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JUNE 2021

PKK Hands Over Large Area At Syrian-Iraqi Border To Iraqi Security Forces

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PKK Hands Over Large Area At Syrian-Iraqi Border To Iraqi Security Forces

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Iraqi security forces (ISF) have deployed troops in large parts of the area of Sinjar in northern Iraq from which the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has retreated.

An Iraqi Army spokesman announced the move on March 25. Few days earlier, the PKK announced that it’s going to withdraw its forces from Sinjar. However, according to the released statement, PKK-linked security forces were set to remain in the area.

Sinjar Mount is a long-time HQ of the PKK in northern Iraq. So, even declared withdrawal of the PKK from the town of Sinjar will mean little in terms of the reducing the group’s influence in the area.

Reports about the PKK withdrawal came amid Turkey’s open preparations for a possible military operation against the PKK in northern Iraq.

“We said we would go into Sinjar. Now operations have begun there. The fight is internal and external,” Turkey’s President Recept Erdogan said during a March 25 rally in Trabzon province in the northeastern part of the country.

Erdogan’s remakrs clearly refered to so-called Operation Tigris Shield, which Ankara forces are preparing to launch against the PKK. However, the Turkish president’s claims contradicted to a statement on the situation by the Iraqi military.

“The security situation in Nineveh, Sinjar and border areas is under the control of Iraqi forces,” the Iraqi military said denying news that foreign troops crossed the Iraqi border into these areas.

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excellentes news the vermin separatists kurds afraid and get out the north irak for the zone occuped kurds syrian!!!


lol dont be naive..its just propaganda…PKK freedom fighters are here to stay and kill Turk Terrorists


PKK=israel +USA point vermin separatist anarchist atlantists!!


I wanna play a game with you……


yes lets play shoot the turkey


How about lets play “take the islands back again” ?


nah better play coup that idiot again


ohhhh, very thin ice….

Weldon Cheek

You mean try? The turks are too united as a people for cia tactics,they can only play their games with a group thats accepted by a large portion of the population,the last one wasnt enough so now after the purge that was the immediate measure taken there are even less that can be used! Turkey decimated its air force and other arms of military of all dissenters so not happening soon im afraid.cia strengthened them internally,so failed misserabl.


i have to agree on this….but now Erdogan is forced to keep his ppl occupied with wars around turkey so they dont start sliping again

Michał Hunicz

The Iraqi Army must conduct an operation against Hajin and Syrian Desert fronts and hand over these areas to the SAA. Kurds would be triggered! :D

You can call me Al

The Iraqi forces on the Iraqi / Syrian border are the PMU, but same – same I suppose.

Floyd Hazzard

Actually, they should allow the SAA to use Iraq to attack ISIS and to seal portions of the eastern border and threaten the rest.


Or joint operations…It will be the last Pocket to clear in the End….


That’s stupid because there is no Russian umbrela in east syria


should have done the same in Afrin…instead they decided that sending troops to die would be great propaganda. martyrs’ etc…..


Had they known that the USA won’t be of help or west maybe they’ll chose a different path. But what are we seeing here are systematic replacement of not so official PKK terrorist group into one that is real life NATO’S. I don’t know what’ll happen to Kurds but supposedly Turkey agreed to fight Syrian Army directly it will be hard for Russia to make a pressure directly.


it was obvious from day one…..US didnt prevent the attack. Then the Kurds should have realised that they are doomed…..and tried to go for a diplomatic solution….but they dont have leaders….


Turkey’s fight is internal and external, it’s a combination of intrigue and murder of all sorts.


The problem with the Kurds is that they are trying to break up 4 countries in the middle east to be able to build one of their own. So far they were able to keep the project alive because of external help and the weakness of certain countries (Syria and Iraq).

The Problem is that, it’s not sustainable. Some of the territory they hold like in Syria they are outnumbered 8 to 1 by the arabs. It’s doomed to fail in Syria because of simple mathematics.
Add Turkey to the equation and it’s even possible in the very short term

In Iraq, It worked for some time, but Iran won’t allow it (neither will Turkey).

All 4 countries are against losing territory. The best way for kurds is to live in peace with their host country. Their people will prosper better.


These countries have to allow Kurds to speak their language and have their own customs and laws.


There needs to be an agreement, it might be too late now the SDF colluded with the enemy that tried to breakup Syria. Should have made a deal with Russian instead of the Americans. The Americans can’t stay in a deal for a long time.


Customs, yes, and Syria Iraq and Iran already allow them, not sure exactly where Turkey is in that. Laws, no. Running your own laws means running your own country – legislature, which is a parliament of some type. Nah, this would be a source of conflict in any country.

Weldon Cheek

They do and have done! Are you thinking the language and customs are somehow illegal or suppressed?have you seen the videos of the turks proxy army pulling down statues and monuments and digging up graves of the kurds around afrin??? If they were oppressed as you say then the monuments and statues wouldnt be there! Oh how easily people are convinced by such rediculous ideas! These countries,even turkey allow the kurds some freedom and autonomy,its when they are attacked by pkk and these attacks are celebrated by kurdish population that they end up suffering! Biting the hand that feeds you always ends with a thrashing,now the kurds are allied with the biggest killer of civilians in the middle east since god knows when! (Thats the U.S.A. by the way) so get a grip,its their choice they must accet the consequences!.

Weldon Cheek

Soon see these arab majorities being removed and “cleansed” (oh but not ethnicaly of course!) From these areas by the minority kurds backed by U.S. firepower,then all will be revealed as the U.N. stands by whilst its cheif sponsor totally disregards the very rules it supposedly upholds. Maybe this will finally be the final straw and the world wakes up to the hypocrisy?!.

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