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Planning to invest in Bitcoin? Know its advantages and disadvantages

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Planning to invest in Bitcoin? Know its advantages and disadvantages

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Bitcoin is more like other high-risk investments when it comes to its practicality. The investors’ objectives can determine the decision of investing in bitcoin for investment and risk tolerance. It is important to learn the risks and drawbacks of the bitcoin network. Before you start to invest in bitcoin, you must be well aware of its benefits and detriments to make the right decision. Investors should gain knowledge on the basics and market of bitcoin before they invest in it. Additionally, an investor should only risk the specific amount by investing in bitcoin that he/she can afford to lose. If you want to know more about bitcoin, then you can read benefits of bitcoin.

There is a plethora of benefits and detriments of investing in bitcoin. The most important things that every investor must be concerned about are the protection and security of bitcoins. Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that works on a peer-to-peer system of transferring money. It is the only digital currency that is regarded as the revolutionary currency in the financial world. It was created back in 2009 by an individual or a group of individuals known under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is entirely based on a blockchain technology that is a decentralized distributed ledger that records all the transactions and makes them legitimate.

Let us now understand the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin to know more about it.

Decentralized currency

Bitcoin isn’t controlled and valued by the government or any central authority; no central bank or government can create or distribute bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created by special contributors known as bitcoin miners using high processing power computers. No third party is involved in the working of bitcoin, and no authority can freeze or demand your digital coins. Additionally, no one can steal the bitcoin network. Users aren’t required to share their confidential information while transferring or storing funds, and this can be done using two digital keys: private and public keys.

Fast transfers and inexpensive

Bitcoin transfers are fast and inexpensive as it only takes few minutes to get the transaction completed regardless of the destination or amount of money you are sending. Transferring money globally through banks was extremely difficult and expensive, but with bitcoin, the cost of transferring funds is nearly negligible. It is a global currency, and therefore, it allows users to make transfers to anyone across the other. It has no geographical limitations and works faster than banks.

Businesses and companies that trade online get the maximum benefit of fast and inexpensive transfers. They can easily send and receive bitcoins to anyone at any time and from anywhere without any restrictions. Also, you can use any payment option that is suitable for you, like bank transfer or debit/credit card.

More transparency and fewer risks of fraud

Bitcoin users benefit from great anonymity as they aren’t required to share their data when their transactions are recorded on blockchain technology. Users get complete freedom to conduct transactions anytime, and this explains the transparency bitcoin offers. Another thing is that bitcoin wallets provide complete authority to users to control their wallets and send/receive bitcoins. Also, users can use different security measures to safeguard their wallets from fraud. The blockchain technology on which the bitcoin network is built uses cryptography that provides great levels of security.


The bitcoin market is unpredictable, which means its price keeps increasing and decreasing at a fast rate. A volatile market is what every investor needs to be careful about. Even the crypto experts are unsure about the future of bitcoin, and you must study the market doing technical analysis before investing in it. Speculators are the ones that take the risk to earn profit from the volatile market of bitcoin, but the genuine investors hesitate and find the bitcoin market risky to invest in.


One of the major drawbacks of the bitcoin market is that any central bank or government doesn’t regulate it. There are different laws for cryptocurrency in every country, and those too are debatable. This is the major reason why bitcoin exchanges and wallets get hacked. Lack of regulations attracts fraudsters, and this leads to unfortunate scams and hacks.

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