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PKK Supporters Vandalize Gate Of Turkmen Graveyard In Iraq’s Kirkuk (Photos)

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Late on June 20, alleged supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) vandalized the gate of the Turkmen graveyard in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

According to several Iraqi sources, the Turkmen and Iraqi flags were both ripped off the graveyard’s main gate sign by the vandals.

At the same time, three flags of the PKK were raised by unknown individuals at the three key bridges of Kirkuk city, al-Tis’in, Qasab Khanah and Arafah.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front condemned these acts, calling to Iraqi authorities to find and arrest the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

“These actions target all components of the city of Kirkuk and try to tamper with public security and stability,” a statement by the front reads.

Kurdish Peshmerga took over Kirkuk during the war on ISIS. In October of 2017, the Iraqi military recaptured the city by force. The authorities of the Kurdistan Region Government were removed from the city and replaced by federal forces of the central government.

The vandalizing of the graveyard led to a backlash among Turkmen in Kirkuk as well as in Turkey. Ankara, which is now conducting an operation against the PKK in Kurdistan, could use the incident as a pretext to expand its influence to the city that neighbors large oil fields.


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cechas vodobenikov

the turkeys will be consumed with ISIS gravy shortly. their covid infected nation is in economic and cultural crisis, riven with unemployment a contracting economy—in the past week they have detained 8 journalists for revealing the true prevalence of covid in turkeyistan….their lira hs declined in value by 14% in the pasf month—their national treasury consists of 2 kilos of baklava…they threaten Israel, Libya, Greece, Egypt, Syria—but not Iran, Russia
soon their Byzantine dreams will reduce to ottoman nightmares

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