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Philippine Authorities Arrest ISIS Main Financier


Philippine Authorities Arrest ISIS Main Financier

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Philippine authorities announced on July 5 that they had arrested a woman suspected of being the main financier of ISIS terrorist organization in the country. She also suspected of being responsible for logistical support of the terrorist organization in the Philippines.

Brigadier-General Gilbert Gapay of the Philippine Army announced that security forces raided a village near Marawi and arrested 3 suspects and found ammunition and explosive materials.

According to General Gapay, one of the suspects is a woman named Monaliza Romato. She is the niece of the matriarch of the Maute clan. Maute clan men have led the attack on Marawi city.

“Monaliza has replaced her aunt as a major financier and a source of logistical support for the militant group,” General Gapay said, adding “The arrest will negatively affect the network of logistical support of the group.”

From its side, ISIS claimed on Thursday that its fighters killed 11 soldiers from the Philippine Army during clashes in the districts of Lilod Madaya, Moncadou and Marinot in Marawi city.

The Philippine Army is still unable to secure the entire city. ISIS-linked militants took control of Marawi city on May 23. The battle has so far led to the killing of 400 people and the destruction of 20% of the city.



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