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PKK Kills Twelve Turkish Soldiers In Northern Iraq, Turkish Air Force Responds


PKK Kills Twelve Turkish Soldiers In Northern Iraq, Turkish Air Force Responds

PKK members southern Turkey, (Reuters – Azad Lashkari)

On April 6, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) announced in an official statement that its fighters had attacked a position of the Turkish Army in the village of Khuakrak in the Sidekan district in the northern Iraqi province of Erbil. According to the PKK’s statement, ten soldiers of the Turkish Army were killed in the attack.

The PKK also claimed that its fighters had killed two other Turkish soldiers in a hit and run attack on a position of the Turkish Army in the village of Lolan in the Sidekan district.

Following these attacks, warplanes of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) conducted a series of airstrikes on positions of the PKK in northern Iraq, according to Kurdish sources. The Turkish Army General Staff said that thirteen positions of the PKK in the Qandil region had been destroyed and fourteen PKK fighters had been “neutralized” in these airstrikes.

The Turkish Army has stepped up its operations against the PKK in northern Iraq since the end of March. The Turkish Army revealed on April 7 that its forces had “neutralized” 77 fighters of the PKK inside Iraqi territory during the last week only.

Iraqi officials have protested the Turkish violation of Iraq sovereignty on numerous occasions. The PKK even began a voluntarily withdrawal from northern Iraq last week. However, Turkey went on with its cross-border operations, which led many observers to believe that Turkey’s goals in northern Iraq are not limited to fighting the PKK.



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  • What a bunch of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Turkish bastards PKK got no Air .F the Turkish B`s.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      If you read SouthFront more regularly
      You would know that the Kurdish air force trans in American F-16’s stationed in Israel.
      The Kurdish air-force is stationed in their home airbase in Israel.

      • Starlight

        Zionist troll hopes you do not know about all of Israel’s military facilities in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But then again zionist troll makes its nature perfectly clear by linking to VT.

        The kurds are of ZERO significance (their curse). NATO (Turkey) is invading Syria and Iraq to put the hurt on Iran before the jews have the Deep State declare war on Iran shortly after Trump illegally ends the Iran treaty around May this year.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Take it is speedy Gonzales. Am I upset your mum again

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    12 more Monotheist murdered by Atheist.
    It seems that all of the Zionist world is intent on the complete genocide of all Monotheist.

  • Starlight

    Southfront hopes you dumb-dumbs have zero historic knowledge…

    After the first Gulf War- you know the one where the USA gave Saddam the greenlight to invade Kuwait, and then used the invasion as an excuse to destroy the industrial base of Iraq to meet the needs of WORLD JEWRY, the USA and UK imposed a no-fly zone over the kurdish regions of Iraq (to ‘protect’ the kurds from Saddam).

    Fast forward a few decades, and now NATO (Turkey) is butchering kurds form the air in Iraq- as Southfront cheers.

    The point is that NATO has ZERO moral principles- it acts in the name of whatever evil currently rules the West, and uses whatever means get the job done.

    The current NATO invasion of Syria and Iraq could not have happened without zionist appeaser Putin’s direct assistance. And NATO wants in to these nations to counter Iran- which jew pleasing Putin agrees with.

    The first Gulf War should have opened the eyes of everyone as to the real truth of the evil of world jewry. PNAC listed, for destruction. all the nations in the Miidle East with a potential industrial ability to counter the jews of Israel. The so-called gulf states, Saudi Arabia and its wahhabi allies, are NON-INDUSTRIALISED, so are no threat to Israel (hence Israel’s full support of wahhabi terrror).

    Saddam’s Iraq was a lick-spittle of the USA, and as such used to fight a proxy war on behalf of the USA when Iran had its revolution. Iraq never did a damned thing against the USA- but the jews wanted it dead, so despite the perfect loyalty of Saddam, America made Iraq dead.

    Today Iran and Pakistan are the final targets of the jews. The jews have to satisfy themselves with the containment of Pakistan by Britain. Which leaves, of course, Iran. The turks are doing their bit to lay down the preparation for the coming Iran War. A war predicted to begin shortly after Trump breaks the Iran treaty in May, and moves the US embassy to jerusalem.

    • Nick

      Interesting theory, believable too. You might be unhinged but you’re not crazy. The Russians and Iranians have a historical rivalry that I think many have forgotten. Iranians were once subject to Russian imperialism – surely they have not forgotten? What do you think the outcome will be after Iran is attacked later this year?

      • Rob

        How it is possible that Russia will attack Iran because Russia making Iran stronger, prosper and develop. See their nuclear power plant with 1000 MWe. S-300 air defense system, gas pipeline and other infrastructure. Are you on crack.

        • Nick

          Not saying Russia will attack. I’m saying they will do nothing while the Islamic Republic is overthrown and then step in for their own interests.

          • Rob

            Putin will never meddle in any country. Putin is not like Trump and their partners UK, France, Israel etc.

    • John Brown

      There is no NATO, no USA and no west they are now conquered slaves of the the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire.

      • You can call me Al

        USA = Nato = IMF = World Bank = ICC = UN = Absolutely nothing = BS = Dead man walking.

        • John Brown

          ???? What??? Please explain.

          • You can call me Al

            Somehow at the time, I was backing your comment, but I think what I was saying is that all the entities are run by the same people and their time is running out quickly.

    • BL

      Hi shill, if Putin was secretly working for Jews he wouldn’t have intervened in Syria to begin with. Surely Jewish interests would have been served far more had Assad fallen as the Jews wanted. The reason Russia is allowing Kurds to be attacked by Turkey is because Kurds have openly and stubbornly aligned themselves with US and Israel. Surely if they come to their senses and start working with Syria, Iran, Russia, Iraq, etc. then they would receive the same protection all other pro-axis of resistance people are getting.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Putin is seriously compromised by the Rich Jewish Oligarchs he is beholding to.
        Notice that the same deep state type Snakes got Trump in power.
        Bolton attack attack Iran….now in the Swamp that was supposed to be drained.

        Hey….I’m huge disappointment with Putin/Lavrov.
        The Donbass people’s getting arty ,sniper kill,tormented years..
        Putin ???
        Israel shoots Gazans by the dozens. ..
        Putin/Lavrov?….ya…way to much silence.

        Putin’s Military Industrial Complex is making big money.
        If that’s all that’s Morally required. .
        Guess Putin can retire to Gold palace in Sochi knowing God Almighty is Impressed!

        • Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

          Not sure what you expect to achieve if you’re claiming that Russia is compromised by the Jews. If that is the case, then us gentiles are well and truly fucked and Earth will be doomed to become Planet of the Apes as envisioned by nation-wrecking Zionists.

        • AJ

          There is no MIC in Russia like the US – in Russia defence companies are state owned so unlike the US they cant lobby & put pressure for more wars & interventions.

    • Rob

      Russia and their all states, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria are united. Their army is one and their mission is one. Their mission is to defeat Washington and EU forces in the Middle East economically and to destroy their manpower.

  • Karol Maksymowicz

    Good job PKK!

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      You can go to hell with PKK this is Nothing bad pkk terrorist propaganda. They can’t even come out from there. shit holl cave They are wetting. themself 💩

  • Smaug

    This is why US troops won’t be leaving soon, no one eastern Syria to turn into a large scale Afrin.

  • Ice Icegold
    • Rob

      Turkey will definitely come out when they nutrilized all Zionist, Washingtonists in Syria and Iraq.

  • Hewal Neutralizer

    Bullshit. As always baseless claims from PKK rats. Literally propaganda to keep the morales high. There are no Turkish soldiers fallen and there was no such attack. The ones claim the otherwise can present the phsyical evidence here of course if they have it.

  • as

    I just noticed from the picture that the Kurds all looks like turks, arab, or armenian. Is there really kurds ethnicity ?

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    i believe PKK wll be a much harder target for turkish orcs compared to YPG.

  • World_Eye

    Village of Khuakrak in the Sidekan district in the northern Iraqi province of Erbil. I can’t find any of these places on Google maps either they are wrongly misspelled here or they go totally by different names.