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Philippine Army Liberated Marawi Grand Mosque

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On Friday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) captured the Grand mosque in Marawi city, according to AFP spokesperson Brigadier General Restituto Padilla Jr. The mosque was the main headquarter for ISIS fighters in Marawi city.

“There were two very important operational achievements our troops were able to achieve over the last few days during this week. One was the retaking of Marawi City Police Station, a significant development, a symbol of authority over the city, and it was located in the strategic point. And the retaking of this installation was part of our priorities. The second is the retaking of Marawi City’s grand mosque or the Islamic Center, an operation that allowed us to reach at this stage but took us almost a month before this was achieved. The clearing is still ongoing,” Padilla said.

Moreover, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited the front line in Marawi city including the newly captured Grand mosque. Duterte even fired a shot from a sniper rifle on an ISIS position showing his support to the AFP.

“I need to be with you to show my solidarity,” Duterte said.

So far 596 ISIS fighters have been killed by the AFP in Marawi city, while the AFP has lost 129 soldiers.

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Duterte is alright, though sometimes he voices his thoughts like Trump. Definitely not a politician and i mean that in a positive way.

He needs to work on getting his military and intelligence services up to par and better with less US help. Get those young people involved with national service for 1-2 years instead of those young women, etc. whoring themselves out to foreigners and debauchery.

Nigel Maund

Well said hhabana!


with the filipino economy going so strong – they have a growth of almost 7 percent per year – these issues will be solved fairly quickly. money will also be available for a stronger and more advanced army, who will be able to kill muslim terrorists more efficiently.


now the question is if this pest-house should be burned down or converted into a piggery?

in any case, i guess it doesn’t matter much that this take quite a while. as long as muslim terrorists are dying every day, it is time well spend.

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