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PKK Female Fighters Claim Killing Of 160 Turkish Military Servicemen In 2016

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PKK Female Fighters Claim Killing Of 160 Turkish Military Servicemen In 2016

A female Kurdistan Workers Party fighter stands guard at a PKK base on Mount Sinjar in northwest Iraq (Asmaa Waguih/Reuters)

The women fighters command of the Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) have released a statement, claiming PKK female fighters killed 160 Turkish military servicemen in 2016.

According to the statement, the women fighters command of the PKK carried out 115 operations against Turkish government forces in 2016. The group also vowed to “proceed the struggle during the new year for a life of freedom and until victory is achieved”.

The PKK is designated as a terrorist organization in Turkey and several Western countries. Since 1984 the PKK has been involved in the armed struggle against the Turkish government, aiming to create an independent Kurdish state (Kurdistan) in the region. The group operates in Turkey, Iraq and Syria. PKK-linked groups also operate in Iran.

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gfsdyughjgd .

Kurdish people are oppressed by Erdogan in Iraq,Syria and Turkey.While the whole world looks on.But keep on the struggle Jesus the God will liberate you this year 2017.


They will be a Zionist client state.

Jens Holm

Well,You already are, so why not.

Garry Compton

I first met Kurdish people when they immigrated to Switzerland in the 90s and I was living in Lausanne with my wife at the in laws place. One of the men spoke very little english and some french but we always said hello and talked best we could. After that I started to read about – who are these people called – Kurds. I was pretty impressed – being Alaskan and knowing how to live in any conditions – I liked these people and thought to myself – these folks are tough and will not give up on getting their lands back – They deserve their place in the World – more than most do. I hope they can find Peace – somewhere.


Their lands?? Neither the kurds of turks are living on “their” lands..


Kurds have been in that part of the world for the last 4500 years, as Medes or Assyrians. Turks came with the hordes of Mongols 3000 years later !!

'Sup Bruh!

Kurds are nomads from today’s Iran held lands. By your logic they have no claim on either Iraq, Syria or Turkey.

Also, Tuks are not Mongols. You history poor pathehic ignorant insect.


Insects are pure protein and pretty tasty depending on how you cook them. Do mongols eat insects ?

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8d47abfc30f87550e081933ddc5940362ec9fd47522f13b5bd8e421b64c66c17.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3abefb6e661611028a953aa0deee00bd30df16074999e9d4d32ba9d9458103a8.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccb728371ed3541793358bccfe48123b5f0db0f63e783848fd57881c68921fba.jpg


“Turks” and “Mongols” are DIFFERENT – although related – peoples. The Turks did NOT come to what is now Turkey “with the hordes of Mongols”. The Mongol invasions of Central and Western Asia and Eastern Europe happened TWO CENTURIES AFTER the Muslim Turks came to what is now Turkey (basically Asia Minor, or what is more commonly called the “Anatolian peninsula”) as conquerors, defeating the Byzantines and taking over their Anatolian territories. The later Mongol invaders were non-Muslim, and ENEMIES of the Muslim Turks.

You need to brush up on your history.

Jens Holm

Seems like Shibumi has no Internet.

Jens Holm

Noa was there as a drunken sailor hitting a mountain. Might be because he didnt have glasses.

Who Where

May Allah help the Kurds and the true Muslims and Christians who follow the path of the Prophets Muhammed,Isa/Esa/Jesus. May the Creator always help the righteous with their life and fight.

'Sup Bruh!

PKK who always said that we seek the well-being of Kurds in Turkey always did the opposite. They killed Kurd civilians for not joining PKK. They kidnapped their son/daughters. They burned their houses and killed animals(cows, chickens etc.).

And because of this huge unrest, many investors couldn’t invest in the east of Turkey even though it has a great potential.

Thus, when HDP’s Selami Demirtas, whom Kurds selected to represent them in parliment got thrown into jail for ties with PKK and YPG. Kurds didn’t do anything. Because they finally realised that PKK or YPG are just puppets for USA and seek to create chaos in Turkey.

We all must remember that out of 15 million Kurds, only 3 million of them voted for HDP and Selahattin Demirtas. Rest, voted for AKP and CHP.

Just this enough shows that Turkey is neither supressing nor oppressing Kurds. I have many Kurdish friends, studing at the best universities of Turkey for free. We have Kurdish Language lessons being given for free.

PKK is not different than ISIS. Just 1 month ago they made a suicide attack in Besiktas, Istanbul. Killing both civilians and police officers.


nobody believes your shit turk! we know what you do to them in your country we’ve seen the videos


Fuck turkey, they are terrorist sympathizers and a friend to radical islam


So because of a small minority, the turkish army reduces entire kurd cities to rubble like what israel does? And didnt turkey use the kurds to murder christians and drive them off their lands? You want us christians to support either of you?


Turkey is a terrorist state, a legal one of course but nevertheless a terrorist government. HER BIJI KURDISTANÊ !!!

Jens Holm

Thats shit.

None is investing in all Turkey since they have made everybody mad at them. Nothing to do with kurds – not much.

5 millions voted at the peacefull part of the kurds, where You write 3. At the election before, they got 7 million votes, but You just said it was ipoosible to rule the country bythat and did everything to avoid the people to vote them. All helpers to them were areshed too.

Do You rellay think that will reduce the amount of PKK`s.

So when they fot 5 mio. voters – and not 3, You jailed them. Not for what they had done themselves, but because they might have been witneses to something years ago. And before that, I know You even looked in some of their assses to find something to blame them for. There was 0.

You also have removed 34 public elected Town Majors for free speach telling as normal opposition says – not the same as the majority(here AKP + Erdogan). Many of those not even speak kurdish and many kurds in those 90% kurrdish area dont speak Turkish or very bad.

Thats right ISIS was Your friend until a few months ago, and You ignored they bombed and shot many, many people i many coutries for at least 4 years including Your best tradepartners in EU and Nato as well.

You have never been friends with PKK and theu y dont detonate themselves and kill by aaasults outside Turkey and are a local problem escallated by good reasons, where You have the main responsability Yourself.

I dont give much more than minus for PM`s which can propose 13 years girls can be married by old men for cheating them with sex and candy. I really cant. Those girls has very low rights today and it should go the opposite way. Do You live in Kirlis, where You can get the Youngest according to not yet censured statistics ?


Good Luck to the Kurdish people as long as they establish a democratic country and not a mass murders regime like Syria or a Islamic state like Iran. Go Kurds!


Or THE islamic state created by saudi, US citizens taxpayer money, and all the other arab sunni nations. Assad is the only one holding syria together, and no evidence of mass murder by him, just fake news from the white helmet actirs payed and hired by the CIA

Jens Holm

Very good joke. And whats the reasons for it.

The killing by Assads and Baads are well described. Might be censured away, where You are.


Assad did not even give identity documents for many years to syrian kurds. Kurds not have major problems in Turkey now. But PKK fight against Turkey. Do not you feel any abnormality. Please read more about PKK-PYD from different sources.

Are they are bombing Turkish civilian in cities, for bring democracy? Are you agree to bomb civilians?


Some body divided their land and handed THEM over to three countries and when they asked why you did that to US??? They told them to keep quite otherwise you are a terrorist. The terrorists we know are certainly not the Kurdish people with whom the whole sympethises. May The LORD GRANT YOU FREEDOM AFTER SO MUCH SUFFERING YOU HAVE ENDURED AND LET ALL THE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN SAY AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriel Hollows

PKK is a communist-terrorist militia, hope they bleed to death fighting the turkroaches.


To me these women armies seem like a PR stunt, not that they don’t exist, they just put so much focus on it, probably to have the support of the “equal” west. Other armies also have women fighting in them and they don’t make such a big deal out of it.

Jens Holm

Well, we do. Its a kind of prestige to have them in the beginning. Although its free for voman to join our professional part of the army and they are 50% of the population, we only have 8%.

To us it has been step by step. Many in the army are very conservative by tradition and against it, there has been several examples of erasments and also a rape ot two, so therefore women there as well as others places is not “just like that”.

The opposite is same thing. Men as nurses are less than 20%, but doctors are about 40 and rising. We have porfessional childcare, but only about 20% are men there – Might be 15.

Its fine to me woman are everywhere and more. More is about brain handling complicated equipment and being alert 100%. Woman are very well for that.


That’s all good and well and believe me I have been in that army you are talking about, just the civil defense part of it and it was special to see a woman there but there was not made such a big fuss about it as with Kurdish women soldiers. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, just that there is a motive behind it, since so much focus is being put on it.

Joseph Scott

It is considered a key principle of Democratic Confederalism that, in order to ensure gender equality in society (especially in the kind of place they live) that men and women participate equally in things. For example, at each level of their political councils, they have a man and woman as co-chairpersons. So, yes, there is a symbolic component to it, as well as a practical one. They are trying to show an example of society that is completely different from the default anachronistic patriarchy where men still marry off their daughters as child-brides (which Erdogan wants to bring back, and still happens in rural Syria). There is a definite desire to show women as capable and not limited in their social role, but it is not so much for our consumption as for the people they live with. They are trying to advance society.

Of course, the practical aspects are real enough. After all, pretty much all the people they fight are misogynistic scum, who feel deeply humiliated at being defeated by women. That is more overtly true for the YPG/YPJ fighting in Syria and Peshmerga fighting in Iraq, since Wahhabis feel Allah won’t accept them if a women kills them. There is a certain intimidation factor in advertising the female fighters.

But even for the PKK with the Turks there is some of that, as Turks (or at least many Turks) have a pretty old-school patriarchal attitude (one Erdogan is trying to strengthen) that co-exists very oddly alongside very modern secular ideas of equality (a certain portion of the Turkish population is very much done with all those anachronisms), and even a certain tradition of feisty women which exist amongst both the traditionalist and modernist Turks, as confusing as that is. (There are a fair amount of female Grey Wolves fighters, for example.) As one example: in the Turkish Armed Forces (which does not allow women in ground combat roles), if two servicepeople marry, the woman is automatically transferred to the husband’s branch of service and duty station. The kind of people who love Erdogan and join the Gendarmie just to oppress Kurds probably feel pretty ashamed when female PKK defeat them, and that is useful. (Which isn’t to suggest that everyone who joins the Gendarmie feels that way; like I said, Turkey seems to be a very multi-faceted culture where some people live fully in the modern day, and others are still stuck in centuries past.)

So, yes, definite reasons for the advertisement.

Real Anti-Racist Action

After the PKK kill Turks, then they will focus their attention again to conquering Iran. And Iran. And Syria. PKK is a Marxist-gorilla group who run the drug trade for Mi6 through their territories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql7NdS_6RkY

Jens Holm

Far out. You read it all over. I prefare normal grafitty. I hope You will get a toilet at the next Eid and stay there.


The PKK is a terrorist organization that has killed tens of thousands of civilians and organized thousands of attacks. What is the difference from ISIS or Taliban or Al-Qaeda?

This web site so carefree to say “fighters” for real terorists.


Fuck off you Erdoganist piece of shit…You’re not fooling anybody here. Go read Turkish Erdogan press.


I am not Erdogan”ist”, but I understant you are a sympathizer of teror”ist”. You are moving fast on the road to becoming a terrorist, responding with swear words. I recommend you to leave from your luxury home than go to the mountains near your terorist brothers.

You don’t have any response without swearing.

PKK/YPG is a terorist organization. USA shouldn’t support Terorists against to ISIS Terorists.

Don’t forget!!! The US has supported the Taliban against to Russia in the past before September 2001.


STFU and get lost piece of shit. YOU don’t get to declare anyone anything. Your lowlife “leader” Erdogan is the greatest supporter of jihadi terrorism in the world today. You Turkish Islamonationalist sons of bitches are only concerned with the “terrorism” of PKK, who are not even terrorists but a guerrilla movement – while Turkey has been converted into Jihadi Central and a terrorist state by your lunatic leader and his primitive supporters. What the hell are you doing on this website, trying to spread your filth? This isn’t the place for you and your idiocies, so run on back to your Erdogan-ass kissing Turkish Islamist-nationalist press. IDIOT!


Come on, man, still don’t you go to the mountains : ) Are you still keyboard guerilla?

Can you use weapons to stop Turkey? or Do you have any plan to bomb yourself in a Turkish city? Will you be a suicide bomber for PKK/YPG?


You are an idiot, man. Your country is turning into a hellhole disliked by nearly the whole world, a staging ground for jihadi terrorism similar to or worse than Pakistan of the 1980s and 1990s. It is run by a lunatic Islamist psychopath who thinks he is a new “sultan” and his maniac followers – freaks despised by the whole world. Islamist fanatics have begun gunning down dozens of people in the nightclubs and airports of your country’s cities on a weekly basis. And in the middle of all this, the ONLY thing you’re obsessed with is a few thousand Kurdish PKK guerrillas in the mountains – who had actually made a long-term truce and de facto peace with the government forces, and were not doing much, until your psycho “leader” started massacring civilian Kurdish political activists in “unsolved bombings” in 2015!

Hey pea-brain – why don’t you go join your Al Nusra/Al Qaida/Jaish Al Islam/FSA/whatever-the-shit buddies in Idlib, instead of stinking up South Front? What’s the matter – you don’t have the balls?

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

long live PKK and the leader apo

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