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PKK Kills 3 Turkish Soldiers Near Iraqi Border


On June 3, three soldiers were killed an attack by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Turkish province of Hakkari near the border with Iraq, according to the Turkish military.

The killed soldiers were protecting a road building team in the Daglica district of the province.

According to media reports, one soldier was also wounded in same province when the PKK launched a rocket from a mountainous area on the Iraqi side of the border.

On June 4, the Turkish Interior Ministry said that a total of 30 PKK members, including three leaders, were “neutralized” in security operations across Turkey during the past week.

The ministry added that Turkish forces had carried out 1,419 counter-terrorism operations in the period between May 28 and June 4.

The PKK is a Kurdish separatist organization, which de-facto seeks to establish an independent Kurdish state in southern Turkey and, if it’s possible, northern parts of Iraq and Syria. It wages a long time insurgency against the Turkish government. Ankara describes the PKK and other Kurdish militias linked to it, like Syrian YPG/YPJ, as terrorist groups.



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  • matt

    poor guys, abused by the mad sultan

  • Serious

    Knowing what they did in Syria, I never complain when kurds are killed.

    Also, Erdogan should have make an alliance with Assad instead of attacking him.

    For me, Turkey is doomed. USA is only waiting that Erdogan goes. When a weak turkish president will arise, USA will create kurdistan inside Turkey.

    You want to play, you must know how to play.