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Poland Calls On EU Countries To Unite To Combat ‘Russian Propaganda’


Poland has called on EU countries to establish their own agencies to deter the so-called Russian propaganda and to prevent the spread of “positive information” about Russia.

In its current shape, East StratCom group is not capable of effectively fighting misinformation, fake news and other manifestations of propaganda – at least on its own,” Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Magierowski said that at a conference in Warsaw, according to BBC.

The official expressed confidence that such agencies are necessary “not only for busting the myths but also for effective spread of positive information.”

The East StratCom Team is focused on proactive communication of EU policies and activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and Russia itself. The project was launched to challenge what the EU bureaucracy descrobes as Russia’s disinformation campaigns.

Considerng that Poland officially calls to stop spread of not only “fake” news but also “positive” information, it becomes clear that the real goal of the EU effort is to censor truthfull information and independent media.

Meawnhile, President Donald Trump’s top national security adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster described Russia and China as “revisionist powers” posing bellicose threats to the US during a speech in Washington.

He said that China and Russia “are undermining the international order and stability. They’re ignoring the sovereign rights of their neighbors and the rule of law.”

According to McMaster, Russia pioneered “new generation warfare” and employs “subversion and disinformation and propaganda using cyber tools, operating across multiple domains, that attempt to divide our communities within our nations and pit them against each other, and try to create crises of confidence.”

He added that in own turn, China is engaged in “economic aggression” and challenges a global economic order that “helped lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.”

In other words, McMaster is concerned that China’s “economic agression” challenges the economic order that forced millions of people to become victims of the economic slavery.



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