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MAY 2021

PMU Leaders, Army Commanders Discuss Upcoming Anti-ISIS Operation At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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PMU Leaders, Army Commanders Discuss Upcoming Anti-ISIS Operation At Syrian-Iraqi Border

The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

While all eyes are on Kirkuk city and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, commanders of Iraqi forces deployed in Anbar province have held a meeting with a number of Popular Mobliziation Units (PMU) leaders.

The sides discussed the necessary coordination for the upcoming operation to liberate the Iraqi cities of Al-Qa’im and Rawa still remaining under ISIS control.

Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis a head of the PMU military operations also visited region few days ago.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Air Force has already launched a bombing campaign against ISIS in the border area with Syria.

If the army and the PMU launches a military operation to retake al-Qaim and Rawa from ISIS, the Syrain Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will gain additional options to combat ISIS on another side of the border.

PMU Leaders, Army Commanders Discuss Upcoming Anti-ISIS Operation At Syrian-Iraqi Border

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  1. Lex says:

    Time to clean out the brown faeces rotting away between Iraq and Syria. I am so pleased to see co-operation between these two nations again after so much death and misery in the region – it could lead to a more positive, modern version of an Arab republic (possibly including Egypt if they can sort out the Gaza issue). In a way, the Kurds have done a big favour by paying off/killing/whatever the ISIS in Eastern Syria – those lands can be properly transferred back to the Syrian government once the black/brown crap has been eliminated. After all, what possible reason could either Kurds or Americans have to legally remain there post-ISIS? On the whole, things are looking very good for the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian governments. The next issue, after sorting out the Kurdish situation in a way that works for everyone, will be making the Lebanese government into a proper, one-person-one-vote democracy. Time to get rid of the likes of Hariri and the other rotten crooks and sectarians over there. Then maybe the Zionists might be ready to accept a similar deal for Palestine – or not. :) As for Trump’s ridiculous ideas for Iran – after so many blustering boasts and threats against North Korea, what have we seen so far? Military drills? Seen them. Sanctions? Yawn. Tweets? Oh, no – now Kim must be terrified. I doubt the American public is prepared for the many casualties and financial catastrophe that would ensue from fighting a war against an able opponent. Besides, it doesn’t look like any regional allies would be joining in – even against Saddam’s seriously weakened Iraq there was help from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, UK, European nations, etc etc. None of them will fight Iran. Anyway, short of some demented US/Zionist “Samson” option things should get better from here.

    1. Jordan Katz says:

      What was the “Samson” option? Sounds familiar. Like the code-name for a bad idea cooked up by Israels foreign ministry…

      1. Lex says:

        It boils down to: “If I can’t win, nobody will!” *Breaks toys*

    2. Beverley Helson says:


  2. Vitex says:

    When you try to crush and disable a country – as the USA did to Iraq – you tend to raise up a nation of soldiers. The PMUs used to be a bunch of cowboys, but their abilities as soldiers are steadily improving under Iranian / Russian tuition. They’re also very motivated, and you can’t pay for that. They remember the atrocities committed against their communities. Israel did the same in Lebanon, leading directly to the formation of Hezbollah, which has some of the most able fighting men in the region. Same in Yemen. Poke the hornet’s nest, why don’t you.

    1. Wahid Algiers says:

      “…leading directly to the formation of Hezbollah…” Hezbollah followed the AMAL militia.

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