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Poland Goes Wild With Historical Revisionism Attempts


Poland Goes Wild With Historical Revisionism Attempts

The barracks of the former death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland. Click to see full-size image

On January 23rd, Israel organized the Holocaust remembrance ceremony, to commemorate 75 years since the Nazi death camp Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops.

Delegations of 49 countries are attending the main event at the Yad Vashem memorial complex to remember the Holocaust and express commitment to fighting anti-Semitism going forward.

Offended by the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to speak at the ceremony and he was not, Polish President Andrzej Duda refused to attend. Poland is making its own commemoration on January 27th and he will speak there. Poland is also actively attempting to revise history and its attempts appear to be ramping up over time.

The current Polish government refuses to give the Soviet Union any credit for liberating Auschwitz, or Poland. It, instead, insists that their country was a purely innocent victim of Nazis and Soviets in equal measure.

Duda’s Law and Justice (PiS) party even lobbied the EU to declare this as a historical fact in a parliamentary resolution – to the fury of Moscow, which considers this to be spitting on the graves of almost 27 million Soviet citizens who died in the war against Hitler’s regime, and some 600,000 soldiers who perished to liberate Poland in particular.

This is quite evident in an opinion piece by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki published on Politico. It is titled “Moscow’s Holocaust revisionism,” despite the actual article having little to do with anything as dramatic as this.

But it is a loud title, aimed at gathering views and setting up an attitude even before reading the contents. Holocaust denial is a well-known stigma, and any such claims turn the individual, or state, an outcast in mainstream media.

Morawiecki brushes away the role that the Soviet Union played in the victory over Nazism, and even claims that it was a “a facilitator of Nazi Germany and a perpetrator of crimes of its own.” And that was going on, according to the Polish PM, before and after the liberation of Auschwitz.

He repeated a claim that Poland had been making for a while now, the tragic period of history in Western Europe came to an end when in 1945 Nazi Germany was defeated. But he says it wasn’t the case for many Eastern and Central European countries.

“Soviet occupation, which was to last for another 45 years, cost millions of lives and robbed Poland and Central Europe of their independence and chance for normal economic development.

During its occupation, the Soviet regime also peddled a distorted version of history and World War II, which claimed the USSR “liberated” Europe from Nazism and ignored Moscow’s real role in the conflict.”

According to him, Russia is attempting to revision history, as it publicly recalls that Poland and other European countries cooperated with Adolf Hitler.

“In reality, it was the alliance between Nazi Germany and the USSR in 1939 that paved the way for the start of World War II. The Third Reich would not have been able to rebuild German military capability without the Soviet supply of natural resources and military cooperation. It would not have been able to defeat Poland and France so easily, nor would it have had so much freedom in preparing the devastating machinery of the Holocaust.”

Morawiecki, then, accused the Soviet Union for, in a way, collaborating with Nazi Germany and that the Soviet troops could have liberated Auschwitz half a year earlier.

“In the summer of 1944, the Soviet army stood 200 kilometers from Auschwitz, but the offensive was halted, allowing the Germans time to retreat and organize death marches until January 1945. Rescuing Jews was never a priority for Stalin and the Red Army.”

Furthermore, he said collaboration with the Nazis may have taken place, but that doesn’t mean Poland, or any other European countries enjoyed it. Morawiecki claims they did it out of necessity and because they were forced to do it.

“Despite the potential for severe punishment, Poles created Żegota, an underground organization to help Jews under German occupation. The Polish government in exile in London tried with all its might to tell the world the truth about the inconceivable evil of the Holocaust, whose symbol remains the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. In Poland, collaborating with the Germans or denouncing Jews in hiding was punished with the death sentence by the Home Army, the underground army of the Polish state. And these sentences were regularly carried out.”

In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the following:

“This is another criminal attempt to re-write the history of World War II,” she wrote on Facebook, stating Morawiecki had committed a form of “suicide” with the article, killing “the human within him.”

“Lies and manipulation have become loyal collaborators for Polish politicians discussing the themes of World War II.”

Zakharova further said that Morawiecki’s argument was a “terrible lie,” saying he ignored “dozens of monographs and scientific works based on documents and evidence of witnesses who recorded the feat of Soviet soldiers in history.”




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  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Revisionism?! Do you guys know chimneys of Auschwitz were built after the war was over? That’s why Israel adamantly refuses to recognize East Anatolian Armenian deportations as a genocide. If you start to recognize fake ones, yours would be under suspicion, too.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its all rather amusing.

      The more the Holocaust fable is desperately promoted to the uninterested and uninformed around the globe, the greater number of people who can sense that the ‘Fantasical history’ promoted by the Zionists in particular, makes NO logical sense at all.

      There is much to read and look at about the subject.

      The following is just a start for those who are interested.


    • <>

      Yeah Turk, you are good at genocides. Israel’s total wars are about 100K dead for all sides, you killed 1.5M Armenians in 2 years. Germany atleast admits it, you still deny it to this day.

      • David Parker

        There was no Jewish holocaust. 80,000,000 people of all races were killed in the WWII fighting of which 400,000 or so were identifiable Jews who died in forced labot – NOT death – camps. The Germans kept records and the Red Cross was active in the Third Reich and kept records as well. It is not as if every record was destroyed. The Nazis were not committing genocide and so did not hide anything. They were very surprised to be accused of genocide and were deprived of all legal defense in the Nuremberg show trials.
        I am surprised that after all these years people still believe that only the poor innocent Jews suffered in WWII.

        • <>

          Do you expect me to give a Holocaust denier like you a serious answer? don’t bother.

          • David Parker

            You don’t have a serious answer. Serious people examined all the LABOR camps and discovered the holohoax, the gift that keeps on giving to “Israel”. Ten million dollars per day get siphoned from the American taxpayer to the Israeli regime. Kennedy was murdered by MOSSAD because he opposed the Israeli nuclear weapons development. I wonder where the trillions missing from the US defense budget went? How convenient that all the papers stored in the World Trade Center were destroyed as well as all the military accountants tracking down where the money went on 9/11/2001.

          • David Parker

            You won’t know history until it bites you.

  • <>

    Regarding the Holocaust issue, we stand with Russia against the Polish attempt to say they are hands clean of the genocide. They actively helped the Nazis, they were not just the victims. But it is still nothing compared to what the Croats had done to the Jews and Serbs, google Ustashe. There are many stories of Holocaust survivors here in Israel about how the Polish people told the Nazis where the Jews hide and also served in the Death Camps willingly. Poland should shut up, you can’t rewrite History.

    • Concrete Mike

      You forgotnthe ukrainian banderists, why?

      Dont want to step on the toes of the current ukronazi regime?

      How peculiar?
      I think i know why but i will let you explain.

      • <>

        The topic is about Poland, but Ukraine also killed many Jews and worked with the Nazis. The difference is Ukraine doesn’t try to change the History so that’s why I didn’t write them down.

        • Harry Smith

          Are you sure that Ukraine doesn’t try to change the history?

        • Concrete Mike

          The topic is revisionnism also, not just poland.

          Banderists are just as bad a ustashe, except banderist now run the show in ukraine.

          If you would be serious about combatting real anti semitism, ukraine should be ennemy number 1. Instead they are hailed as heros and treated as allies.

          Either that, or all the anti semitic hullabaloo is a fucking joke.

        • David Parker

          80,000,000 some people were killed in WWII. Of that number, about 400,000 Jews died in the forced labor, not death, camps. None were gassed. That entire story is a hoax, the gift that keeps on giving in the form of foreign aid to the poor persecuted Jews who are actually behind every major war and all mass murders. Hitler could have taken notes from Lenin and Stalin as their Jewish henchmen murdered some 60,000,000 Russians in their quest to build the socialist workers paradise. The Jews have a hidden agenda – kill all the goyim in the world.

    • David Parker

      There was no Jewish genocide. For all Hitler’s talk, of the 80,000,000 some odd people who were killed in WWII, the Nazi camps were forced labor, not death camps. Red Cross and German records show a grand total of about 400,000 Jews died of disease and starvation and NONE were gassed. Gassing is about the most inefficient way possible to kill lots of Jews. The Soviets demonstrated that marching the victims in front of open graves and gunning them down is very efficient.

  • JoeAlpha

    Poor Poland. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany no longer exist! Just admit openly that today your hatred for Russia is greater than your hatred for Germany. Why? That’s because Poland today is a NATO slave who has sold his pride by licking NATO’s ass, Poland today is just like a cheap prostitute for NATO! Their brains have been washed since the Soviet collapse and their leaders have a deep hatred for Russia and are subject to western countries. I am not saying that the Soviet army was clean without any mistakes but … That land where you stand today was once filled with the bodies and blood of Soviet soldiers who died in freeing you from the clutches of the NAZI forces. The dark agents from the CIA and the Anglozionists have whispered “katyn, katyn, katyn” every day 24/7/30/365 into your head so you forgot the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers who died in freeing you! Oh, I also need to remind you that your great-grandparents have been working with NAZI/SS since the first day of the occupation! You ungrateful creature!

  • Gabriel Hollows

    The Holocaust didn’t happen, but it should have. Both Poland and Russia are playing political games to improve their public relations, nothing else.

  • Dawn

    Winston Churchill called Poland state “European Hyena”.. And for a good reason.. Anyone studying history – who ventured beyond 1.9.1939 knows, that Polish state was aggressive fascist state with land claims against ALL of its neighbors (Lithuania, Belarus,Ukraine, Czechoslovakia and even Germany itself), have attacked and stolen land from Czechoslovakia, Belarus, Ukraine and actually Poland is the reason why there was no any real alliance of superpowers made and no attempt of stopping Hitler was made – before actually Hitler have taken Poland (what a irony)..

    • David Parker

      Winston Churchill was a fraud. He exploits in the Boer War are complete fiction, but made the news and he was catapulted to fame of that basis. Churchill hated the Germans, the British could not compete with them industrially or in any other way. Churchill introduced fire bombing of cities and Hitler only then allowed firebombing of Britain. The list goes on of the treatment of Germans after the war, the relabeling of German POWs as “disarmed enemy combatants” to get around the wording of the Geneva Convention so Eisenhower could starve them to death in open fields as planned by Churchill. Churchill and Roosevelt and Eisenhower are in the same place now, eternity under the wrath of God they despised.

  • Assad must stay

    why is poland so retarded lol

  • Peter Jennings

    It all sounds like the usual zionist gibberish. Perhaps they are trying to raise more funds for their holy war against humanity.
    The WWII historical record is a crock and all who push the lies as facts are crooks.

  • agrajag

    Morawiecki is essentially right. Without Stalin /Hitler agreement there would be no WW2.
    ZEGOTA is a historic fact, just as death sentences by the AK to polish collaborators.
    There were many polish collaborators , and many more of the polish people were antisemites and still are.
    But their antisemitism was never genocidal like the German one.
    Poland didn’t capitulate, fought gallantly in El Alamein, Tobruk , Normandy, it’s fighters defended London. Not so many other nations did something like that.
    And Poland was indeed enslaved by USSR

    All of Europe was antisemitic. All of it.
    The Russians didn’t have any choice but to fight. Any hesitation was let with on spot execution by the political officers of the red army. In Stalingrad alone more than 10000 Russians have been executed by their own army. So you cannot say that they did it enthusiastically, unlike poles who did the Warsaw uprising.

    And the Nazi Germans didn’t want to liberate Russia from communism but to enslave and slowly extinguish all the Slavs.