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Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED)

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A Russian journalist, Evgeny Poddubnyy, released fresh pics from the Sha’irat Airbase in the  Syrian provine of Homs that had been targeted by US Tomahawk  missiles. (More about the topic here, here and here)

According to Poddubny, the airfield was not damaged dramatically and about 9 aircraft in airsheds were damaged or destroyed as a result of the US missile strikes. However, this is a preliminary information.

Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED)

Videos from the Russia 24 TV channel on the isssue:

A night look at the area:

Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED)

More photos from the area:

Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED) Photos And Videos From Sha’irat Airbase (UPDATED)

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doesnt look too bad


It’s look only on some parts of the military airbase. More info will likely appear during the day.

Leonardo Facchin

Thanks for your work. We, as readers, will be waiting to learn more.


oh ok thanks

John Marks

Take al-Bab back from the Turks.

Simon Abruzzo

Trump is an idiot.


This is Zionist Israeli terrorists state and Syria war inwhich US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia support Zionist Israel.
The Zionist Gog and Magog hostilities are everywhere in the world. Now we need God support. God is the supreme power in the entire universe.


Syrian airbases are rather primitive. NATO failed to destroy serbian airplanes (in their shelters) after 3 months of bombing, even with bunker busters.

Baudouin Jérusalem

D.J. Trump is stupid do this, he support the muslim terrorists with this strike.


59 cruise missiles launched and 9 aircraft destroyed or damaged???? This is US military operation fiasco !!! An US policy fiacso as well.

Baudouin Jérusalem

Only ” Only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles launched by the US Navy reached their target and hit the ash Shayrat military airfield near the Syrian city of Homs, the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed. The locations of the remaining 36 missiles’ impact is now unknown. ” https://southfront.org/russian-defense-ministry-only-23-out-of-59-tomahawk-missiles-reached-their-target-in-syria/


Guys I dont think you should give a hell about this airstrike its was done just to please the gulf that are paying american tons of money…. lets think about it 6 soldiers killed (if any did) from 70 tomahawk missiles ….its just to show that gulf money is well spent and its going to be a reason for russia to increase its military operations. ….. any move done by the US is stupid and gives advantage to it enemies.


Doesn’t seem like half the missiles even made it near their intended targets as it were. Curious as to why this is? Perhaps faulty equipment, or intentional, or something else?


either russia jammed or shot them down, or they were just old shit, or both lol


The damage could have been worse. If there were Russian casualties I wonder what the next move would be then after? Honestly it makes sense that this was going to take place. Given the extent to which this has happend, it would most likely be safe to assume that this attack has been planned for some time, possibly before the alleged chemical incident which occurred in the Idlib province.


probably when the terrorists realized they were losing badly

Real Anti-Racist Action

After the US destroys Syrian munitions to be loaded onto planes, no chemicals were released.
Meaning… Syria had no chemicals to even be able to load onto planes in the first place!
The chemicals and nuclear weapons are In Israel! Not Syria.
Trump is now just a Zionist-Supremacist-Bigots. Impeach Trump!
Syria was innocent the whole time!


next time bomb turkey and incirlic idiots

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

It’s not uncommon that cruise missiles have problems , when i was in the navy we went to the US coast to shoot the yearly harpoon , at the end the target was still afloat and the Harpoon was on the bottom of the sea with it’s booster still attached to it (painfull moment for the crew of the dutch frigates and a testimony on the reliability of the Made in US )
If it is true that only 23 of the Cruise missiles reached their target , then the counter mensures of the Russians in the form of electronic jamming or / and S400 has been succesfull !
I guess 59 cruise missiles at once can be called a saturation attack , and with less than 40 % reaching their target we can say it’s more or less a draw ( both sides have to consider some finetunning )
But still Russia has now aquired some lifefire experience which is unvaluable for the jaming and missile crews!
Now the next question why is the US so eager to crash the Syrian regime , by seeking the confrontation with Russia !?
I guess that plan B is not working according to plan , Russia and China are dumping the petrodollar as they need less and less oil and gas from the middle east !
Russia is holding most of the cards in this bluff poker game .

Peter Moy

With this attack, the fanatical Zionists, neo-cons and traitors in the Trump administration have shown who really calls the shots. The result will be more dead innocent civilians Syria and more dead Americans at home. I am waiting for the Russian response. Less talk and more military muscle!


What Obama should have done in 2013, when his infamous “red line” was gleefully crossed by Assad and Putin…

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