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Iraqi PMU Vows To Eliminate ISIS In Syria’s Euphrates Valley After US-backed Forces Fail To Do This

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Iraqi PMU Vows To Eliminate ISIS In Syria's Euphrates Valley After US-backed Forces Fail To Do This

Illustrative image, source: the PMU media wing

On November 4, Hashem al-Moussawi, a commander in the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), said that Iraqi forces are ready to launch a military operation against the remaining ISIS fighters inside Syria if the Iraqi and Syrian governments agree on this.

“The PMU carried out many rocket attacks inside Syria territory … it targeted key positions of ISIS and killed a number of its commanders,” the Hezbollah media wing in Syria quoted al-Moussawi as saying.

The Iraqi commanders also revealed that Iraqi security forces have prepared several emergency plans to foil any attempt by ISIS units to infiltrate Iraq’s border.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) halted its ground operation against ISIS in the middle Euphrates River Valley earlier this week after a series of setbacks. This allowed the terrorist group to recapture many positions, including a key village on the border with Iraq.

The U.S. will not likely allow Iraqi forces to launch such an attack inside Syria, especially that it views the PMU as an Iranian proxy force. Some Syrian activists even argue that the U.S. wants ISIS to maintain a foothold in Syria in order to use it as an excuse to keep its troops in the war torn country.

In August 2017, SouthFront released a documentary on the Popular Mobilization Units, their history and military capabilities:

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You think PMU cares what US says?
US forces dare to attack PMU? I doubt it.


I don’t, the US will attack anybody, including Americans, they have no moral values, they are psychopaths.


They have special forces in 149 countries, but Dunford of the Pentagon does not want to send troops to defend their southern border, lacking in basic logic.

Walking advertisements for why GMO food is bad for you.


These ISIS are US army.

Jens Holm

no rubber duck

Vince Dhimos

Although the PMU is strictly speaking, state-sponsored, it probably has a mind of its own. The US has made Iraq mistrust it thoroughly and I suspect that even in government, no one really wants the US there. If the PMU lost state support, it might be able to get support from Iran.

Rafik Chauhan

its time for SAA give PMU support to enter east euprate and get rid of isil and also same time SAA cross the river to take over haijin. this will be biggest disaster for US and ISIL.


They would use white phosphorus on the Syrians.

Zionism = EVIL

They already have in support of the headchoppers. Even Russians of the Wagner Group were attacked south of Raqqa. US is basically ISIS airforce.

Jens Holm

Do You believe that Yourself ?

Zionism = EVIL

There is no question that eventually Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq will have to unite militarily to push the US criminals and terrorist sponsors out of the region. Russia needs to get serious and liberate Idlib first.


Most puzzling that us forces cannot dent, nay, even lead to growth of isis despite 750,000.000,000 USD dod budget, once again I am flummoxed.

Bigaess Wangmane

Yeah it’s almost as if they have no interest in neutralizing terrorist groups that they’ve created, armed, trained, funded and provide logistical support to at all, but that’s just crazy talk!


Dear South Front: You keep saying “US Backed Forces,” these militias do have a umbrella name for them and it’s not a mouthful, the SDF (or the Kurds).
Unrelated, the SDF is momentarily distracted by events on the Turkish border. The US and allies would have no qualms about using our Iraqi allies to attack ISIS, but the SDF would have a problem with it. Who says that the Iraqis will leave when they’re done (effectively turning the area into an Iraqi fief), who says the Iraqis won’t use the opportunity to search Kurdish held towns for anti-Baghdad fugitives in the Kurdish camp.

Bigaess Wangmane

Who says that the Iraqis will leave when they’re done (effectively turning the area into an Iraqi fief)

Yeah, like the American, French, Turkish, British and Israeli forces that weren’t invited by the legitimate, democratically-elected President of the country at all, or is that different?


Kurdish territory is in the north along the Turkish border, even Raqqa is south of their traditional grounds. ISIS is majorly present in the south between Dier Ezzor and the Iraqi border, on the east side of the river. Where they conveniently create a buffer zone between the SAA and the oil fields, which are supposedly SDF held. Whether the SDF have a problem with it or not, it is Syrian territory not Kurdish, or American.

Jens Holm

Kurds don say its theirs at all. First You lie and then conclude they are like Your lie and blame them for it.

Bobby Twoshoes

Hell why not just call a spade a spade, YPG is exactly as easy as SDF and more honest to boot, I’m sure that’s important to a man so “objective” and “unbiased” as yourself.


Let’s not split hairs, the Kurds are Kurds.


No they’re not. There are sane Kurds and there are insane Kurds. There are Kurds that are citizens and there are the one who are traitors to the countries they live in.

Just like there are hasbarat troll who are paid and there are idiots who work for free.

Jens Holm

All Syrian Kurds are citicens of Syria. Those also did not uprise against Assads.


Irrelevant, Kurdistan is independent now.


Many of them are, many aren’t. They’re the one who fled Turkey after 2011.


So everyone who disagrees with you is either mentally disabled or a hostile agent? I honestly hope you don’t apply that mentality to your family life, if you still have one. But I will never know that because Mute!
Goodbye forever.


Your frivolous reaction itself is a proof of what he said for you.

Jens Holm

Kurds are kurds and main members in SDF by YPG and YPJ.

You keep Your spade level well.

Hisham Saber

The Iraqi PMU’s, or Hashd Al-Shaabi are essentially the main Iraqi Army. They are however being sponsored, equipped and led by Iran. The PMU’s answer to IRGC Quds Force Gen. Sulameine, who answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei. They are on very good terms with the Syrian government, and part of the forces of the axis of resistance facing down the U.S., Israel et al.


Watch out for the Isis air force, they love sneaky attacks


Syrian activists say that the US maintains ISIS in Syria? But no, but what do you say? Granted, they first sent it from Iraq, but now they transfer it to Afghanistan.

R Trojson

Just a ploy by Iranian controlled PMU. They are attempting to resupply ISIS along the Euphrates. If PMU wants to fight ISIS they will be welcomed to al-Safa. Russia-Syria-Iran has had them surrounded for months and claims to be fighting them. I pray PMU will win where Syria has absolutely failed.


Are the Douchbag that sucks’s cousin?


What dreary rubbish. The PMU actually fights ISIS in combat. Another Hasbara disinfo-troll.

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