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Photo: Australian Troops Fly Nazi Flag In Afghanistan

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Photo: Australian Troops Fly Nazi Flag In Afghanistan

Australian troops fly Nazi flag in Afghanistan

Australian soldiers have been caught flying a Nazi flag from their vehicle while conducting a mission in Afghanistan, according to a photo obtained by ABC.

The photo of the troops deployed in the framework of the NATO operation in the war torn country was taken in 2007.

“The ABC has obtained two separate expert analyses of the photograph.

Both concluded with a high degree of confidence — near certainty — that the image has not been digitally altered.

Other than magnifying the image and cropping its exterior margins, the ABC has not edited or manipulated the photograph in any way.

The ABC has seen a second photograph of the flag, and it is understood that further images of the flag in Afghanistan have also been circulated among Australian soldiers,” ABC says in its article on the issue.

A defence source aware of the situation told ABC that the Nazi flag issue was a “twisted joke”, rather than evidence or an expression of genuine neo-Nazism. However, the source added the flag was up for a “prolonged period”.

However, Vice Chief of Defence, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, has his own version of the situation.

“I think the important thing is the situation was dealt with quickly — the flag was removed,” Vice Admiral Griggs said. “And, what I can say we’ve learnt subsequently, is that when the patrol returned to its base, the flag was destroyed.”

This is not the first scandal involving Australian forces in June.

Earlier, a secret defense report published by Fairfax Media revealed that Australian troops had allegedly committed war crimes engaging in “unsanctioned and illegal application of violence on operations” with }a disregard for human dignity” in Afghanistan.

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Outstanding! The Colour Red & White Can be Seen from a Large Distance & Creates an Excellent Target to Aim your RPGs at and Knock’m Out… I would advise to equip ALL NATO Vehicles with this Flag….


It never ceases to astound me that soldiers think they will not be criticised for incidents such as this in the age of the ubiquitous Camera Phone with the capability to share images in seconds all over the globe.

What is does show is a laddish and infantile frame of mind that has no cognisance of consequence’s beyond what they are actually doing and memory loss of what they have done.

Just as an iron discipline was necessary in the days when soldiers stood in ranks a few tens of metres away from each other and proceeded to fire muskets etc at each other, there is a need today in the age of small units with massive comparative firepower to be commanded by NCO’s and junior officers who insist on honourable , principled and humane behaviour from their soldiers. The adage ‘ There is no such thing as bad soldiers , there are only bad officers ‘ is pertinent here.

All too many private soldiers and junior NCO’s these days are no more that yobs in uniform BUT behind that persona is ‘ the man that stood firm at Waterloo and in the WW1 trenches’.


I see soldiers these days as a Police-Force in case a Country starts killing its Neighbours or own citizens….Like the UN told us they would be…. But the UN represents Evil….and so do their “ Peace-Keepers”….the only thing they did was checkin’ if the looting went OK…and abuse kids here & there…the End to all Wars seems very close…either way..

Joe Dirt

Lol let’s see how many are triggered by photoshop

Alexis Goldwasser

Fuck you, my great grandfather died in the holocaust

Real Anti-Racist Action

Why was he invading indigenous ethnic-Pomeranians tribal peoples ancestral home lands?
He sounds like he was a racist colonialist bigot who colonized indigenous tribal peoples ancestral home lands.
https://holodomorinfo.com/comment image


That statement is rather broad. Did he die of natural causes, disease such as typhus, being shot, an accident during forced labor or tripping over a bag of bagels ?

Amine Mansouri

fuck u


Fuck You Too….


R-remember the 8 billion!!


Every single time there is a Mass extermination, the Jews are always leading the Charge from behind a desk
Russia lost over 110 million people to Marxism VS Communism, Marxism was British Communism was Jewish.
The Russians Really deserve the Honor of Drawing first Blood.

Wise Gandalf

Russia lost over 110 million people to Marxism

Bullshit! There were no russians.

Open one book (on internet you find hinderds), where are statistical data about russian demography. 1800 until today. you will be surprized.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The figure does seems a bit to high. I found what I could online. It says Russia’s populations were these…
1900 – 128 million
1914 – 166 million
1939 – 170.6 million people
This figure came from “The new Soviet Census (1939) showed a population figure of 170.6 million people”
Stalin also stated this figure in public in his report to the 18th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party.
The population would have been higher, except there had been a series of Communist purges of Russians, plus Russia had a civil war against the traditional ‘White-Russians’ that went on for more then 10 years.
Perhaps part of his number is referring to Ukrainian and Eastern European losses as well. I had often read the number put at 44 million.

Wise Gandalf

I you want, i can find several sources, where are 1-2 or 5 years intervals. dont forget, between 14 and 39 there were:
– ww1
-civil war
-flu epidemy

-massive territorial lost in european part
– during holodomor in WHOLE USSR decreased the population by 2-2.5 million people.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The three different Holodomor Genocides occurred in…
1921-22 was the first Holodomor.
1932-33 2nd Holodomor.
1946-47 was the third and final Holodomor under the (((Red))) regime in Russia and Eastern Europe.

“From the end of June 1921 until apparently the fall (autumn) of 1921” chemical weapons developed and weaponized by Jewish chemist Fritz Haber during WWI were used, by direct order of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and Red Army leadership. Order No. 171, dated 11th June 1921 and signed by Vladimir Ovseenko shows clearly the sorts of methods used to “pacify” Tambov Province. It stipulated:

Shoot on sight any citizens who refuse to give their names.
District and Regional Political Commissions are hereby authorized to pronounce sentence on any village where arms are being hidden, and to arrest hostages and shoot them if the whereabouts of the arms are not revealed.
Wherever arms are found, execute immediately the eldest son in the family.
Any family that has harboured a bandit is to be arrested and deported from the province, their possessions are to be seized, and the eldest son is to be executed immediately.
Any families sheltering other families who have harboured bandits are to be punished in the same manner, and their eldest son is to be shot.
In the event that bandit families have fled, their possessions are to be redistributed among peasants who are loyal to the Soviet (Bolshevik) regime, and their houses are to be burned or demolished.
These orders are to be carried out rigorously and without mercy
In village after village the women and elderly were savagely beaten, the women raped then along with the children removed to concentration camps. A prelude to the Gulag

Nazino, The Jewish Gulag.

conditions in these camps was intolerable: typhus and cholera were endemic, and the half-naked prisoners lacked even basic requirements. A conservative estimate states that at least 50,000 were interned with the mortality rate in the camps at least 20 percent a month. Ovseenko also signed an order, dated 12th June 1921, concerning the resistance fighters stipulating that:

“The forests where the bandits are hiding are to be cleared by the use of poison gas. This must be carefully calculated, so that the layer of gas penetrates the forests and kills everyone hiding there.”

On the 19th October Lenin wrote to Felix Dzerzhinsky saying “It is vital that this movement (Tambov) be crushed as swiftly as possible in the most exemplary fashion: we must be more energetic than this.” Thus hunger became the most powerful weapon imaginable as areas of high The Jewish Bolshevik “bestial torturesgrain seizure suffered most horrifically due to their resistance. A horrific cycle of crucifixions, scalpings and other “bestial tortures” ensued. Shootings by the Jewish Cheka where common place, even children caught eating confiscated grain were shot as ‘traitors’ to the Bolshevik state, and there were those Cheka who cut open their victim’s stomach, The writer Maxim Gorky describes Lenin’s reign of terrorpulled out a length of small intestine, nailed it to a telegraph pole, and with a whip forced the victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine became unravelled. To emphasis Trotsky’s utter distain for the ethnic European people in 1921 messengers who Leon Trotskyrepresented the starving farmers asked him for help he said “You are starving? This is not famine yet! When your women start eating their children then you may come and say we are starving”.

That same year Walter Duranty, an Anglo-American journalist who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief of The New York Times, moved to Lenin’s Soviet construct directly coinciding with the beginning of the first Holodomor and forced famine in Russia. The fact that he was the only reporter allowed to move around Russia unaccompanied is in itself damming. In 1932 Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of reports New York Times journalist Walter Duranty helped cover up the 1932-33 Holodomormade to the leading Jewish newspaper The New York Times about the so called ‘Soviet Union’. Flagrant lies, there was sharp criticism and calls to The New York Times, who had submitted Duranty’s work for the prize to revoke his Pulitzer. Indeed Duranty denounced reports of famine in The New York Times on 31st March 1933, and, in particular, he attacked Gareth Jones, a British journalist who had witnessed the horror in Ukraine and issued a widely published press release about it two days earlier in Berlin. Journalist Malcolm Muggeridge has stated many times that he believed the Bolsheviks had some kind of hold over Duranty whilst Journalist Joseph Alsop claimed that “Duranty was a great KGB agent and lying like a trooper.” His marriage following the first Holodomor to Jane Cheron, a Jewess that he himself characterised with “the nose and mouth suggested more than a trace of Semitic blood” further signifies Duranty’s Jewish fixation.

Lenin even outlined the need for famine by stating “destroying the peasant economy and driving the peasant from the country to the town, the famine creates a proletariat…” At which point he exposed Lenin regarded Europeans as animalsthe real purpose for instigating the Jewish Bolshevik famine. “It is precisely now and only now, when in the starving regions people are eating human flesh, and hundreds if not thousands of corpses are littering the roads, that we can (and therefore must) carry out the confiscation of church valuables with the most savage and merciless energy, not stopping (short of) crushing any resistance.” He continued, ”The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing for this reason, the better”. Violent torture and confiscation of food proved such an effective method of crushing Tambov that the cycle was repeated in the Ukraine in areas resisting occupation by Jewish Bolshevism. It is a matter of record that international relief organizations were forbidden to operate in Ukraine until January 1922 confirming that the Jewish Bolshevik authorities had no wish to alleviate the suffering they had inflicted until Terror under Jewish Bolshevik forced Famine in Russia (1921-23they were quite sure that the population had been ‘pacified’. Meanwhile, the Russian populace was in the grip of an equally destructive Bolshevik engineered famine and it is estimated that across both famines as many as 5 million ethnic Europeans were murdered.

By November 1929 Matvei Berman the son of a Jewish brickyard owner had developed the Gulag system of concentration camps that defined Lenin’s “most cruel revolutionary terror” and in 1930 become deputy chief. Berman became head of the Gulag on June 9th, 1932 taking over from Lazar Kogan, the son of a wealthy Jewish merchant and high ranking Cheka, NKVD functionary who had been chief from 1930 and became deputy chief from 1932-1936. Berman remained until August 17th, 1937 and in 1935 by his own count he was in charge of over 740,000 prisoners in the Gulag concentration camp system. Yet it is Naftaly Frenkel, a Jewish businessman and member of the Cheka who is best known for his role in the organisation of work in the Gulag starting with the concentration camps of the Solovetsky Islands, recognised as one of the earliest sites of the Gulag. Frenkel personally invented the notorious you-eat-as-you-work system, also known as the nourishment scale. Like the larger scale Holodomor genocides-murder by starvation this destroyed weaker prisoners in weeks and induced a phenomenal death toll greatly supporting Lenin’s “bloody war of extermination”. Nikita Khrushchev also played a very significant role in the Holodomor genocide of 1932-33 in which as many as 10 million ethnic Europeans were murdered. On the basis of performances in that Bolshevik engineered famine in 1934 he was promoted to a full member of the Communist Party of the Soviet construct. What proceeds is part of a witness statement made at the extensive hearing on the role and responsibility of Nikita S. Khrushchev in Stalin’s inhuman and barbarous persecution of the Ukrainian people held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities On September 9th-11th, 1959, 16 days prior to Khrushchev’s capped 12 day visit to America. “To those members of the Ukrainian resistance movement who were caught, as well as their families, the NKVD and KGB applied the following measures of terror:

NKVDWith hot irons they tortured those prisoners who were caught.

They cut into the skin and tore the skin off from the living body.

ChekaThey also nailed people on the cross.

They cut off the sexual organs, and breasts of women.

They cut out eyes, broke bones in legs and arms and extracted nails.

Maxim Gorky “They would open a prisoner’s belly,%22These methods of terror were applied not only to prisoners in interrogation rooms and cells, but also in public places, forcing people to get together to witness these atrocities…At the same time a degree of bacteriological warfare was started. They poisoned medical capsules with certain injections of typhus. In certain areas sicknesses or illnesses were spread, and in order to cope with them there was a need for certain medical supplies and help. So they poisoned medical capsules or medicines which were supposed to be used to cure a patient. In that way, instead of curing him they inflicted certain other diseases which became very widely spread after the injections. Also, water for public use was poisoned. Cigarettes and chocolates were tampered with in this manner. After consuming them, people became sick.” Following this the witness a Mr Mykola Lebed confirmed that “These methods were applied [by Communists] in order to terrorize the population of Ukraine and depress its will to resist the regime” and were directed by Khrushchev as he was regional leader of the Ukraine at the time. It is Dan, a Man Without Youthalso interesting to note that in his book, Dan, a Man Without Youth, Romanian escapee Dan Roman recounts the common knowledge of the Romanian prisons where he was brutalized that Nikita Kruschev (a distinctly Ukrainian sounding name) was born Solomon Perlmutter. This would explain why the distinctly non-Ukrainian looking “Kruschev” was so willing to oversee the death of millions of his so-called “countrymen.” Khrushchev was the short bald dictator with the large rubbery lips who, while pounding his shoe on the podium at the United Nations (UN), shouted “we will bury you.” There is no doubt that in order to become a full member of the Central Committee, Khrushchev had to prove to the Jewish Bolshevik regime that he was worthy of this promotion. This he did in executing the policy of forced famine in the Ukraine.

Nevertheless, on January 13th, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court Lazar Kaganovich – Mother Russia is cast downposthumously found the Jewish Cheka guard Lazar Kaganovich alone guilty of genocide against Ukrainians for his participation in the 1932-33 Holodomor and even “though Kaganovich was pronounced guilty as a criminal, the case was ended immediately following sentence without fanfare or any significant media attention indicating either Jewish appeasement or more likely Jewish interference”. Furthermore, there was the usual failure to mention the 1921-22 or 1946-47 genocides even though Kaganovich was a full member of the 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th Orgburo or organizational Bureau, the department responsible for all assignments within the apparatus of the Communist Party meaning that he was in office from April 3rd 1922 – March 18th 1946.

Clearly Khrushchev’s role in the second Holodomor was concealed for he had a further nefarious task to perform for the Jewish Bolshevik agenda. In 1959 the ‘terrible Swedish Jew’ president Dwight D. Eisenhower invited him to America. No president of America had ever asked a Bolshevik premier to visit the United States before and curiously it was journalist Alistair Cooke that presents some insight-“Not a tour of America to see what America is about but a free campaign tour provided by the state department, an incomparable advertisement at the American expense of the glories of communism and the coming violent decline of the western world.” At the height of American fears of Communism, originating not with her internal security (FBI) but prompted by revelations of Joe McCarthy Bolshevik insurgents did indeed threaten. A luncheon at the Hollywood Café de Paris was arranged and while Bing Crosby, Ward Bond, Adolphe Menjou and Ronald Reagan turned down their invitations as a protest against Khrushchev some The Communist Hollywood 10particularly Jewish stars were urged by comrades to stay home because of their political affiliations. Many had been investigated by the House committee for un-American activities and were therefore considered too radical to dine with a communist dictator. Indeed with patriots rejecting the Bolshevik Khrushchev out of hand it had all the hallmarks of a Comintern assembly openly displayed on American soil.

That same year 1959 Ukrainian Nationalist, Jew wise and staunch anti-Stepan Bandera was assassinatedBolshevik Stepan Bandera was assassinated in Munich by the KGB. A CIA agent stated that “Bandera is by nature a political intransigent…opposed to all political organizations in the emigration which favour a representative form of government in the Ukraine, as opposed to a mono-party, OUN/Bandera regime” This sheds light on Bandera’s liquidation. Post WWII OUN(B) groups had been infiltrated or crushed by Jewish Bolsheviks working to condemn Bandera and true Nationalism. Equally according to the ‘West’ the only acceptable form of government was representative democracy easily corrupted or controlled by those same Jewish Bolsheviks. In this atmosphere Bandera would clearly have been well aware of the threat of assassination if not from the Bolshevik KGB an agent from anyone of the so called ‘democratic’ governments opposing a form of government free from Jewish Bolshevik corruption and control. Indeed the violent Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia and subsequent European lands and this alien ideology’s murderous genocides went largely or perhaps deliberately unnoticed by such an easily controlled form of government (democracy).

Meanwhile, the cycle in the 1932-33 and 1946-47 followed the Russian and Ukrainian forced famines of the early 1920’s. Areas of resistance corresponded with high grain seizure and the greatest suffering categorically proved a Bolshevik punishment regime. By 1946 Jewish Bolshevik grain seizure had coursed rampant starvation throughout the population of Vinnytsya region in central Ukraine. Reports state that in 1932 375, 923 tons of grain were confiscated from Vinnytsya region following which the region’s population starved. Bolshevik guards of the harvest in the Kolkhoz, 1947In 1946 Vinnytsya region had reduced to half the size yet the same if not more grain was seized proving without a doubt the Bolshevik authorities’ intention to again induce famine in the region. The situation in Kyiv region was just as catastrophic. By October 1947 grain seizures had reached murderous levels causing the deaths by starvation of hundreds of thousands of the European farming population. Thus the correspondence of areas of resistance to the Bolshevik regime with high grain seizure and great suffering is empirical evidence of the deliberate creation for Europeans of conditions that were incompatible with life. Indeed the concept of ‘genocide‘ meaning the destruction of one distinct genome by another conceived by the Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin and for which the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide adopted on 9th December 1948 would apply. While the Jewish tribe conceived the notion solely to engender to the ‘holocaust construct’ article III of the Convention categorically states that acts of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide attempt to commit genocide and complicity in genocide are punishable under the convention. Nevertheless, as yet the victims of the Holodomor Genocides are yet to see justice and the atrocities committed against over 60 million ethnic Europeans go unpunished. “Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. THE BLOODTHIRSTY JEWISH TERRORISTS HAVE MURDERED SIXTY SIX MILLION in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Patriot. However, most unspeakable must surely be the sickening knowledge that as Jewry accused and hung innocent German soldiers during the Nuremberg Trials the Jewish Bolsheviks were committing the atrocities of the 1946-7 Holodomor. It was Lenin %22A lie told often enough becomes truth.%22Lenin who said “tell a lie big enough and often enough it becomes the truth”. Perhaps that is why an ‘iron curtain’ lies across the Jewish tribe while the European race is condemned for Jewish crimes.

Wise Gandalf

First holodomor was during civil war. Btw., in that time was also in germany and several other european countries. Holodomor is starving population.

Chris P

This is not really about that, but rather Soldiers actually acting like Children and trying to be Juggernauts. Forgive them for being unaware and stupid, it is healthier. God Bless your grandfather, and I remember the tattoos on my teacher as a child in Montreal. I asked her what they were and she would smile and change the subject. I pointed at her arm/tattoos many times too, innocent and unaware. 6 years old. Her name was Ms. Rosembourgs, and that was over 40 years ago. Israel is kind of acting like a fascist state in a way, annexing Syria and creating pretext to expand her border. Power can be dangerous in anyones hands and must be controlled. Stop the 911 terrorist law and allow congress to vote on declaring war, for starters.

Brother Ma

So what! Other grandfathers died in Holocausts more horrible and earlier than yours. Do you cry for them? Has Israel acknowledged them? Of course not,for you think yourselves Exceptional over a couple of years of pain.Boo Hoo.


Mine got a British Lancaster on his head….didn’t survive it either….

Real Anti-Racist Action

The National Socialist sided with the people of Afghanistan and India and Iraq and Iran against the Australians and the UK and the USSR.
These Australians are dumb. NS is Nationalist and is against all things UK-imperialist.
Up to the freedom of the indigenous Afghan’s and Germans and Indians and Irish.
Down the any military of the Union-jack.

Joel Paul Stelt

Yes, history has been distorted and fabricated to justify Allied military aggression. Mark Twain, I believe, said its easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.


Says more than enough about the Human Species & their Braincapacity….On the other hand lookin’ at these pictures I couldn’t find any” Free-Thinkers” in these Masses either…
comment image
comment image

The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.
Adolf Hitler

This shit is the same as the New World Order is dreamin’ of…it needs only One Fool to Fool a Nation….


maybe they flew the flag not to get attacked?


Und das heisst




Ah… just big kids, wanna shock a little,, play rebels pYssing against the Politically Correctness.
In the ’60s were the Hippies ;)


Didn’t read the article, this is straight propaganda.

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