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PKK Deploys Fighters in Kirkuk & Makhmour

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party has sent some 70 guerrillas to Kirkuk province over the last two days.

PKK Deploys Fighters in Kirkuk & Makhmour

Fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Photo: PKK / KCK)

Over the last two days, some 70 guerrillas have been dispatched by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to Kirkuk province from the city of Raniya, located in the north of Sulaymaniyah province, BasNews information website reported, citing its own confidential source. The source pointed out that some part of the guerrillas may have been sent to Makhmour, located to the southeast of Erbil, where a military camp was established by the PKK.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also added that Aveen Zilan from Turkish Kurdistan was sent to Kirkuk province as a commander of the PKK forces.

Reportedly, two vehicles, belonging to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) forces, were used for transportation of the PKK guerrillas.

Earlier, it was reported that despite 20 military outposts, set up by guerrillas on the Qarachkh mount near the Makhmour refugee camp, which had been turned into a military camp by the PKK, the Kurdistan Party also sent hundreds of its fighters to various areas of Kirkuk.

On March 3, SF reported about an intense fighting, erupted between the Rojava Peshmerga and Shingal Protection Units (YBS), a Yazidi militia, affiled with the PKK at Khanasur town in the Iraqi region of Shingal. The real reason of the incident is the fact that the PKK and the YBS opposse Barzani’s close relations with the Turkish leadership, including the country’s President Recep Erdogan.

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John William

Ah so PKK together with YPG. Maybe they do in fact support terrorism against turkey. I’m starting to think that Syria Kurds are playing the US. War is shit mixed with puke but damn this is more drama then a soap opera.I just don’t want American dying.Let these so called men figure it out n do the dying.Not Americans tho

John William

It’s like terrorism isn’t going to beat turkey r what not. All it’s going to do is increase the suffering of the Kurds.Terrisiom will never win.If your cause is just then it will prevail in the long run.

John William

Most of humanity suffering is because of men.Its because of male ego wich is rooted in insecurity. There has never been a more insecure creature in the history of the earth the a human male


Then you must be a virgin with no interaction with any women whatsoever. If you did you’d know which is the more insecure sex.

Also it’s men who built and are still building modern civilization. Everything you see around you, that you hold in your hands, created by men. So stop being a self hating wuss. We’re not perfect, nothing is, by overall in 4500 of recorded history the general trend has been upwards.


It is PKK in Peshmerga territory, who are somewhat friendly with Turkey (Kurdish politics).
If PKK is in Kirkut to support drive on ISUS in Hawija pocket, that’s fine by me.
But their presence in N Iraq is why Turkey wants to have their own forces there also.

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

long live pkk

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