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PKK Claims It Downed Turkish Military Helicopter In Northern Iraq

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PKK Claims It Downed Turkish Military Helicopter In Northern Iraq

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On August 18th, the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) said that it had downed a Turkish helicopter on the border of Iraqi Kurdistan in retaliation for the death of one of its commanders in the previous week.

The helicopter was reportedly downed on August 16th.

There is no official confirmation from the Turkish side of the incident yet.

The mayor of Kani Massi, near the Turkish border, confirmed that a Turkish helicopter had crashed nearby.

According to the Media Centre of the Kurdistan People’s Defense Forces (HPG), the group launched a military operation in which it targeted a helicopter near Jarjla Square in the Zagros region, and managed a direct hit, which resulted in an aircraft being downed.

“Ten minutes after the shooting-down of the first helicopter, our forces hit another one … forcing it to flee,” the group continued.

Furthermore, they claimed that another helicopter had been targeted after it had taken off from the Çarçel hill. Effective strikes left the helicopter heavily damaged and forced it to retreat from the area.

The statement said that the actions were carried out in memory of HPG commander Agit Garzan and two Iraqi commanders who fell in a targeted attack by the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

The strike took place on August 11th and as a result Iraq summoned the Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad for the third time in two months.

Regardless, on August 14th, Turkish bombardment killed three Kurdish fighters in the region.

Ankara defends its right to bomb the PKK, which it considers to be a “terrorist” organization, and accuses Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan of turning a blind eye to the group’s activities.

Baghdad for its part has sought to rally support to end Ankara’s offensive on its soil.

The US and the EU also consider the PKK a terrorist organization.

Turkey, which has had a military presence in Iraq’s autonomous region for a quarter of a century, launched a cross-border ground and air operation against the PKK in the mountainous region in mid-June.


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Iraqis summoned the Turkish ambassador to congratulate him


PKK are commies ( but apart from that fact that I don’t like) they are ONLY decent Kurds that really fight back with everything they have against Turk oppressors and killers of their own people.

The rest of the Kurds are just one big pile of shit, that can not ever be trusted in anything (just like Turks or their Master U.S.)


Commies that are financed, educated, organized and armed by the US. They’re desperate suicide bombers who attack Turks, regardless of civilian or not, by any chance they found. But terrible times have come for them. They’re already crushed in Turkiye and now we’re moving forward to destroy their nest in northern Iraq:Qandil Mountains


OK go for it. I doubt that you will ever get rid of them.

They are only serious Kurd fighting force others are just clowns (and I am not communist or their supporter, just indifferent bystander). Without US presence in Syria that protects Kurds, SAA would walk over those Kurd clowns in few weeks at the most (before they would escape to Iraq)

Zionism = EVIL

The Kurds are real turds and most treacherous cunts ever. Turkey needs to forget about Syria and get rid of these arseholes.


Qandil Mountains are already near Iran border and they bomb them regularly. A joint operation with Iran against PKK is the nightmare of US presence in Iraq.

Zionism = EVIL

I know, Turkish and Iranian cooperation is growing in the region and they have launched a few joint operations against these PKK and PJAK cunts.


Sucking up and licking TURK ARSE “mighty Iranians” ! :) That’s why SAA will NEVER see any help from Iran against Turkey ! Yet Turks have killed much more Iranians than Russians.. Turkey 1 Iran 0 Still you kiss their arse so willingly! Whille Russia has “accidentally” killed almost 40 Turks and wounded many more to pay them back favour.

Yet you spit on Russia every day you Turk cock sucker and son of whore!


Are you not the person who called me Zionist, brainwashed westerner, nato supporter? I think you know very well that who supports pkk and whom they serve.


They kill Turks (SAA enemy) so they can’t be that bad after all (unlike those U.S. – Kurd’s in Syria who are ready only to oppose by force against SAA – they are traitors of Syria)

If I have called you “Zionist” and brainwashed Westerner I had probably reason for that. I don’t remember you, I don’t care who you are, or what you think, specially if you are “Westerner” (still doesn’t mean that everybody from decadent Imperialist neo-colonial West is bad )


“so they can’t be that bad after all” you lack knowledge on this topic then. Even though they are on the list of terrorism according to US, they use this organization to topple Turkey and drain its resources.

Why do you even bringing up words like “I don’t care who you are, or what you think” ? Do you really think that I care what you think about me? I am just pointing out the fact that you once called me these words and now you are backing up pkk? You are in dilemma.

Zionism = EVIL

Giving attention to uneducated attention seeking PUNKS is a big mistake. Always downvote and move on to debate adults.


Yeah, you are right. I shouldn’t even bother to explain him. He is just a clown who says “you are a zionist” to everyone whom he disagrees. Besides, he is so confidently speaking about the matters he does not have a clue! What is wrong with these people…


Wow Turk cock sucker you brake my heart ! So mighty Iran will not defend Russia any more? Russia is lost without Iranian protection !

Zionism = EVIL




Giving attention to uneducated attention seeking PUNKS is a big mistake

So you suck turk cocks and you make “BIG MISTAKES” (by your own words)

Is there anything else we should know about you? Are you Iranian faggot (liking so much to suck Turk cocok’s and all)


‘Do you really think that I care what you think about me?’ No…. and I don’t fucking care. You are just another Western nobody for me!

That’s why I will block you because I am not interested in your opinion in general.

I am not “backing up PKK” , I am backing up their killing of Turk invaders 100% ! I was never for communists but still “enemy of my enemy” is not my enemy! Turks are hurting Syria for very long time so I like to see anybody who hurts them back! You personally are of no importance, so you are BLOCKED !


Don’t block me man… you are hurting my feelings :(

Zionism = EVIL

What stupid moronic PUNK, as if “blocking” someone makes any difference. These hasbara trolls are moronic beyond belief. This attention seeking PUNK has the maturity of a ring worm :)


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Jim Allen

You’re attempting to project your own activities with the Turks onto another individual that shares neither your views, or your sexual preferences. Yeah, that never works, no one believes you, and it’s you that taught people not to believe you in any way, shape, or form. You’re also talking about still more topics you have no knowledge of, yet have such an oversize opinion. That you repeat incessantly, without regard to how fucking stupid it is.. This is called “the pretense of knowledge. You’re just a whole damn collection of pretenses, aren’t ya’ ?


Whatever you say retard, why would I argue with your imaginary accusations? I don’t pretend to be an expert on everything (the way you are accusing me)

I make comments here and there, I am just average guy with my average opinion. Just like huge majority of people here and nobody makes problem out of that except you!

The fact that you making a drama out of that is your mental problem, not mine!

You are mentally disturbed person who hates his own country and are full of crappy leftist ideas…And you put yourself in position to judge people you don’t know nothing about! Why the fuck would I care what you think about my comments?! I am like everybody else here talking on many subjects including those I have not much knowledge about ! So what? No big deal !

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FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

that poor soul is totally messed up and suffers from anger issues

I like how being westerner and NATO member is considered a disability in this place


No such thing happened, only kurdanimals reported this.

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