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Philippine Army: ISIS Is Getting Weaker In Marawi City

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On Wednesday, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesperson brigadier general Restituto Padilla said that ISIS fighters in Marawi city are now weaker than before and unable to defend their positions.

“They were not able to protect their controlled area that’s why their strongholds are declining. If they remain strong, the government would not have pushed through their strongholds,” Padilla said.

According to Gen. Padilla ISIS fighters are now mainly using IEDs to stop the advance of the AFP units in Malawi city. Moreover, Gen. Padilla stressed that the AFP is committed to liberating Marawi city as fast as possible.

“We are trying to end this clashes at the soonest possible time because what we want is to totally liberate the city of Marawi so that its residents could go back to their normal lives,” said Padilla.

In a related development 27 unidentified remains were discovered by the Philippine authorities in the Muslim cemetery in Marawi city. According to Philippine authorities the bodies are now undergone postmortem examinations. The bodies likely belong to civilians who been executed by ISIS previously.

The-ISIS linked news agency Amaq announced that ISIS fighters destroyed two “tanks” of the AFP –mostly armored vehicles because the AFP don’t operate tanks- in Marinaut district in Marawi city on Tuesday.

Philippine Army: ISIS Is Getting Weaker In Marawi City

ISISI now controls only 500 square meters in Marawi city. So far 649 ISIS fighter were killed in Marawi battle, while the AFP lost 145 soldiers.

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Red Tick Alert

They are doing the right thing, but I think the Philippine military needs some serious training. RUSSIA / CHINA – where are you ?.

This US led conflict should have been finished in a week maximum.

Brother Ma

I find it very weird that this jihadi terror in phil started up again just moments after duterte refused to kowtow as much to us presidents and started courting russia and china.

Red Tick Alert

Definitely just a coincidence – whahahahahaha

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