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JUNE 2021

PKK Rebels Shot Down Turkish UAV (Video)

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A Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

PKK Rebels Shot Down Turkish UAV (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Gerilla TV

A video, showing an unidentified-type unmanned aerial vehicle of the Turkish army that was shot down on July 17, was published online by rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on Sunday.

According to the rebels, the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles were hit with heavy weapons in the area Martyr Rüstem in Zap region on July 17. The rebels also noted that were two UAV, one of them was shot down, while another one was damaged.

However, the Turkish government denies this information.

The third phase of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict between the Turkish government and various Kurdish insurgent groups started in late July 2015, after a failed two and a half year long peace process, whose purpose was settlement of the long-standing conflict.

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I know Turkey bough like 40 drones from Israel about 7 years back. Two types. A bunch medium sized, and then others large size.
I wonder if this is more Zionist tools being used against the people.
Just goes to show just how Zionist Turkey really is. Notice the backstabbing they do, and they talk with a forked tong.

Great white

Bogus report, The photographed drone has no resemblance with any UAVs in Turkish Army’s inventory. However by look of it it seems a mock up version of some early Heron drones.

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