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JUNE 2021

Philippine Police Arrested 7 Suspects Tried To Sneak Into Marawi

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Philippine Police Arrested 7 Suspects Tried To Sneak Into Marawi

FILE IMAGE: Chief Superintendent Reuben Theodore Sindac

Chief Superintendent Reuben Theodore Sindac, police director for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao announced that Philippine Police have arrested 5 men and 2 women who were wearing police and Philippine Army uniforms as they tried to enter Marawi.

Sindac said that the Philippine police confirmed that the suspects had nothing to do with the Philippine Police the or army, and that they had different types of ID cards. The suspects were arrested by a Philippine Army patrol on the highway during their attempt to sneak into Marawi. It’s believed that the suspects were trying to join ISIS fighters inside Marawi to fight the Philippine Army.

Meanwhile, clashes continued in Marawi. According to ISIS, 10 Philippine soldiers were killed during the clashes in Pelot district. ISIS also claimed that its fighters managed to destroy an armored vehicle of the Philippine Army.

ISIS claimed on July 25 that 7 Philippines soldiers were killed after being targeted with several IEDs in Liloud Madia district of Marawi.

The Philippine authorities have so far claimed that only 109 soldiers were killed during Marawi’s battles, and that 60 others are still missing, while the Philippine Army has so far killed 453 ISIS fighters, including 11 foreigners. The number of ISIS fighters remaining in Marawi appears to be much higher than the previous Philippine government estimates.

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