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JUNE 2020

Photo: Tactical Pool Shoes – Secret Weapon Of Pro-GNA Forces In Battle For Tripoli


Photo: Tactical Pool Shoes - Secret Weapon Of Pro-GNA Forces In Battle For Tripoli

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Social media users have noticed a secret weapon used by militias loyal to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) to stop the addvance of the Libyan National Army (LNA) south of Tripoli. This is tactical pool shoes.

Photo: Tactical Pool Shoes - Secret Weapon Of Pro-GNA Forces In Battle For Tripoli

Click to see the full-size image

However, it should be noted tha GNA forces did not invent this approach. Tactical pool shoes of various types are actively used in Yemen:

Photo: Tactical Pool Shoes - Secret Weapon Of Pro-GNA Forces In Battle For Tripoli

Click to see the full-size image



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  • JHK

    GNA LNA sounds like two sides of the same coin, western backed and saudi backed.

    Im definitely not an expert in maghreb tho.

    • Peter Jennings

      The LNA may just have a hope of regaining control of Libya for Libyans, whereas the GNA doesn’t stand a chance of changing things for the better.

      • JHK

        It looks like NSG is a mashup of Turkey and Rebels and maybe even Iran, whereas LNA GNA is the zionist/secular crowd.

        So in Libya this will force the secular movement to choose between the zionists and NSG, but NSG doesnt look at all friendly with secular forces.

        And then this is where assad will have to pick sides also, and drop to his knees before Erdogan if he wants anything to do with the New Axis.

        • Ronald

          GNA , are largely Muslim Brotherhood, yes Turkish and Qatari backed, but Libya is 95 % Sunni so Iran would have very limited if any influence.
          NSG are also jihadists tied into the GNA.
          Haftar’s LNA are he secular side of things, allied to Egypt.
          Highly doubtful Assad would kneel to anyone, last of all Erdogan.
          Are you Turkish ?

          • JHK

            No Im canadian and japanese and Shia and Rebel supporting, but yes Ive been to Turkey so in that sense Im Saeed Nursi(rh) Turkish.

            Im just saying that Turkey is bridging Russia Iran and TFSA and Rebels as the new leader of the Axis.

            What I mean by Assad kneeling before Erdogan is that Assad wrote off Muslim Brotherhood, even before Iran did, which is basically writing off Sunnis outside of Syria.

            Assad thinks he has Sunnis in is Army, but outside of Syria is proving otherwise and we should see it shortly.

            Im also saying this because I was following Russia and China even before it was the Axis as we know it, and I was also following Turkey.

            Iran wouldnt even allow the Syrian Flag to fly 10 years ago and scoffed at Russia and China.

            And just 1 year ago people scoffed at Turkey, and most still do. The kneeling before Erdogan is for all the scoffers of his achievements that we have followed and nurtured for more than 10 years, which is a lot more than what we can say Assad has nurtured.

          • PZIVJ

            So what is the Axis, seems you live in a NATO country.
            Maybe you should STFU. :D

          • JHK

            The Axis will ブットバス americunt, and Im betting japan will be Axis after every major Asian country joins which basically makes japan next in line to join.

            And since you dont know what Axis is, you should probably listen rather than be arrogant or cocky or femboy.

          • Ronald

            So, Canadian and Japanese, a good mix.
            Shia and “Rebel” supporting however sounds like a contradiction,
            Shia and Christians support Assad as the Salafist want their heads.
            Within Syria there are numerous ‘moderate rebels’, Al Qaeda (MB), TFSA (MIT), and ISIS (Wahhabi).
            Then there are the Kurdish trying to create “Kurdistan” out of chunks of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey.
            Muslim Brotherhood is rare east of Iraq, although Wahhabi schools have been promoted for the last 20 years by the Saudis.
            Egyptians certainly wrote of the MB, as has Haftar in Libya.
            Find it hard to believe the rest of North Africa is MB.

          • JHK

            Yes it does sound contradictory, but Ive spent more than 10 years reconciling everything. I can explain any contradictions from a Religious, Political, or Scientific basis.

            But I cant defend north america or europe given that it controls more than 60% of the worlds wealth.

          • Ronald

            Which “Rebels” do you support is my question.
            # 1, Al Qaeda, John McCain’s ‘moderate rebels’ (Muslim Brotherhood)
            # 2, TFSA, backed by Tukey’s MIT , (Muslim Brotherhood)
            # 3, ISIS, Saudi backed Wahhabi
            # 4 Kurdish backed by the US , UK and Israel (mostly Sunni)
            Or all of the above because you believe “Assad gases his own people”

          • JHK

            Going backwards on your list:

            4. Kurds, I dont support despite not being racist or discriminating towards Muslims. sdf are clearly allied with america and also israel and Kurds tend to dress like zios. So Kurdish tendency to run to jews and america really gets to me. And Assad and Russia tried for years with them only to lose the entire northern region to nato bases.
            3. isis, who are for the most part independent and a branch of AlQaeda are too strict in their definition of us and them which backfired on them. They also did an israel by claiming to be chosen. Most are young and Ive debated them for years, but they are irrelevant now and can be controlled or limited, but I dont believe they will disappear, they need to be negotiated with and by AlQaeda who would be the only ones who could control them. They are not related to saudis really and its hard to pin them to zios except for a few similar photos and nato helicopters helping maybe.
            2. FSA/TFSA were originally the split with SAA and spurred by mcain who even flew in to meet them. These guys I hated because they like Kurds ran to nato which is a grave sin for Muslims. But most have roots with Ikhwan MB and Ottoman and also its the Sunni Moderate/Secular choice. Turkey used to meddle with Jordan and saud etc, but with the Qatar Split, Turkey has done an amazing job purifying and standardizing FSA into TFSA, and Operation Olive Branch was a very brave operation having 80% of Turkey voting for it, and willing to risk their lives for. The transition out of nato was an unwritten given that western secularists have trouble seeing understanding. But Erdogan is strong brave and also diplomatic with a half secular moderate side but also undying loyalty to Muslim Brotherhood and Ikhwan which are both anti saudi.
            1. AlQaeda I have studied in detail specifically for anything truly incriminating in policy and action. They dont rape, blow up mosques, target civilians, or even lie actually. They are very honest serious and orthodox Muslims and actually dont takfir either. For example Taliban and Deobandi have conditions for accepting Shias.
            AlQaeda always got the wrap for things that peripheral groups were doing like zinki tehriki taliban and sometimes AlShabab or AQAP but these were environmental factors (much more severe conditions in Africa and Arabia).

          • JHK

            Im basically working on an AlQaeda Hezbollah Alliance where both sides would balance out each others flaws or extreme tendencies.

            Also with Iran and Turkey it would bridge moderate Sunnis with moderate Shias.

            And the finally a BRICS + Islam Alliance which I call the Axis where AlQaeda spells things out (they are basically analysts for a long war against evil), and then Iran Russia China Turkey etc implement. AlQaeda is basically a special ops that gets involved only strategically, and only needs to make sure it is right and on the right track and it has proven to become a much tighter ship now although Sheik Zawahiri because of age maybe might not have the charisma or dynamism to enact change as well as others could, but Iran with khamenei is similar, they are both substitutes for two greats that cant really be surpassed.

          • Ronald

            Oh, Al Qaeda, mmm so I was right you are Turkish.
            Possibly a “new Canadian” from Turkey ?

          • JHK

            Im Turkish in the sense I lived there for 3 months and witnessed how relieved everyone felt when he was reelected. But Turkey and Erdogan arent bold enough to back AlQaeda or HTS and they did have a spat with Taliban before, as well as Amisom against AlShabab.

            I did recently get a fancy new birth certificate from canada though, its made of some kind of plastic paper with watermark and all kinds of new tech.

            But I dont intend to return to canada until its fixed, and healthcare is free again, and the imperialist and zionist influences are uprooted and thrown to the streets.

            And or course AlQaeda gets the recognition it deserves for identifying early what the masses now know today, and the notoriety of it is dispelled once people come to recognize all the underdog and thankless heroism its been through.

            Its bound to happen because AlQaeda and Hezbollah have always been at the forefront against the evil forces, always taking the chivalrous and rightful side, and developing habits manners and behavior that few are able to live by.

            And best of all, its really a great story, something I have been lucky to have been following especially since 911.

            The zionists used the same tactic against AlQaeda as it did against japan and pearl harbour. But I give it 2 to 3 more years for people sort out all the fine differences between isis and AlQaeda, and other groups.

            Im so certain because I didnt know anything around 2001, and even until 2011 understanding Sunnism and all the groups is quite a task.

            More than 10 years of studying both Shia and Sunni branches of eschatology to the scholarly level, and reconciling it with Judaism and Christianity etc.

            I swear all this knowledge is a better arsenal than boeing f35s for sure.

            Give it 2 years and maybe you will see, because AlQaedas record as judged from a third party is to a higher standard than even Hezbollah, and while Taliban is good, AQ has strategic global and deeply philosophical streams of thought especially about life and afterlife, prophesy during end times, proper chivalry and manners, all the laws and rules and wisdom taken from orthodox religious works, applied across the board, and such longterm planning and execution under the radar of the most sophisticated nasa nsa cia mossad space weapons technology, state border and security. AlQaeda functions with our Creator(swt) as our communications Hub.

            3 years until it gets accepted in mainstream Islamic Circles and then diseminated to the secular mainstream.

          • Ronald

            You might notice that Hezbollah is defensive, one against Israel and helping Syria defend itself from the US and Zionist backed jihadists.
            Any one with half an ounce of respect would spell Japan or Canada with a capital. Your claim of being Canadian born is not believable.

          • JHK

            Well Hezbollah strategically leverages the Secular line, which is part of its strength, but also part of its weakness.

          • JHK

            I can send you a photo of my birth certificate, but in spirit no Im not so canadian for many good reasons, and Im at best neutral on japan, just watching japanaese tv is nauseating enough.

          • Ronald

            “Reconciling everything”, yes you have rationalized massively.
            “Too strict in their definition of us and them, which backfired on them”.
            When anyone supports “jihad”, they elect themselves as “Chosen”, or able to make decisions for another.
            This will backfire,… no one is above the law of the Eternal.

          • JHK

            Im not saying isis is closest to the Law of the Eternal(swt), but I am saying that AlQaeda is closest.

          • JHK

            When you say noone is above the Law of the Eternal, are you not in fact asserting your choseness over others.

          • Ronald

            I am saying the Eternal is the Law, not myself or you or Al Qaeda or any theology is ‘elevated’ and equal to it. Thinking oneself or one’s teacher is able to say “who is us and who is them” is to presume too much.

          • JHK

            According to your understanding about The Everlasting(swt).

            But AlQaeda knows The Eternal better than you.

            AlQaeda means The Base The Foundation The Principle.

            america has no principles (that accord with The Eternal Law)

            And one of the Principles is the beam in the north ameriwhores eye.

            us canada australia europe, you guys have no say about world issues.

            Because of that beam in your eye.

          • Ronald

            The Eternal is the Foundation, not Al Qaeda, or any theology.
            All theology is only thinking.
            Real religion is your direct relationship to that Absolute.
            Alone at death there is no Prophet or Caliphate beside you.
            Your thoughts words and deeds are what you will answer for, not those of anyone else.
            Who is us and who is them is only for the Infinite to decide.

          • JHK

            No, Im saying AlQaeda refers to Allah(swt), its AlQaedAllah(swt).

            We know the story of the zionist jews and romans, and we know the stories of all the Prophets(as).

            We know that Moses(as) culled his camp, thats why we stand with Moses(as) in his side of the camp, not roman zios or those who live next door to them.

          • Ronald

            “Al Qaeda refers to Allah (swt), its Al Qaeda Allah (swt)”.
            Haven’t a clue what your trying to say there, would you explain.

          • JHK

            Yes, anything western is blue pilled and cucked and anything Eastern is RedPilled Based and Slated for Victory.

          • Ronald

            “Accept everything just the way it is”, from Miyamoto Musahi,

            That Zen perspective is based on dropping “thinking” and accepting the Reality. “The stories of all the Prophets”, be they Jewish, Islamic or Christian, are just stories that lead to utter confusion.
            The Absolute Reality lacking confusion gives life in abundance, one’s duty is to help life, not judge it.

          • JHK

            Yes so take the red pill and accept that 80% of the world lives and breathes in The Eastern Hemisphere and we Believe in Jesus(as) more than if every westerner was locked up in notre dame (westerners are defacto pagans).@

          • JHK

            Yes, accept that beam in your eye.

          • JHK

            Accept that huge beam in your north american eye.

          • Ronald

            You feel better thinking I am “you guys” , “canada us australia europe”, and I have a ‘huge beam in my.. eye’. OK feel good but,
            You are important, and your Japanese heritage is important,
            I have tried to offer you a glimmer of that Zen view.
            The Bible, Koran and Torah are thousand (plus) year old books each claiming to be the “word of God”.
            Each book has multiple schools , churches or sects.
            Within each of those schools churches and sects are multiple ‘learned scholars’ and their ‘correct interpretation’.
            You think you are lucky and picked the right book, the right school and the right scholar. The odds are not good.
            Jews Christians and Muslims have been at war for a long while.
            Take the Red pill, treat yourself like you matter, learn something about your Japanese heritage.
            There is a different path that does not rely on ancient tales.

          • JHK

            Im Bushido, and from Seiwa Genji from Jimmu, my heritage is in my veins.

            Im certain AlQaeda is most on the Truth followed closely by Iran and Turkey.

            And Im just as certain that zio romans come from the same zio roman heritage (those fkrs tried to kill a Prophet(as)).

            In fact I support anyone against zio roman nato, but I wont trust anyone living there, for many good logical ideological spiritual humanitarian scientific and (Multi) Religious Universal and Big TOE reasons.

          • JHK

            AlQaeda has been dragging america to its death, to meet its Eternal Law.

          • JHK

            On the Principle of an eye for an eye (Its Eternal).

    • Sinbad2

      It could be just another American arms sales promotion.

      • JHK

        Yes that also, Im just watching as Rebels are about to take the front seat of The Axis, once its proven to the slow moving world that Rebels are nothing near to terrorists, its nato and partially Axis (Russia bombing Aleppo and Iran and Syria allowing it).


    Perhaps they should purchase some hiking sandals.
    Thick sole and good traction.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      I have some old Teva all terrain sandals and they are combat strength, went hiking in the summer in Canadian Rockies and not a problem. The Ansarollah should adopt that design :)

  • grumpy_carpenter

    The Romans fought in sandals and they didn’t seem to have any problem killing people.

    • Sinbad2

      Yeah but a sandal stays on your foot, thongs tend to fly off at inconvenient times.

      • grumpy_carpenter

        In certain conditions that could be considered an asset …. try getting your boot of and smacking some guy with it when you run out of ammo …. but a razor blade in your flip flop and you got a deadly weapon. Another plus he doesn’t go home on leave with a nasty fungus from wearing boots and have to spend his leave sleeping outside with the camels.

      • Albert Pike

        May be ist has it’s advantages in a minefield – one never knows…;-)

    • Floyd Hazzard

      But those are not sandals, sandals have straps. Those are slippers. We call them sling shots and catapults for the slapping they make on your heel when you walk…lol.

    • Oli Tobias E


      Real roman Sandals were greate, you could walk for miles without sweating and getting athlete’s foot, what you probbably get in boots if walk 24 Roman miles (35.544 km or 22.086 modern miles)

  • Peter Jennings

    Someone has been watching the Houthis on youtube. When GNA Attacks!, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, or bite.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The Houthi of Yemen deserve royalties.
    Hey, if you’re going to be original you can expect to be copied.
    Now lets see if the sandals are the only thing they have in common with the Houthi.
    You see, the Houthi are a special kind of special forces. Not like SAS who’s country was overrun and conquered on their watch and never even deployed to fight their invaders lol.
    Saudis invaded London, and SAS surrender.
    Saudis invade Yemen, and the real protectors of a society spring into action against the Saudi invaders.

  • Sinbad2

    The Americans did exactly the same thing with ISIS, they gave them brand new uniforms but no boots?

  • Neil

    That is a scandal. No, it’s a sandal.

  • JustPassingThrough

    why isn’t the MIC in there supplying shoes?
    how could they have missed this great opportunity to further democratical ideals?

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    The Houthis also fights in sandals, so i cant see what so wrong about it.

    Post like this just shows that many post are just there for the clicks and ad space, without any relevant information.

  • Justin

    These are not thongs! they have a string at the back! Anybody who has looked into running know that there has been a revolution in shoes! But not really a revolution, more like going back to basics! It has been re-discovered that a running shoe makes u land on the heal of your foot which then sends vibrations up your legs and into your hips and spine! it also takes more energy and u cannot run as far, as quiet or as efficient! But if you run on ur bare feet or in a slim sandal you will run and land on the front of your foot (toes first) (almost as if u are tippy toeing). This now greatly reduces all shock down the leg as ur knees now act as shock absorbers (as nature intended)! u are far more quiet and much less exhausted!
    If u dont believe it go for a run on some small stone in shoes, then go run on them in bare feet! u will naturally run on the front of ur foot in bare feet because it will hurt less and u hit the ground much softer!

    what u will discover is ur distance will be far greater running this way! But we dont expect people to run in bare feet but u would wear one of these slim sandles!

    i bought running shoes with no heal and it forces u to run on the front part of ur foot!

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0bff17ca56d4c612fc56a1c8425ca8ac0ff1c35345d855d7b284593790062c2f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df74d5d53c81207c7c7044e3233614cb8609a42297a56751e69ad37dff0dfe45.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba13ae96b65049a943ca2c4cbff4d46dac7ee449e9aa0100c611c77ae8c1e976.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/897e81943220a64609840880ec9e862faff28d0c250ed71493627791ddbe60f2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/448bdca08599a1f9ed7fa77bbf3363aa4741369c1db74a240fbf6b437d73a8d0.jpg

  • Harry Smith

    There was a channel on youtube when 1st Libyan war started. They had a video, where a guy in thongs shots with RPG a tank in the urban environment right in the rear iron wheel (do not know how it is named in English). Some army guys said that it was a high class shot. So, I think, we must not underestimate the guys in thongs.

  • Berserk

    Flip-flops… You can call them Flip-flops!

  • Sana LY

    This is a sample of what you called Libyan National Army (LNA) in your report above attacking the capital Tripoli. You can do your own investigation to verify. For us Free Libyans, the picture is very clear. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9821678ee6042be7964bf92049f31644ca3953a68a3c4ee34f9e7223aa86437e.jpg

  • Tommy Jensen

    Wellies. Noone have been thinking about wellies and I was the first one to come up with this solution. Wellies is real back to basis. An all weather shoe you also can sleep with.
    Nothing beats good wellies!


    Hey u who fabricated stories about W Libya just to amuse ur master money,stop send rumours, there’s no qa’ada nor Isis nor brotherhood, we r misrata and LIbya whom has fought Isis in sirt while UN of hypocrites were watching us pay 400 martyrs,as for brotherhood u r used to fabricating stories about it their (first folk incubator) was in gulf of terrorism since long time KSA UAE,both of were preparing BrotherHood to send em to any place in Arab land in name of fighting terrorism to implement and pass their plan “the century deal” which UN of hypocrites well known!
    Libya against brotherhood and if there is one man appears onTV from brotherhood that doesn’t means all 3000000 all of em the same !? This just an oppression,but Hafter war criminal with Russian,Chadian,Sudanese,jijaweed,Egyptian,Greecean,Jordan&french mercenaries still kill and destroy infrastructure not terrorism! !?then all of u need psychotherapy YE who speak ill about W Libyan warriors,
    Come on follow me on @ABUSHAALA to see the truths,
    Pleas don’t add fuel to fire