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Plahotnuic’s shock therapy: Petrenko and his companions dragged by their feet along the corridors of the court building (VIDEO)

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Moldova is a small Eastern European country, which signed “The Moldova–European Union Association Agreement”. Today, notorious oligarch Plahotniuc seized power in the country. Corruption and theft of public funds have become the hallmark of the current Moldovan regime. Neither the US nor EU cannot do anything with it or do not wish. There are political repressions in the country. Several months ago ex-delegate, honorary member of PACE [Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe] Grigory Petrenko and his colleagues were detained. Untill now they are in custody without any charges brought.

Originally appeared at Moldnews, translated by Carpatho-Russian exclusively fort SouthFront

The ruling regime let loose armed special forces troops who used violence on the political prisoners of the “Petrenko Group” after expelling the press from the court’s hall.

The incident occurred in a courtroom of the Ryshkan sector on Monday, February 15, and was photographed on a mobile phone by participants in the process. An exclusive recording was published by Agency “OMEGA” .

The violent acts of the policemen also continued in the corridor of the legal institution: there the former deputy, honorary member of PACE [Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe] Grigory Petrenko and his companions, chained in handcuffs, were violently dragged out by their feet from the court building.

These unreasonably cruel actions of the special forces troops were taken and published by one of the leaders of the protest movement, journalist Vasile Nestase.

The press was blocked at this time by police in a corner of a corridor of the court building. The journalists were forbidden to record the special forces “operation”.

It must be noted that at the session which took place on Monday, February 15 in the Court of the Ryshkan sector were present representatives of the administration of embassies of the EU and the USA, and the Delegation of the European Union in Moldova.

Let us recall that a number of members and activists of the opposition party “Red Bloc”, led by the former deputy, honorary member of PACE Grigory Petrenko, are in custody since September 6, 2015 after a peaceful protest in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office against the oligarchical ruling regime.

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Adrian Florea

Correction- Moldova is Romanian territory annexed by ex-USSR after WWII


The Republic of Moldavia is an pindo colony (like Rumania proper),
currently ruled by a corrupt oligarchic regime, tolerated as long as it
obeys western interests.
A bit of history:
Current Moldova/Moldavia is formed by a part of the historical Principality of Moldavia, which was under ottoman suzerainty until the 1806-1812 Russo-Turkish war, when it was ceded (without any rights) by the ottoman empire to the russian one, and annexed by the latter, aka as Bessarabia (post 1812), and Transnistria.
The region known as Bugeac/Budjak, which was part of the territory known as Bessarabia (also including the Danube Delta, part of northern Dobrogea/Dobrudja) before 1812, was also included in the post-1812 Bessarabia.
After the Crimean War, from 1856 the SW part of the Bugeac/Budjak region got part of the Principality of Moldavia, and after 1859 of Rumania (after the Principalities of Tara Rumaneasca/Valahia, and Moldova/Moldavia united).
After the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish war (aka Independence War in Rumania), the Russian Empire annexed northern Dobrogea/Dobrudja, later exchanged with Rumania (Kingdom after 1881) for the Bugeac/Budjak at the Berlin peace talks.
In 1913, after the 2nd Balkan War, the Rumanian Kingdom annexed Southern Dobrogea/Dobrudja (Cadrilater) from Bulgaria.
After the 1st WW, the Rumanian Kindom annexed Basarabia/Bessarabia, Bucovina/Bukovina, and Transilvania/Transylvania getting to it’s largest size, known as Romania Mare/Greater Rumania.
During the 2nd WW, in 1940, the USSR re-annexed Bessarabia, the Herța region, and Northern Bukovina, Hungary NW Transylvania, and Bulgaria Southern Dobrogea/Dobrudja. The Moldavian SSR was formed by part of the annexed Bessarabia, and part of Moldavian Autonomous SSR, created in 1924 in Ukraininan SSR, currently known as Transnistria. Northern Bucovina/Bukovina, the Herța region, and the Bugeac/Budjak were included in the Ukraininan SSR.
After the invasion of the USSR by the axis powers, and the Rumanian Kingdom, the MSSR territory returned temporarily to Rumania, until the end of WW2. The only territory recovered after WW2 was NW Transylvania.
Invata istorie Adriane!

Adrian Florea

Ha Ha …a reply manufactured to please the crowd by a guy who is not daring to show his face commonly known in romanian language as “postac”…Moldova has a history that other “modern” states would beg to have it and it goes into the pre historic age same as that of today Romania blending in with the Thracian roots and most important WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE and that is ROMANIAN -yes romanian is The Official Language in Moldova my dear “postac” friend and there is nothing you can do about it ..oh yeah – you should go and do some more reading.But today is common practice everywhere to confuse and distort history…current events…and everything else in the name of information/disinformation war.


Instead of laughing like an idiot, and reciting platitudes, one would
expect a reply based on historical facts, correcting any errors on my
part. By your attitude you’re just insulting the readers’ intelligence.
To demonstrate that your initial affirmation is incorrect:
The USSR annexed the territory of current Moldavia (excepting Transnistria, which never was part of Rumania) in _1940_, after the rumanian government ceded it, following the soviet ultimatum, by the soviet-rumanian agreement of june 28th 1940.
Part of Bessarabia (except Northern Bukovina, the Herța region, and the Budjak, which were integrated into the UkrSSR) toghether with part of the MASSR (current Transnistria) were included in the newly formed MSSR.
After operation Munich, the territory was freed from soviet occupation, and was put under rumanian military administration (also the region between Dniester, and Bug) until the soviet military conquered it again in 1944. The Paris Peace Treaties of 1947 reconfirmed the border from 1940. The USSR couldn’t “annex” after WW2 a territory which it already annexed in 1940, by agreement with Tatarescu’s government.
What about the rumanian territories currently under ukrainian occupation?

George Alexandru Azaru

Dude, there is no Southern Moldova, Bessarabia, Budjak, Gagauzia, or other made up territories. There is historical Moldova, Moldova of Stephen the Great. Also, there is no Northern Bukovina or Southern Bukovina, is just the historical Moldova. The fact that minorities constituted the majorities on the fringes of the principality does no give the right to secession. In the historical Moldova, Romanians constitute the majority. The fact that more powerful state took territories does not mean that this was rightful.

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