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Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

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Iranian-made rockets were used in the recent deadly attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq’s Kirkuk, new photos have revealed.

The attack had killed a U.S. military contractor and injured several service members, who were working inside the base, known as K1, on December 27.

The photos, which were released by the Iraqi Special Operations Forces on December 28, show the rocket launcher that was used in the attack. The launcher, consisting of 36 107 mm tubes, was hidden in the rare of a civilian mini truck.

Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

Click to see full-size image. Source: (@ICTSm33) on Twitter.

Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

Click to see full-size image. Source: (@ICTSm33) on Twitter.

Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

Click to see full-size image. Source: (@ICTSm33) on Twitter.

Four of the rockets, which were loaded into the launcher, failed to start. Experts identified the rockets as Iranian-made Fadjr-1 107 mm rockets. This type has a range of more than 8 km and is armed with a 7,9 kg warhead.

Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

Click to see full-size image. Source: (@ICTSm33) on Twitter.

Photos Reveal Iranian-Made Rockets Were Used In Deadly Attack On U.S. Base In Iraq

Click to see full-size image

Many Fadjr-1 rockets were looted by terrorist groups from the stockpiles of the Syrian and Iraqi militaries in the last few years. Rockets of this type were even spotted in Afghanistan.

The rocket’s type can’t be considered a solid evidence against Iran. In spite of this, a U.S. official said that Washington believe that the Iranian-backed Kata’ib Hezbollah in Iraq may be behind the attack.

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran and its local allies from carrying out any attacks in Iraq, saying that Washington will “respond decisively” to any such attack.

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Could have been anybody. Munitions of all types are awash in that area. Like every TOWII round fired, is done by US service members. Who knows who did it.


The idiot US just carried out a revenge attack

”Iraqi sources say 4 members of PMU killed in U.S. airstrikes, 30 others injured”

Zionist Internet Warrior

Don’t worry, PMU is planning combat and insurgency against US occupiers. We will be seeing lots more of huge rocket attacks, TOW strikes against Murican vehicles, IED attacks, and lots of base raids. Muricans will be crying hard. Beirut Barracks Bombing 2019 here we come :D

Jacob Wohl

shutup, antisemite

Marcus Porcius Cato

Stuff it, Jew. Vespasian and Titus will pay your Jerusalem another visit.


The usual refrain from a retarded Jewish imbecile that does not even understand what being a real Jew is all about.

John Wallace

Shut up little boy and start collecting bars of soap , you will need it. Yes I know , save your time and I will tell myself , ” go back to sleep old man ” . Thanks Jacob . Oh by the way , how come almost everyone on here is an antisemite according to you and the other degenerate dumbfucks who give themselves educational qualifications so they don’t appear as stupids they are.. So when are you off to prison and can we come and visit you with copies of the antisemite comments you will be missing.


U.S. military contractor = mercenary doesn’t ever count in official loses ! U.S. never give dead mercenary numbers, as part of their official loses. In killed in Afghanistan they never count over 4000 mercenaries killed as part of their loses in Afghanistan. So why this fuss? Because…. Iran.

Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: USAF has eliminated commander of the Iraqi Hezbollah (PMU) in Iraq!

Zionist Internet Warrior

Hey Fat Nose Kid, don’t cry when you see videos of PMU TOW strikes against Murican vehicles and base raids :)

Jacob Wohl

dare them to try, USAF will bushwhack them into smithereens


Poor old Jacob he’s just a dirty bum hole.

Joao Alfaiate

Have you registered as an agent of a foreign power yet?

John Mason

Every time you make such comments only goes to show that Hitler was on the right track.

Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: The USAF has struck 5 iranian militia targets in Iraq and Syria, eliminating 5 proxies and a commander! MAZEL TOV!

Zionist Internet Warrior

Hey Proboscis, you may have just opened Pandora’s Box. Have fun closing it.

Jacob Wohl

US Military is very good at closing Pandora’s boxes. History proves that. Now zip it shut, antisemite.

Marcus Porcius Cato

Yes, we all remember the incredible closing of the Vietnam box as the Amerirats scurried onto helicopters on the roof of their embassy building in Ho Chi Minh City.


I remember it well, and also the North Vietnamese tank smashing through the gates of the US embassy.


Like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya oh yeah their so smart. Their like a price bull without a cock.


it’s called war. and contractors ie mercenaries are paid to die. so what.

Peter Jennings

They chose the life.


or death.


Big fucking deal. Does Russia start a war every time American weapons are used in Syria?


Russia doesn’t have the guts.


They don’t respond to stupid childish provocation from Yankee man children.

Lone Wolf

Russia doesn’t have to do anything … US will always yield as US is thankful for saving America from Hillary ….


Iran has nothing to do with this legitimate act of resistance against the brutal US occupation forces. The real issue is the endless US and NATO vassals occupation of Syria, Iraq and Libya and inevitable resistance.


Israeli provocation


Really we are counting hired goons like mercenaries as U.S. military personnel. Talk about an armed force of criminals and mafiosi.

Pave Way IV

Bullshit. 32 107mm rocket motors fired off, yet the rails and back of that truck are still white with a little dusting of soot? FFS, must be the ‘B’ team at PSYOPS for the holiday weekend. If you’re going to start another war in Iraq against Iran for Israel, at least put a little effort in your manufactured bullshit to make it look real. Americans, Iraqis and Iranians are going to die for Israel. Show them some respect, you treasonous CENTCOM fucks!


You make a VERY good point. The truck bodywork at the back of the cab looks brand new. Hardly a dent or marks.

The White Helmet special effects team must have been employed again by the silly Yanks :)

Bobby Twoshoes

I thought the same… It’d be cool if Iran had developed some kind of non-combustive rocket engine though, maybe some kind of anti-gravity or field manipulation, the tubes are too short for a railgun.

Luke Hemmming

Absolutely right. Why start shit with some poxy rockets. Iran wouldn’t waste their prestige or the leverage they have with these fireworks. I agree with you. I’m calling BS on this.


Note the rear of the tubes is not pictured and in bad lighting Harder to make than pictured. Each tube would have to have electric ignition, and go to a control box so they are fired in sequence and not all at once?


The Israelis probably did the whole thing including the convenient photos and three Iranian rockets that mysteriously didn’t launch. Its all bullshit like everything that comes out of Yankyland – Their just a bunch of dumb meathead morons that like killing other people (woman, children an old men in particular) and stealing their land money and resources.


Perhaps whoever launched this attack; assuming they are a real US opposition and not point 3, will do this more often, like every day on every US base in Iraq, Syria, Bahrain etc. A concerted effort to make the US loses (US soldiers) unsustainable would force them to negotiate or leave the mid east. Americans cannot tolerate losing their own troops, its bad for the corrupt politicians back home, (their all pusses anyway) hence why they use contractors. My personal opinion is that Russia should close Syrian airspace and take command of the country, deny safety to the US oil thieves then let the Turks clean up what they need too and then tell then to fuck off.

John Mason

Yet again, who is to say that the US didn’t instigate the attack against themselves. US has used those tactics previously and they don’t particularly care if their soldiers are sacrificed.


9/11 for example


Ah, fresh hanging fruits, first, is this eh….. “evidence” for real, because, as one other put it, this “rocket” platform, or more or less, 30 stk, pipes velded by an single plate, with an low angle, and 3 in an row, and if, again asuming the story about the rocket/missile attack, is right, and what the Yankikes claim is an fact, do you realy think we would belive that, morons. Every thing stinks, obviously, smack in our face, right mofo there, and this, leftovers of non firing rockets/etc, is again true based on what I find remarkable is how little backfire this rows of, at least 25 tubes, and the paint above is just dirty, nothing in this image points to any kind of missile firing site at all, but simple logic, because it is totally missing, and the rockets are more in the leauge of, oh… dear, an spotless PassPort, did you say…. Iranian, dear, how peculiare. So dear Watson we have an obvious conspiracy, with an equally obvious vilain, and what is then the problem, the mere fact there is nothing, and apart from that nothing they have made up, to be modest with my language, more presice, invented an story witch is based upon profs less solid than my moring brass farts, witch you at least hear roll down the hall way, we have an briliant ex. on how to fake something out of nothing. Yup, they old year isnt much longer now, just two days, and we leave it, and I am afraid we will see more of it, insanly stupid made and prooduced propaganda hoggwash and forces us the denie whatever others say, and must relie in what they say, yeah, an shootgin marrige, where dobble moral is better than no morale. Because, they know, or relie on, the truth, where they debate, acuse and/or fabricate aka FF, witch everybody else sees is not what they claim it is, no way,, dont matter much, when most get their feed from the MSM, and is more or less for domestical abuse, americans knows nothing about everything outside their banana republic because they dont give an flying f…. about the rest of the world, and in their insane mind, and cheerd by the MICs, they are in it all the time, yeah, that is what matters this days, the MSMs control is the enemy of Man.

Whats intresting in the coming year, isnt as much, or how much derailed mentaly and moraly the imperial banana republic will sink/degenerate, but how and to what extent will the rest of the world, do something, viable for us all, or just maintain status quo for bare life. Do they have the balls to do something, everything is already there, and consider the benefits, contra what the impisses do to nations, witch is where the narrative about legalised plundering comes in.

Change is coming, its not an tsunami, as much its an steady decline inside the banana republic, unreasonable, and unreliable, paranoia instututionalised to be like an religion of Amercia that have started more wars than any other empire ever have, and behind millions killed, more millions displaced, etc, etc, but the slow, realisation of an empire witch is dying, sucked their own people dry, and now hangs them out to dry in the wind. In Northen Norway, and to an extent “agree” on one thing in this Russophobian times, that of our neighbors, Russia, have thru thousands of years invaded our land just once and for an short time in the aftermath of ww2, but thru history, Sweden and Denmark and inbetween Britain, have invaded norway several times,compared to Sweden. And Finland the only one whom havent attacked anyone, any time and is to be honest, PC-infested, like cancer it eats Finland from within and is completelly run by the UssA, 100 % whoosies, and rotten to their core, to be honest, in the south, and progress witch would be naturally, based upon geographical location, and the wastness of land and little people, is all hindered by the UssA MIC and Gov, nothing is alowed to happen, and their forward military gear is where I grew up, I know what they are and where some of them is. But never underestemate to servility of the spineless south norwegian, aka Khazarian inbreeds, and they will gling to the skirts edges as long they can, both hands, and sells out our land and everything, and we have jack shit to say.

The big uncertaty is, the imperial banana republic, the vassals are just mingling down in the basement and is afraid to rise their voice, and we have seen how corrupt they are, their lies and fake historys,, and to witch extent will Trump and company, since war isn that much of an deal, since both partys have been war criminals and die hard fans of owning stocks in wall street, yeah, blessed are the meek. Most variables I have, is backed by the scums in the Capital of the imperial banana republic UssA. Intresting times. Happy new year.


Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Doesn’t look practical or safe, particularly the middle missile matrix, unless it extends further and the position it is in now is retracted a bit? Not difficult for one of those missiles to launch downward a degree and detonate off the metal of the closest missile launch tube matrix (or whatever its called).


So what? It’s not like dozens of dead ISIS fighters aren’t found with US weapons.


israeli false flag operation – nothing else. the israelis are just desperados trying to set off the next middle east war before they themselves are evicted for good from the land they’ve stolen and where they no doubt are prone to be pushing up daisies in a short while. have no doubt that the iraqi special forces, the source of the information, the fake information above, is in the hands of the unhinged states of Americas intelligence set up in iraq and thus is doing the work of israel (like the iraqi general that was sacked recently for providing the coordinates for the various iraqi pmu-camps and which then were attacked by israel (and where they no doubt could have secured the rockets used in this false flag operation)).

so the most imminent problem facing the world, is how to get rid of the squatters occupying the land they have stolen and how to return the land to the palestinians and secure peace in the middle east since peace in the middle east is an oxymoron as long as the israelis are allowed to exist. rest assured.


But it is clearly a false flag, 4 that have remained there on purpose unexploded. the Iranians are in possession of Israeli and US rockets seized in Syria by ISIS, these they would have shoot.

Ray Joseph Cormier

The writing on the rockets should be in Farsi, not English. What’s with that?

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