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Poland, Lithuania And Romania Sign Open Letter Calling For New Elections And Market Liberalization In Belarus

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Poland, Lithuania And Romania Sign Open Letter Calling For New Elections And Market Liberalization In Belarus

As the Western campaign to force regime change on Belarus falters, politicians are altering their strategy and offering inducements to citizens of the strategically located country. The presidents of Lithuania, Poland and Romania have announced that they will ask European Union leaders at a summit later this week to offer a support package for Belarus if the country holds another election under the supervision of observors from the EU and the US.

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Romania signed an open letter which they released on Monday, reiterating their support for the “people of Belarus in building a democratic path, via democratically elected state leadership, a free civil society, market economy and the rule of law”.

The proposed package would include favourable trade conditions with the EU, visa-free travel and support in negotiations to join the World Trade Organization, according to a statement from the three presidents to the EU.

While Poland and Lithuania have long been vocal and enthusiastic supporters of pro-West and anti-Russia (and now anti-Belarus) campaigns and initiatives, this is the first time Romania’s political leadership has added its voice to the chorus. LINK

It seems that economic regime change is just as important as political regime change, as the statement also calls for financial assistance to be offered for economic reforms, and to diversify the energy sector and transition towards a liberal economy according to media reports.

The people of Belarus might not find the offer very appealing if they examine the results of such reforms in Ukraine and other central and eastern European countries.

Moreover, the support would only be offered after “new, democratic elections” with international observers in the country, the Lithuanian president’s office told Reuters.

“If Belarus citizens decide to undergo political and economic reforms in the country, to establish independent institutions to defend human rights and freedom of speech – we will help with our knowledge and experience”, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said in a statement.

Last week Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, said Poland wants the European Union to offer Belarus financial assistance of at least 1 billion euros ($1.18 billion) as part of a ‘Marshal plan’ to rebuild the country.

Belarus has been at the centre of international and domestic intrigues following a presidential election last month that President Alexander Lukashenko claims to have won by a landslide, while the opposition says the electoral process was rigged. Neighbouring countries have been organising propaganda campaigns and hosting military exercises, and Belarus has responded with similar measures.

The EU has said it intends to impose sanctions on Minsk for alleged election fraud and human rights abuses but has not yet done so.

EU political leaders will likely discuss the matter when they meet in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to discuss the single market, industrial policy and digital transformation, the coronavirus pandemic, and foreign relations. LINK



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johnny rotten

Of course, because the €U would be democratic according to them, wait for it to stop giving money and it will be these countries that will curse the €U.

Simon Ndiritu

They can hold elections in their countries and liberalize their markets as much as they want.

Jens Holm

Thank You.


They already did !
They are famous neo-liberal shit holes and the biggest US stooges in Europe.
That’s why they sing the song of their Master from US, who told them to make pressure on Belarus.
If Lukhashenko was wiser and have learned lesson from Janukovich nothing of this would have happened !
He is the root of all these problems.
He was supporting Belarus (ultra) nationalists to keep independence from Russia like Janukovich did .
Now he is in the similar problems, with slightly different scenario than in Ukraine

Jens Holm

You forget USSR collapsed them and not fx EU and USA as well as Nato.

Thats where the respinsability is lacking. I dont expect democrasy but hope fpr they find their own way, which at least is supported by a parlament with 51%.

And yes, there are robbers in west too. Of course its a big change for the farmers being used to small poor fields and horses suddenly has to learn to druve cars and 40 times pr hektar.

Thats why Duda lost.

And thats where the danish poles came in for working many generations ago. And since then hardly nothing has happend there. My friends has see Galicia as well as driving down to Zakopane.

Ro much has not changed since WW2.

Rhodium 10

EU and USA are collapsing…Brexit, BLM&Antifa riots, looters,rejection of the inmigrants and the liberal globalist system, Yellow vest, financial speculation, homeless…are symptoms of impending disease!…many EU countries sustain the political system thanks to foreign inmigrants who vote globalist ideology( for example in France)…


The west is collapsing since Marx and Engels

Rhodium 10

But I havent seen such number of homeless, house occupants and people asking for food…


They had great depression, much worse than now, then they won the war.

Jens Holm

Its a relative. Empires was lost too, but it was a good regaining for us. USA became an Empire. Russia thought they were.

Rhodium 10

What war?..WW2 vs NAZIS?…they were defeated in Russia..80% of German army


Indeed, with food and ammo sent by USA. At the end of the war USA had a war industry that could wipe the floor with the Soviet army.

Jens Holm

Facts are Russia has collapsed and we so far has not.

Its eveil talk You hope we will collpase and be like You. TYhat will never happen in my ifetime even if I went to be 150 years old.

We can decline because we are high above sollapse is most important things. Thats different. Less steak here and there. A smaller car. Vacation not as expensive as it used to be – but still a longer and better life with the standards we have now and some not so expensive improvements too.

Producing Our own electricity and heating cheeper and cleaner is one of them. It makes us live longer and better too.

Rhodium 10

USA will have majority of latin-Hispanic and Black African population in medium term…it means clashes!


Those freeloaders collapsed the USSR, not the other way around!!

You should know that the countries mentioned were utterly destroyed during the war. They had nothing! The soviets ( with the few goods they had, because the USSR suffered a lot too ) helped them put bread on their tables.

As a thank you, they spit the USSR in the face in 1991!

Ishyrion Av

I think you are wrong on this. USSR took even the factories from Poland and Romania in the early time after the second war, because the machines where much more advanced than USSR had. Food came from Poland and Romania to USSR, by brute force, not the other way around.
Let’s stick to to reality and admit the Bolsheviks were naked devils (jews, by the way, 90% of them in the higher ranks!)


Soviets robbed and raped everything that walked in two legs after ww2.

Raptar Driver

You are a liar my parents came from a country that was liberated by Soviet troops. They brought peace and prosperity they took nothing other than what the locals gave them. Liberation is costly don’t you think?


That means soviets installed them in higher pisition, they became part of the opression system and were spying their neighbours for the political police, that makes you a son of a leech :)

Raptar Driver

Really, did you have to go full retard? My parents were from Yugoslavia, we made the Soviets go home and we’re independent. What the F. are you talking about brah?


Are you Serbian?

Raptar Driver



Then it’s normal for you to be anti-NATO since they bombed your country and even to call Soviets liberators since they didn’t destroyed your countey. As for the most if the East Europeans it was the opposite.

Raptar Driver

Tell me what eastern European countries were destroyed by the Soviet’s?
You are all liberated from the Nazi war machine which destroyed your countries as it retreated.
What is normal for me is the truth.


It’s a honest question or you asking just to reply to yourself?

Ishyrion Av

You are joking, right? Soviets didn’t “liberate” anyone, they occupied everyone. They moved native populations in Siberia and replaced them with foreign population (foreign by history, culture and religion). This is how they seeded today’s wars: Ukraine vs. Russia (and in the next future Ukraine vs. Poland, Hungary and Romania as well), Armenia vs. Azerbaijan, etc.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly thats highly incorrect. They also took a lot and jailed and deported millions too.

The relative poornes in Comecon and the old Warshaw pact mainly is made by USSR itself.

Jens Holm

Thats history falsification of the worst kind. Even Stalin was offered Marshall help but denied.

You say Germany and the rest of Europe was not bombed to nothing because Russia didnt do it because You dont know and had no heavy airplanes for it???

Who defeated Japan and even throw 2 a-bombs.

The big USSR mistake was before that, where Stalin alost destroyed the whole very advanced Sovjet Armies and by that let many million Russians and others die for nothing because they were nothing.

The Nazis any time could have been stopped many 100 kilometers from Moscow by that.

And dont blame USA for that. USA – as in WW1 did everything to be isolated neutral non armed in a Chamberlein mode.

You here also forget WW3 started in 1939 and not in summer of 1941 two years after that and Germans did a systematic plundering, where they could.

And of course You here forget You made it possible for the Nazis to get their military capabilities by selling them Iron, steel, coal, nikel and all kinds of food.

You of course also deny what You did to the Baltics Poland, Finland and partly the Balkans.

Very biased adding from You but well done. Its the propaganda version. You not even has tryed to see why even Russians has removed Stalin to somewhere else.

Hitler should have been stopped.

Icarus Tanović


Damien C

Another choreographed staement from cheap puppet states to generate column inches in western newspapers and thus the usual follow up in the radio and TV stations.
Just another pressure piece in the hope of maintaining momentum in their coup attempt and there’s nothing like a bribe to sway simple minds

Jens Holm

Another propagandalf from Damien C.

Its no coup attempt if people there actually are 51% or more. And true – here in west we do change Our Goverment by the prlament of its not doing well.

Lukashenkos are not doing well and havnt done that ffor years. The first 2 years was fine to accept. The has less chaos.

Damien C

Okay Jens answer me this

This peoples protest who feel their country has been stolen from a false election result.
These people so disgusted … so angry … so determined
even with all the propaganda and support from all the anti Russian countries and media that border Belarus

Out of 5 million votes cast which they claim to have got 60%-70% of the vote can only get tens of thousands out on protest. they held several mass rallies and the combined total was 100,000 not even close to millions is it?

Jens Holm

Thats not 10.000s but severak 100.000s and You almost only see Minsk. People are demonstrating in other towns even its true Minsk is the big one.

10.000 are You blind or worse. I think worse.

Its demonstration to tell a point and not Moses leaving Egypt.

Jens Holm

Demonstraters here are not single voters as crowds with hand up but often representatives for many many.

You should look at who is no there at all. Those are the ones supporting Lukashenko.


B U L L S H I T ! !

51% and they can ( at max ) put hundreds of thousands of people? In a country with a population of 8 million

go to school and read about the French revolution!! that one was a __REAL__ revolution

Jens Holm

Those people dont want any revolution but a normal Goverment change by their parlamant and some very needed reforms.

It seemes You not even get Belarus alost is in collpase and being helped both by Russian and EU.

You are mesmericed by Putin and Lukashenko.

You also dont get what EU and Nato says about it…

Belarus has no value for us unless we ant to make a Russian museum for old eqïpment as well as oppinions. And its full of Russians forced to live there too.

No thank You. Normal relations is fine.


Yeah, because the EU and US are so very good. Uber democratic ( yes yes, you vote they rule ) and very very rich. My country has a GDP for the year at -25%!!

This is what the globalists have done to the west. And this what EU and NATO want for Belarus and other countries. They want to loot them. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are seriously delusional if you think that western rulers are good people and work for the well being of their people.

Normal relations? Belarusians are rus descendants, just like russian. They want to have normal relation with their neighboor. That is all. Also, what museum are you talking about? Russia has been outsourcing dozens of industries to Belarus in the last 20 years.

The problem with Belarus is the same with Ukraine. They have let US-payed mercenaries in the their power structure. Press for a starter. And security services.

Oh, where is the ukrainian gold?

Jens Holm

Many of us are very good compared to other system.Thats my point. And we are able to make changes by deciding as countries even we also are higly dependent fx in EU, Western Economics and Nato.

Its a mystery You cant see we wish the almost collapsed cpuntries at least are able to copy our good parts and regain. Should Belarus copy Russia or for that matter Ukraine.

And yes we are open for that. As Russia we try to help them to change them to the better and by normal trade relations.

The last thinbg is Belarus has npthing we dont have apart from radioactrvity from Tjernobil and a lot of semi-russians.

Your version of socalled outsoiurcing is very incorrect and the reason for the USSR collapse. The reasons are so many and You even deny to understand any of them even they are told in différent well described models for decades and You could copy that.

You have no educated people for it – the middle class. You have no infrastructure for it in production and logistics as well. And the respnsabilities are in the the wrong places or none, because You dont take them out in trust because You thinkthey are not to be trusted, because You are not Yourself.

Its exact the same for most muslim countries, where women cant go anywhere they wish beacuse the men are raised to make them into their own fault. And who says so. Well brothers and sons whch probatly do the same to womens themself if the oppertunity is there.

Robert Ferrin

Yep we change every four years dump the shit out for the new one and its the same old policy all over again!!!!

Jens Holm

You can say that. We have made relative good systems and therefore a lot is “keep” – and pay for it and use it.

But wew do make vital changes because things grow old, we try to repair and regain too.

Right now we fx debate about a police reform because the ctiminals are getting moore and more advanced and we dont have enough “advanced people” in the police.

Its about IT safety and we are one of the most digitalized cuntries in the world – but to much is not safe. Its also about transmitting billions of black money through banks supported by corruption.

We do get too many weapins in from Eastern Europe and we has to keep Our gangs down better.

Thongs like that are very complicated because its about the police and fx the taxsystem also might know too much abput us, which is non of Our business.

So You are right, but its easier to rund a complicated country if a lot is doing well and are kept in shape.


It must be very demoralising for the HasbaraTroll to be allocated a ‘forum’ to sabotage when they know they are just going to get down-voted again and again and again. Wonder if the HasbaraTrolls get paid per post to show up?

Jens Holm

I just tell You that this forum is not representatives for most of the rest of the world.

..And so funny You even assume, I am demotalised by that.

And I dont smoke and eat hashes as well.


You underestimate the enemy and that is never good idea.

But it is just the way majority here likes to hear.


cheap puppet states

Yep! Which of the Baltic States had a ‘leader elected’ that had only been in the country for 2 months and could hardly speak the language after spending 35 years in the U.$. of A..? Any takers? (It could have been 25 years in the U.$. before being ‘parachuted in to ‘win the election”.


I hope the Belarus government have closed all the borders and closed down the Embassies of those prostitute Countries like Poland and thrown the Diplomats out.

Jens Holm

Their point is You and no one else should decide the Belarus destiny.


The people who live there should do that, but they should not go running to the EU and other foreign governments,also there is a red line,any Belarus Government bringing in Nato can’t be tolerated.

Icarus Tanović

Man, this is hilariously funny. And why do you answer to this kinda Dane, it may be false or Zionist. Don’t bother with him, his arguments are all bull, that we have seen and it is bull.

Jens Holm

They should be able to decide themself as they did before. No Russians, no Nazis.

They always will be dependent as a small region or state but they have to decide themself and themself seeemes not to be Lukashenko.

But You of course prefare no change or hard violence, where Putin save the leftovers for the Bolshevic collapse.

Jens Holm

Thats totally crap.

You just bring in Russia and Lukashenko propaganda too.

Nato is not involved in this and EU has supported Lukashenko for several years just as Putin has.

And You say normal trade with good old neigbors which by history even has been in the same country for many countries is too much interfiering.

The red and white flag is for the first real parlamentarisme by the regained Pilsutski Poland and not some random uprise by west.

Many many was deported west. Many poles lived in Belarus of today. Many germans was deported to the new Germany.

…And in went Russian forced to it by Stalin. And I of course has not forgotten the many Jews there as well as many before that emmigrated to USA (and few to Palestine).

You dont see the Sovjet Neocoloniaslime in maps and in stupidity moved evenry thing west as well as it makes sense to be connected better to the non collapse west…

comment image comment image


I do not think they did.
The bigger problem is why is Lukhashenko so paranoid and doesn’t let Russians in since Belarus KGB is not up to the task
It is obvious even to the blind with these prolonged protests that does not stop and with publishing the names and personal info of Belarus police.
That is very serious security breach.
Lukhashenko should let in Russian FSB and some specialized anti riot units.
No point of him sticking to the power because Russia will replace him sooner or later when these protests are over.
He has played his game badly and has lost.
Russia supports him only because they don’t have other choice for the moment.


As Jens said, Putin hopes to finish NS2. It’s on hold until Belarus is resolved.


I do not read Jens comments.
Do you have link to confirm that info Bacon?
I do not see why those 2 things would be directly related.


It’s obvious, dude. Once NS2 is canceled Russia takes over either Belarus, Donbas or something else. It’s a cat and mouse play.


I don’t know about that Bacon.
Russia would invade Belarus in the case of any kind of conflict or attempt of NATO military invasion.
And if they invade Donbass they will invade all South East of Ukraine also.
And all that only if NATO troupes invade Ukraine from the west and WW3 is knocking on the Russian door.
First conflicts would be fought in Belarus, Baltic’s and Ukraine and not in Russia proper.
Russia would not let NATO invade Russian territory by simply counter-attacking them.


Russia can take over these two hot points without official military invasion. They already have their people that can make things happen. When USA invaded Iraq, some American politicians that opposed the war, predicted next move of Russia will be in Georgia. Seemed very unrelated back then. A wild guess I’m going to give is if USA starts war in Iran, Armenia will invade Azerbaijan :)


OK, maybe I am missing something, maybe you are right.
I do not pretend to know everything.
It really takes insider who knows what is happening exactly to know all those things.
Georgia has turned completely anti-Russian with Saakashwilli and Russians knew that.
I do not know Lukhashenko’s and Putin’s plans.


Me neither

Tudor Miron

This bacon thingy is of the same gang as Jens Holm. Spreading lies and anti Russian hysteria.


Not any longer Miron. Maybe his account is hacked or he is on drugs but this Bacon is different from the one I know in the past.

Tudor Miron

It may be that they fired one troll for his dumbness and hired even dumber one?



Jens Holm

They hired You…

Jens Holm

We have no hysteria. You say.

It seemes You only read Your own propaganda.

Concrete Mike

And what the fuck will a billion euros do to help? Most of it will go to the criminals’s pockets, just look at ukraine, once you let the orcs in, your fucked!


They want to divide Belarus society and turn the people against each other.
Bribe is the best way to do it, a lure.
If things go bad in Belarus it will be good for EU since things are not good in EU at all !
But many in Belarus do not know that.

Captain Freedom

We already saw how “market liberalization” worked out in Poland, Romania and Lithuania… Theres no surprise if Belarus isn’t exactly tempted by that “offer”…

Jens Holm

All 3 has a better GDP pr capitata then Russia and estonia and latvia as well.

You seemes to forget the Russian Neocolonialistic plundering is no more and gives a plus.

Captain Freedom

neocolonialistic my ass… those countries also have a higher GDP per capita than the People’s Republic of China, just shows how meaningless your BS is.


cooked numbers aren’t good

you should know that the EU ratified a law 5-6 years ago ( don’t remember the exact year ) that makes it possible for EU countries to add “estimates” of illegal profits to their GDP

so you can cook up a number, saying that your mafia makes big profits and inflate the number

but, why ( if Russia is so weak ) Russian debt is at 12%, while EU countries is in the 2-3 digits??


Poland is the best of the bunch but for reason.
Poland has arrived in EU early pushed by Vatican (pope John Paul II) in the days long before any crisis… So EU was loaded with lots of (money) subsidies.
And they ALL went to Poland!
Statistically Poland is by far in front of any other EU country in the quantity of money they have received from EU, not counting investments.
So their standard of living is relatively elevated (even though huge majority of working force has left Poland to work on the West)

Jens Holm

You are right. But Poland also is the buggest country, so it should be no´surprice.

You firget ti add many completly new jobs are added in Poland and by that has an income ´succes. You also has to add the incommers from nearbye actually contribute to keep old stuff still going and those send money to Lituania, Belarus and Ukraine.

37 mio

Captain Freedom

well to be fair I think that Poland has a brighter future ahead than Germany. There are still many Poles there, but the times where they (and us russians) had to clean toilets or do other dirty hard work are long gone. They actually started returning to Poland, now that their children acquired more money and better education.
No surprise their standard will be elevated since their country isn’t full of LGBTQROFLMAO insanity and millions of rapefugees, and I remember the germans complaining about all the money going to Poland… yeah often times we’re angry at the polaks but at least they keep their traditions, I respect that.

dino baldassari

sorry, but here in belgium they still are cleaning toilets, collecting fruits, and driving lorries for not the normal wage. Besides that, they are kept sleeping in warehouses like animals all together. And this in 2020. Talking about 2nd rate EU citizens. And yet, they have to tempt the Belarusians with all this crap ? Better that the germans or french came with these promises, just to make it a bit more credible.


“well to be fair I think that Poland has a brighter future ahead than Germany”
I do not !

I believe that every success must be merited if not it comes back to haunt you. And I don’t think that Polish success was product of merit but of papal help and many lucky coincidences.
And Polish hot air in everything they do is my best proof.

This Poland…
This would be regional power in between 2 much bigger powers and their obsession to mark their importance and annoy both neighbors as much as they possibly can as some sort of vindictive “revenge” is huge sign of their immaturity and total incapacity to know their own LIMITS.
And their right place above all.
On day they will run out of luck and they might regret dearly some of their acts and decision.
Just like they did in the past already.
Germany will pass through difficult transition period but Germany be all right and Poland will never be a match to Germany once Germany gets into her element.
The only problem of Germany is her dark side that is not visible for quite some time already.
That is my 2 cents.

Robert Ferrin

Yep and all that free money is soon to run out, and all they can do is lick the U.S. ass and hope they will make up some of it.!!!

Jens Holm

Its not free money and they will not run out. Which part of mars are You from.

There is a startpacket, which is big. Its like fixing a car, which hardly can drive.

After that Poland still will get a lot of money but has been changed, so it can produce better and keep the higher living standard and improve it to.

Poland is like everybody else. We pay inabout 1% of Our tax pr capita o something. So if You has 55.000 dollars You pay in 550 dollars. If You have 15.000 dollars, You pay in 150.000 dollars.

Then its decided what all those money are for and it can be used almost to anything, which makes sense for local, regional and contry level – and a little part also outised EU.

So You tell, You hardly know anything about it and even add lies to it. As long as a country or a region is in the low end, it will be given much more, then i pays in.

And a important thing in that also is, that those money – the big package running out – and the help the next many years has to be added a lot more in investments creating jobs and income.

Thats the whole idea. And You dont get it.

You kind of describe it as corruption money or a gift for free. Its not. Its about equalizing EU in a methodic way to remove at least most of the pooret a level up.

But we are also different, so we have add that as a minus or a plus by decidings in the countries.

I have written it several times right here. When Poles and others can work anywhere they want many from the poorest parts, which often has many unimployed too , sudden has a well paid job compared with a low paid or unimplyment. They dont leave – some do – but most of them send a lot of money home and now can efford a better house, a car and better hospital and health care.

EU has upper plans for other things too. Its a must all in their own way has to produce electricity and heat with less smoke, less noise and cleaner. Here is extra given for much more effective collective heating systems, windfarms and changing, what used for street light.

Actually its a very old traditionPoles and USA are and were friends. Poland has a diapora in USA and in WW2 many poles was figting against the germans too from west. They escaped both Germans and Russians.

And in Your qwuagmire thinking You do forget, that USA move some of their troops east because Nato has new membes there. Paland probatly is a little less expensive then Germany.

But You ofcourse want them to go more west. Si what about France or the Bahamas:


To “hold another election under the supervision of observers from the EU and the US.” Now that was funny! Who, in their right mind, would accept such a moronic proposal? Yeah, I can just imagine Lukashenko accepting the proposal done by countries that constantly push propaganda against them and to make matters worse, having the EU and the US supervising it? Might as well just quit right away as it will clearly be truly fixed if that happens.

Now, I’m not saying that Lukashenko won the election fair and square. Maybe he did, maybe not! The main point here is why the fck are other countries trying to get another election ongoing? Oh right…because Belarus is pro Russia….that’s all!

I find it appalling to have some European countries dispute an election outside their own country and even worse, having the EU stating that they will bring up sanctions for ‘alleged’ election fraud…without a shred of evidence to support their claim. Will they do the same in countries in Africa? How about in South America? Election fraud seems to happen all the time in those two continents and yet, not a single word. Why? Because most are happening to push in a pro US or western politician. When it’s not happening, then a coup is put in place by the US in South America or France in Africa. Hypocrites? You betcha!

Jens Holm

You give the answer Yourself. Why doint Lukashenko makes a free election.

Those people in the streets and the many which are not are not 20%.

And Yes it is allowed to propose things from others and also to help with solutions. You forget the base is none normal trust Lukashenko not even counted votes.

Some neutral might do it. At each table, where You vote a Russian and an EU could be there as controllers.

In Denmark we several political parties. When the votes are counted one from each party is there no matter seize, so they can control each other.

AND YES MIKE. EU has its demands for support and European Human Right are written into the Constitutions for the new members, so elections can be held with hardfly no cheeting.

So we know how. You dont have to go to Africa or the pinquins to know that. And we also give much less help to some countries in fx Africa id they dont follow that. We only send food and medicl care.

So the small extra sanctions for or against Putin and Lukashenka is the normal attitude.


Who says that the Belarus election was not free or fair? Better yet, where’s the proof?

The people in the streets means nothing as there are always people losing in elections and clearly, they were part of those people. Furthermore, a few thousands people here and there vs a population of 9.5 million is laughable.

The trust for the Belarusian president by outsiders means nothing as well. The same goes for those who lost their elections. What about those who actually won the elections? Do they matter? Clearly not! Enough with the fucking propaganda and bring proof to the table. It’s that simple.

You never bring in those who actually push for a new election to supervise everything. That’s moronic at best. Furthermore, it’s up to the country to decide who would be invited to look over an election if it ever happens. You do what’s best for your country…not just to please stupid European bureaucrats who think they have power over others.

Is Belarus part of the EU? If not, why would the EU’s constitution matter in any way shape or form with regard to Belarusians?

Any sanctions pushed by the EU onto a non EU member for something that they cannot even bring proof to the table, is ludicrous at best. It’s only a small group of anti-Russia politicians that continues to spread the hate. Nothing more!

Again, fcking hypocrites!


Want prove? Dictators never organise fair elections. Lukasenko was too long in power.


That’s your proof? You will need to work harder at your excuses.


Sorry Sir Mike, I forgot my excuse to you, oops I found it. I left it in your mom’s butt.


WOW, you truly are dumb!

Kishan Chali

Well nobody outside the EU believes that the US and the EU will help hold fair elections either. They’re hell bent on removing the pro-Russian Head of State and making it another military base for them with a corrupt and failed system


Currently they are a Russian military base with ni fair elections, what could be worse?

Tudor Miron

This two gey rights fighters (Jensy and Bacon) are not about proof. They are about spreading lies. But they are pathetic at that. :)


Clearly, they have an agenda but most people will see them for what they are.

Jens Holm

I am trlling facts and oppinions and refer to what I know and see.

I even bring maps for that the worries from Poland and Lituania is based on Great Pokand regained after WW1 using that red and white flag.

I bring a language map.I bring Russians has been imported to Belarus toi

I bring a map for moved borders as well as I bring very verified facts Stallin and Co imported many 1000s of Russians into there for industrialisation.

Those all are facts – which I conclude on.

Of course Poland and Liruania wish Belarus well andwant to help them some. Here You of course actually forget, that Poland are giving many Bellarussians jobs.

Kishan Chali

Please give links to your so-called proof without just saying that you found evidence.

Russians’ have been in Belarus for a long time now. There were people proved that in comments of some other posts. You can’t deny the fact that Belarus people speak Russian, so you come up with this story of imported Russians LMAO

//Of course Poland and Liruania wish Belarus well andwant to help them some. Here You of course actually forget, that Poland are giving many Bellarussians jobs.//

The same applies for the Poles and for many Europeans too. People move to other countries in search of jobs. That doesn’t mean that their countries are bad.
You’re going around spreading fake propaganda. Nothing more.

Jens Holm

It woild be nice with a proof for the Belarussia elections has been free,


You don’t seem to understand simple logic. It’s up to the protestors and stupid European bought and paid for politicians to prove that it was not free and fair as they are the ones making accusations.

If I accuse you of a crime, I need to bring proof to the table. If I cannot, I am just pushing propaganda to destroy your reputation.

Jens Holm

Not at all. Its up to a fair election to show that. Lukashenko never did get 80% of the votes.

And according to Our laws here thats the most criminal act You can make and are after a short trial removed for years.

Its alsmost the same for false signatures.

That part is gone. I dont think we are stupid Europeans. We are doing a lot of things right. We have not collapsed and has a high livingstandard and live many years more then Your belowed ones too.

Proof is impossible as long as all parts of the election is controlled by one institution.

At Our elections all political parties by members are controllers controlling each other to avoid any cheating and all the way to the final result is made.

Even the direct counting by TV and computers are controlled.


Ok…how would Belarus prove that they had a fair and free election? By the way, they don’t have to prove anything to anyone but if they had to, how would they proceed?

Are you aware that the ODIHR refused to monitor the 2020 elections? It’s the first time since 2001…why? They claimed that they did not receive a “timely invitation” hence refused to monitor the elections. How interesting in a year of an election where there’s a pro EU and USA politician available. They monitored all elections since 2001 except for this last one. Interesting!

Lastly, I never stated that all Europeans were stupid. Clearly, you also have serious reading comprehension issues. I wrote: “stupid European bought and paid for politicians”…not quite the same, is it?


Then you could answer another question. Why the US and some puppets in the EU talk about the “dictator Putin”, when russian elections are open to international inspection?

In fact, if you go on the OSCE website, you can read the reports. And __NEVER__ they have said that russian elections have been manipulated.

So you have your answer. The US and their puppets will not be satisfied until they install a puppet government in Belarus. Look at the democratic Ukraine, where opposition politicians and journalists are imprisoned or killed on the streets. How democratic!!!


That’s why democratic countries have only 2 mandates.


You mean like: The United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, etc, ? Oh wait, seems like they are all with no term limits.

I guess you were wrong.


Most of these countries are monarchies lel


Clearly you are not very smart. No biggie!


We do not have a real democracy in Australia. 4 of our last ‘Prime Ministers’ were ‘allocated to us’ by the powers that be WITHOUT our consent or express permission. Our ‘current leader’ is UNELECTED and WON’T win an election without massive electoral rigging and fraud. Everyone hates ‘ScoMo’ (Scott Morrison).


All US Neocolonial Empire are run on the same way thanks Ashkenazi medias,
with CIA/Mossad profiling compromised high Officials, Supreme Court Justice and
Politicians. One hand wash the other making corruption and misdemeanour safe !

The only difference in-between Switzerland and the Philippines
is the sophistication level, but the Narcissism, nuisance potential, and thief
temper profile is the same !
Switzerland roads are billiards, RP roads repairs are under progress,
maybe at similar inflated cost … !

Gun-Totting, killings, tortures, holdup, hostages in RP is the US Colonial
Damaged Culture idiosyncrasy inexistant in Switzerland !
Manufacturing “Failed States”
by Edward S. Herman

The United States has mastered the art of undermining its targets by fomenting domestic terrorism, and then laying the responsibility on them for the crimes sponsored by Washington itself. This method affords it the possibility both to justify military intervention and to carry it out without risk. The well-oiled scheme described here by Edward S. Herman is now being applied in Syria.




I realize that Australia has its shares of issues (like most countries) but according to your constitution, there’s no term limits for elected Prime Ministers which was my main point.

By the way, I truly enjoy watching “The Juice Media” videos. Those guys are great.

Jens Holm

Of course Australia has democrasy. You can find several versions. The point is if You can remove a Goverment by free elections. It does not matter if You have chosen to do it inddirect by memebers of the oparlament and several other systems.

You are in a system where all are protected by the same constitution no matter which Governess, there are too.

The Goverment fx cant convict You to jail. They can arrest You as well using new made paragraphs.

Jens Holm

Minus only say they dont like You and anuthing You write by that is wrong.

Jens Holm

Its very easy. Any here can be elected apart from a few very hard criminals.

And if they are elected to the parlament they can never be removed or replaced unless its proven they have done hard crime (from against all written un the constitution).

So even Nazis and commuinists can be elected but are not. They cant tell they are kept down and we dont know their bad ideas well.

…And the rest is same thing, which includes Our local parlaments like the one just reoved and jailed west of Vladivostok.

Th Parlamentarisme is highly manipulated by Putin and his oligarcs decide who can be elected. In tis best its nepotisme.

Robert Ferrin

Save the EU and the human rights bullshit for just look at Serbia or the Ukraine and add in Libya Syria and a few others will give you a clear picture of just how much the west or EU give a shit about human rights as they destroyed countries for their own benefits.!!!!

Jens Holm

Actually most of it is decided as a direction for the whole world by UN.

It makes no sense to refer to what others do and fx say I am innocent I only killed 1 and not 5.

I have exact the same attitude to that stuff for all and inside Denmark too.

Your version of destroying countries for own benefits” is a relative. And You are partly right. I blame those small and big mistakes too.

But You assume I dont as if You are one big paranoia.

I have written many times for ME that I would prefare there was a fence west of Istanbull and thats it. Oil out and food in and to fairtprices.

No more from there to here. We anytime prefare mexicans from Trump and anybody else.

Kishan Chali

//Actually most of it is decided as a direction for the whole world by UN.//

And the whole world is witnessing the consequences of that murderous intervention. And the most evil about that was that all wanted was to rob Libya of her oil resources

Only a hypocrite could justify intervening in a country like that and murdering thousands of civilians

Jens Holm

I just refer and maight add others, but I not more then 100 nations…

Kishan Chali

Don’t spread lies. Protesters are not 20% the population. Poland’s Nexta tv channel fabricated photos with photoshop. There weren’t more than few thousand protesters.

Jens Holm

If so, they were all in jail.

Mnay has made a lot of videos about it – Poland – haha.


Why not, Russia can come as observer too.


Why? I explained why already!


Poland pushing for Polish expansionism and creation of “Greater Poland” region of influence and reducing Russian influence to ZERO on the Western border.
And all that on top of everything, with EU tax payers money of course !
Since they already have habit that EU pays all their plans and ambitions from the first day they have arrived in EU !
Their plans always go 100% in synchronicity with US and Vatican !

Jens Holm

Very biased version. Those parts actually was a part of the regained Great Poland until the Bolsjevics and Hitler took it by force.

After WW2 USSR moved the polish borders west and deported all poles mainly from Belarus as well as many German was deported west to Germany of today.

And the West also included – as in Ukraine – that 1000s of Russian indocttinates was forced to settle and industrialize.

So they are cousins. The Belarus Red and white flag is the 1919 own flag for Poland, which defeated the Bolsjevics, so the Rusains as the only ines lost WW1 three times.

I and many in EU are greatfull to regain Eastern Europe as it was before the Tzar and Bolsjvic expansions and their collapases. And if You dont live here its not Your tax money as well.

Belarus has to find its own connections with us and we have been kind to Lukashenko just as Putin has.

And whats wrong with paying to poor people. Isnt it socialisme. But the other things is forgotten – just as in venezuela and Maduro – we mainly invest in production there, so they can have a higher income by themselves and they do learn well even there – as exåected also are downs.

Whats the matter with You. They should join something they are attracted to. Iss it strange they do prefare Nato for safety. I dont think so. We have neutralized the Nazis as well as it goes and made germany into a Federation and connected it well with the rest of us and the other way around.


And the europeans took America by force from the native americans! So?

Jens Holm

And now I should defend America???

If You look at terrain Russia and those old states actually lost millions and millions of inhabitants, so there should be space for the rest even they were born with longer arms.


But after the secession war, the next elections in Florida were rigged too.

Rhodium 10

I remember when EU offered to Ukraine money and investments….6 years after..Ukraine is not a EU member….oligarchy linked to politics have sold lands and dissolved Industries..many Ukrainians work as a cheap labour picking appels in Poland…women seek dating with singles foreign men to leave Ukraine…while NATO use his airspace and sea coast to targeting Russia…Ukraine once again seeks fees through Russian gas transit to pay government officials.

Jens Holm

I am sure Ukraine was and are much worse for possible god changes then any expected.

But I also see the big trade about it and look anround. There came new countries and most of them are doing better or even much better. The Russian collpase could have been much worse for them.

I also see the ballistics against Europe was not used as hostage against us, so we have some obligations there even its a strasnge choise between neo communist and almost fascist, where none of them should run anything.

I will remind You that Russia is not where Russia once was. They have to retreat to their own turf too. I see the same kind of Stuff for the Leader of UK right now. Inside he is stile Rule Britannia”, which is long time ago and ended just after WW2. Those Commenwealt friends simply are not there anymore or are only a little more the friendly symbols.

It seemes very difficult to remove those oligarcies and they more or less was there even before the collapse and a reason for it according all its infections.

We cant kill them. They are in other countries too but most of them are kept down.

So if You has any good soultions or advices, You should send them.

I several times has proposed the 100% russian corners should be voted back to Russia. I think that would stop the fightings at least there.

But not even a comment.

Denamrk has succes with it after WW1. After the Germans lost WW1 we voted a new border following the language border instead of taking all we had until 1964. That made good relations and maybee even Hitler treating us nicer then we were:)

We liked Germany a lot but not Hitler.

carlo cozzarin

Even if 975,000 other people went out on the street, another 9 million disagree with them and their loved masters
If they don’t like the election result, where their candidate took out 10% while Lukashenko 80%, more and less as usual.
Let them go to Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine or the US
Democracy is recognizing when others win, and not doing streets riots if you lose
I’m sure Soros needs you for the next hit in America, pays well, $25, sandwiches and cookies.
Meanwhile, democrat people around the world call for a new and free election in POLAND, LITHUANIA & ROMANIA
Just after clean the press traitors…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Poland offers Belarus a billion euros to allow them to count the votes?

Why doesn’t Poland use the billion to bring the millions of Poles back home then? There’s more Baltic people living here than in their own lands ffs.

No wonder they need US troops to fill up their numbers, when their own citizens run away from their own sheet-hole.

Lone Ranger

Baltic nazis are dying out.
They have lost on avg 54% of their population since 1991.
Interestingly under “evil” Russian occupation their population was growing, now in the EU and NATO they are on the brink of extinction.
5million poles left Poland since 2004…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

A nation of 40 million, emigrating to small nations is a sure sign the homeland is sheet, lol.

Jens Holm

Those incommes were Russians and it was attractive to live there because the Russian military living standard was high as well the coastline their is very god for miliary retirements with swimming and fishing.

You also forget Russia before declined and declined in activity and it became a stand still all over and Russians makes less children the ever and even die earlier too.

Andit is true many Russians has been expised because they behved as the countries stil was Russia and they in genetics and everything else was above all especially the military once thinking they are fathers and mothers for all they have defated.

Lone Ranger

Disney called, they want you back…
Too bad with your theory that the remainig 50% still has around 40% ethnic Russian population.

Lone Ranger

Its baltic nazis ehom are behaving like nazis not Russians.

Jens Holm

EU has a free market for Laubor and all can go where the jobs and money is. All v¨culd go to Poland if there were jobs and the pay was well for them. Those working outside are sending a lot of money home.

So Your proposel bringing people home is barking madness. Poles are home in the whole EU as long as they have jobs. They also can stay if they have unimpyment benenfits or won money.

Poles has no reasons to go home inless they are paid better. Instead it creates jobs for the citicens in the countries nearby because they are even lower paid in thei country and many not even has a job,

Poles dont run away. Its a vry normal thing all over the world people are working, where there are jobs. They cant work, where there are no jobs.

Millions and millions do that everyday Nato troopers is not much but of course better then none.

If You think Poles live in shitholes, You should blame Russians for that non-devellopment as well as some poles has been allowed to reamin in the bad old days.

Some few


“Why doesn’t Poland use the billion to bring the millions of Poles back”
Because they are part of liberal Pyramid game.

Poles work on the West as cheap workforce just like Ukrainians work in Poland as cheap workforce.
The point is to support structure of the system and rob others underneath you who are poorer than you. That is the name of the game. And every newcomer has to pass through that system and be exploited. To get in position to exploit others one day the same way.

Jens Holm

Robbing the poor having no jobs makes no sense. Those poor and many very very unimployment already living as poor as possible are given low paid jobs, and they get an income instead of none.

In some matters its true the Poles are a cheep workforce but by that we by education also can upgrade the rest of us to better paid jobs, which give more production.

We have incommers here, because we have lack of hands and brains. Last time I checked just before the Corona we had an unimplyed with less then 6% and most of those 6% actually are people in limbo change for a new job.

So we have(for the corona) lack of hands. Therefore poles and others dont steel jobs but only keep the saleries in their parts down, so we dont get inflation.

According to god estimates in 1918 we needed 66.000 extra persons to do the vacent jobs. Its is true temporary incommers sometimes is not treated as well as they should – in pay too. But we dont tak the money. Its the local dirty ones in their own countries. We do work both ways with the police there and onlt catch some of them. Thats where the working ones are not paid – not here. And Denmark dont get the taz which is the important thing in this trade.

Lone Ranger

CIA colonies are crying and raging to get their daily bone from Sugardaddy Pimpeo Harkonnen…
How cute ?


Defections are never a problem. They are even positive in way…

Those who change the side secretly and decide to rest to work against the Belarus are by far the biggest problem.

Jens Holm

Well as I see it Lukashenkos should resign. They seemes not to represent Belarus well.

And if they do, they can come back at the next election. Thats what we do here.

Jens Holm

I take that article as a kind of taking the temperature. Its a kind of proposel and a possible way to go. So far not more then that.

Icarus Tanović

Who? Poland, Lithuahahahahaha, they must be joking.

Ishyrion Av

All three guilty governments are vassals and ass licking of US. I doubt the three countries populations gives a s..t of who is leading Belarus.


Lukhashenko opened up a can of worms inviting the US/EU into Belarus and has discovered that there is a price to pay, he should have known better. Belarus intelligence should round up the leaders, instigators of the unrest and the self appointed opposition government and have them committed to trial, also get rid of foreign NGOs and media.


Simple and right to the point.
Are they all up to the task ?
Because things does not develop the way they should.


Belarus as is Syria are a lost cause; once the West gets their teeth in they are set and virtually impossible to dislodge. Belarus made a major mistake and by being too concerned over global opinion as Venezuela is they will eventually lose the fight. N. Korea survived not because of Chinese support but because they refuse to integrate or associate with the West.


You tend to exaggerate in other direction, while majority tends to underestimate problem (don’t know why) you go into opposite direction.
Why is Syria “lost”?
It can’t be restored into what it was quickly and easily…. but lost….you have gone way too far!
Also for Belarus if Lukhashenko continues to block Russia to help Belarus (to prevent Russian replacement of him) situation can become critical even catastrophic.
But it is still far from that and he might really ask Russians to help finally.
So it is not over yet.

Jim Allen

Lukhashenko has already gone to Russia, and reaffirmed Belarus commitments to the Federation, rejecting the overtures and the IMF offer of a loan. This is old news Lukhashenko, and Putin met in Sochi last week to finalize the details.
Russia has had forces in Belarus all along as they’re stationed there. Additional forces standing by at Lukhashenko’s request months ago, to deal with anything that got out of hand.
This is just more of same old US Government continuing its attempts to destabilize Belarus like it does in other countries it can’t get traction in.
You guys are going on about shit that’s already settled.


OK…maybe, we will see after all…
I know that they agreed but I didn’t know that anything was implemented and that there are Russian units already in Belarus.
I didn’t simply see any news on that subject yet.
I do not say that I am absolutely right because I do not follow every news published coming out every day..


“Russia has had forces in Belarus all along as they’re stationed there.”
Do you have any link that confirms that please ?

Robert Ferrin

What they mean is they want a free market system so they can privatize it which means loot and steal everything not tied down, and then walk off with it like the rest of the small countries over there that are seeing all the young and educated leaving for some other country, leaving the old and those on a pension to bleed what little is left.!!!

Cheryl Brandon

US,s misguided human missiles and, their nonsense.

Raptar Driver

Damn polacks, Always playing in the mud. Didn’t world war 2 teach you anything idiots?

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan colonies that pay a few agitators in Minsk, CIA money to pay for their pelmeni and pivo


It’s not Romania but the Romanian president. The Romanians are hardly aware of this declaration.


A “support package” for Belarus?, dont make me laugh they cant even support their own citizens never mind Belarus.


we will help with our knowledge and experience”, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said in a statement.

Is this the same Lithuania that ‘denies its ethnic Russian residents citizenship status and access to the E.U? Funny that isn’t it.


Ah Romania, a slave of the EU since the coup d’etat of 1989

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