. ROFL!

          12. occupybacon says:

            If that’s what it takes, whatever

      2. lovethemapples says:

        Baba Vanga approves

    2. guest says:

      US is in no position to attack Russia, even with NATO vassals, it will try more color coded CIA maidan style destabilization and other intrigues. Russia should be killing Americans in the middle east, where they are most vulnerable as Muslims hate them.

    3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

      You do realise that Norway is part of NATO, and has US troops and equipment, for decades! The Bering Straits are 80 miles from Russia to USA. NATO once had a border with the USSR from Trieste to the Arctic, and nothing was cooking, long run or otherwise.

      1. guest says:

        Norway has no land border with Russia, Finland does as well as Poland which has been the historic route for invasion.

        1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          Norway and Russia share a near 200 kilometre land border, with a further 25km sea border.
          The Germans attacked Murmansk for years through Norway. Finland was the route through which Sweden and Russia fought for, Russia eventually freeing the Finns from Swedish rule, before Lenin gave Finland independence.

          It’s all there, on an Atlas, check it out.

        2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          Did you check an Atlas yet, or don’t you have them in Trolland?

      2. lovethemapples says:

        Ok, then US troops in Poland is not a big deal. Lets ignore this news:))

        1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          You said that Russia and Norway do not have a border you moron, stick to the facts you know nothing about.

          Russia has many neighbours, just look at a map, or an Atlas which every child in a developed nation is given.

          You stupid prick trolls can’t even do a simple check.

          1. lovethemapples says:

            When did I say Norway doesn’t have border with Russia? Are you ok mate? U trippin balls. Have some Zyprexa.

          2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Glad you accept that US troop movements are no big deal then.

            You need that Zyprexa, badly.

          3. lovethemapples says:

            Well counting the number of comments on this “news” many people are trippin about this. But am glad you and I are just chilling, no worries, nothing happened. Let it be 30000 troops, no biggie.

          4. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Most of these comments are manufactured by trolls like yourself and Bacon ffs. Classic US BS, fill the pages with shite, so no one sees the US failing empire.

          5. lovethemapples says:

            joke is on you. you wrote almost as many comments as anyone else. Welcome to our troll club mate:)))

          6. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Answering Nazi pricks like you, yes.

            Club feet is more suited to you, like all Nazis the feet drags when Russia is the target.

          7. lovethemapples says:

            No one would dare to mess with Maza Rasha. And no need, Russia simply gives in itself. Like that chocolate “Russia – Generous Soul”

          8. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            The Turds will never beat the Russians you muppet, they’ve lost the last 12 wars between them, lol.

          9. lovethemapples says:

            True that. Only Caucasians can. Hence Russia is paying massively from the Federal Budget to North Caucasians not to go against them. Ironicly usually it is the subject that is supposed to pay.
            It becomes more clear when you look at a military base where 4 guys from Dagestan rule even over the officers.
            Clearly it is not the North Caucasian Republics that are subjects but other way around. As they would say in russian with caucasian accent: “[whistle] come here”.
            Maaaan, I am enjoying chatting with you so much. Write me more mate, write me more.

          10. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            Caucasians are Russians dumbo, part of the Federation.

            The Russians don’t slaughter local populations, that is a BritishUS trait. Which is why Russia has a future, while Britain and the USA await the break-up of their rotten regimes.

          11. lovethemapples says:

            Instead Russians wait for their population to siege schools theatres, old but gold. From the new stuff shoot law enforcement, high kick local teens, all in all have regular russians in their own home feel very “safe”. Have you seen a video with couple of caucasian guys in elevator, and russians hesitating to get inside with them? Hilarious!!! If you havn’t let me know ill try to find it on youtube.

    4. occupybacon says:

      I like how for every NATO soldier, Russians shit 1k bricks.

      1. HiaNd says:

        you are welcome we will kill you all …

        1. occupybacon says:

          Will die of laugh, with your funny language

          1. HiaNd says:

            you yanks shit your pants while wearing your mambo-Rambo outfits
            but Rambo was just another Hollywood moron and fiction
            don’t do anything you might regret

          2. occupybacon says:

            Since moscals are forever hungry they don’t shit at all.

          3. HiaNd says:

            they will and straight into your big, cunt like, jewish mouth

          4. Lone Ranger says:


          5. occupybacon says:

            As you say, judeo-bolsevik. You are at guilt for the 20 century famines.

          6. HiaNd says:

            Jews did it all.
            Russians are almost exterminated by revolutions, civil war and World wars.
            Without Jewish communism it would have been much much better

          7. occupybacon says:


          8. Lone Ranger says:

            Who put them in power?
            Western banksters.
            Why was there a famine in the U.S. at the same time there was one in Ukraine.
            Killing 6million Americans.
            And yet you blame Russia…
            If only Canadian education was better…

          9. occupybacon says:

            Ahh 6 million again, this number has something magic for ya ;)

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            Not my numbers.
            U.S. statistics.

          11. occupybacon says:

            Made by?

          12. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. Census Bureau…

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Mossadnazis+ukropnazis in arms…
            So cute?
            Get a room guys…

          14. occupybacon says:

            Jewcommie at it again

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            Is Hi-end here again…?

          16. occupybacon says:

            Here, here! *gibs mirror*

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            So he and I are the same person according to you..?
            Paranoid much? :)

          18. occupybacon says:

            Who, the guy who exposed you? Why would you break your own legs? First you can’t have more accounts because you are permanently active on this one. Second, people don’t care if someone makes multiple accounts.

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            He only exposed himself and you working in tandem.
            Playing good cop bad cop…

          20. occupybacon says:

            Who is the good cop?

          21. Lone Ranger says:

            He was.
            Till I exposed him trying to throw Russia and China under the bus.

          22. occupybacon says:

            Ohh, you’re so powerful bro. You saved the day. How much they owe you?

          23. Lone Ranger says:

            Was pro bono :)
            You are welcome.

          24. occupybacon says:

            It’s because China persecutes both Christians and Muslims, that’s why you like them, be honest.

          25. Lone Ranger says:

            No I like them because they
            are bankrupting Uncle Sam.:)
            To be honest the U.S. was doing that for the past 30years but worldwide…

          26. occupybacon says:

            And because China is allied with Dems, Soros, Wallstreet and the other traitors of their country. Well done Rosemberg!

          27. Lone Ranger says:

            They are allied with both Dems and Republicans.
            U.S. is still running record trade deficit with China.
            How is that possible with Trump 4 years in power.
            Let that sink in adolf…
            I doubt China would like Soros very much after Hong Kong…

          28. occupybacon says:

            China likes Soros very much, all his network is focused on Russia and say almost nothing about China. His people calls Trumptard everyone that says something bad about China.

          29. Lone Ranger says:

            How do you explain ukropnazis caught in Hong Kong on Soros payroll, destroying the city…
            Why is he in Ukraine…?
            With his NGOs?
            Thought so…

          30. occupybacon says:

            To distract the attention from China, dumbass, already told you.

          31. Lone Ranger says:

            So China is fucking up Hong Kong only to distract?
            I’m not buying that.
            Have you seen the damage these Soros fags caused there?

          32. Lone Ranger says:

            Always blame the other side with your own crimes…
            CIA protocol 101…

          33. occupybacon says:

            Who knows, maybe you are one. CIA is full of Soros boys like you

          34. Lone Ranger says:

            More like you…*

          35. Lone Ranger says:

            Talk about traitors…
            Ukropnazis destroying their own country killing their brothers and sisters …
            For whom?
            For the CIA, mossad, soros, jewish oligarchs.
            Ukrops aren’t smarter than al-cia-da or isis…whom are run by the same trash.
            Time to wake up…

          36. occupybacon says:

            Cheap bolsevik lies. Everybody knows that Russia Gate is made to distract atention from leftist American jews alliance with China communist party. And you are trolling for this alliance to instigate Russia and America christians against each other.

          37. Lone Ranger says:

            Cool Disney story…
            Is that the new Soros script…?
            Windman was an Ukrainian…
            Steel dossier?
            Made by MI6…
            Porkyshitko/Biden phone calls…?
            You are the one trolling for these trash…
            You support the wannabe toyboy nazis like Azov and sort run by them in glorious Ukropisstan…
            Better luck next time…

          38. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, that’s Soros/Rosenberg modus operandi, distract the attention from the main business and create artificial conflicts.

          39. Lone Ranger says:

            And the UK and U.S. govts are granting political asylum to these Soros fags…
            But it’s China’s fault…
            Totally logical….

          40. occupybacon says:

            Soros fags like you.

          41. Lone Ranger says:

            Like you*
            You support the same trash in Ukropisstan…

          42. Lone Ranger says:

            Maidan was Soros/CIA funded…
            Remember nuland freedom cookies…?
            Nuland Jew.
            Khomolodky Jew.
            Porkyshitko Jew.
            Zelensky Jew…
            You are only angry because I’m exposing you ziorats…
            Too bad your magic wand has no effect on me, I’m immune to the BS.

          43. Lone Ranger says:

            Only comminazis here are you and Hi end…
            Playing good cop bad cop.
            Too bad I exposed you both…

          44. occupybacon says:

            Ok Soros

          45. Lone Ranger says:

            Stop Soros*

  4. Peter Jennings says:

    The USadmin want to bring all its jobs back home but leave all their troops abroad in europe causing trouble and political quagmires. It’s clear that Germany no longer want to pay the increased tribute to the US military machine and are looking to trade with the ‘enemy’. They are not the only country who are taking steps to limit US interference, espionage, and exploitation.

    Piling troops into Poland is reminiscent of previous attempts to invade Russia. It has been tried at least twice before and has failed twice before. Perhaps the New World Order and their elitist overlords do not want a war per se, but a killing field in which to cull the herd.

  5. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Licence to rape Polish women and pillage Polish queers.

    Go USA!

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