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Philippine Military Says Marawi Siege Is Over


Philippine Military Says Marawi Siege Is Over

FILE IMAGE: A building in Marawi is set ablaze by airstrikes carried out by the Philippine Air Force.

On October 23, the Philippine military announced that the siege of Marawi is over after the five months of clashes with ISIS-linked militants in the city.

“After 154 days of siege in Marawi with Daesh-inspired Maute-ISIS group, after a week the commander-in-chief declared the liberation of Marawi City, we now announce the termination of combat operations in Marawi City,” Secretary of Department of National Defense (DND) Delfin Lorenzana told media. “The Philippine forces, aided by its government and the massive support of the Filipino people, have nipped the budding infrastructure and defeated terrorism in the Philippines.”

According to reports, security forces found 42 bodies of suspected ISIS members in two buildings in the center of  the clash.

All remaining hostages have been also recovered.

The battle for Marawi started on May 23, 2017, when a number of ISIS-linked militants entered the city and seized it from government forces. Since then, security forces had been clashing with ISIS to restore control over the city.



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  • SOF

    Zionist projects keep failing everywhere.

    Good job Duterte and the team, keep stacking them bodies of these vermin.

  • red white & blue

    What great news for the Philippines!

  • Nigel Maund

    Great news Philippines! – now keep the Yanks out and you’ll also keep trouble out of the country. The Russians and Chinese are the partners to work with to develop the country.

  • Aristhotle Dungo

    The only islamic city will be never be the same again. They gonna put a army base there.