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PKK Kidnapped YPG Spokesman In Northern Syria – Media

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PKK Kidnapped YPG Spokesman In Northern Syria - Media

Redur Xelil

Members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have allegedly kidnapped a spokesman for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), Redur Xelil, somewhere in northeastern Syria, according to the Kurdistan24 media outlet headquartered in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

According to the media, the incident could be a result of some growing internal division between leaders of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the YPG.

Formally, the YPG is a military wing of the PYD. However, since the YPG became a core of the US-backed brand of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Xelil has been allegedly involved in a political conflict with the PYD leadership.

If these allegations are confirmed, the PKK just played its role in the ongoing internal division between Kurdish leadership in northern Syria. The PKK ideology has a strong infulence in the SDF/YPG-held areas as well as a high number of PKK fighters unofficially participate in SDF operations against ISIS.

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Are you all confused yet?

Now here it is in layman’s terms: Kurds are nothing but communist backstabbers.





And when are you waking up?


You most certainly came to the wrong place for kurd sympathy… May I suggest you go to your local news propaganda outlet? Preferably any britard operated station… Thanks.

Solomon Krupacek

fascist, you are the owner of this chat place???

Real Anti-Racist Action

Fascist is a name you call someone that you do not like.
So like, if you do not like Putin, just call him a fascist. If you do not like Mother Teresa, just call her a fascist. If you do not like Assad, just call him a fascist.
It really carries no more meaning or weight then calling someone dumndumn lol.
See how it just reflects off?

Jacek Wolski

Said the boy who cried wolf

Jacek Wolski

Said the boy who cried wolf.


Her bijî Kurdistanê !!! No, i am actually in the right place, tks though !


yea kurds do seem like whores


Do they have gypsy DNA ?


No, but you seem to.


Thankfully you are incorrect :)

That Guy


Solomon Krupacek

do you have problem with Gandhi?


I would have not had any issue with Gandhi IN India.

Solomon Krupacek

gypsies are indians


Exactly and I would be very happy ( as would millions of others who have witnessed what most of these people do) if they all left to regain their roots in India.


Modern India and Pakistan – sub continental Asia – are huge territories and have many different pre-modern nation state ethnic differentials and cultures – not all were compatible amonst each other in past, just like elsewhere.

Solomon Krupacek

gypsies are typical hindies. according to dna research they came from two regions of india.
otherwise you are right.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Gypsy’s are Indians from India. After their fellow people kicked them out of India they wondered for a long time till they began colonizing indigenous-European lands.


They were kicked out for a reason that has endured the test of time.

I use poison to keep the rats from plundering by animal feed for a reason as did my forefathers.


Gypsies were northern, nomadic, sub-continental Indians who moved out north-westwards over many, many centuries – they moved through modern Turkey – known as Greek Anatolia/ Asia Minor – and eventually got as far as the eastern/ central Balkans. So yeah, this particular Kurdish guy could easily have mixed Kurd-Gypsy/ Indian DNA.

Deservedly Fighting

I said this many many times, the pkk is even more dangerous than Isis. Its because the whole world is attack Isis that they are bombing various places around the world. If the world stops supporting Pkk or would have attacked them there would have been at least 5 times more suicide bombs around the world. Communists are fkn crazy

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurdish fighters as a general rule are terrorist. They have spent much of the last 70 years killing Iranians, Syrians, Iraqi’s and Turks. Just look who they are working for! The CIA and Mossad and Mi6 of course.

Pampi Ta

FAKE NEWS by a pro-turkish Barzani media.
No other kurdish medias mention this…

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