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JUNE 2021

PKK Claims It To Withdraw ‘Guerrilla Forces’ From Iraq’s Sinjar

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PKK Claims It To Withdraw 'Guerrilla Forces' From Iraq's Sinjar

Members of the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), a militia affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), stand in the village of Umm al-Dhiban, northern Iraq, April 29, 2016. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

As Turkey is openly preparing for a possible military operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the northern Iraqi area of Sinjar, the Kurdish group has announced that it will withdraw its “guerrilla forces” from the area.

However, local PKK-linked security forces will remain in deployed there. According to a PKK spokesman, the security apparatus set up in Sinjar is now strong enough to stand on its own.

“Guerrilla forces intervened in Sinjar in order to rescue the Yazidis from genocide. With the confidence of reaching this goal, guerrillas are withdrawing from Sinjar,” the Firat news agency quoted a statement by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK).

HINT: The KCK is an umbrella group, which includes the PKK, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), and the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PCDK).

The PKK has a large camp and HQ in Sinjar Mount. The group intervened in the town of Sinjar in 2014 when ISIS entered the town’s countryside posing a threat to the Yazidi community. Since then, the PKK influence in the area has only expanded under pretext of the combating ISIS and defending Yazidis.

Turkish top officials, including the country’s president Recept Tayyip Erdogan, have repeatedly claimed that Ankara will not tolerate the presence of armed Kurdish groups on the Turkish border. Now, when the YPG stronghold of Afrin [HINT: the YPG is an armed wing of the PYD] is in the Turkish hands, Ankara is considering further actions against the YPG and the PKK in other areas of northern Syria and Iraq.

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jerry hamilton

Fighters, whoever they are, really don’t understand the concept of camouflage clothing do they.
Is being fashionable more important?


It matter little with nowadays combat range which is at 500m beyond. Anything closer is mostly from ambush or collapsed formation.


Not sure if you mean using MARPAT uniforms or the colored ornate scarves – batches of MARPAT presumably gifted from US ‘SDF’ sponsorship and the scarves are traditional Kurdish headgear like the Arab shemagh head scarf. The Kurdish version is more elaborate and probably reflective of Kurds ethnic origins in the Iranian region.

jerry hamilton

MARPAT uniforms. I would have expected something to blend in.
Sand or rubble.


kurds are fighting arabs in Syria and Iraq while their worst ennemy is Turkey.

In Iraq, kurds obtained an autonomy. In Turkey, they will never ever have one. Not even close.


The Kurds have controlled the streets of Kurdish towns ever since the fight with ISIS necessitated militias. But the inability to unify under a single informal government and the continuous pressure from Iraqi security forces means that the high tide of Kurdish influence has long passed.


I’m always surprised about people stupidity. I don’t know who tells that universe and human stupidity are both infinite. This is true. I expect nothing but always deceived.

Before, I also thought that Europeans were smart but I have noticed that it appeared that europeans are one of the stupidest people on earth.

It’s too much. Too much stupid people : kurds, arabs, europeans, ….


Breaking news: in Afghanistan each day 22 Washington’s soldiers commit suicide. Washington badly failed in Afghanistan war. After 40 years of Washington war the Afghan freedom fighters are occupying 70% land.


‘Guerrilla forces intervened in Sinjar in order to rescue the Yazidis from genocide.’

Correction, PKK spokesperson, the Kurdish forces retreated and abandoned the Yazidi’s to hands of ISIS. Off the charts bullshit.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The PKK are such habitual liars.
First the PKK claimed they had no fighters in Iraq.
Now they claim they will pull out of Iraq.
And as we all know, what the PKK is actually going to do is, dig deeper into Iran and fortify their positions and hide their numbers and supplies better.
Always count on them to do the exact opposite as what they say they are going to do. Just like their Israeli allies do.
(Birds of the same feather flock together)


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A backroom deal? Withdrawing due to continued pressure from Iraqi security forces and the threat of attack from Turkey? Both probably.


Guerrilla forces intervened in Sinjar in order to rescue the Yazidis from genocide.

Are these Yezidis the same ones who Kurdish militia dis-armed and gave them an empty promise to defend them against ISIS and then quietly left them in the night and withdrew? The same ones whose men got murdered and women and children went into slavery? You’ve got some nerve fella.
You may be able to play innocent for gullible western audience, but we, the people of the countries who saw your treacheries and tasted your poison won’t be fooled.

From the 4 groups mentioned above, I’m sure of terror attacks done by PKK (in Turkey) and PJAK (in Iran) and there are numerous documented evidence even by the idiots themselves. They lie through their teeth and stab you in the back on the first half-assed opportunity.

They all pretend to be a “party”, but not only do not participate in the political process of the country which they live in, but also prevent other Kurds from doing so, by threats and terrorizing, murdering the ones who are brave enough to ignore them to set an “example” for the others.
They do not fight, they just ambush and kill border patrols, village or town council members, conscripts and even farmers (I mentioned before a farmer in Urmiyeh and his 8 years-old son).

What to expect from a bunch of sell-outs who even sold their original ideology for a few dollars.

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