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Poland, With NATO’s Assistance, Lost In A Simulated War Against “Eastern Enemy” In Five Days

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Poland, With NATO's Assistance, Lost In A Simulated War Against "Eastern Enemy" In Five Days

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In late January 2021, the Polish Armed Forces carried out a simulated war against an “Eastern Enemy” (spoiler: Russia).

Interestingly, the Polish Armed Forces lost, in a matter of 5 days.

The military exercises “Winter-20” ended in disaster and a complete failure. The simulation showed that after five days the war was lost and the Polish army ceased to exist, Interia reported.

The simulations included new weapons systems ordered by Poland, although not yet delivered – read here F-35 joint strike fighters and more.

The fierce defense of the east of Poland resulted in the destruction of the units there and huge losses.

According to Interia’s sources, the opponent reached the Vistula line on the fifth day of the virtual conflict. “SE” adds that on the fourth day, Warsaw was encircled.

The Chancellery of the President and the Ministry of National Defense did not want to comment on these reports, referring to the confidentiality of the exercises

According to Interia, several thousand officers took part in the military command exercises.

The simulations took into account the new weapons systems ordered by Poland – the Patriot anti-aircraft systems (which is proven to be as effective as throwing stones at the enemy aircraft); HIMARS missile artillery (which actually is pretty good) and the F-35 joint strike fighter (and its nearly 900 deficiencies).

The solutions introduced by the reform of the military command and control system, in force since the end of 2018, were also checked.

According to the report, on the fifth day of the virtual conflict, the enemy was on the Vistula line, there were fights for Warsaw, strategic ports were blocked or occupied.

Aviation and Navy ceased to exist despite NATO support. East of the Vistula, Polish units were to suffer a devastating defeat. First-line battalions lost 60 to 80 percent of their troops and equipment. The lost exercises caused general concern.

“Super Express” provided further information on the failed exercises.

Initial plans were to defend for 22 days. Meanwhile, the simulation showed that the enemy troops encircled Warsaw already on the fourth day of the exercises.

“Everything went wrong. The commanders of individual divisions were shocked, they refused to carry out some orders because they were simply incomprehensible to them,” said the source.

The staff exercise took place at the Military Academy.

Both President Andrzej Duda and the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, got to know its results, “Super Express” reported.

Andrzej Duda and Mariusz Błaszczak discussed the exercise during a joint press conference.

“The command of all levels managed to do it and it is a great recommendation for the future. All those who participated in it and who prepared it deserved a very high evaluation,” said the president.

According to the head of the Ministry of National Defense, “you need to practice to achieve perfection. It was an extremely important exercise, which in terms of scale was unparalleled in the Third Polish Republic,” he emphasized.

In connection with the case, Interia sent a number of questions to the Chancellery of the President and the Ministry of National Defense.

“Due to the nature of this type of exercise – for obvious reasons covered by the confidentiality clause – no information on their assumptions, course or results can be made available. Please accept it with understanding,” said the president’s spokesman, Marcin Skowron.

In turn, the Ministry of National Defense replied:

“We inform you that the Winter exercise itself, its course and conclusions are classified information. Any answer to your question – negative or negative is therefore impossible”.

As a result, yes, Poland lost against imaginary Russia in a simulated exercise, in the span of 5 days.

This is reminiscent of when a retired US General defeated the United States Armed Forces in a matter of minutes in a simulation with using a hypothetical enemy force that also resembled Russia.

“Mistakes” happen, it’s the leadership’s role to avoid making them in the first place.


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Russia will proclaim nation victory day

viktor ziv

and majority of Pols Liberation day


And Arkady Rotenberg will be the organiser.


Nosey outta joint seens real world infastructures are better than cia-junta

brothels,needless to point out crimeas longest bridges in all of europe?
Doesn’t matter because reality is the truth and it will get a whole lot better:

So much for cia poor underdogs,whom factually only supports bank tyrants.

So assumed the banks owes money? Get a real job,dig + earn your keep,or do something about it grow some balls rob a bank,booze shop,nuff fkn said!

You are making a bigger fool of yourselfs with lame soros self pity ideology!
Did anyone steal from yous or your homes?Biden stole 13 billion from ukr,
and this is the best yous can do live on like bidens barky doggie on a leash?
That ain’t cool,besides Poland has much greater danger than russians,
there is a massive lgbtq movement sooner or later Poland must choose!


Kissing Rotenberg arse is as gross as kissing Soros arse and kissing Putin as gross as lgbt. Regarding that Rotenberg bridge, Denmark-Sweden bridge is twice taller and is partly under sea tunel and it was way cheaper than Rotenberg bridge. Also Sweden and Denmark workers wages can’t compare with those who built the Rotenberg bridge


Russia was not present in any way in those exercises – apart from antirussian propaganda that you have contributed right now ..


Actually I’m more pro-Russian than palatial Putin and his 100 billionaire friends.


yes.. we know.. That is why you support all USA steps to destabilize Russia (and we know that USA are the biggest pro- Russians there is :), remove Putin and bring back the 90ties (which is accidentally the time, when Russian billionaires were made)..


In 2000 there were 15 billionaires, now they are 100.


In 2000 Russian GDP was 200 billions – now its 2000 billions.. Those who were in 2000 under billion have made more money.. “Money makes money” – in case you haven’t heard… But almost all of them have “earn” their capital during Jeltsin (big friend of USA) era..
Try some other “prorussian” argument :)


The Russian GDP is dirrectly proporriinal with the oil price. If you look at the two graph, they look almost identical. But the average wage raported to inflation didn’t change since 2000 https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/wage-growth


No, its not.. And it has nothing to do with arguments above.. But good troll always change focus and opens the new and new arguments..


Thanks, good trolls use facts that make weaklings act like little girls.


:)) you didnt have to admit being a troll – we already know that.. But if you wish..


I am the king of trolls.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

U.S. GDP is directly proportional to money printing and stock exchange juicing.
It’s (America’s) taxable economy can’t actually pay to run the govt budgetary needs.


Poor americans are aplying for Russian visa to go to work there.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia is very picky about who they allow in.
Unlike America.


They are getting Chinese farmers in Siberia because normal Russians don’t want to go there. It is so big they don’t have enough ppl to guard their own borders, alcohol smuglers are controlling the borders.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Certainly is big (easily twice as big a land mass as the U.S.) and let us remember here that it was the Chinese that built America’s railroads.
Drugs smugglers, human traffickers and the CIA (one and the same thing) control America’s borders now that they have gone.


Another piece of whataboutism, yeah Russia stinks but USA too. I don’t care about any of them but what is considered white trash in USA, in Russia is middle class.

Dick Von Dast'Ard



No,your more pro cia which makes you a liar!


I’m pro Rotenberg and Abramovich.


Follow the money,there’s hope,follow the democrats forget it,go to france!
Here you know it’s abit fkd,I want brahmos missiles,i will sleep much better!

India’s defence minister Rajnath SinghBCCL
India is ready to supply various weapons systems, including missiles and electronic warfare systems, to countries in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday. Delivering his keynote address at the IOR Defence Ministers’ Conclave here, he said organising a conclave of countries in the IOR on the margins of the international event “Aero India-2021” shows the importance India attaches to the vision of common growth and stability, and constructive engagements with them.

“Our efforts are to synergise the resources and efforts in the Indian Ocean, including, defence Industry industrial cooperation amongst participating countries,” Singh said.

Many of the IOR countries are becoming globally competitive and are developing new technologies, including defence shipyards for design and shipbuilding, which can be jointly harnessed through regional cooperation efforts, the Minister said.


That’s very good for India. They should ally with Australia and Japan.

catalin zt

Fascist anglo-saxon scum…they don’t need to be payed, they just do it because the monkeys doesn’t know different….

Jihadi Colin

That sounds like the “pro Russians” who cheered the early 90s when old ladies were rooting in dustbins in Moscow for food as “freedom “.


It may happen again if the oil drops below 30. They didn’t make a competitive industry that can sell finite products on the international market. The exports are comparable to USSR’s.

Jihadi Colin

Keep hoping. Hope is good, it keeps you fuzzy and warm.


All I hope is to live enough to see how hard will be ass licked the next Russian dictator while worms who licked Putin all their lives will throw shit at their ex idol. Russian traditions…

Jihadi Colin

Keep hoping and fantasising.
It keeps you fuzzy and warm.


Like Rotenberg’s bed?

Ivan Grozny

But, but … the Poles lost anyway!

johnny rotten

Funny, Poles always lose, both when they fight real wars and when they fight for fun, well in fact the Poles can do nothing but pretend to fight, and now that they have become an AngloZionist colony they think that someone else will fight for them, besides being incapable and corrupt, they are also stupid and gullible.

Lost Empire

They haven’t yet understood that in case of war against Russia they are the cannon fodder ))


come on – poles can’t find their way out of a wet paper bag, no way so how could they even think they would win a pretend war set up by themselves. what a larf!!!!!

cechas vodobenikov

they required a simulation for this?


Exactly my thoughts.


Yes, to see if their delusion would be confirmed by a war stimulation.

Assad must stay


Jihadi Colin

Pretty much what I wanted to ask.

Hasbara Hunter

Any Conventional war with “Russia” will probably turn Nuclear within five days anyway….

The Devil seats in USraHell…want Armageddon? get Armageddon! Remember that….


Its no surprise.. I remember German general of some army intelligence service saying on TV, that Ukraine would lost to Russia in 2 days (in 2014/2015)..
But of course, Russia would gain absolutely nothing by capturing Poland – unless in all out war and that would not be conventional.. So it is just another round of antirussian propaganda – similar to regular 10 minutes of hate in Orwell 1984..

Peter Moy

Quick! Quick! Quick! Request an increase to the military budget of 10,000 % or ask for free stuff from Uncle Shmuel in Washington, DC. The US Senate will fast track this while millions of Americans are unemployed, will be evicted from their homes or can’t even afford food.

Jihadi Colin

And immediately demand permanent deployment of ten divisions of Amerikastani troops at Fort Trump Bidet to protect Poland from this terrible threat of Russinvasion!


“Poland lost against imaginary Russia in a simulated exercise, in the span of 5 days”

I seriously doubt that Russia would need more than ONE day….

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yes Belarus would wipe the floor with them.


Don’t know if anyone has followed or has opinions of Myanmar events, but in “memesphere” there has been already predictions of a Nato invasion.comment image
comment image

Tommy Jensen

Myanmar is a good place to penetrate and settle down as a constant stick to China and Russia.
I would recommend it to take over global democracy for freedom.

Tommy Jensen

With 9 other European countries like Poland we have 10 x 5 days = 50 days.
That mean we in US have good time to wait and see vulnerabilities and how its works out, before we get in.


Why do you presume the first attack would come from the east and why would there be any interest in “capturing territory” at all?
Poland is one of, if not the strongest EU country with no others coming anywhere close. All the Baltic countries are just one self-administered prisoner-of-war camps for assets that Nato has chosen to place there, which can be destroyed at will over time.

Joakim Normen

He is a troll, spamming all articles

Tudor Miron

Tommy uses sarcasm. That’s his way of doing it but some think that he is serious. He is not.

Tommy Jensen

Its planned that way. We have been through it two times. We know the recipe.

Tudor Miron

Lol! Good one Tommy.

Lost Empire

Maybe you in America will have one hour before the first Sarmat and Poseidon wipe off US

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Kaliningrad deployed Iskander forces would destroy NATO airbases and command post, taking their air power out of action, on the ground quickly developed bulges attacked and destroyed by advancing Russian armored and mechanized forces, NATO brigades in the Baltic states neutralized within 72 hours, …….there would be nothing west of Vistula to stop the Russians, except some enhanced armored brigade.

Peter Moy

Was this imaginary enemy the Moscow Police Department? Just wondering. It’s still bad news for the Poles. If the Poles expect countries like France and Britain to help them, just remember what happened in 1939. As they say in US ghettos: you just can’t fix stupid.


comment image


I think many NATO-cucks have this delusion of grandeur when it comes to Russia, believing the latter to be backwards, simple.minded and no match for their ‘invincible’ US overlords.

This attitude seems from the Soviet (and immediate post-Soviet) era and is painfully outdated and misguided. They don’t actually realize just how badly outgunned they are by Russia if a war ever were to happen.

Luckily Russia has no actual desire to conquer Poland, which the Poles and Americans refuse to understand. What would Russia gain except an expensive occupation?


But wouldn’t the fact that their military ran a wargame which ends in their swift defeat suggest THEY DO REALIZE they are outgunned. That’s…logic. Now perhaps if they had WON their “simulation” it would indicate that they are ignorant of the force balance, right. I mean — assuming you know what you are talking about.


No I was referring to the fact that they seemed surprised by their simulated defeat.


But presumably Poles PROGRAMMED the simulation so some of them couldn’t have been all THAT surprised. Before you pounce on something take a moment longer to ask some questions. Why would any self respecting military publicize this? Well, to send a mission to those who do NOT realize it or are not acting in an appropriate fashion to the information. So that might be who? Polish politicians? Germany? Joe Biden? NATO!


They publish it on behalf of defence companies so the government will buy more weapons.

mike hutchings

Russia is always discounted by the nations that she smashes flat….they are utterly ruthless, when it comes to killing…..don’t forget that….


Can Russia’s Mi-28NM ‘Night Hunter’ Hunt Down US’ Most-Advanced Apache Helicopters?

Russia has reportedly equipped its Mi-28NM ‘Night Hunter’ helicopters with heat-seeking missiles that can take down a wide range of enemy aircraft, including the US’ most advanced attack helicopter, AH-64 ‘Apache’.
……the country’s military has armed its newest attack helicopter with R-74M air-to-air guided missiles.comment image?quality=60

Tommy Jensen
Hind Abyad

What a Stupid insulting post pfffttt…

Jihadi Colin

There was the US Navy exercise in which an Iranian gunboat nanny swarmed and wiped out America’s fleet in the Persian Gulf. The navy then changed the rules of the exercise to prevent any outcome other yacc an Amerikastani victory. As far as I know the admiral in charge of the “Iranian” side in the exercise resigned in protest.


Running alone, and getting the second place.
Polack stupidity is eclipsed only by their pindo masters’ one.

Lost Empire

So much? I thought maximum 3 days.

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