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JUNE 2023

PKK Militants Actively Operate In Germany – Turkish Media

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According to the Turkish state news agency, Germany does nothing to fight against PKK militants, operating against Turkish citizens on the country’s territory.

PKK Militants Actively Operate In Germany - Turkish Media

PPK demonstrators at a rally in Dusseldorf in October (Photo: DPA)

Germany does not conduct a serious fight against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) despite terrorist attacks on Turkish citizens, the Turkish Anadolu state news agency reported, calling the PKK a terrorist organization.

According to the news agency, last year, PKK abetters carried out 42 attacks against Turkish organizations and mosques in Germany, as a result of which 19 Turkish citizens suffered. As a result of these attacks, carried out with usage of firearms, bladed weapons and explosives, 26 buildings and vehicles were damaged.

Anadolu noted that 38 criminal cases were initiated against PKK accomplices in Germany, but results of the most part of them are unknown. Some 29 PKK terrorists were detained in connection with the attacks. Most of them were released, and only five were arrested.

The news agency stressed that despite the fact that activities of the PKK in Germany was banned in 1993, the terrorist organization continues its propaganda on the territory of the country under the guise of cultural activities and through various subsidiaries.

According to Anadolu, PKK supporters collect money from German population and recruit new militants into their ranks.

As the news agency reported, citing a report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV), there are more than 14,000 of PKK militants and their supporters in the country.

According to the German intelligence, PKK supporters annually collect 13 million euros from German population.

PKK Militants Actively Operate In Germany - Turkish Media

Photo: Anadolu

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Daniel Castro

Good, europe might need them in the incoming wahabi terrorist war on european soil.

Jens Holm

Seems like the author dont know much about germany . Im 100% sure that several or even many attacks has accured, but they are proven mainly done by german neonazies.

And Turks had closed 20 satelite TV and radiostations as well as closed all Gülen Schools. People which are in opposition up to the dictator elction cant even see their falilies in Turkey.

Its no suprice with many PKK supporters outside Turkey. I dont know why 14.000 are the number of them in Germany, but compared to Turks as a whole and Kurds there its no many. German itself has about 80 million inhabitants.

gfsdyughjgd .

Erdogans Germany and Netherlands critism and insults have fail now his agendas are trying to instigate Germans against Kurdish resistance group which were created to defend Kurdish people against Turkish oppression.


Who the fuck cares what the papers or TV- and/or radio stations of that goddamn faschist regime say? Surely there are many supporters of the PKK in Germany – and I think the number of 14.000 is an understatement. There are much more. And every day the faschist sultan continueles his genocide atempts on the kurds there number will crow. Biji Kurdistan!

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