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Poland Confirms Purchase Of Bayraktar TB2 Combat Drones From Turkey

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Poland Confirms Purchase Of Bayraktar TB2 Combat Drones From Turkey

Bayrakdar TB2 UCAV, source: ssb.gov.tr

On May 22, the Ministry of Defense of Poland announced that it would purchase 24 Bayraktar TB2 combat drones from Turkey.

“The Polish military will be equipped with modern equipment, with Bayraktar TB2 which have a striking force and have proven themselves in the wars in the east of our continent. They were also used in Africa,” the ministry said on Twitter.

The deal was also confirmed by Poland’s Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, who praised the Turkish-made drone in a statement to the Polish Press Agency, PAP.

“This is a real weapon. It proved itself in wars in the east of Europe. It was also used in the Middle East,” the minister said.

Previously, on May 19, Polish Defense Minister published a photo, showing a Bayraktar TB2 UAV model with the emblem of the Polish Air Force.

The drone deal will likely be signed next week during Poland’s President Andrzej Duda’s visit to Turkey. Poland is expected to receive its first Bayraktar TB2 next year.

This will be Turkey’s first sale of Bayraktar TB2 drones to one of its NATO allies.

Poland Confirms Purchase Of Bayraktar TB2 Combat Drones From Turkey

Click to see full-size image.

Developed by Turkey’s Baykar, the Bayraktar TB2 entered service in Turkey in 2014. Since then, the drone has been exported to Qatar, Libya, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Morocco. The drone saw action in Syria, Libya, Iraq and the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The deal is meant to boost the capabilities of the Polish military, which is lacking when it comes to unmanned aerial systems. The Bayraktar TB2 will provide reconnaissance and combat capabilities.


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john wooh

Jan III. Sobjeski of Poland is rotating in his tomb right now.

Vienna 1683…. where is the polish proud….

Last edited 11 months ago by john wooh

Overrated battle and overrated role of Sobietski, no one ever mention Eugen of Savoy. Far more important siege of Vienna was in 1529. when the Ottomans were the strongest. Ottoman empire in 1683. was already in serious decline, but Poles and their mentors always brag how they save Europe or whatever nonsense. Polish pride? They never had one. They live to serve their anglo, french and vatican masters.

The Truth

Spot on. They even fought for Turks!

“Polish Legion in Turkey

The Polish Legion in Turkey (Polish: Legion Polski w Turcji) was a military force formed in Istanbul by emigrants from Poland to fight with the Ottoman Army in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). At the beginning of the nineteenth century the unit consisted of around 20,000 troops.

It was divided into two branches: European and Asian. The European branch, with about 70 people under the command of Józef Jagmin [pl], became part of the division under Salha Pasha. On August 23, 1877, it took part in the Battle of Kizlarz, where many legionnaires died. The Asian division fought on the Caucasian front.”


and be used by them as always, against another Slavic Nations


Poles once joined french army to fight against Russia and Austria, but then Napoleon sent them all to Haiti do fight against black slaves and they all died there, entire unit. They never learn their lessons.


that exactly what i wanted to write about


how many Poles are required to screw in a lightbulb?

Lone Ranger

4 One holding the bulb, two turning the table under him, and one supervisor making sure the table is turned in the right direction…


Polska kurva

john wooh

Is here anybody from Polska here to explain this ??? what is your opinion Poles???

Fog of War

What’s there to know ? Poland has been under Zio occupation since the Berlin wall fell. Do you think the average Pole has a say in any of this ?

john wooh

Berlin wall or 1918 after WW1 with British/Rothschild help ??? or under Lech Walesa ???

Are u Polish? i didnt ask u for your Youtube knowledge about Poland.

I wanted to hear average Pole opinion, because the poles i met they tell me “we love Russia”, “we learned russian language in school” “we would never fight our slavic brothers”. Germans get more hate than Russians from them that was my experience, not Wikipedia/Youtube knowledge.

Fog of War

Are you always a condescending prick or only on here ? Either way , you already have your answer Einstein.

” because the poles i met they tell me “we love Russia”, “we learned russian language in school” “we would never fight our slavic brothers”. “

Anal shock trooper

Lol lol… that guy is really dumb with his comments…i wonder where he lived until now?+10 for you.

john wooh

another anal obsessed IQ Monster….


ahahahahaah…says the weirdo who is looking for average Polands point of view on million dollars weapon agreement in god forgotten,cursed forum.

john wooh

hey proud hindu how many times do u change ur name per day ?


Declassified info d:


you mean classified info?


Yeah, sorry I’m so dumb ahahhaahah…I change names 100 times per day I practically live here ahahaha. wait, thats not funny


that’s sad actually.


I know one, he say same thing

Lone Ranger

They are autistic slavs in denial same as ukrops.

0.005% "Jewish" doesn't make you a Jew but a Zion

“This is a real weapon. It proved itself in wars in the east of Europe. It was also used in the Middle East,” the minister said.

I hate hearing shit like that…okay Poland you are not fuking fighting in Libya, Ukraine, or Armenia – those countries are poor and are/were war-torn countries and Turk-isis copy-pasted shit drone still was fuking useless.

What is wrong young lady try harder you can take it

That’s still better record than f35, and probably way cheaper too. Also, nobody except corrupt government have any power to veto the deal, so people’s opinion doesn’t mean shit anyway.

The military already have lot of junk, and this isn’t really bad compared to some of it. Turkey is NATO country, so buying from them is fine. They don’t have noticeably worse drones than more expensive countries we can buy from.

Some John wanted to hear opinion about german and russian. In my bubble, there is solid hatred toward german leadership, and strong dislike toward russian leadership. We don’t have strong negative feelings toward actual regular people from those countries, yeah we like germans less, but the difference isn’t big.

Something that might make you angry is for sure stance toward 1945 liberation. It’s widely regarded as yet another occupation, and ANY “we were in the same block…” are sure to meet with hostile reaction.

We changed membership toward EU and NATO, but honestly we are used as a toys here to buy overpriced junk and as a source of cheaper workforce. Our leadership is hated by about 60% of poles (mostly retired, unemployed and poor are supporting the govs) and they don’t fight for our best interest. Bribed fuckers.

john wooh

Lech, thanks for your opinion, i guessed so.

Poles and Russians are mostly R1A(haplogroup), your brothers with a slightly different language. Please dont be used by our common enemies.


We don’t really have any choice when it comes to politics. There are several political movements and it looks like this: PiS: pro-USA, pro-Israel, pro-Vatican, socialists with religious twist PO: pro-German, pro-EU, centrist Lewica: pro-EU, pro-LGBT, socialists PSL: in decline, centrist with conservative twist, pro-EU Konfederacja: Anti-EU, slightly pro-USA, pro-Vatican, political right As you can note, everyone support either EU or Vatican. What are our options?

john wooh

Lets make Panslavia (Baltics(brainwashed Slavs by Swedish and German occupiers), Poland, Czech R, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belarussia, Ukraine, Russia)

Then expel all foreign bandits and homemade traitors.


Why do they call people from Po Land, Polish? Because they get down on their knees and “polish” the knobs of their Zio-American bosses. Their government has to be the most slavishy cucked in Europe right now along with the Greek government, both certified Joo boot-lickers.


With so many haters, this drone must be doing somethings right

Lone Ranger

Obsolete tech. They will probably give them to ukropnazis to be used in Donbas against soft targets

john wooh

Lone Ranger i missed u here, you are in my top 10 of the best people here.

Mig-15 > TB2 …. Messerschmitt BF-109 > TB2


over emphasis on drones slow, easily neutralized nebo-m can easily detect f35/f22….maybe iron dome can shoot them down Houthis neutralize said drones probably it was Armenian incompetence, lack of preparedness that allowed Azeri drones from Israel/turkey to create so much damage


correction–saudi drones

john wooh

Armenia has no Airforce, the SU-30SM were not used Idiots ore traitors……


Turkish drones are underperforming against SAM targets. By the time TB2 identifies the target, hover over then release the payload, the SAM already hits it. That is where Israeli Harop comes with target info from radars (if not then dummy targets as An-2) flying low and undetected. Non of those drones are a universal platform that can dominate the battlefield, but its their combination. And so far Azerbaijan is the only country in the world that uses that combination. Of course there are other factors that contributed to Armenian failure in defense, but they didn’t have much chance in the first place.

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