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Philippine Army Captures Marawi Police Station

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Philippine Army Captures Marawi Police Station

On Wednesday, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) captured the Police station building in Marawi city after heavy clashes with ISIS, according to Philippine sources. Inside the building the Philippine soldiers found the body of Senior Inspector Edwin Placido, the Marawi police deputy chief who was killed by ISIS after it captured the city on May 23.

Deputy commander of Joint Task force of the AFP, Colonel Romeo Brawner said that Marawi battle might be over before the end of August. Brawner said that ISIS fighters in the city are suffering from the lack of supplies.

“They are now running out of ammunition. They are running out of food, and this is clear in their response to our assault,“ Brawner said.

On August 22, the ISIS-linked news agency, Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters destroyed two armored vehicles of the AFP in Alaa district in Marawi city.

According to official reports, 583 ISIS fighters have been killed in Marawi so far, while the AFP has lost 129 soldiers. Moreover, the civilian death toll has risen up to 119 civilians over the last two weeks.

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Hat tip to the brave soldiers of the Philippines, the leadership of President Duterte, and for those who died defending the country from CIA’s dogs.

Overwatch D.VA

This is part of the lesson given by US govt to anyone in SEA who want to get closer to china. You will get “ISIS” in your nation.. They put the same trick in afghanistan , where now there is ISIS group in afghanistan justifying american continual intervention in that theatre..

it is the covert proxy army of the new world order..

it is the star of media propaganda to incite more islamophobia to the ignorant citizens of the west

it is the deniable and disposable foreign legion force in this modern world

it is the only extremist jihadist group that never say bad words to israeli govt..


Good news, god speed cleaning out the last of them.

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