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Pissed-off Copenhagen Residents Destroy Local ‘Hashish Supermarket’ (Video)

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Pissed-off Copenhagen residents destroyed an open-air drug market ‘Pusher Street’ after a shooting that wounded two police officers and a bystander.

Pissed-off Copenhagen Residents Destroy Local ‘Hashish Supermarket’ (Video)

Photo: POLFOTO / AP / Thomas Borberg

Copenhagen residents demolished an open-air drug market ‘Pusher Street’, using power tools, crowbars and a bulldozer. The incident occurred on Friday, after a shooting that wounded two police officers and a bystander.

The makeshift wooden stalls, where hash and weed dealers have been allowed to sell their wares with impunity for decades, were tore down by residents of Christiania, a semi-autonomous enclave in the Danish capital, tired of crime in the area.

The cause of the revolt was Wednesday’s shooting, during which three people, including a passer, were wounded. One of the police officers was in critical condition. Reportedly, Mesa Hodzic, a Danish national born in Bosnia, opened fire on the police officers, when they came to arrest him. Later, the gunman was killed in a shootout with police south of Copenhagen.

The incident was the final straw for residents of Christiania. Hashish and marijuana are illegal in Denmark, but the area quickly became known for its tolerance of drugs. The friendly locals, who were the main suppliers before, were eventually supplanted by criminals. This led to repeated attempts to destroy the so-called ‘hashish supermarket’.

A video of the incident, showing dozens of people, toppling plywood booths adorned with paintings of Bob Marley’s face and other stoner iconography, was published online.

“It is important that we do this today with the wounded police officer in our thoughts,” community spokesman Risenga Manghezi told the AP news agency. “But we cannot guarantee that they won’t pop up again, unfortunately.”

The Local, Danish news website, reported that the last concerted effort to clear out ‘Pusher Street’ is what allowed gangs to cement their control over the drug trade. Authorities tried to flatten the area in 2004, but “hardened elements then moved in to fill the vacuum and the market was soon reestablished and larger than ever.”

Now, local residents ask Danes and tourists to help the cause and buy their weed somewhere else, but not in the area.

“We can remove the [cannabis] stalls but we can’t ensure that they don’t come back. We need all of Denmark’s help for that. If you support Christiania, stop buying your cannabis here,” Manghezi said.

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So what are the fucking police for? Protect the Islamic rapists/criminals from retaliation from local populace? No wonder Scandinavia is in the shit hole.

Jens Holm

Scandinavia is no no shithole. We have problems with crime too. You live in an country with no crime. How can I buy a ticket to Your Garden of Eden. I would like that.

The only reason its mention in Al jazeera is that he might som years ago being some lowlife suppurtor by to ISIS or Kaida by his religion.

But it wasnt that at all even it could be seemed as thet in the forst place. He was a normal many times criminel a little in jail as well – and armed and a killer too as his last titel alive.

Jens Holm

Sorry writing Al Jazeera. It South front. Nice sites and well kept.


“Authorities tried to flatten the area in 2004, but hardened elements then moved in to fill the vacuum and the market was soon reestablished and larger than ever”

You don’t “try to flatten” an area that deserves flattening, you FLATTEN it; and then you do NOT allow “hardened elements” to move in and “reestablish” anything AFTER the flattening – if you are a REAL “authority” with REAL power, that is… European “authorities” are weak and pusillanimous at everything except enforcing PC rules of speech and various ridiculous rules against their own people; filling their nations with Muslim and African migrants; looking out for the interests of the wealthy and well-connected elites; and participating in neocon/Anglo-Zionist/globalist demonization and warmongering campaigns against Russia, Syria etc.


You comment even if you never been to that place? What has all that garbage you write to do with anything?

John Whitehot

one of the most hilarious replies ever read. Clap clap.


What does my comment have to do with having been there or not, idiot? It is a general comment about European authorities, based on what was written in the article – not a comment about that specific place. Are you reading comprehension-challenged, or what?


The Nazi Party is looking for new recruits, schmuck. You’re living proof that a weak working-class without leadership is easy prey to extreme Reichwing views mixed with ‘populist’ rhetoric.


Yeah that’s right, idiot – I’m a “new Nazi party recruit” who is “easy prey” to blah blah… Everyone whose views don’t match yours, is a “Nazi”.

Go get some real education instead of one-track demagoguery, retard. HINT: It’s not 1945 anymore.

Your dumb monkey avatar does fit you well, though.

The crime is so high in the area cause the area is infested with colonialist-invasive-bigots.
De-colonize Copenhagen today! Free the indigenous ethnic-Danish today from colonialist.


That was great place some years back. People that sold hash looked like Cheech and Chong Then it changed and stands are now occupied with characters that look like they came out of Traffic.

That community is more then 5 decades old. It is not just hash and grass. Hash was tolerated and some local were selling it. Stupid Danish authorities chased Cheech and Chong away and brought criminals in.

John Whitehot

if there is a policy of tolerance, they will keep selling their shit elsewhere. Also, it would not surprise me if crack and heroin were sold as well in the area, since some folks are saying that in the last few years, real criminals started hanging around.


Locals in Christiania were against heroin since ever. What is happening in last 10 years or so, I don’t know but I am pretty sure locals would be against if somebody tries to expand the business. It is all Danish government doing, They want to get their hands on Christiania, that is why criminals were introduced in first place.

John Whitehot

good point.


So are you trying to say that criminals were deliberately “introduced” by the Danish authorities – like being actively brought in? This seems highly unlikely to me; and if this is your level of understanding of how things work, then I would guess that you are not very smart. It’s much more likely that the hardened criminals were able to move in and flourish because of the weakness and laxity of the local authorities, and their failure to recognize the possible consequences of leaving the area unattended after clearing out the earlier, milder criminals.


Authorities cracked on local selling hash by criminalizing.it. Locals did not want to go to jail, so they stopped selling hash. Criminals tried to move to Christiania for years and without locals selling hash it finally became real opportunity for them. They don’t mind going to jail now and then. End result is that Christiania became dangerous place.

Listen, you don’t have a clue about Christiania. That is a city within a city for many years now. It used to be great place for tourists and for artists. I don’t know how it looks lately, last time I was there 5 or 6 years ago it looked very different. Main reason being criminals selling hash.

That picture of a man destroying a stand shows a man living in Christiania. So your stories of flattening the place and authorities not being able to do to Muslims this or that just showed that you do not know a thing about Christiania.


You have some comprehension problems, man. My comment was about European authorities’ way of acting in general; not about a specific spot like Christiania or any other place. Everything you wrote here about Christiania may be true, and it doesn’t invalidate what I wrote – in fact it REINFORCES it. If you are supposed to be the “authority” in Christiania or Copenhagen or wherever, and you decide to take the step of criminalizing hash or whatever and even go to the length of “trying to flatten” the local market where these things are being traded; but CANNOT COMPLETE the “flattening” or clearing of the area, and then CAN’T or WON’T do anything to prevent even worse “hardened criminal elements” from moving in and taking control AFTERWARDS – then you are not a real “authority”, but a weakling.


This is article about Christiania , yes it is about specific place called Christiania. It is not about Muslim, African or whatever else immigrants and it is not about mythical Zionist globalist whatever. And it is certainly out of question to flatten an area that hosted thousands of families through decades. White Danish people live in Christiania, not some Zionists or whatever.

If you want to flatten and talk about flattening then talk something that makes sense. Don’t just repeat “internet wizardry wisdom”.

You babble about government exercising power on regular folks and because these folks showed strength you call for government to to do the flattening. For not doing it you call government pussielyliy and then claim it is your general talk against government. What freaking comprehension are you talking about?


The point of my comment, BASED ON THE TEXT OF THE ARTICLE, was the WEAKNESS AND INCOMPETENCE OF EUROPEAN “AUTHORITIES”, who are unable to anticipate or prevent hardened ethnic criminal elements from moving in and taking control at a place which they had “tried to flatten”, for whatever reason. I don’t care about who is currently or has been living in Christiania, as THAT WAS NOT MY POINT. Since you cannot respond intelligently to what I ACTUALLY SAID, it’s useless to try discussing anything with you and your emotional blabberings. You’re a waste of time – goodbye!


Next time under the article about fishing in Japan post your comments about WW2 in Pacific Ocean. It can be about fishing boats or destroyers, what do you care. It is all same to you anyway and it is about authorities after all. I am sure you will manage to squeeze a Muslim or two and maybe few Jews for a good measure.

John Whitehot

it’s not that difficult to “introduce criminals”, just make sure that ppl know that it’s possible to sell hard drugs, firearms and hookers over a certain area and surely the criminals will shortly follow.


Yea, I fully suport the Christianians and what they say is true, the same people is all over our land Norway, but the Norce “police” runs after their own people in the bush/mountains, but dont tutch the Multiculturals whom runs Oslo.

I have been the Amster, and why on earth is the debate so moronilcy one sided.
Legalise it and the gangs evaporate, and have to deal with legale sales stores as in Netherland.
And let us grown what we want home.

To me as an “norwegian” it took me several days of fighting decades of inherent paranoia, to manage to calm my self mentaly down, from the fact I am smoking an plants harpics/leaves, huh, whats the matter with people and their insane dribble about Cannabis/drugs.

The second problem is corruption of drugs and politics, where several top of the scam chain have invested money into large “institutes” that feeds upon the people that have to go thrue that sceem to satisfy some wackos perspetions of been Cleen.
This “purefyed” humanism aka Puritanism is an dictatorship that is killing MORE people anually than traffic does in Norway, but the drug policy havent changed for decades, it was legale up to the 60. In Norway we have areas where Alocohol is probably easyer to find in Kabul (afganistan) then Here, and you have to order it on monday to have an limited amount of beer to the weekend.

Hallelujah, this is the freakish end of democrasy, an minority dictatorship, from an fringe pack of partys that controls what we shall think, eat and drink, incl smoke.
24/7, they hammer us.

And above all, this pisses me of more than anything, is why are we been talked to and about as we are or have “phsycological” deep problems or must have commed from an or out of an misserable childhood.
I know of people that went down using nothing, using alcohol, using high speed or extrem sports, using pills/alcohol an common combination among the non “drug addicts”, and so on, but somehow, only drugs is used to falsy blame people for going down, while I know that the problems dont corrolate with whatever substance you use/misuse, the problems sticks deeper, and have other origins.
I have non, but smokes like an steem train because I like it and it suthes my physical problems since I have been thrue an acsident that screwed up my spine and incl hernia, hehe, back and forth of my “cadavre”

And it improves my day, because it lightens the burden, the stoned part of it.

And beside, the ecological implications of hemp, is so underrated and hidden from public that I am stunned, you can build airplain bodys with Hemp, car bodys with hemp, boats with hemp, cloths with hemp, paper with hemp, oil with hemp, food to animals with hemp, but somehow this plant is forbidden and all its divine advantages hidden.
Even Diesel and Ford wanted their cars/engines to run on hemp oil.
But NO.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.


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